I’ve Emerged from the Vortex

Whew! Feeling a bit out of it still, too. LOL

In the three days I was in Mt. Shasta I was in a constant vibratory state. I have never felt so alive in my life. WOW!

There is way too much to write and I am still in recovery mode. Actually, I think I am in a state of mild shock. Re-entry into my 3D life will take some effort on my part I think. I feel like I have been on the mother ship for three days.

Here are some photos of my trip to give you an idea of where I have been. ūüôā Enjoy!

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Astrological Forecast

I wanted to share with you all the forecast I received from Litebeing (Linda) not long ago. She did an excellent job and I am so very grateful to her for her insights and wonderful explanation of everything.  I highly recommend her! Thanks so much Linda!

Some members of my Walk-in group on FB have been discussing astrology and how the walk-in manifests in one’s chart. There has been mention of YODs being a significant indicator of a walk-in as well as the planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. During my next solar return I just happen to have a YOD in my chart. This in combination with the three planets listed above and the fact that my guidance has already told me to expect major changes during my 40th year has me thinking everything is lining up for a walk-in-type event for me. We’ll see I guess.

Astrological Forecast Notes

Mars: Up until end of June it is in Sagittarius which means a tendency to be “called” by my career and to be more social. It also increases the romantic relationship front. These in combination have the potential to exacerbate family issues and ambivalence. All I can say is God help me until June! lol My first thought was that this will increase the conflict I have with my husband who does not agree with me giving readings or being vocal about my experiences. If I feel I need to then I am sure many arguments will ensue.

Jupiter: Prominent in my chart, which she says is a GOOD thing. Up through August social relationships will be on the rise. I will feel more alive. By Oct this shifts to more focus on the occult, going deep within, being more analytical and intuitive, powerful and sexual. Jupiter tends to make everything bigger, accentuates things.

Saturn: Until August more focus on career. Saturn may cause a tendency to be more melancholy and depressed but if I am willing to work this could be a good time career-wise. Since I tend towards the melancholy I suspect I will be depressed. Plus, I am turning 40 so not sure I will be wanting to celebrate. lol In Nov/Dec there is a high likelihood for arguments especially with men. LOL Delays in relationships and testing of relationships also likely. In February relationships become more balanced and there is stability all around, especially money-wise. Practical love. Is there such a thing? Added bonus is that someone with a lot of Saturn influence like me tends to be more mature and patient. I laughed at the patient part.

Uranus: Not much to say here. For me it has to do with finance and self-esteem. Since I don’t have issues with money then it is likely self-esteem that is the focus for me.

Neptune: The planet Neptune is about creativity, spirituality, and dissolving of reality. It has been in my chart since Feb 2003 and is in the 1st house. It coincides with my first awakening which is no coincidence. It will remain until 2021. At age 40 I hit a developmental cycle which will propel me into public view, increase creativity, exaggerate mood (ugh), and increase psychic and empathic connections. I confirmed that I have already been told that my 40th birthday is significant this year. Looks like another major spiritual upswing is coming.

Pluto: In my chart until 2030 in the 12th house (dreams/unconscious). Pluto¬†is intense, transformative; about purging, releasing, rebirth.. Lots of information comes in dreams. Hard to initiate action. Others come to me. I attract others and circumstances to me. Currently Pluto is in 7th house in my progressed chart which is good – self-learning, healing relationships with men, more sexual. I shared with her how I have witnessed in my life how relationship find me not the other way around. Friends befriend me, not the other way around. Men pursue me. Jobs find me, too. If I have in my mind where I want to work or what kind of job, I find it almost immediately. Few interviews, usually just one or two, and I know before I step foot in the place if it will produce a job. Pretty cool really. Maybe this is why my guides tell me that I am “good at life” and at manifesting?

Asteroid Ceres: Makes me a nurturer, focused mother, protector, very maternal, focused on health and food. This can also cause much grief. hahaha

Solar Return (from 40th birthday this year to 41st next year)

10th and 11th houses rule this year. 10th = career, 11th = social life, groups

She said to me, “This is a public year for you.” Yay? lol

I have a YOD which she says is rare and called the “finger of God” so a very, very good thing to have. I only have it this year, it is not normally in my chart. The 3rd (communication), 5th (love/romance) and 10th (social/public) houses makeup the YOD. At the same time my 11th house (community) is “packed”. She says my social outlets are related to my purpose.

Progression Chart (how my chart progresses over time)

Currently my sun is in Virgo, my moon is in Taurus and my Ascendant is in Aries.

Aries¬†makes me more fiery. Moon in Taurus means I’m more stable and grounded. Aries likely will make me more athletic. She says my 7th house (primary relationships) is “packed” with the focus being on partnerships – teaming up with another.

Jupiter is in Gemini which will likely cause me to have an urge to teach and find reward and self-worth in teaching.

Overall she says my Aquarius ascendant makes me “strange”, but then she is one too so we got a good laugh at this.

She also said that based upon my chart I should be a total extrovert. That I’m a “tuning fork”, I impart wisdom to others, I combine psychology with healing and the occult and I travel. I have a Trine that is the mark of a psychic/intuitive as well.

Overall it sounds like a good year with lots of interesting changes ahead. I am intrigued about the social aspect because right now that is pretty nonexistent. The travel part is also curious to me. I don’t consider myself a traveler, though I traveled quite a bit in my 20’s. So far I have been to: Mexico, Canada, Honduras, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand plus almost every state in the US. Already this year I have a trip planned to Mt. Shasta at the end of this month. My husband wants me to go with him to North Dakota in June. I have yet to decide if I will.

Thus far I already notice the shift towards career-oriented thinking. The public aspect has yet to really show up, but I can see myself shifting in that direction already. I suspect June-July will begin to reveal more.

Solar Plexus Acquisition

More puzzle pieces are coming together.

During the night I witnessed something peculiar. From this observation I was able to deduce that many of my spiritual experiences and communications over the last year or so have been solely for the walk-in. I simply intercepted them or was allowed to perceive them/experience them as well. With that, I can clearly distinguish those communications meant for me and those meant for her. This alleviates much confusion on my part.

This morning’s observation was meant to show me what is occurring and though it felt as if it were me involved in the activities, it was in fact the walk-in.

What I observed was very strange and involved a sensation that is unlike anything I have felt thus far. I seem to always be saying that, too. It seems that there is no end to the “new” sensations!

I saw before me a vortex of spinning, brilliantly yellow energy. Above it and below it were smaller balls of energy that appeared white in color. This is when it got weird. It seemed as if another energy was dipping into and out of this yellow energy. Each time this other energy dipped into the yellow energy I got a very strange sensation. It felt like my entire nervous system lit up with a very slight electrical charge. I could feel it to my core. It was not unlike the feeling of a needle being inserted directly into a major nerve. It reminded me of when a dentist numbs an already partially numb area in the mouth with Novocaine. Ouch! Except this was not painful. It was also similar to holding a paperclip to an electrical outlet and feeling the slight surge of energy in your fingertips Рbut this was all over my body. Yeah, very uncomfortable.

I woke up feeling that groggy, drugged feeling I feel when I have been in a very deep slumber. My memories were foggy yet I was able to recall what exactly had been occurring while I slept. The yellow vortex was my solar plexus and the sensations I felt were a result of the soul exchange process. It was not fully revealed to me what this process was or why it was happening until I began to channel a post in my other blog.

You may have noticed that my other blog is very different already from this one. I cannot post to that blog as “me”. I try and then am shifted immediately into this other personality, one that is much different than I and which speaks very much like energies which I have channeled in the past. My third-eye and heart light up simultaneously and out comes the post. I am allowed to pause in the midst of the transmission. I do this sometimes to get my bearings and make grammatical changes. Otherwise, I am disconnected completely from what is written. I am often blown away by what I write because¬†I am not consciously allowed to know until that point.

It is bizarre and a bit unsettling. Today, after posting to my other blog, I got very anxious and felt strange. My energy felt as if it was¬†bouncing off my shoulders. I suspect this reaction was in part due to the “new” information being processed by my current personality. I was easily able to shift into a quiet space but the memory of the reaction is still very real and strange.

Oh this is so damn confusing! How am I even here and functioning at all I wonder?

Connecting the Dots

After writing my last post I realized that I did not explain something very key to this process I am going through. In reading my post I saw how similar it is to someone who is about to commit suicide. I assure this is not what is happening, even though it seems similar. I am fine. In comparison to other points in my life which were like mountains in their enormity, this is a hill.

This is not the first time I have been at this point in my life. I went through a similar process¬†during my Dark Night. All of the memories coming up for review are ones I have already confronted and handled. I made my peace with my past a long time ago. That doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt when I look at it. Right now I am letting go of the residual attachment and emotion I have to these incidents in my life. It is a relief to release them. The more honest I am about my past, the better.

Right now I am uncertain what is at the end of this road. Although I am being told this is a walk-in/walk-out, the idea is still very alien to me in many ways. Remember, the walk-in has been with me throughout this life as my Companion. He came into this life with me. To me, he IS me. We are not separate and he has always been there. I trust him wholeheartedly.

Part of me thinks that this process is merely the obliteration of the Ego, the crumbling of the illusions I have built my life around. Whether this is the case or not will be known soon enough. I will say that I woke with a strong desire to write a farewell letter to my family and also a letter to the Walk-in. Why do I feel this need? It makes no sense yet at a subconscious level I am accepting that a big change is about to take place and in not knowing what I will be like when it is said and done I feel I need to prepare. Weird, but apparently this is not uncommon among walk-outs. No, I haven’t written the letters yet, but I am certain it will come in the not too distant future.

Connecting the Dots

After I wrote my last post I had a near panic attack and asked for the walk-in to take over. Within minutes I was listening to music, cleaning house and feeling clear headed. No anxiety feeling. Information that was not previously available came pouring in and the dots began to connect.

After my awakening in 2003 I was heading down this same path. I entered into the Dark Night almost immediately after and was reviewing my life constantly whether I wanted to or not. I made huge leaps and gains and was at the point where the merge with my Companion could be initiated. That is when I changed my mind. I had freed myself enough that I felt I could handle more of life and allow myself to be loved. At the time I was thrown into confusion because I had felt my life was “over”. It is a hard feeling to explain but it feels like life is complete; all planned lessons learned. Once I accepted the new timeline it got easier. I didn’t have much time to get in all that I wanted, so things moved very, very fast. And then the familiar feeling of being done came back. It is an unmistakable feeling. When asked what I wanted, I never had an answer. The only answer I would give was, “Nothing, I feel done.”

I’ve had questions from the beginning about my Companion. I am told he is a part of me, like my other half but then I am told I have other, other halves. How is this even possible? The Union dream I had really threw me into confusion-land because I met one of my counterparts yet he¬†didn’t look/feel like¬†my Companion. WTF?


The best explanation I have gotten thus far is that we started as One, then split into Two and then the Two each split again. This happens exponentially as each of us matures. So all this Twin Flame nonsense is wildly distorted. Technically, we can have a never-ending amount of Twin Flames if you consider just how frequently we “split”. What I was shown is that my most intense connections are now Four. This only means that the point of experience for me is now located within the first couple of divisions.¬†Meeting any of the other three would create one hell of an intense connection. I experienced one and I will tell you that it should be illegal. Do not try this at home. Adult Spiritual supervision required. LOL

The spider web analogy works well here. At the center are the main supports and all others branch off from them getting ever wider and adding more and more branches. We can choose our experiences to be at any point on the web. We are all of them, all the time.

Yeah, no wonder I was confused! Add to that the experience of the Union (or whatever it was) and it is no surprise that I want to walk-out.



The Galactic StarBEing Awakening in a Human Body

Excerpts from an article written by Lisa Transcendence Brown. Full article here.

I found this article back in January. It kept coming up in my FB feed and was also posted in the Walk-in group. It came up again yesterday, so I re-read it.

This article is the best explanation I have found for the process I am going through. This is why I am being told by my Team that I am experiencing a walk-in and am finally AWAKE. I am reintegrating a part of myself, my Light, that broke off a very long time ago.

We are becoming WHOLE again.

A StarBEing holds codes and sequences beyond the human understanding and the physical body is a storage container, if you will. When a StarBeing is “forced” into living as a human by unconscious humans, their expanded consciousness is suppressed and “shut down”. This shutting down is what we call “going to sleep” or “the slumber”, also known as amnesia between the realms and veils. It stagnates the StarBEing and forces their DNA to distort itself and to separate off in order to survive here. This creates discord within the physical body vessel, physical pain, emotional pain and suppression that ultimately must be REVERSED back to purity and love again. The magnitude that one experiences this “force” through not understanding will determine the amount of distortions created, suffering and reversal necessary to re-program back to light again. Where an individual does not understand, they will do this to their self. This is why it’s so important to re-educate all according to the higher frequency realms of NEW Earth NOW…….

…..When one awakens, the body has been asleep. Some are walk-ins, some incarnated at birth and now we have “walk-throughs” and “pass-throughs” and many others coming through. Only the human needs to put this in a box to understand it. It doesn’t really matter, other than how one chooses to DO from this moment NOW…….

…..All are here to merge and unify to release the SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS that kept one unconscious and asleep. As these long awaited gamma rays continue to increase the bombardment of galactic light, intensity and distortions shall be magnified to make visible any old density programming and illusions still held within. The old matrix gridwork gone that kept all held together before, bizarre and extreme is the new way for one still holding onto the need/desire to remain unconscious.

New Blog

I am in the process of creating my new blog. It is time. There is no doubt.

I wrote the About page just now. My heart center blazed the entire time and my crown, third-eye and throat chakras felt odd. I had the familiar sensation of energy coming into my crown that I had in May, 2015. This is beyond spectacular but at the same time very scary on many levels.

I invite you to to follow the unfolding of this new journey. I don’t know what exactly to expect other than what was revealed to me today.

In Crisis

I just wanted you all to know where I’m at as it likely will keep me away from blogging for a little bit.

Whatever has happened to me has me completely out of whack. I am going to share some of what I wrote down at midnight last night when I couldn’t sleep because using my mind right now shifts me into a place I cannot function from.

11:54pm 2/19/2016

I can’t sleep. I am conscious of a feeling. It is causing me to want to run away from everything; to just up and go. But I don’t know where to. I feel frantic. What am I suppose to do? How do I escape this feeling? I am told to listen; to look at what is in my heart, but what I find confuses me. It says, “LIVE, be LOVE, embrace LOVE. You are ALIVE. BE ALIVE.” But what does that mean? I have no idea how to LIVE. Yeah. Pathetic. My heart is telling me to break away – to not be afraid of myself, of what I am feeling. I can’t think with this!

My heart just resonates with this connection, this Divine feeling of utter completeness. It is so full and deep and beautiful. But when I look at my life it is none of these things! My life, this life I am living, feels unnatural to me. I don’t feel like I belong in it. WTF? ¬†I feel on the brink of something big but I just can’t get myself to take that step forward. If feels so familiar. Even now I am just avoiding, circling the unavoidable. It is so terrifying to even look. This is where I contact the intense desire to RUN. But there is nowhere to run to. The only true escape (if any) is death. Not an option.

All I know and feel right now, all.the.time, is that which I contacted in my dream. This shifted my very core. There is no going back. There is only FORWARD.

This is only a small piece of what I wrote down. I had to get it out somehow because it was keeping me from sleeping and I was (still am) so very exhausted.

My entire guidance/Team is different; my focal point obliterated.