Astral Travel


As you read posts in this blog you will come across the terms “astral travel” and “OBE” (out-of-body experience). I will use these terms interchangeably as they mean the same thing to me. However, you as the reader may not be sure what I mean when I use these terms.

To put it simply, astral travel and OBE’s are simply a state in which an individual finds him/herself separated from their physical body, typically floating freely with the ability to observe themselves from outside of themselves. The place in which the individual finds him/herself is known as the “astral plane”. In my experience, there are many abilities that come with being able to separate from one’s body. These include but are  not limited to enhanced vision, hearing, intuition, feeling, tasting, smelling, and movement. For example, when in astral I have been able to not only move through objects but also feel, taste and become those objects.

I do not find it necessary to define what exactly the astral plane is or categorize it into levels or vibrational frequencies. For me, astral travel exists as my classroom. It allows me to meet my guides face to face, speak with them, ask questions and learn about myself and my purpose in this lifetime.  Astral allows me to be an explorer in an unknown world. It allows me to create and expand my consciousness. But ultimately it serves to help me remember. For me, the astral world is my connection to Home.

Interestingly enough, my first OBE occurred spontaneously about a year after my spiritual awakening. Before that point, I had never heard of OBE’s or the astral plane. When it happened to me it scared the you-know-what out of me. BUT at the same time, it intrigued me and I wanted to know what happened and how I could get it to happen again. Thankfully, my guides helped me with this. I found a simple book on astral travel (I don’t remember the name now) that explained what had happened but did not give any techniques to help achieve it. I was led to continue to meditate and set the intention to have it happen again. So that is what I did. And it happened again. And again. And again.

I have to say that I am addicted to astral travel. It is my drug of choice if ever I were to have one. I have experienced such amazing love, peace, joy and sensations I do not even have words for while out of my body. I have explored distant galaxies, met up with long lost friends, reunited with deceased family members, and delved into the deepest darkest parts of my Self. There is no end to the possibilities that exist and I intend to continue traveling beyond as long as I am in this life. I believe astral travel has been key to me remaining in this life, in this body, for as long as I have. That along with my wonderful guides who never leave my side. The loneliness one feels in this life can be debilitating and difficult to escape. My guides and my ability to escape, albeit briefly, into the astral realms has been my relief, linking me to Home so that I remember and continue along this life’s path.

If you are interested in learning about astral travel and wish to become an astral traveler yourself, there are some books you may be interested in reading. There are many to choose from and I encourage you to read the ones you feel most drawn to, as those tend to be the ones that will work for you best. However, if you have no idea where to start, I will share the two books that helped me the most:  The Secret of the Soul by William Buhlman and Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.

Here is a great post from a fellow blogger about their own technique: The OBE Outlook on Life by Bob Petersn.

Below is a video interview of William Buhlman that I found about his book Adventures in the Afterlife.


5 thoughts on “Astral Travel

  1. Dayna,

    I LOVE this post! I’ve been wanting to astral travel for a long time now and just haven’t been able to. I try to not let frustration get me down, yet I’m rather impatient I must say lol. I’m ready to explore already!!! 🙂

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  2. sandra says:

    hi dyna. it is possible to connect with god/source during astral travel?

    Liked by 1 person

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