OBE: Fireflies

I had many other OBEs this morning but most of them are long forgotten now. I recall the last one very vividly, though.

OBE: Fireflies

I returned to my body from an OBE and felt the vibrations that indicated I could exit. I stood up out of my body and found myself in my mother’s living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching television and my middle son was standing by the front door. I had an OBE before this one in which he had been present as well. In both he appeared about four years older than he is now.

The room was dark and the energy low so I asked my son if he wanted to come outside with me. He agreed and I went through the door.

Outside it was dark but the energy was lighter and the air was brisk. I saw millions of stars in the sky and felt full of energy and very happy to be there and OOB. I turned and saw tiny, yellow lights flickering all around me. I exclaimed, “Look at all the fireflies!”

I lifted into the air and spun around, watching the fireflies flickering and soon they were like a swirling light all around me. While I twirled I saw one light that looked exactly like a lit light bulb. I wonder now if it is symbolic of an idea of some sort. I have no memory of any idea, though.

My son was close by but not really interacting with me. I suspect he was either asleep or I was creating him, though I didn’t really care at the time. He is frequently in my OBEs.

I asked for it to be daylight and saw out of the corner of my eye a bright light begin to illuminate the entire peripheral of my vision. I kept trying to look at it but whenever I did, the light would move and remain just out of my direct vision. I remember at one point that I knew I had to let go and allow myself to be enveloped by this light. When I did, I felt my astral body pulled toward it. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the light envelop me. It felt like feathers or a warm blanket of energy. It was wonderful. I could see the illumination of the golden light through my closed eyelids.

Lucid Dream: Irish Blacksmith

This lucid dream occurred immediately after the OBE about the blizzard. I believe I was being shown a past life with my guide, Jeb.

Lucid to OBE: Irish Blacksmith

Not long after my OBE, I fell into the in-between and a lucid dream state.

My husband and I had just traveled a long distance by carriage to his new place of employment. We entered an establishment which was to be his new place of employment. When we entered I was immediately taken by the immaculate condition of the place. The dark wood floors were almost shiny they were so clean and the space was very open and neat. It was not what I had expected at all.

The owner, my husband’s new boss, greeted me first. We embraced, which I feel was a tradition and he kissed me on either side of the face very gently. I withdrew and stood back to allow my husband his proper space. There was a feeling that my place was always in the background and I would only speak when spoken to. I happily took on this role. There was absolutely no resentment.

I recall how very short the owner, an Irish blacksmith, was. He was about my height, which I suppose meant he was approximately 5’5″ or less in height. He was very brawny and muscular and clean shaven. His eyes sparkled. I was not attracted to him but watched him with respect. He was a great man and my husband was lucky to have been chosen to work with him.

I remember him asking me about our long journey. I responded that it had been well but I was tired. I remember speaking very softly. How different I was compared to this life!

I knew the year was in the early 1800’s, but I am not sure when exactly. I am also not sure if we were in the U.S. or Ireland.

I woke soon after quite amazed at how clear the life memory was.

Lucid to OBE: I’m Here to….

I had a brief lucid dream turned OBE prior to the blizzard OBE.

Lucid to OBE: I’m Here to….

I was inside a nice, Victorian Era home with a woman. She had dark hair and was wearing a flamingo dress. She began to dance and invited me to participate. I took her hand and we swirled around, dancing together and I remember voluntarily letting down all barriers towards her. One barrier was that I was a woman and so was she and it felt as if we were partners. I had been resistant to that and thought, “I don’t care if we are both women.” This was very freeing and added to the joy I felt while dancing with her.

While dancing I became fully lucid. When this happened I shifted scenes immediately and was outside bent over on my hands and knees staring at pavement. I could see my hands clearly and was looking down at them in fascination, knowing I was OOB and fully aware. I remember saying aloud, “I am here to ……..” I want to say “experience” but I know that is not the right word. The word eludes me now. It is an “e” word, though. I will let you know if I remember it.

As I looked at my hand, I saw there was a tiny pebble in the center of it. I was fascinated by it and knew what I was experiencing was very important. I had to remember this. The last time I saw a pebble was in this experience in 2013.

I felt a presence behind me and turned to see who it was. An old man came and sat down against the building I was near. He looked at me and smiled. He shifted from being old to being young. It was like he was two images in one – the younger version and the older version superimposed. He said to me, “I’m in group, too.” I began to stand up and ask him, “What group?” but my connection to astral lessened and I was pulled back into my body. The last thing I was thinking about was the “group” he was referring to. Was he is my soul group? Or are we in some kind of group therapy? That latter makes me laugh a bit. I probably am in therapy! lol

Edit: Today at the gym an older gentleman spoke to me at the beginning of my workout and then said goodbye to me as I was leaving. When I saw him on the way out it reminded me of this OBE. He looked exactly like the old man! 

I remembered the word. It is Explore. I am here to explore. ūüôā

Lucid to OBE: Great Blizzard

I was awakened at 3am by crying children. My youngest was screaming and my middle son was upset. My husband was cleaning up puke. My middle son had gotten sick and vomited all over the place. Looks like my stomach bug is continuing its progression through the family.

After tending to my youngest for about an hour, I returned to sleep. I knew I would go OOB.

Lucid to OBE: Great Blizzard

I became aware of dreaming while in a scene that resembled a hallway. I was talking to a woman who was leaving her husband, a much older man than she. She was upset and he was calling for her from inside their bedroom.

I went inside to talk to her husband. He was laying in a huge waterbed and asking for her. I told him she would not come and then commented on his huge waterbed. He was a gross old man in some respects and got sexual with me. I remember he grabbed me and pulled me toward his crotch. He was naked and his penis exposed. I got completely grossed out and pulled away.

Then I was in the main hallway again and had full lucidity. The minute I realized I was dreaming, I began to receive a barrage of images. They appeared not in my mind but right in front of me as if they were playing out. I saw image after image of newscasts discussing a “great blizzard” that was hitting the U.S. from the south as far as Texas all the way north to New York and the Great Lakes region. I remember hearing the newscasts as well. People were stranded and dying. There was no power. The roads were impassible. There was destruction from flooding. There were calls for help but no one could answer or it was delayed.

The images just kept coming and I pleaded to my guide, “I don’t wanna see anymore” and I began to pull myself out of the projection. I was stopped. I felt him¬†pull my energy back.¬†“You need to see this.” I began to cry from the intensity of the scenes. The last one that I saw was from Texas. The snow was sparse but there had been an ice storm. I knew it was North Texas – Dallas or somewhere close to there. I saw a huge semi-truck on its side and heard, “multiple fatalities”.

Finally the scenes stopped and I saw my guide standing in front of me, clear as day. My upset was gone immediately and I said to him, “I know you!” He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes you do.” Then he walked around me and I kept staring at him. He was so perfectly clear and real and I wondered if I would go back to my body as I was so aware that I felt completely awake.

I asked him, “Where do I know you from? What is your name?” He said, “You know me from Heaven. My name is Jeb, Jeb Christianson.” I began¬†laughing while saying, “Heaven??” Then I wondered about his name and he sent back an entire address, but all I recall now is “Burnet Road”. I figured he was joking around with me. I recognized him from a previous OBE and he had been playful then, so it made sense.

Then he was outright yelling. His voice was so loud it startled me and I thought for sure it would push me back into my body. Yet I remained. He yelled, “Do you think just because I show you scenes of disaster that it means it’s the end of the world!?? I never said it was the end of the world!!” This caught me so off guard that if I had been in my body I would have stopped breathing. Why was he yelling at me? He sent back, “Because you aren’t listening!!!!!” Woah.

I woke up with a start and felt him still close. “Why were you yelling at me?” He said back, “You don’t listen. This [life] is your best chance!” With that I understood that he was referring to getting things done – progressing spiritually – meeting my goals.

To say the least I felt very repentant but not entirely sure why. I have never had a guide yell at me like that and he continued to act serious afterward. I also find it curious how he was able to prevent me from going back to my body. I literally felt him pull my energy and keep it OOB. I didn’t know they could do that!


Lucid Dream: Entering the Spiral

I was observing a group of primitive humans. I believe I was also acting as a guide to one of them because I took particular interest in one young human. The issue that continued to repeat in this and other human lives that I observed was bothering me. I remember telling the one I was following after one of his deaths, “You can’t just kill everyone you get angry at.” It really bothered me to watch them kill each other over the smallest things. Emotion just took over and they seemed unable to control it. I could not understand no matter how hard I tried and my guidance seemed not to work.

I watched as generation after generation continued on this downward spiral. I saw groups slaughter each other over pointless things Рwomen, territory, food, sport. None of it made sense to me and I begged my own guides to help me understand. They suggested that I enter into a human life to gain this understanding. This was, they said, the only real way that understanding of such things could be gotten. Otherwise, I would only know that which could be learned by an observer and semi-participant (guide).

There was a great moment coming in the history of man, one in which man could choose to depart from their violent ways and learn how to get along, create lasting communities and live in peace. I was told this was the best time for me to go – I would learn what I wanted to learn while also assisting in this shift toward a better Earth and mankind. I agreed wholeheartedly.

This is when I became lucid. I saw the last of the great wars that occurred prior to the shift. I saw a battle but it was in symbols. The symbols were different types of seeds being tossed at one another. The seed that was most prevalent was spear grass. I remember feeling very upset when I saw this. I screamed, “It is too early to harvest them!” This was in reference to the people of Earth.

Then I was sucked inside a tunnel-like shaft that went deep underground. I had no body. I was just light and I was in the middle of a spiral shaft that seemed not to have a beginning or an end. When I was inside this spiral shaft it was flooded with mud and water. I remember thinking the water was a good thing, that this spiral needed to be cleansed.


I awoke at this time and knew I had been discussing why I came to Earth, and more importantly, when. The humans I saw were very primitive in their ways, but they looked like modern humans. The one I was observing and guiding had long, flowing medium blonde hair and looked very Grecian – very toned and muscular. The feeling I had when I chose to come help in physical form was that I could do more if I were in the physical than had been able to in Spirit.

The spiral I entered feels like the karmic wheel, or cycle. I knew upon waking that I had chosen somewhere along the way to marry and have children and that this thrust me into the karmic cycle and the “spiral”. I recall briefly being shown that just marrying and having children is not the only way to create karma. There was something else, but I cannot recall now what it was. I just know that I am where I am now all because I felt an intense urge to help.

Photo credit: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas

Forced Break

Sorry I haven’t written in a couple of days. My youngest had the stomach flu and then I got it, too. Not much fun for either of us. Thankfully his was over the minute mine began.

I was told a few days ago that I needed to clear out all toxins in my body or else the next shift would be more uncomfortable. I began to do this, but very slowly, and then got hit with the stomach flu. I was forced to clear out toxins the hard way. I couldn’t eat for over 12 hours and whatever I ate 12 hours before that was eliminated from my body with brutal force. It was probably the worst case of stomach flu I have ever experienced.

When I was in the midst of the worst part of the flu something happened that has never happened to me while sick. I received energy hugs and when this occurred I would briefly experience a complete calm and loss of my symptoms. It was brief relief and much needed.

I also had intense chakra energies in the very beginning stages of illness. My third-eye and heart chakras lit up with energy prior to the illness setting in. I have not felt much in these areas for some time, so it was a surprise. Then, when the illness was turning on full-force my second and third chakras were firing up and purging. I could feel it, like a dense ball of energy that would burst open and then retract. It was especially noticeable in my third chakra.

I was unable to do anything all day yesterday. This is very difficult for me as I am always up doing something. I spent most of the day curled up on the couch under a blanket sipping water and scared to eat. I haven’t had the stomach flu since 2013.

Focus on Life

Besides being ill, I am being encouraged to shift my energy toward mundane life activities; to deal with and get my life in order. With this message, which has been coming since December, we received news that our property taxes went up requiring us to send in a mortgage-sized chunk of money at the very beginning of 2016. It also raised our monthly mortgage amount. Very frustrating! We also overspent during the holidays. So my focus has been on finances and trying to find a way to avoid returning to work and the dysfunctional education system. I spent most of this week refinancing a vehicle, starting our tax return and negotiating a reorder of inventory for my online business. Unfortunately, it is looking more and more like I will have to return to work eventually. My husband is a spender and no matter how much I try to encourage him to budget he won’t. If I can’t get him to stick to a budget then I will have to go back to work. If I have to, then I hope to wait until the fall when my two oldest are in school.

What is really frustrating is that my Team of guides seems only interested in getting me to focus on returning to work. I hate it when they try to push something on me I don’t want to do.

Memory: Twisted Love

I had a memory resurface from last night.

In the memory, I am alone with a man. I do not know him personally here in the physical but the feeling was that we have been “forever together”. I can’t see what he looks like in my memory. There is only the silhouette of a man who is taller than me. I remember dark hair, I think, but this is also hard to recall. When I try to remember all I see is a dark blur where his face should be. ūüė¶

I ran¬†to him, excited and out of breath over something I had just learned. I remember thinking how dense I have been to not have realized it sooner. I said a whole string of things to him that made perfect sense to me, but now I can’t remember even one of the words I said. There only remains a feeling. Ultimately, though, the lesson I learned was recognizing where jealousy comes from and why I had been so horribly jealous when it concerned him.

At the time, I remember that it was the feeling or vibration of jealousy that caused me to have the “ah-ha” moment. I recognized the jealousy vibration was the same as the love vibration. The source was the same. The difference was that jealousy is love twisted by fear – fear of loss of love. The jealousy¬†is equally proportionate to the love. So, if one loves at the highest intensity, then the jealousy felt would reverberate back at an equal intensity. It is the same with other “negative” emotions. They all originate as love but fear twists them into something altogether different.

That is the end of the memory. I remembered it while shopping at the grocery store with my kids. It was just there and I thought it odd that it would come to me at such a mundane life moment.

After processing the memory I knew the memory was a reflection of a part of myself I avoid in the physical because of the intensity of the emotion of jealousy. I have felt it in this lifetime once and I never want to revisit it. I turned into some kind of obsessed idiot and did not like myself at all. Now that particular relationship was completely of the lower chakras. I did not love the man, I lusted after him. We were drawn together like magnets, though, and it was a very uncomfortable experience when we were apart – for both of us. I told Steven afterwards,¬†“I don’t want to ever do that again. It’s not worth it.”¬†¬†I suspect this lesson was not completely learned – that it was a “warm-up” of sorts. So the memory seemed to be a reminder that my green-eyed alter-ego still lurks in the shadows.

There was something else I brought back with that memory. I realized this jealousy issue is part of why I am not ready for an intense, heart-connected relationship. Yet there was also a feeling that I am being prepared for just that.


Thinking with the Heart

This post is mostly for me so I don’t forget yet again my experiences prior to and during sleep.

The Dr

Yesterday the guide who I call “The Dr” came to visit and told me it was time to clear the toxins from my system so that I will be ready for the next step. He explained how the toxins pull my energy to Earth and create blockages which in turn slow my vibration. He said it is very important that I keep my vibration high so as to not suffer the residual effects of the next shift in energy which is approaching soon. The shift will occur regardless of whether I heed his advice or not.

Nightly Shifts

For the past few nights I have been experiencing something strange prior to sleep. I always settle down to meditate prior to sleep and lately I have not had much in the way of energy sensations, heart or third-eye pulling. It will be hard to explain because when I try to remember what occurred my mind tries to blank out on me and I feel distant. It’s like I can’t get my mind to focus or do what it is suppose to! It is driving me nuts.

Last night, though, when this shift, for lack of a better word, occurred I suddenly remembered the last few nights all at once and thought, “I need to remember this!” Then, as I tried to remember, the memory began to recede. It makes no sense!

What I remember happening is that I would one minute be laying in bed with a clear mind focusing on my heart and the next I would feel a strange energy come into me from all around. It felt like being swallowed up in energy except it was gentle energy, not scary at all and almost like being picked up and swaddled in a mother’s arms. As soon as this energy swept me up¬†I was in another place and talking with someone in-depth. I have no idea what we were talking about now but I was most definitely¬†somewhere else and feeling very different from myself.

Of course, when I realized what happened I dropped this other personality or Self and was back in my current awareness wondering what had happened while simultaneously knowing this was not an isolated event. I had been doing it for some time!

What is totally exasperating about all of this is that every time I would recognize what was happening I would feel intensely drowsy and begin to lose the memory while also drifting off to sleep. Sometimes the energy sensations would resume but I have very little memory of this so am not sure.

I suspect I am shifting into one of my multidimensional selves but I can’t really be sure because of the memory loss.

Thinking with the Heart

In these brief impaired memory moments I am noticing another strange development. When I am in my heart space I am receiving full communications that I fully understand yet cannot put into words. If I try to put it into words the communication via my heart suddenly stops and my mind is empty. For example, my Companion sent me a full communication the yesterday quite unexpectedly. It was via my heart center and I felt an overwhelming love and giggled as a result. I had full understanding of what he had told me but was unable to process it via my mind. It was like I was being the communication. There was no possible way my mind could interpret it. All I recall of the interaction was that I responded to my Companion like I might respond to a new lover. Quite surprising!

When the shifts occur at night, this same type of situation arises which is why I believe my mind seems to “erase”. My habit is to immediately try to interpret my experiences via the mind. This cuts off the heart connection, thus blocking the “memory” of what occurred.

I am at a loss at to how to deal with this shift in perception. I seem unable to do much about it. In fact, I believe I am being schooled in how to use my heart as my primary processor of information. How curious! And I am not able to really get a grip on how this works. I am starting to, though, but I wonder, if we use only our heart to communicate, what then of the mind? What happens to language?

As I just asked that question I thought about light language and also how when I have these communications via the heart I want to move my entire body, kind of like swaying or dancing.

I am also reminded of something that happened the other night while I was in my “other Self”. I received instructions on how to communicate via tones. It was like the tones I heard in my ears but with separation, similar to Morse Code but this is not a good description. I even spent some time trying to figure out how to duplicate what I heard and believe I could if I had the right equipment. I remember thinking this was something I was suppose to do but then completely forgot about it. No surprise there! lol



Purpose: Be Bright

The title of this post comes from my very cool, very “bright” and beautiful sister-in-law. She is not even 30 years old yet but so very wise and in-tune.

She¬†and I got to spend some time together this weekend. She has always spoken with me about spiritual matters. This time she had questions about OBEs, spirit guides, and life purpose. We talked about all of those things and more. It was so nice and uplifting for me, but I could also tell that this time something “clicked” for her.

Somehow we got into a discussion about the “end of days”. She asked me what I thought about it and I told her everything and then some. We talked at length about Dolores Cannon’s books, which she had never heard of. She had also never watched Ancient Aliens nor had she really considered E.T. contact much.

At the end of our talk she said to me, “I know this is my first life.” She had 100% certainty. Then we talked about purpose for a little while. I told her about the three waves of volunteers and described my understanding of the first two – their ages, personalities, life struggles, etc. I did not talk much about the third wave because they are still so young and she was very interested in the 2nd wave volunteers anyway.

Our conversation kept getting interrupted by children (there were six total present all under the age of 7). She spent most of her time playing with my youngest and chasing him around the house. In between we would start up talking again. It was fun.

Our last communication was about¬†purpose. She asked me what¬†my purpose¬†was. I told her,” When I think about why I am here I know it is to help”. ¬†My sister-in-law then said, “When I think about why I’m here, I always think, ‘To be bright'” I said, “That sounds about right”. She then described how she works very hard when in social situations to send that “bright” energy to people. She said she never felt it worked. I said to her, “Maybe you are trying too hard? You will be bright just by Being.” She agreed.

You Are Not Alone

The memory of our conversation just suddenly came to me today along with the thought that there are many others like my sister-in-law who need to know that they are not alone in this journey. Others who are of the 2nd wave and are struggling to understand their purpose here while also feeling they do not belong. It is very difficult to be in that space, especially at this time with all the high energies and shifts upon us.

One thing that helped my sister-in-law, and she told me as much, was realizing¬†that she¬†is here to lead a seemingly “normal” life while touching and activating everyone she¬†meets. Those who are like her often times don’t know they are even doing anything to help people. But they are. Because of this, some of them may struggle with feeling like they are not fulfilling their purpose since they don’t often see the results of their brightness. To know that they are impacting others makes a huge difference.


Something else popped into my memory while writing this post. While I was talking with my sister-in-law I kept¬†getting comments on how I looked. Every woman present mentioned my face being red or “flushed”. I heard at least four times, “Did you get sunburned?” I looked in the mirror and thought I looked fine but I was very, very warm. Also,¬†I looked really, really good despite being completely make-up free and having worked out at the gym a couple of hours before. The warm feeling and flush didn’t go away until it was time to leave.¬†I have to admit it is weird that it coincided with such a spiritual discussion. It was almost like my energy field was intensified during that time. Perhaps I was “activating” her? Or her me? Or both? That would be really cool.


The Great Migration

I am in a resting phase. Many of us are. We had some intense upgrades in December that lasted into early January. Some are still feeling the energy and upgrades, though it’s mostly residuals now.

I am being reminded of a post I wrote not long ago telling of these brief breaks. For me, this break started around the 24th and I am told I have a couple more days of this and to rest and enjoy the down time.

Based upon my dream communications recently, it appears that I will be glimpsing pieces of my purpose very soon. This is likely happening with others, too. Some are preparing to make a “fresh start” or embark on a new journey¬†in life. There may be movement quite suddenly or this movement may come about much more slowly. This is all dependent upon the contracts and agreements you’ve made.

So far, I have witnessed myself shifting out of the student role in my dreams and into a teaching role. It is like I am suddenly acutely aware of knowing that part of my purpose is to prepare those much younger than myself for what is coming. In my dreams this manifests as me realizing that I am a good 20 years older than my classmates and becoming friends with my professors and moving out of the classroom into the “real world”, a world in which I am showing the way for others.

The Great Migration

In my dream last night I was taking a test that was completely open-ended. There were no questions, no prompts. I was given two blank pieces of paper to write my “story” on. This was the test. I did not hesitate to start writing paragraph after paragraph describing what happened (or will happen) in the U.S. during what I referred to as, “The Great Migration”.

I wrote of mainly the animal populations migrating – birds and squirrels mainly. But when I awoke I knew this was not what it seemed. The migration is much bigger than birds or animals. It is a movement of people and I have had memory of such an occurrence before. It was given to me as a warning, as a sign of upcoming major events.

I find it interesting that I specifically thought of birds and squirrels. Birds are free and live in the sky. Birds go where they are “called”, often in groups or flocks. They do not carry a load or stash things for later. They travel between the Earth and the sky (Spirit). Squirrels are known to stash things away for the winter. They stash nuts and seeds which ultimately grow into plants and trees. In this they provide a vital service to the Earth.¬†When I think of the symbolism involved here, I can’t help but think of the ground crew (squirrels) and those in Spirit (birds) working harmoniously together to assist Earth in her ascension.

There is a great migration coming. It may have already started for all I know.