Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)

I wanted to write very briefly about Curcuma Longa, or Turmeric. In case you don’t recall, on the 18th of February, the night I had the lucid dream which resulted in the Union, Curcuma was mentioned to me by my counterpart. I didn’t tell you all, but the next morning the first thing I did was run to the Vitamin Shoppe and buy some. I have been taking it daily ever since.

I did little research before heading to the store other than checking very quickly to make sure it did indeed have spiritual relevance. Sure enough, I discovered that it aids in the cleansing of the chakras, the subtle energy body, and the nadis.

One article suggest using Turmeric in conjunction with a regular Yoga practice:

  • Pain and inflammation: Yoga involves asanas (body postures), some of which are not easy in the beginning. Yoga practitioners, especially in case when one is just starting, may face pain and inflammation due to asanas. This is very similar to when one starts to jog / run, there are muscle, joint pains initially. Turmeric with its amazing healing properties helps body in these situations and keep body fit for yoga till the body gets used to it. Use of turmeric ensures that one can continue with yoga with ease and for longer duration. This may also help in attaining perfection in asanas quickly. I know a few yoga instructors who advice their new students to drink turmeric milk before sleeping in case they feel mild pain rather than applying external ointments.

  • Purification : Yoga stresses a lot on purification of body and mind. Through asanas one can cleanses not only body toxins but also attain peace. Turmeric also plays a similar cleansing role inside our body and assists yoga. A body free of toxins remains healthy and also fit for yoga.

  • Improves flow of vital energies in body : According to Mr. Prashanti Jager, turmeric also increases the flow of prana (vital energies) in our body. It also helps purification of vital energies.

  • Well known and safe : There can be many more reasons why people prefer turmeric over other herbs, one is that it is one of the safest herbs and also a long track record of providing health benefits (thus well established).

Another article revealed why my counterpart was talking about India when discussing Tumeric with me. It is used as part of Ayurveda.

From an Ayurvedic standpoint Turmeric can additionally be used:

1. As a blood cleanser.
2. As an anti-inflammatory.
3. For nutritional support of the Spleen and Pancreas.
4. To aid in the metabolism of Protein.
5. As a metabolic balancer.

From a spiritual standpoint, Turmeric can aid in:

1. Cleansing the charkas.
2. Cleansing the subtle body.
3. Cleansing the nadi’s (the channels of the subtle body).
4. Cultivating relationships with feminine form of divinity.
5. Cultivating feelings and awareness of prosperity.

I  can’t say I have noticed any significant difference from taking it daily other than accidentally staining my clothing a bright yellow. 😦 However, I trust that it is doing its work. Why else would it have been brought to my attention?


18 thoughts on “Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)

  1. litebeing says:

    I am basically obsessed with turmeric, especially since my GI issues became more painful and inflammation had occurred in my colon. It works like aspirin without the stomach problems. I did not know it helped spiritually. I also adore Indian food and those spices make me happy happy. How synchronous to find your post on my new best friend.

    Now about yoga? hmmm, not as simple for me as using turmeric 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, I saw it helps with digestive issues! What is funny is that after the Union experience I was having awful stomach cramps and diarrhea. So it is likely the tumeric was suggested to help with that, too. I had worried it caused the upset but within a day or two my stomach issues ceased.

      I’m with you on the Yoga. I have trouble fitting it into my schedule. My littlest crawls on me and sometimes jumps right on my stomach. Ouch!

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  2. snowflowerbloom says:

    I take Turmeric almost every night. I need it to process toxins out of my liver. Without it I have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver (So they blame the problem on my weight and not the chemicals in food, even if losing weight never made it go away). Yet, when I take it nightly all my liver problems disappear.

    There is talk that certain supplements will be forbidden in the future. I don’t know if this is on my timeline, but if this happens I can always start cooking Indian food. This is one supplement that is yummy, and good all the way around.

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  3. litebeing says:

    Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Happy Leap Day litebeings!
    I am in close daily relationship with turmeric and use it whenever possible. Dayna’s post is right on time and incredibly helpful. Thank you Dayna for this informative article.

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  4. Gwendolyn says:

    Found out same recently. You can also boil it in your tea water. Working this in to the healthier lifestyle changes.

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  5. And mix with cayenne pepper for a powerful
    anti-viral / anti-inflammatory

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  6. litebeing says:

    One other tip, combine with black pepper and heat up with some fat ( I use olive oil) to boost efficacy. I am pleased that so many here use it with great results. I have only been at this a few months, but eat Indian food a few times a week. Have done so for eons. Mostly prepared or frozen.

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  7. Carolyn Thompson says:

    If you get a healthy root, you can grow it. The flower is lovely and when the flower dies it makes more roots. Native Hawaiians would juice the root and put three drops of its juice in to infected ears as it heals it up right away. I love to cook with it, chopping up a small portion in to my veggies! If you grow some you never have to worry about finding any. You can later chop up and dry the root for the powder! Just never handle the roots or plants while you are on your menses, as the root disapears. Hawaiians call it Olena!

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  8. Karin says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I wasn’t aware of the benefits of this spice. I had to try it this morning, powder in hot water. Tastes not so delicious, but I added some coconut milk and that made it much better.

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    • Dayna says:

      You’re welcome. I would never have even considered it had it not come up in my dream. The fact that I remembered the curcuma part still blows my mind. I had no idea that was what its scientific name was! hahaha

      I have heard drinking it as a tea is an acquired taste. lol

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  9. Thank you for this Dayna.. I didn’t know all of those other properties but know how beneficial it is and there is a post in my herbs and healing pages somewhere i did a few years ago..
    I found it good with inflammation and so sprinkle it on my cereals in a morning and in lots of cooking Wonderful ingredient that and cinnamon 🙂 I use a lot of..
    Wonderful article. Thank you

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