Dream: Future Prediction

After yesterday evening’s dream about the “dog races”, I had an similar experience in real life. No, I didn’t go to the dog races. 🙂 We had a tiny dog venture into our back yard. It looked very much like the tiny dogs I saw in my dream. At first I couldn’t figure out how he got in. He kept evading capture by going under the fence into our neighbor’s back yard but always came back to our yard, sitting and licking himself as if he thought it was his new home. Eventually, I realized he had come in through a gate from the front yard. The kids must have left it open and he wandered in (I’m surprised our dog didn’t get out!). The gate was partially open but he would not go through it when I tried to get him to. So I had to prop it wide open so that it was obvious and he finally turned tail and ran back out to the front of the house.

After the dog was out and I had re-latched the gate, my dream came back to mind and I laughed to myself. I remember thinking, “He (the dog) always knew the way out. I just had to remind him by opening the gate a little wider.” And of course, this was the message to me as well – I have always known the way out. I said to myself, “You get out the same way you got in.”

So then, how did I get “in”? What path did I follow? And how, then, does that path lead to the exit? But then I would have to determine what predicament/situation I want to get “out” of in the first place!

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Dream: Future Prediction

The dream start is fuzzy now. I recall standing outside with a very large group of people. The sky was blue and dotted with fluffy clouds. Each person was handed an official looking envelope. My husband was with me and opened his. I followed suit and opened mine. Inside were predictions of our future. The time frame seemed to be random. Mine gave me a snapshot of my life at age 53.

What I read was not good. It seemed I had opted to take lower paying, lower responsibility jobs to the point that I ended up with work that was well beneath my ability level. This kept me from being challenged and helped me avoid stress and stressful situations and relationships with people. I did this purposefully but it ended up leaving me with few friends and very little feeling of accomplishment. I was shown that the projection of my life was that I would retire early because I didn’t want to work anymore and I would end up old and alone/lonely because I would have alienated most if not all friends/family by the time of my death.

My husband had his and was smiling and wanting to read mine. I wouldn’t let him and did not read his but I knew his forecast was positive.

We ended up going to a place where we could be “adjusted”. It was like a church building where we were evaluated and then set up for treatment which seemed to involve the person laying down and being worked on. I was evaluated quickly and sent to the waiting room while my husband received treatment.

I seemed to wait forever. Lots of other people were waiting also. I grew tired and irritable. Someone commented on my irritability, saying the source of it was boredom. I didn’t argue. A very large woman sat next to me. She was friendly and we got along. She noticed I was tired and positioned herself so that I could lean on her. I ended up laying my head on her breast and nodding off.

When my husband finally came out he was smiling and refreshed. I complained that he took so long and that I never got called in. He pulled our SUV up and called me to get in. All the doors were open and I grumpily climbed in. I saw another car trying to pull out but it was cornered by other cars. I thought it would never get out but it somehow maneuvered itself out and drove away.


When I woke I was startled by the dream prediction to the point that I couldn’t help but think it was in response to the thoughts I had on my mind as I went to bed. I had been reviewing my old blog posts from 2016 onward, noticing trends, followers, likes, comments, etc. It is obvious that I have lost many followers, likes have declined, as have comments. My best guess as to the reasons for this is my content. I write a lot of posts about dreams, which in and of itself is probably not interesting to too many people. And then many of my posts have a “poor me” feeling to them, which few enjoy. The trend indicates very slow progress. I seem to have stalled out. And then I think I write too much about how my life is not like I want it to be but then take no action to change it.

So, right before bed I was considering what changes I would need to make. I thought maybe I might need to take another social media break, but I wasn’t sure and my gut told me to sleep on it. Then I get an entirely different outlook indicating that what I may need to change is my perspective regarding my work/career. Interesting!

I was talking to my husband about my dreams this morning and we ended up discussing my current work situation. I explained that I purposefully chose the job to avoid stress and people – just like the type of work mentioned in my dream. At some point I said this to him to describe my circumstances:

It’s the avoidance of things that make you uncomfortable that keeps your life the same.

He said to me, “That is good. Text it to me.” Had he not I wouldn’t have remembered it!

He said he thought that I needed to step up and take on more responsibility, that it was my dislike of the type of work that was my discomfort. I told him, “No. It’s things that scare me that make me uncomfortable.”

Work Woes

Speaking of work, the lady who I was hired to help is in the hospital. She just finished all her chemo and had been given the all-clear by her doctors. All traces of cancer gone. But ever since Thanksgiving she has been home sick with neuropathy. But last night it escalated and she ended up in the E.R.

Our boss updated us this morning saying that the cancer had metastasized into her brain. Somehow the doctors didn’t catch it and even after all that nasty chemo the cancer was not eradicated. Really awful news.

The news has been pretty devastating to everyone at the office. She has worked there for over 15 years and everyone loves her.

Something I noticed at work when everyone discussed her situation – they all acted sad and concerned but seemed to want to quickly forget everything and get back to “normal” as quickly as possible. I remember thinking – they are already moving on, even before she has even died. And for a moment I grieved for her loss; that she had already become a memory before even leaving this world.

My husband and I went to see her in the hospital. They only allowed one person at a time in her room. When my husband came out he had been crying. 😦 When I went in I smiled and stayed cheerful. She seemed just fine and had her wits about her but she was also very peaceful about everything. She didn’t seem one bit concerned about her situation.

Now it looks like whether I want to or not I will be taking on more responsibility. Eventually, ALL her responsibilities will be mine. Honestly, it’s not what I wanted but when I see how everyone is responding and all that needs to be done, I know that I would be doing her a disservice if I were to leave now.

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Dream: Woman Lover

I wanted to mention one more dream because it seems to indicate continued healing relating to women.

This dream began inside a very large mobile (not permanent) home (self). My mom was living there and the family was gathered for an unknown reason. A dark haired, very attractive woman was there as well. She and I were attracted to each other. Before we met up, though, I was inside a classroom arranging what looked like swing sets for the children to occupy as I taught class. There was a baby swing that needed adjustment and I remember moving it and adjusting the height. My memory fades out here, though.

Then I am in a bedroom (private self) with the dark haired woman. It is my mom’s bedroom. The dark haired woman closes the door and invites me to come to her. We begin to make out. The sensations of kissing are very real. I remember enjoying her kisses, her mouth, very much. We end up on the floor next to the bed as we try and hide in case someone comes in. It gets really passionate but clothes stay on, though hands explore and there is a lot of touching. The woman resists going further and puts her hand to her lips saying “Shhh” as if to remind me we need to stay quiet. My mom then calls and we stop and I wake up.

When I woke up I was again confused as to having a woman lover but thinking, “At least this time she is full grown.” lol There was no disgust or resistance to the dream scenario. In fact, there has not been any such thing for all the similar dreams I’ve had with women. As far back as my dreams go, in fact, I have not had any considerations regarding women in that regard. It is like I always feel they are equal to men in a sexual/romantic sense. This is very different from how I am in waking reality, though.

As I woke more fully I wondered about the dream. A song came to mind as if to pass on a message. I specifically heard, “I want you to be happier.”


Converging Timelines

So the long anticipated 11-11-11 is today. How do you feel? I feel normal. Yesterday I was high on life. Today a little less high but not low either. Neutral. It feels once again like a transition period, a flowing from one condition or state to another. Perhaps this is the very definition of “portal”? It seems fitting to me anyway.

I was told not along ago in a dream that 11-11-11 was the date of a “convergence”. At the time I had no idea what it meant and even speculated that perhaps it was for 2019 because in the dream the calendar I saw seemed to be a year in the future. Today, though, I’ve concluded that this convergence is the converging of timelines; a reconstitution of what was with what IS. For me, personally, this has been experienced by taking what was good and real/true from the past and pulling it forward to merge with this present timeline. All those things from the past that I’ve held onto or that have been destructive, have been laid to rest. I choose what I keep and discard, of course. We all do.

The method of deciding what to keep and discard came from looking at things that were painful to me and finding the source/truth behind that pain. Why am I still hurting? Is it based upon a lie? When I inspect it using my heart as my microscope, what do I see?

Surprisingly I discovered the basis of it all was the same as it had always been. It remained unchanged and solid despite my wanting to disassemble it with doubt. I could close off my heart and pretend it was all a dream but that didn’t make it so. It just meant it was hidden, faked out until my heart protested so loud I could not ignore it any longer.

The True Self always shines through no matter how much it is buried. The heart cannot be killed, only injured. Wounds can be healed. And the song on my mind this morning echos this message: “We’re not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again”.

The Nature Remedy

Yesterday was a really good day for me. As I have mentioned recently, this crazy all-over-the-place energy seems only to respond to one treatment – nature. I have been feeling called outside since the end of October and yesterday was no different. So I went for a trail run and spent about two hours immersed in nature. I encountered few other humans (four hikers and a mountain biker) and at least a dozen deer.

It was eerily silent on the trail. So much so that when I stopped and just listened it would trigger a tiny panic inside that was fueled by imaginings of getting lost, hurt or worse and not able to get help. When I looked at the panic I realized it came from my past trips into the Rockies in Montana. The sounds on the trail in the present mimicked those past experiences so much that it transported me to the past. Of course, the hill country of Texas is nothing like Montana and it was easy to laugh off. Instead I relished the familiarity of being surrounded by nature and feeling small and powerless to the elements/wildlife rather than in control of them. It is humbling but beautiful because with acceptance you feel One with it all, which is how it is suppose to be.

It was so enjoyable that I daydreamed about spending the entire day on the trail. It felt so much more aligned with who I am than getting back in my car and driving to suburbia!

Here are some pictures from the trail. It was overcast and cold (49°). When I got to the car I looked like I had been in a fight with a tree and lost. Hair a mess and filled with tiny needles from cedar trees (junipers). LOL


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I spent the remainder of the day after this trail run laying around and recuperating. 8 miles of running will do that. 🙂 The tiredness sent me to bed early and led to a dreamless sleep. However, I did have some conversations with my partner/guide upon waking. I need to share a previous dream for them to make sense, though.

Dream: Garage Room (11/09/18)

This dream is fuzzy now. In the beginning I saw a row of corn (domestic bliss and harmony) that stood as tall as a person. It lined the edge of a garden. I remember noticing a large mustard plant (success and wealth) growing where a corn plant should be. I mentioned to someone that it looked like a weed but rather than pull it, I looked closely at it, noting how it was flourishing. I didn’t want to pull a plant that was doing well unless it was hindering the growth of the corn, which it wasn’t.

Near the garden I saw a downed fence (barriers/obstacles) and heard a dog barking (grumpiness, disgruntled companion) persistently on the other side of it. I went to investigate and saw a standard poodle (upper class attitude) chained (feeling retrained) to a post. It was barking so ferociously that it broke the chain (released) and came running at me. I wasn’t afraid, though, and let it yip at my feet. The owner of the dog had come out and was watching from the stoop of her house. I thought it odd that she would just let the fence lay there on the ground and not do something to fix it so that her dog could be contained.

The dog quieted and licked my hand (protection, fidelity) as I walked toward the woman. She took me inside the house (self) and I saw that it was very small, like one bedroom. I could see all the rooms from the center of the house. Through the window I could see that the house had a very small yard and was positioned in such a way that it was at the end of a dead-end street. The woman said that the yard was maintained by the subdivision and that her husband only had to tend to the small patch of grass where the dog had been.

I noticed a den (work, efficiency) along the side of the living room (boundary between public and private self). It had closet (keeping something hidden) doors on it and on the other side was the laundry room inside the bathroom (cleansing). I remember thinking it big enough to be considered a second bedroom (private self, sexual nature). Inside the den there was a strange ledge. I was told it was to allow for the parked car in the garage. I realized the room was actually part garage (inactivity, idleness, feeling lack of direction) and not big enough to be a bedroom after all.

Vision and Message

When I woke this morning and had no dream memories I lingered in bed for a while. My partner in Spirit was close and reassuring me that what I want will manifest. As we talked I fell into the in-between. I was running along a dirt trail when I came upon a field of mustard in bloom. Underneath the tall mustard grass I could see old, gray tombstones – a cemetery. Seeing this brought me out of my reverie quickly. My guide told me that he was there to help; that he wanted me to have what I want in life and was there to help it manifest. It was reassuring to me to have him so close, to know I am not alone.

To dream of being in a cemetery symbolizes the end to a habit or behavior; the experience of a rebirth. It can be sadness, unresolved grief and/or fear of death, too. The feeling of this particular cemetery was that something is being “put to rest”.

Mustard symbolizes success and wealth. This is in contrast to the dream (above) where there was just one mustard plant blooming alongside rows of corn. It seems the success part is growing exponentially.

Alongside the cemetery symbolism, the message seems to be that when something is put to rest – dies – something new can be born. This something new, symbolized by the mustard plants, bring success. That is a message I am glad to receive! I am not sure what is “dying” here, though, but most certainly it is related to the past.

Huge Push and 2 OBEs

I’ve had a rough few days since my last post. Yesterday was the worse. I was grieving all day. Grieving for a loss before it has happened. Little things were causing upset. I was crying over stupid stuff and those little things were triggers for something bigger.

I am being pushed right now. It comes from deep within and has been intensifying with each day. I’ve been pushed before. My tendency is to wait it out and up until now that has worked. I think, “If I wait long enough it will go away”. This time feels different, though. I don’t think waiting it out will work.

Last night I kept waking up. Our a/c is cutting off periodically and my husband did not go into the attic to investigate and clear the overflow pan. The a/c wasn’t turning back on. Each time I woke up I had sweat on my brow. Too hot to get good sleep. I would go reset the a/c, it would turn on and then go off again without cooling the house.

At 3:30am I woke and the a/c NEST thermostat had no power. I had to flip the breaker. It was nearly 80 degrees in the house! I opened the window and tried to sleep. Then I felt the air turn on and it got cool enough for me to sleep.


Lucid to OBE: Time Flies

I returned to sleep and set the intention to project.

I was aware of being in my bed, eyes still heavy with sleep, attempting to determine whether I was really awake or dreaming. Quite a bit of this part of the experience is lost to me now but I recall attempting to separate from my body. I did not realize yet that I was dreaming and so separation was unnecessary.

All at once the scene shifted and I was inside a house with people I was visiting. They all seemed to know me and me them but I have no idea who they were, only that they were dark haired and related but not by blood. One woman came up to me and I recognized her. I hugged her while saying, “Meredith!!” She hugged me back and turned toward the bedroom behind her. A young woman who looked just like her was lying in the bed very pregnant. I was confused. Were they both Meredith? Or was it mother and daughter?

I headed to the opposite side of the house (a mobile home) and into a familiar bedroom. I got into the bed and once again felt the heaviness of sleep take over. My eyes heavy, I struggled to stay awake. A young, dark haired man came in and began talking to me. I was in his room. We seemed to know each other. I had memories of him being much younger, like 10 years old, yet he was obviously much older – a man. He sat down on the bed next to me. I told myself to wake up as I attempted to put on clothing. I was in this man’s bed wearing only my underwear! But he seemed not to mind or care. We were family after all.

I managed to pick up my shorts but could not get my legs into the right holes (lol). I was  completely unable to keep my eyes open long enough to focus. The young man was to my left sitting very close talking cheerfully about the family and things that had happened over the years. I sat staring off into space. I saw a military ID tag with numbers on it. It floated mid-air in my vision and woke me up a bit. I turned to him and asked him about it. He motioned to a bag and I said it was not what I saw, that it was military in origin. I don’t remember the number now, just that it was 4 digits, maybe 1406.

This is when I began to wake up. I turned and looked at the man and saw how young he was (early 20s probably). He was smiling and I recognized him, though from where, I am unsure. He had dark hair, twinkling brown eyes and medium skin tone. He kept talking and I listened. He was asking me to stay for a while, inviting me to join him and the family in the living room. As I focused on him I felt a strong pull from my heart area. It felt like my heart expanded toward him and a rush of Divine connection began to fill me up. I stopped it, though, panicking and saying to myself, “No!!” The connection immediately severed. My reasons for severing the connection was his age – he was too young. The man seemed not to notice.

He got up to use the restroom and I again noticed him. He was wearing boxers and t-shirt. I realized he was very comfortable and at ease around me. I saw a box on the dresser and inspected it. It was full of marijuana. I mentioned it, saying I had not smoked in years. He replied, “Stay a while and we can smoke some together.” Then he left me in the room alone and I continued to try and get dressed.

I sat on the bed for a bit feeling drowsy. A man came in and sat next to me on the bed where the young man had sat. He was much older, maybe in his 50s. He had salt and pepper stubble on his face, kind brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He smiled at me as he sat there and I knew he was the young man all grown up. Again he was very familiar and felt like family to me. I turned and looked at the clock and saw it was past 5pm. It felt like I had been there all day! There was a sense here that the clock represented the passage of time, only rather than hours and minutes it was years.

Then a family was standing in the room with me – a mom, dad and three children. I remember being told by someone (a voice) that they had come seeking my counsel. The mother looked at the father and said something firmly with a very serious tone. Her words are lost to me now but I believe she was saying her mind was made up and she was leaving him. He responded with, “But what about the kids? They need you.” He pointed to the youngest, a little blonde boy no older than 4. The father was against her leaving. I shifted perspective to the woman and looked specifically at the littlest. She/I said, “He will be okay as long as you and I are both in his life.” I remember complimenting them on their family as they left but feeling a sadness wash over me that did not make sense.

I finally went into the living room and there were some others milling about, all young (20’s). For some reason I came into full awareness. I saw the front door and went outside. There was a porch with wood railings the length of the house. I jumped up on the railing. The young dark haired man followed me. I turned, feeling adventurous all of a sudden, and said, “Watch this.” I jumped on top of the railing and grabbed onto the roof overhand. I swung a while and then let go, knowing I could fly. I floated there and lost vision.

OBE : Set an Intention

I sensed my body only briefly before I exited back into the scene. I was in the air near the house floating over the treetops. In front of me was a beautiful city, rooftops in all directions scattered across hilltops covered in trees whose leaves were already changing color for Fall. The sky was crimson with streaks of orange dotted with puffy, white clouds on a background of deep blue. It was breathtaking!

I felt myself being pulled up and I surrendered to the sensation while expressing that I did not want to go up. I remember thinking, “I need to set an intention.” I don’t remember saying anything, though. Instead I thought of something that made my heart instantly ache with a yearning I cannot describe. I became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. I stopped mid-air, overcome with a grief that seemed to have no origin. Realizing that I could not stay in such a state, I shifted out of the emotion immediately, as if it were just a passing moment and nothing of concern.

I flew a while and spotted a group of women in an open area. I hovered over them and listened in on their conversations. They saw me but did not care that I was floating. Somehow I knew the women. Everything they said to me I wrote down very carefully on a paper in my mind. None of it I recall now, of course! One woman’s name was Marcia, though, and I recall telling the women matter-of-factly that they had each purposely came here with few social/family connections. Marcia, however, would become one who had a great many. In my mind I saw their positions as if part of a web. Each of them were at the ends of the web but Marcia was closer the center. I knew the women had purposefully chosen their positions for the experience. I knew I was like them.

I flew on past them after telling them my observations. I came to a door. A nun was inside. I could just barely see her through the tiny window. She asked me for help saying they would not let her out and she needed a code. I went to the right of the door and saw a man in uniform standing behind a desk. I asked him to open the door and let her out. He would not.

The experience starts to break up here. I recall feeling emotional again and shutting it down quickly.


I returned to my body but lingered in the in-between for a while. There was a discussion with a male guide that was quite long, but I can’t remember much of it now except that I was drinking a very large glass of something that was to help me heal. I also remember seeing my mid-section ripped open but it was energetic, not physical. I remember discussing what I knew needed to be done. The male guide told me, “Don’t worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Several songs were on my mind as I woke. One was a Christmas song but I don’t remember which one. The other two came one after the other:

Dido White Flag – I will go down with this ship. I won’t put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love, and always will be.

Rachel Platten Fight Song– Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion. Like how a single word can make a heart open. I might only have one match but I can make an explosion. This is my fight song. Take back my life song.





Eros, Psyche and Sappho

Right after I wrote my last post about receiving the date of October 27th, I happened upon an astrology blog post that listed the astrological events for the rest of the year. And guess what? October 27th made the list.

It said, “Sappho station at 27 Gemini”.

Of course, that meant absolutely nothing to me. lol So I went digging, Googling Sappho and ran into Eros and Psyche along the way.

I got a bit distracted by Eros and Psyche. Pretty interesting stuff.

Here is the first site I found: Eros, Psyche and Sappho Sign Table. Problem is, I never found the Sappho table. Sure wish I could find it…. I think they accidentally wrote “Sappho” in the page address because the actual title of the page reads, “Eros and Psyche Sign Tables”.

Eros = God of erotic love (I like him already).
Psyche = Goddess of the Soul.

Knowledge of their positions by sign can give us insight into how individuals express their erotic and romantic impulses, and the type of sexual and romantic chemistry that is generated between two people.

That hooked me. I had to look up the sign Eros and Psyche was in when I was born…and then I had to look up the signs of my husband….and then someone else…well you get the idea. lol



Eros = Gemini
Psyche = Leo (I’m awesome)

So Ero in Gemini has these characteristics which ALL describe me and I laughed out loud when I read them:

They can be turned on by spoken and written words (didn’t know this until recently).
They tend to talk during sex (well now you know). 
It’s hard to turn off their minds and let go when having sex (sad but true).

I couldn’t find what Psyche in Leo is like. I suspect it somewhere along the lines of selfish and egotistical but also very expressive and caring. Since my sun is in Leo I know how all that goes.

My husband is:

Eros= Aries
Psyche = Cancer

Eros in Aries – These people instinctively and quickly become infatuated. Their sexual attractions are formed quickly and they get off on the sensations of the moment in an intense manner. These lovers may seem a little erratic to others, simply because their passions rise and fall so quickly. They are not as giving and emotional in their sexual expression, but they are passionate while it lasts. Eros in Aries people are attached to the sensations of the moment and may see their partner as an object, or an extension of themselves. They often prefer to do the pursuing in relationships and may be addicted to the conquest. Source

Not saying anything about this except, “Yep.” He may disagree, though (likely).

There is a cool Love Sign Compatibility Grid where you use the Eros and Psyche signs to find out your compatibility with your partner. When I used it for me and my husband I got the colors beige and magenta (depending on whose Eros and Psyche I use). Beige is not understanding each other’s love styles. Magenta is HOT. So maybe we are hot and cold depending on our mood, which seems about right, too.

I did other partner’s I’ve had but I’ll save you from that one. It was just for fun and spot on just the same. One particular one was double Magenta. Sigh.

Anyway, see why I got distracted? Back on track……I was looking for Sappho….

I finally looked up where Sappho is in my chart and found it is at 24 Aries 58′ 39″. Not sure what that means entirely but at least I found it.

All this because of the October 27th date coming up in my dream. What do I make of it? Well, if Sappho is the astrological event of that day, maybe the message is related to love? I can’t be sure but I am hoping it is not related to the lesbian theme popping up in my life of late. Ha! If so, jokes on me I guess….again.


Dream: October 27th

I’m exhausted today despite a full night’s sleep. Whatever is going on energy-wise is kicking my butt just a little bit (tiny bit :)) right now. I had a headache yesterday and woke with one this morning as well. I am experiencing a mental state that is a little odd. It’s kind of like brain fog I guess. I’m not forgetful, I just don’t have the energy to give a shit. lol

I’m still feeling urged to be social and so I have been more than usual. Twice this week I’ve met up with my new workout buddy. It’s fun for me because I get to use my NASM personal trainer certificate to help someone other than myself reach their personal fitness goals. The first workout I visited her gym with her and I made up a full-body circuit right on the spot. I worked out alongside her but kept my weight low and slowed my pace quite a bit because she was trying to keep up with me. After two circuits I could tell she was done but she was super psyched about it and wanted to meet the next day. I suggested a two day rest.

We met at my house last night and she brought her daughter over so she could hang out with my daughter (they’re best friends). She was at my house from 6:30-9pm. The workout was only 45 minutes of that. Again I created a workout on the spot (easy for me). I went slower than I normally would but it was fun to help her. Afterward I helped her determine her body fat percentage and calculate her calories while answering all her questions (she had a lot).

She is very talkative, thus the extended visit. I learned a lot about her – she’s a decade younger than me, a Scorpio (and likes astrology), and she is trying to go back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree is accounting. I sense from her a desire to hang out with me much more than a workout buddy. Though I do not feel resistant to that, I can tell that if I let her, she could end up making me feel a bit smothered because she is so lonely. 😦

By the end of the visit I was more exhausted than normal. This is not unusual for me when I hang out with people. It feels like I am sucked dry of energy after prolonged social interaction. Yet I was very patient and attentive with her and have no plans to stop working out with her. This reaction is strange to me because usually a night last night would have me purposefully avoiding the person afterward. I’m not quite sure what, if anything, this means, but I feel like I need to do what I am doing. This is not something I am doing for me anyway.

Dream: October 27th

I woke suddenly from a dream this morning. It left me with a feeling that something big is on the horizon – big as in ascension-related. “One giant leap for mankind” comes to mind when I think of how I felt upon waking.

one small step for mankind quote

The dream began with me surrounded by family. I recognized them in the dream but I cannot place any of them now. I had given birth to a fourth child, a son (OMG lol) and was talking to my husband about how disappointed I was that he was an Earth sign. He was born on October 27th so that is Scorpio. Not sure why I was saying he was an Earth sign. I remember saying I wished he was a Libra and being reminded that one of my sons is an Aries. It was like I had forgotten my youngest and when I remembered him I was very pleased, thinking it was good that there was another Fire sign in the family.

The baby (new beginnings) was being held and passed around as we talked about him. I remember the baby talking to me, too, but can’t remember what he said now. He was very animated and walking around (potential and possibility await) despite being a baby. There are flashes of the calendar here. I kept seeing October 27th and a part of me was confused because I knew the date was in the future yet we spoke as if it were in the past.

Then I was inside a room that looked like a cross between an office and a classroom. There were tall bookshelves, school supplies, posters and equipment in the room. I was sitting at a table next to a student who I knew was special needs. Next to us at the end of the table was another student, also special needs. In an adjacent room I could see yet another student sitting at a table watching a screen.

I got up to talk to the student in the other room. He was staring at a computer screen. I was very friendly to him and learned that he was doing his assignment, though I don’t know the nature of it. I mainly recall that these students were all “special” and that others did not recognize just how special they were. They had hidden abilities. In the dream I thought of them as having Asperger’s and similar types of disabilities.

Two other workers were in the room with me. Sometimes I felt to be a student there but mostly I felt to be an employee. I remember doing a test as a student. I only recall now that I created objects in a screen in front of me, like a projection. I was creating a church (sacredness and spiritual nourishment) and made it too big and so changed it with the thought, “No, smaller”. I remember being aware of dreaming at this time, but for some reason I did not wake up.

At one point in the dream I was in the classroom and suddenly realized that the two other workers had degrees in social work and were facilitators of some kind of long-term scientific study. I remember talking to them about it, saying, “I am so glad I took this job!” I was impressed and wanted very much to stay but felt under qualified because I did not have a degree in social work (maybe literally means my social work). One of the other two workers pointed at me and said I had been chosen for the job and I was very honored.

The dream is blurry here but the feelings I had in it are not. The feeling was very big, like something important, and I remember both being told about and feeling this energy that started in my chest and spread outward in all directions. There is also memory of being told that one test had completed and another was soon to begin. The test that completed had lasted only a few weeks but the next one would be longer. Again, October 27th came up.


Prior to bed I had felt a presence but I had been so tired that I didn’t pay it much attention. This presence asked me if I was ready to deal with something that needed handling. I began to feel emotional at one point, realizing that I needed to finish something left incomplete. I believe this unfinished business is related to 2015-2016.

Regardless, it seems the end of the month may be when things start to shift. We’ll see I guess. To my astrologer friends, if you know of any significance to the end of the month, fill me in. 😉

Dream: How to Give a Good Hug

Another good night’s sleep. 🙂 So very thankful!

Dream: How to Give a Good Hug

The dream began in a hospital (need to improve physical/emotional health) room. I was sitting next to a woman on the phone trying to get an early morning appointment. It felt like we were in Canada, but I am not sure. She finally found a place that would see several men at 7:30am. The men had an ailment covering the entire front of their chest (confidence, vitality). It was described as “raw and painful” like a sunburn  (urgent matter burning through and demanding immediate attention) with oozing spots that would not heal. I suggested it may be a yeast infection like my daughter would get on her butt when she was a baby. The woman said it was not that but I felt it must be.

A nurse (need to take time out to heal) came into the room asking about the appointment and thought I was a doctor (problem needing to be addressed). I said, “I’m not a doctor. I’m just wearing a lab coat (protection).” I looked down and I was indeed wearing one.

The men came in for their appointment and I recognized them as various men from the shop at work. They sat down with a doctor who was questioning why they came to see him. He turned to me and said, “I am a cardiologist (matters of the heart).” I said, “The issue is with their chests” and encouraged him to see them. Each of the men revealed their red, raw chests to the doctor. The doctor prescribed them with a white ointment (healing) they were to spread all over the raw areas.

I turned to the lady I was with and said, “See, they do have yeast infections. See the cream he prescribed?” She said it was not, that it was some other issue that began with a “D”. She advised I be careful because it was very infectious and told me to check my toothbrush (feeling defensive) in case one of the men had used it.

Then we went to a large swimming pool (cleanse away the past). The men waded in, relishing the cool water as it soothed their wounds. The nurse who I was with opted to get into the pool with them. She was wearing a flowered swimsuit and revealed to me that she was pregnant (aspect of self growing and maturing), though she was not showing yet. I recall she looked Indian (as in from India).

Then I was attending class in the hospital. I was sitting at a student desk next to several other students. A teacher was addressing the class, explaining the recent assignment and what he had expected of our answers. He was about to pass out our graded papers. I recall him as being familiar to me, older with dark hair and a nice smile.

The question had been simple: Why had we opted to take his class? In the dream, “class” felt like an experience that was much longer than a typical class would be – like “Life”. He said, “Many of you answered with, ‘To know how to have a successful relationship’, or ‘To know how to make the right choices’.” I remember thinking they were all good reasons.

He then passed out the graded papers. When he handed me mine I looked immediately at my answer. There, written in very clear print that was not familiar to me as my own, was:

To know how to give a good hug.

I thought to myself, “It’s very simple.”

The teacher said to me, “Very good answer. 95%.”

The other two students sitting next to me were told they both received a 65% for their answers.

With my graded test was my lunch (preparation for important event). I opened the plastic box the sandwich (a lot of pressure and stress is being put on me, need to do mutliple things at once) was in and took it out. I thought to myself, “I don’t want this.” lol

As I woke I repeated to myself, “To know how to give a good hug.” It was very simple.  Not the grade but the simplicity of it. A memory of my youngest wrapping his tiny arms around me came to mind and I smiled. I heard again, “It’s a good answer” from my guidance.

It is.

Note: Symbolically, to dream of giving a hug means a need to show one’s true feelings or a need to heal emotionally.


This dream had me thinking of hugs. The types of hugs. The reasons we hug. All of it. There are the warm hugs, those we give in appreciation, support and love. There are the hugs we resist, the hugs we don’t reciprocate, and the hugs we give only because they are expected. Then there are the hugs we give when we see someone again who we have missed. There are the hugs we give in sorrow….and joy. There are the hugs we give when we need acceptance, or when we want to let someone know we want to share with them how we feel ……. or to show them we feel what they do.

All hugs are an attempt to shorten the distance between us, to lessen the separation we feel in these bodies and in this physical experience. They are attempts to bring into this reality/experience a piece of Home. They are us trying to Remember Home, to Remember the love and connection we have to everyone and everything.

I realized that I need to give more hugs. I realized I need to stop resisting hugs when they are given. I do this more than I should. I realized that how one hugs and how often is a direct representation of how vulnerable they allow themselves to be around others.

So my answer was a really good answer, perhaps one of the best answers one could give.

It reminds me of the movie, City of Angels, the scene where the angel (Nicolas Cage) is helping a little girl who has just crossed over. He asks her what her favorite part of life was. She says, “Pajamas.” Simple, but a perfect answer. I always think when I see that part of the movie that my answer would be, “Pillows.” Why? hehe Because I like to hug them close when I sleep. 🙂

I had been asking questions before bed that I feel this dream answers. I was reminded that we come into life on Earth to experience separation and all that it entails. We purposefully Forget in order to re-Remember. We are challenging ourselves by Forgetting ourselves. Can we feel through the illusions of this reality to our Truth? Can we love despite the illusion of separation? Those connections we have where we feel the least Divine Love are there to challenge us to be our best selves. So perhaps my answer is that I need to feel through circumstance (all the noise of life) to find the Truth in it, that Truth being I love the people in my life, even though it may not be as obvious as I would like.

Exploration of Self

The full moon energy is here and right after the Equinox energy. This can pack a powerful punch. For me it has been subtle, mostly manifesting in continued tiredness coupled with difficulty falling asleep and sporadic dream recall.

The following is a dream I had a couple of nights ago that focused on my sense of self-worth and identity.

Dream: Boob Job

In this dream I was at a hospital (heal/improve mental or physical state) undergoing out-patient surgery to get a boob job (desire to be more sensual). I got one put in, my left one, and then after a short time got the other put in. The surgery (rebuilding self) was very fast but I don’t recall it, only that I was sedated but not put under anesthesia.

I remember waiting in the waiting room after my surgery was complete with a dark haired, young woman. Her hair was medium brown and straight, cascading past her shoulders. She was small chested and was getting a boob job to go from a 33 to a 35. I remember saying, “Up two sizes then?” I told her I wanted to stay the same size but wanted them to be youthful so the implants I got were for that. I remember choosing the implant with the young woman beside me. They came in all kinds of colors. I said, “I don’t see why color would matter. No one is going to see that.”

The waiting was to make sure I didn’t have a reaction to the procedure. I recall there being no pain. I looked in a mirror often, proud of my new “perky” boobs. They were much fuller and rounder. There were at least three instances where I stopped and looked at myself.

The young dark haired woman came out of her surgery and I could see an immediate difference. Her small frame emphasized her new breasts. I remember being a tad jealous.

At one point I needed to use the bathroom. I walked around feeling this cramping sensation in my bladder area. I asked for directions and was sent down the hall but the women’s restroom was closed. Actually, the door was sealed off and the sign removed (holding back my true emotion about something). The men’s restroom on the left was open and I thought of going in but opted to look for another restroom.

There was a sign indicating a restroom back near the lobby so I followed it to the restroom. There was a caution sign (feeling cautious) and a mop and bucket (work needing to be done) outside. I maneuvered around it and went inside. The stalls had doors that were sealed off. The whole room was bright white. I tried to squeeze through one of the doors but didn’t fit. Somehow I managed to get into the handicapped (humility) stall and sat on the toilet. When I pulled down my pants my underwear was soaked with blood (feeling emotionally drained). I knew the pain I had been feeling must have been my period but it was way early, at least five days too soon. When I tried to pee it was difficult but I finally did (cleansing, release of emotion). There was worry about the boob job being a bad idea, that it might be something I regretted causing infection or discomfort (regret of some decision).

Back in the lobby (trying to make something known) I spoke to the doctor (need for emotional/spiritual healing) and the young lady a while about what to expect after surgery. He asked me questions about how my boobs felt. I touched them and said I had a sensitivity under my armpit. He said it was normal. I was told not to sleep on my stomach but on my back and to avoid strenuous exercise. I recall really liking the doctor and reminding myself to write his name down so that I could go back to him if I ever needed a revision.

Exploration of Self

Lately, I have been feeling much more social than is my norm. I tend toward extroversion, which I have been told by countless astrologers is unusual because my chart indicates I should be extroverted. At times I can be very extroverted and when in my element. My guess is that my psychic sensitivity has led me to withhold my true self.

Anyway, last night, on a whim, I opted to go on a group social run in a nearby town. I have been a part of their online community for some time and always found an excuse not to attend their gatherings. Yet yesterday it just popped into my head and ultimately I could not talk myself out of it. I ended up having a good time and meeting lots of good people. I talked too much, though (ha!) while running and had to stop and walk for a time on an uphill portion of the route. When I looked back at my heart rate it had gotten to 190bpm! This is WAY too high for me and I am lucky I didn’t experience dizziness or pass out (how embarrassing would that have been?).

Ultimately, the experience was a good one and I plan on attending more runs and getting to know the group better.

I do find it interesting, though, that I had this urge to go on the social run. This is so unlike me. I was reminded of the message “Run!” that I got not long ago. My guess is that on a subconscious level this message is continuing to come through and “push” me towards a path. Maybe the path will help me open up and connect with more people?

Interestingly, the mother of my son’s friend asked me outright a couple of weekend ago if she could join me on a run sometime. Prior to going on this social run I thought of inviting her and even had a text written out to invite her but then deleted it. I decided it best that I go first on my own and invite her to the next one and give her more notice. I will likely text her this week sometime. The thing is, even thinking of inviting her and reaching out in such a way is NOT my style. LOL Yet the urge was to do just that and I felt good about it.

My best guess about this change in behavior is that I am moving toward development of my individuality – my separate self – that has been lacking in my life for over a decade. I have mentioned in past posts how I tend to exchange my individual wants/needs/preferences for that of my partner’s. As such, I lose my-self in the partnership in an attempt to mitigate any conflicts that might result. I’ve realized that this tendency comes from undervaluing myself and from a belief (conditioning) that the partnership (marriage) and my partner is more important than me. I recognized that rather than flourish and prosper, my marriages and relationships tend to fail because of this pattern of behavior. I become resentful of my partner and eventually rebel against them and my self-created situation.

What I am describing, of course, is co-dependency to a T, and is a situation that needs resolution. Ultimately, the best solution is for me to regain my individuality but this does not necessarily mean dissolving the partnership. A healthy relationship allows both individuals to be true to themselves without sacrificing for the other. The question is, can my husband accept the changes which will result? Even more importantly, can I?

I am reminded of the dead octopus I saw in a vision not long ago. It symbolizes the end of a codependent situation. 🙂

Similarly, I am reminded of the events of yesterday prior to the social run. My husband left for the airport and I kept having this feeling of finality come over me as we said our goodbyes. A verse from the Doors came to mind, “This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.” As you can guess this was a bit unsettling in the moment but I shrugged it off. Very seldom are these messages literal……

I will be attending another social gathering this Thursday. A “Diva” night for just the women of the running group. Two of the ladies I met on the social run kept encouraging me to attend it and I feel that it would be good for me. They also want me to come to some of the other gatherings that include “beer runs” and “coffee runs”. Not sure I will take part in the drinking of the beer (I was asked, “Do you like beer?”) but it could be a fun experience nonetheless.