OBE: Impressionable

It has been an eventful few days. It feels like some major shifts are underway, and not just energetically.

First, I’ve had some developments in terms of my spiritual services. For the first time in a while I did a session in my own home. I smudged the entire home first and then set up an area downstairs. The energy felt very good and balanced and the session went well. With my children gone at school all day I can return to offering my services in-person and so this was the first step in doing that.

Another interesting development was that yesterday I was offered a part-time personal training job at the YMCA. I applied back at the end of September and out of the blue they called, interviewed and offered me a job on the spot. I have yet to receive the paperwork I need to complete but feel like this is an opportunity to go in a new direction if I want.

Spiritually, yesterday I felt strong energy in my third-eye. It has been such a long time since I have experienced that, so it was nice! I have been feeling less and less anxious, too, which is wonderful and could indicate a successful clearing of a stubborn blockage.

Then last night I had an unexpected OBE followed by a dream where I was given a message.

OBE: Impressionable

I had a few exits from my body. When I exited the first time, I went out my bedroom door and was pull right back into my body. The second time I felt like I had blankets wrapped around my feet. I kicked them off and headed out into the hallway. I tried to look at my hands to solidify my energy, but couldn’t see them. My vision would not turn on. My energy felt odd, too – not heavy, not unstable, just different. I remained in this portion of the astral for a while but I don’t remember much now. I think I ran into my middle son, though. I also believe I made it outside because that is where I was when I went back to my body.

On my third exit I came out of my body feeling much more stable. I could see but it was dark in my bedroom. I moved through the hallway and down the stairs where I encountered my sons. They were very active, like flying in zigzags around me similar to how they act when they are playing. I invited them to come outside with me and they did.

Outside it was dark and unfamiliar. The streets were there but not in the right place. I recall walking down the street with my son when I saw a young man walking toward us. He had on a hooded sweatshirt and was no one I knew. I approached him and asked him who he was. I suspected he was not real but when he responded intelligently I remember correcting myself aloud saying, “Oh, you aren’t a ghost” or something similar.

Then a strange looking vehicle came to pick up the young man. It was triangle shaped and low to the ground. The top of the triangle was the roof and it was flat. I jumped on top of it and sat down, noticing the two doors hinged open, connected the the top. I said, “Wow! We must be in the future!” I don’t recall if the vehicle had wheels. I don’t think so.

Then my vision began to fade out and I felt like I was going to go back to my body. I didn’t want this so remember talking to myself about how to get more stable. I began to look up at the sky, which I couldn’t see, and tell myself how I controlled my experience. I said, “The sky is beautiful” and imagined a colorful sunrise/sunset with oranges and yellows, fluffy clouds, etc. To my surprise the picture manifested, chasing away the darkness. I floated face up there a while marveling at the sky.

To my surprise, my vision blacked out for a while and I felt myself making a shift. When my vision returned I was inside a room full of individual, divided desks like you would see at a testing center. Some of the desks had people sitting at them. I walked around the room, seemingly talking to myself about whether I had time to do what I needed to and decisions that needed to be made. I can’t recall now what it was, though. It felt like I was being asked to make an appointment. Maybe to take a test or be evaluated? Whatever it was, it felt like I was seeking counsel.

The room layout had the desks in a U-shaped format and as I walked back around to the start of it I encountered a woman sitting at a desk. Her location in the room made her seem like a proctor or at the very least a teacher. When I saw her my entire OBE solidified instantly. Her face became the focal point, crystal clear in my vision to the point that I do not even remember her having a body. When I saw her I studied her face a while and thought to myself, “I know her.” She was about my age, plain looking with her brown hair pulled back tightly around her face. Her face was oval with a prominent chin. She had brown eyes and thin lips.

She spoke to me. “You’re impressionable,” she said matter-of-factly. I was still staring at her marveling at how crystal clear she was and how real the experience was.

A female voice from behind me said, “You’re suppose to be here to help.” I glanced behind me and saw the voice came from a student dressed in plain clothing that looked like a uniform.

I responded to both of them with, “I’m definitely not very welcoming.” I smiled, laughing a bit but they did not laugh. Realizing this was “serious” I focused back on the woman.

She said to me, “You still have a little time left.” As she said this, she turned to a bulletin board as if showing me something, but I didn’t look at the board so I don’t know if it had any information on it pertaining to me.

I woke not long after the last message. I returned to my body slowly and recall not resisting it. A part of me wanted to wake up.


It was 4:30am. I couldn’t return to sleep after that. There was more to the words throughout this interaction. Most of it was unsaid; telepathic. I was going over and over the memory. I knew I needed to remember.

When I was told I was impressionable I felt like it had to do with life distracting me. Physical life changes my personality. I go from free-loving, free-flowing, open and positive to overly serious and easily bogged down by things that are not really important. However, upon further inspection, it could have been that she wanted me to know that I am open or receptive right now.

When I was reminded that I am here to help, I recall thinking I was suppose to be “welcoming” others to Earth. There was more a feeling of this than a thought. A visual comes to mind. I am standing, waiting at the threshold between the old and the new Earth. People come through this opening or gate and I welcome them. These people are just waking up. It feels like my job is to greet and direct them on to their destination. I knew I was not doing a good job of it, which is why I laughed saying I was not very welcoming.

I am then reminded that I chose to stay a bit longer. My previous dream comes to mind where I felt I was given an option to stay here and continue this life/work or go to a healing place and resume my work as a teacher. How much time “a little time” is, I don’t know.

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Dream: Godmother

Somehow I managed to fall asleep and entered into a semi-lucid dream at my grandparent’s old house. Inside it looked more like a doctor’s office, though. I was taken to a room, which had a patient chair draped in white, and directed to lay on it. I did as I was told. An older woman with gray hair entered the room. I called her by name but all I remember of the name is “Godmother”. The woman began to tell me things about another person, things I needed to know in order to help them. The person was male but she never gave a name. She told me that he was likely to fixate on something. All I remember of the details are images that resembled a calendar with weeks highlighted. It felt like he would be fixated on something for weeks. I remember feeling a bit out of it during this time, like I was in a trance or like I was not meant to remember the details so my memory was wiped or a block was placed.

The woman left and I realized she had never told me his name. I got up and followed her. When I saw her I tapped her on the back to get her attention. When she turned around she looked different, old and gray but different, but I knew it was still her. I said, “What is his name? You never told me his name?” She said, “How should I know?” I said, “How am I suppose to help him if I don’t know his name?” She never answered and I shifted into another dream.



Messages: You are Resilient. Invoke the Violet Flame.

The last few days the energy seems to have evened out somewhat. There was a shift a couple of days ago and ever since the theme for me has been healing, cleansing and purification.

Message: You Are Resilient

Yesterday morning I awoke at around 5am and then lingered in the in-between for quite some time.

I remember feeling vibrations deep within my core. They were very slight but noticeable and I felt them slowly moving upward chakra by chakra. When they got to my solar plexus I looked closer and saw what looked like a slug or leech. I remember surrounding it with Light and imagining it extinguished and it disappeared. Then the vibrations moved up and before I knew it they were in my head. Very subtle but there.

The whole time I was talking with someone, a guide I guess, and he was telling me how resilient I am. He said, “You are resilient. I love you for your resilience.” The day before, out of the blue, I felt this love and had a visual of my face being caressed and looking so peaceful and relaxed. A message came through that I was loved and everything would be alright. The sender of both messages felt to be the same.

Then there is memory of a young man with dark hair and a very energetic spirit. He approached me, called me Becca and told me his name was Jeremy. I remember recognizing his energy and becoming alarmed because I had not expected to run into this specific person again. I also wondered why he was so young and why he was calling me by another name.

The young man was showing me all the ways he loved me. I saw four pages as if from a book but they were spread out like the four directions, floating mid-air with writing on them. He told me, “How do I love you? Let me count the ways.” I remember feeling love for him, too, a romantic soul deep love.

What he was saying to me came from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise,
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints -I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! -and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Message: Invoke the Violet Flame

I had a dream that seemed to span the entire night. In the beginning of the dream I was waiting for a coworker – another teacher – to be ready to move forward with something we were going to do together. This coworker kept changing their mind and I remember feeling like they were holding me back. I think, also, that someone told me, “Don’t let them hold you back.”

There is an entire scene where I get tired of waiting and fly off the balcony over a busy highway, but only one side of the highway is busy (the side going right), the other is clear (the side going left). I know the cause of the traffic is an accident. I enter into a car where another person is waiting for me and we drive away in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Then I was being led through a very special school located “South”. The layout was unconventional with each classroom being separate from the others and courtyards connecting them all. The courtyards had gardens, pools, trees and wide open spaces. I remember talking to the principal who introduced me to many of the teachers. I went into classrooms to observe and recall discussing how special the place was. Everyone I spoke to seemed to want me to stay there, to work alongside them helping the children. I knew it was a healing place.

I lingered in one classroom and spoke to a teacher there for a while. Each student worked at their own pace and had so much more freedom than the conventional student. One of the students in particular was discussed – how she took longer on assignments than the other students but how it didn’t matter because they all worked at their own paces. All students were treated the same. It was made clear to me that I was wanted there, that I would be an asset. I was asked at least three times to come work there. I felt a call to stay. I felt needed but I also felt drawn to be there, like I belonged. And I wanted to help them – the students. Each of them was precious to me. I loved them all.

A teacher approached me, asking me if I would like to stay. I told her I couldn’t. In my mind I saw my family and obligations to them and knew I couldn’t stay there. The woman opened her arms and pulled me close to her. I felt she was like me and that she intended to heal me. She said, “Invoke the Violet Flame.” Instantly I could feel this energy wrap around me like a blanket. The feeling made me cry.

At one point it began to rain (purification) and I watched a student jump head first into a swimming pool. I reached in and pulled something out – like a heavy weight (burdens of life) – and she floated to the top, unharmed.

As I got closer to the end of the dream I was being led down a hallway by a woman. I remember wanting to stay but knowing I had to leave. The hallway led away from the school and was very long and bright gold in color. I could not see what was at the end.

As we walked we passed by a woman who was standing in front of a stroller with two babies – twins – in it. They appeared alive at first but then seemed to be doll-like and unreal. The woman was crying and very upset, wailing about how they had not come for them yet. She kept repeating, “Why have they not come for them yet?” When I spoke to her she said her twins had died in an accident and “they just left them here”. I turned around and hugged her close saying to her, “Don’t worry. You will have your chance to grieve.” My heart was overflowing with sympathy for this woman and her grief became my own. I burst into tears and woke up.


When I woke from the second dream it felt as if I had been given a choice – I could choose to stay in that healing place, teaching and helping the children there, or I could return to my life and my family and obligations on Earth. I am fairly certain that I was taken to the Other Side, to be shown my “work” when I am not on Earth. The draw to stay was strong but my duties here on Earth were stronger.

The healing from the woman was distinct as was her message about the Violet Flame. I intend to use it more frequently now.

The woman who was waiting for her twins to be taken and the grief she felt seemed to mirror my own grief. I told her not to worry, that she would get a chance to grieve. It makes me wonder if that message was meant for me.

In other dreams and OBEs I have been drawn to working with the children and babies. In one OBE, I was taken to a “hub” where people who had died were standing in line to be sent off to their next destination. I recall being distracted by a section that was full of children and babies and their caretakers. It had a playground and everything. I went over to one of the caretakers who was holding an infant in her arms and felt immense joy at the thought of working with the children.

Dream “Shake-Up”

I felt unsettled last night. I kept waking up and when I did sleep it was quite light.

Dream: Shake-Up

In this dream I was with a few other people inside a large building that housed an empty indoor pool. My memory is hazy but I was being asked to hurry and go with them back to school, but I turned around and told them I had to get something. I ran across the empty pool, from the deep to the shallow end, and went inside a room. The room looked to be a bedroom and I thought of it as the room of my sister. My intention was to go through her stash of snacks.

When I got to her dresser and opened the drawer I started grabbing snacks by the handful, specifically looking for chocolate. I recall seeing a bag of cigarettes. The boxes were completely white with no markings but I knew that was what they were. I left them alone, took a bunch of sugary snacks and left.

I recall the walk across the empty pool took longer than I expected. It was enormous! As I got to my friends waiting on the deep end they pointed behind me. When I turned and looked I saw two people coming out of the back door I had just come through. I knew to hurry up and get away from them. For some reason one of them, the man, felt like the principal and I felt like I had done something wrong.

When I reached the other side a female friend and I began to walk along a sidewalk. She spoke to me about all the classwork I had missed and would need to make up. I responded that I thought that I could make it up since I had been sick. She seemed to indicate that I was faking and I told her, “Well I am back now aren’t I?” I remember that I had come back to school after being gone for a very long time – months maybe. The assignment we were talking about came into my mind as a visual of popcorn. It was odd.

At one point the woman got upset with me. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to shake me while saying, “You need to stop prostituting yourself!” The shaking was vigorous but what she said is what got my attention the most. I woke up.

When I woke I felt weird. I was laying on my left side and so turned to lay on my back. It seemed to me like the shaking was a warning that my guidance cannot do anything to help me if I don’t help myself. My heart was skipping beats and I think I was feeling residual energy and vibrations at the same time. It was not a comfortable feeling so I got up to use the bathroom, got back in bed and tried to settle down.

Also, there was another shaking episode before this but I don’t remember anything except the sense of being shaken.

Dream: Hospital Treatment

I entered into another dream where I found myself inside a hospital waiting to see the doctor. There was memory of recently having gone through a procedure related to my heart. I remember hearing people discussing my case but can’t recall specifics. I felt somewhat out of it, like in a daze – how I suspect someone would feel who just got told they had a terminal illness. All I wanted to do was find a bed and go to sleep.

I lingered near a shelf full of pills and vitamins and picked up a large bottle. I remember thinking it was massive and was what the doctor had prescribed me. I also knew I would have to take them the rest of my life. The bottle ended up empty except for two pills – one was a multi-mineral pill (large and speckled) and the other looked like a B-complex (small and yellow). I actually spit them out into the bottle after it seemed like I had taken the entire bottle of pills at one time.

A woman called to speak to me about a future appointment on the 22nd. She was a counselor and had been away on vacation but was returning and reminding me of our Tues appointment at 3:15. She asked if I would be there and I told her I had a dentist appointment at 3:30.


The first dream is the one that sticks with me the most. Not only did I physically feel the woman shaking me but what she said bothers me. What does “prostituting” ones self mean in a dream context? Was she suggesting that I am giving away my power? Or was it literally about me using my body as a means to gain from my husband a false sense of security? Probably both. Typical of my guides to just say it like it is but to shake me, too. Damn!

The empty pool means feeling devoid of emotion or it might indicate that past mistakes will not be repeated. It can be also that the cleansing or healing “pool” has dried up. The sweets are me focusing on the good things in life or seeking them out. Cigarettes are sources of toxicity in my life. Thankfully, I choose to leave them. The popcorn represents good fortune or a windfall. My missing school and pretending to be sick, indicates I am avoiding something or that my symptoms have been self-created to avoid something – the windfall perhaps?

In the second dream I am being told some important news about the state of my “health” in this case most likely spiritual but it could also be physical. This could be a worry dream as well. The pills are problem solving and the struggle to resolve one or more issues. The appointment could be symbolic of the conflict I am experiencing – get counseling (work on myself) or go to dentist (handle problems first).

Crazy, Bi-Polar Energy

All I can say about the energy since August is WTF Universe? I had one day – ONE DAY – where I felt good and optimistic and now it seems like the energy is shifting up, down, up, down, and even sideways.

Yesterday, it felt like the energy was literally pushing me, like forceful, but toward what? I have no idea but it came with that feeling like the other shoe is about to drop. Yay – love that feeling…not. Then towards evening it all just calmed down and leveled out.

This morning after being shaken twice in the night and having the above dreams I felt slightly anxious, but it settled within a couple of hours after waking. The energy feels lower today, like it is heading into another build-up.

This is what I perceive about all this crazy bipolar energy that wants to PUSH. It reminds me of the energy in 2016, actually. It is saying, “Clean your shit UP!” And those of us (like me) who hate cleaning or have been in avoidance all this time or distracted by life are feeling the push the most.

I like to think I have my shit together when it comes to my life path/mission, but I don’t. My guidance likes to remind me to “follow the 8 Winds (of Buddhism)” and they recently nudged me again. I have been learning all about how to not seek out pleasure and I think I have learned that lesson pretty well since 2015 (pats self on back), but it occurred to me that I am failing at the other half, which is to NOT avoid pain and discomfort. It isn’t saying to jump head first into pain and discomfort, just to be open to experiencing it. I think I might be the Queen of avoidance of anything painful and uncomfortable. My guidance has their work cut out for them.

Probably why they are shaking me……

My First Metaphysical Fair Visit Since 2007

Yesterday I went to a metaphysical fair. I haven’t been to one in 12 years. This was a small one with only about 15-20 vendors total. The people who sponsor the fairs have had them in the area for over 2 years but I had never heard of them. Turns out they also have a school for metaphysics that offers classes and degrees.

Not long after arriving I got a headache and neck ache. I knew it was from someone’s energy in the room. At first I couldn’t find the source but then I turned around and recognized someone I had encountered about 13 years ago. Apparently her energy had not improved and so I put up protection and my headache went away.

I felt sad that one person could screw up the energy of an entire room like that. What was even sadder was that she was attracting people to her booth. I felt really bad for the people she was “helping”. I thought about going up to her and seeing if she recognized me but then decided to just keep my distance. There was no reason to interact with her.

The backstory about this woman is she came to the Austin area from California. She had plenty of money, so didn’t need a job and had a really nice house downtown. She would invite young, curious, seekers to her house and give “free” readings and “alignments” (energetic and physical). My friend at the time invited me to go to one of the gatherings. Everyone was asked to make a donation when they entered. The donation box was pretty full.

When I looked around the room, most of the people were young, college students with the exception of a few older people (like me). The vibes of the house had me on edge the entire time but when I sat through her readings and was given an alignment I lost it and called the woman out in front of everyone. She later took me aside to “talk” to me. She told me she recognized my “gifts” and understood that I thought she was a “threat” but that she wasn’t. She said some other things but it was all very condescending and her energy was making me sick to my stomach.

I went downstairs to wait for the readings to be over. A man sat down next to me and began to talk to me. He was also skipping the group readings and alignments. He told me he knew why I was upset and told me the woman was a fraud but that he came to help out. To me it seemed like he was there to clean up after her, to pick up the pieces of the messes she made out of people.

My friend ultimately got very mad at me because I embarrassed her. I told her I would not apologize for revealing a fraud and warned her about the woman. About two months later my friend contacted me and told me I had been right about the woman. My friend told me that she realized the woman was only there to get a “following”, to get attention and that her readings and alignments were not genuine.

So, yeah, sad that this woman continues to do what she was doing so long ago. 😦 Thankfully, everyone else in the room was pretty high vibe.

Aura Photo

I waited around the fair for a while to feel out the energy of the people at the booths and see who I was drawn to. Ultimately, I ended up visiting the aura photography booth and talking to the woman who was taking the photos. At first I just wanted to find out about them and so the woman and I talked for a while about the aura and other topics. Her husband shared the booth with her and was a psychic/medium giving 10 minutes readings and she focused on taking the photos.

I inadvertently saw the woman’s aura when we were talking but didn’t say anything. Eventually she showed me her aura photo and I saw the pink outline. I started to cry because I knew the pink meant she was surrounded in love and I could feel it. I told her I felt it and wiped my tears. She said her aura was normally another color than in the pictures and I told her what colors I saw. She told me that I was correct.

Ultimately I agreed to take a photo. There were three kinds – aura around the head, the chakras, and the aura and chakras. I was most interested in seeing what was going on with my chakras. I had an idea but wanted to see if the photo matched.

This is the resulting photo:


The big shocker here is that my aura showed up as orange! She told me the entire aura was orange except the very outside which was pink. She also said the left side (which is past) was darker than the right (which is upcoming, or future). The darker orange indicates high stress, the lighter indicates problem solving and creativity. So, not so bad I guess, but I am typically blue/purple and green.

The chakra alignment was similar to what I thought it would be, only I thought the second chakra would be blocked and the third open because of all the panic attacks I have had lately. However, my panic attacks have dropped off recently, so it is possible the third chakra closed compared to what it was. The throat chakra is slightly blocked but that fits with what I perceive.

My thoughts about the orange aura is that the second chakra is so wide open right now that it is overshadowing my normal aura color. Orange to me indicates issues with family, relationships, sex and desire. This is the chakra that has long been giving me issues and has been a literal pain in the uterus. lol I suppose it is a good thing, then, that it is really wide open when previously it has been so horribly blocked. I am making progress at least.


I left the booth and waited around a while to feel out what was needed next, if anything. I purchased a nice little bracelet for my daughter and then walked around some more. Eventually I took a seat and just waited, sensing my next step was healing but not knowing from who.

Ultimately, the healer came to me. We began to talk and share our individual experiences. When he found out I was a healer among other things I could feel that he was interested in finding out more. I discovered he was Kundalini active and just coming out of “hiding” (lol) and that this was the first metaphysical fair he had ever done. Interestingly, he had an accent. I guessed it was Australian but he said he was from the UK. It sounded closer to Australian to me, though, and I know the difference having visited both places. Whatever the case, he seemed extremely familiar to me. Pretty certain we know each other on a soul level. I also think I remember meeting him while OOB….

Eventually he asked me if he could give me a healing session. His healing technique was his own and there wasn’t really a name for it. Like me, he just followed where his guidance led when giving healing.

I agreed and he told me to stand in a certain direction and proceeded to do the healing. I want to say it took a good 20 minutes, too! At first I didn’t feel much but eventually, when he got to the root chakra and there was a block he mentioned how I wasn’t from “here” and I felt like I didn’t belong. Then he asked me to say three times, “The Earth is my home” or something similar. Before that I had been asked to state things three times and had no issues, but when asked to say this I couldn’t get the words to come out. The sensations that arose were many. My throat constricted, my heart began to pound like it does when I have an anxiety attack, I began to feel hot and cold sensations, my stomach started to feel uneasy and tons of grief began to surface. It took me a long time to finally get the words out and when I did he said the block cleared.

There were many small blocks here and there but none as big as that one and none that produced such a response. Most were connected to letting go of the past and being more flexible. Some were connected to fear and anger.

Afterwards we spoke for a bit and he asked me to give him a medical intuition scan. I did and then later he asked for distance healing, which I agreed to do.

Not sure how long we talked but it was a long time. It has been entirely too long since I have spoken to someone face-to-face about my experiences and felt understood to such a degree and vice versa. It was so nice!

Afterward, I went for a walk and sat down in the grass outside the convention center. It was nice outside and I think I just needed to get out of the room for a while. I left not long after.

Knee Pain

When I got home I did my workout as planned only I discovered that my left kneecap was sore. The soreness got really bad by the end of the night (yes I did my workout anyway which was probably not a good idea). It was so sore that I had to elevate and put ice on it. By the time I went to bed it was sore enough that I asked my guidance for healing. I suspected it would be gone or at least much better by the morning.

This morning the kneecap pain is gone 🙂 but now my entire left side is stiff. I suspect my sciatic nerve is flaring up based upon the location of the pain (hip mostly). What is interesting is there was a block in the knee that the healer worked on for a quite a while. There was also a block in my left hip. Both were masculine and trauma related. I also had a similar block on my right hip.

The pain is bearable and will likely lessen with a hot bath and a stretch. The stiffness goes all the way up my thigh to my neck. Yuck!






OBE: Flooding

It’s been cold here in Texas with temperatures dropping overnight, the high’s went from the 90’s to the 50’s. Typical for Texas Fall weather but always a shock when it happens.

Thankfully, the cooler weather makes perfect running weather. My husband and I took a nice, easy, 3.2 mile run together and I experienced no heart speed-ups or panic. I felt wonderful afterward. 🙂

In general I’ve been feeling much better than I was in August and September. I’m sleeping really well and my dream experiences have been mostly positive. I have had two Kundalini-type dreams, too. I have not written about them because they were nothing special, but wanted to mention it anyway because it seems related to the recent shift in energy.

Last night was a busy night dream-wise. I blame the full moon.

Dream: Spiked Fuel

I was at an unfamiliar house. My sister, her son and my mom were there. My sister was letting her son stay home from school. He was pretending to be sick and she was making a fuss over his “illness”.

At some point I was watching as my cousin, my sister’s husband, came to drive them home. I watched as he put whiskey or some similar alcohol into the tank of the car and then he drank some of the spike fuel. I remember knowing he was drinking excessively and practically drunk all the time. It worried me and I wondered if he would get sick, but he didn’t. They ended up driving away in the vehicle, leaving their son behind.

Lucid Dream: Addicts

I woke up briefly. Thoughts of the previous dream were going through my head. I was wondering if it was a message to be on alert for addictive behavior. My sister and her husband have both struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I entered into a dream where I was watching celebrities deal with their addict spouses. In one scene I watched Brad Pitt sitting in a limo, his wife on the opposite side of the car. He was listening to his wife tell him she was sorry and how she would fix it, etc. I was hovering nearby and whispered to him as he was about to speak to her, “Wait. Don’t let her manipulate you again.” He stopped and looked at her. She looked back and the silence between them was deafening. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her I understood. I wondered if she could feel me.

In another scene I watched as Madonna got off a van with another woman. She immediately took the woman’s hand and walked proudly beside her through a crowd of reporters. Again, I knew the issue was addiction and that Madonna was standing beside this woman, supporting her and showing the world through her actions.

OBE: Flooding

I became aware of laying in my bed on my back. I could feel how relaxed I was. I thought, “I want to go OOB.” Then I waited for the vibrations to come, which they did. Several times I had to remind myself, “Not yet” before the vibrations were just right for exit. Then I sat up out of my body.

My vision and perceptions were immediately available to me. I noticed the room was well lit and went directly to the door and out into the hallway. The lights were on downstairs and I could hear my family talking. I went to the stairs and jumped down. I could feel the sensation of falling, which was a surprise. When I landed I saw my youngest crawling around on the living room floor. He was still a baby and was wearing funny little glasses that looked to have a price tag on them. He saw me and crawled toward me. I remember thinking, “I must have gone to the past. Wow!”

I turned around to see my family whose voices I could still hear in the background. I saw my daughter and other son just as they appeared around 2014.

Rather than become distracted by the indoor scene, I walked past my son who was still crawling around happily on the floor, and went out the front door. Outside it was bright but the scene was very different than reality. My attention went to the ground which at first resembled a swamp. I remember saying, “It’s a swamp!” I slowly flew around looking down at it and then decided to look at my hands and said, “I need more clarity.” Then I said to my Higher Self, “Show me what I need to see.”

I continued to fly forward and look around. Where my front yard would normally be was high water flowing swiftly and separated by tufts of long grass. It looked like what happens when the water level rises and flood a normally dry area of land. As I looked in front of me I saw people in vehicles driving through the water. By this time the water was so high that all I could see were the tops of the cars, the water stopping just under the windows.

Unconcerned about what I was seeing, I began to fly further out, touching the water with my toes and noticing it was cold. Around this time I began to notice my physical body and could both hear and feel myself breathing. It was distracting and I tried to ignore it but the breathing sound was very loud and I could feel how uncomfortable my body was.

By this time I was in the water and turned around to float on my back. Looking up at the sky my vision started to go out. First in one eye, my right one, and then slowly in my left. My breathing was so loud by this time that it reminded me of Darth Vader in Star Wars. lol

I didn’t fight the loss of my vision and just floated in the water until I felt my astral body hit something. I was no longer in deep water and could stand up, but instead of getting up I ended up coming back into my body.

Music Message

When I woke up my nose was clogged and my body was very uncomfortable. No wonder it woke me up!

I was thinking of my sister and her family again. A song was going through my head that I know is a message about them. I was hearing, “Well you look like yourself but your somebody else, only it ain’t on the surface.”:

I couldn’t help but think about one of my OBE’s from long ago. It was one of the only times I met my deceased father while OOB. The entire OBE my father was talking to me about my sister, warning me of “difficult times” that she would go through. It was the oddest thing because I was so excited to see him, hug him, be with him, that I didn’t think anything of him talking about my sister the entire time until I woke up. Sure enough, she has been on a very difficult path ever since.

And here, yet again, it seems that I am being warned of something to come. First the dream of “spiked fuel” and my sister and her husband leaving their son behind. Then the dream of two addicts, one indicating that support is needed. And finally the OBE of a flood which is all about emotions and highly emotional situations.

After recalling that OBE with my father, I wondered to myself, “What was I suppose to do when I had no idea what “difficult times” meant?” It’s not like I was shown what exactly would happen. I couldn’t warn my sister by telling her what to look out for. And so, if this dream and OBE sequence is similar, I don’t know what I am suppose to do with the information. Anyway, it seems like all my sister experiences since that time are “difficult situations”. I guess all I can do is be there to support her when she needs it.

Message: Clearing Fear and Pain

What an amazing day it has been! Wow! I woke up feeling so amazing!

Dream: Caught in the Seat Belt

I was driving on a two lane highway when I spotted someone I knew parked on the side of the road. I pulled over to see if he needed help. I called him by name but don’t recall exactly who he was only that he was a father figure (masculine aspect) to me. He was older, maybe 60s, graying hair and thin. He seemed to be caught in his seat belt (security, safety).

I went over the help and he was embarrassed because the seat belt was across his groin and his privates were exposed. I went to try and untangle it and saw his privates but they looked odd, like intestines or something similar. His testicles were both caught and I spent a while pulling on them. They unrolled and dangled very long again looking like intestines more than testicles.

I said should I called 911 several times and eventually I just called. A man answered. He sounded very hill billy. There was sound in the background like a party or gathering going on. I told him where we were “Highway 51 on the way to Jarrell”. He asked for more information but then I saw my mom pull up in a car. She had a knife and immediately cut the old man loose. He was free and relieved. I asked the old man if he still wanted them to come check him out. After no response I told 911 not to come.

In-Between Meeting and Message

I ended up in a large auditorium classroom. A man was on the stage and I was the only other person there with him. I stood below him and looked up at him on the stage. I had come for advice and he felt like a teacher – perhaps a guide? He was explaining how the rest of the world had been working on the top portion of the energy field and gave me the rundown on how this was playing out. Basically he said work was being done to reestablish the connection to the spiritual/Universe/God by clearing those blockages that kept one from their intuition, guidance and higher self. Those who accomplished this might feel they are finished because they often get to experience that connection first hand and it is life changing. Some may feel stuck or seeming to make no progress while others will be just beginning this process, newly awakened and in “awe”.

However, the work is not done after the connection is reestablished. He told me I had moved on to the next part of the task which is clearing the lower portion of the field. I saw an energy field as two circles intersecting with a human figure in the middle – a vesica piscis. He explained that the bottom area where the circles intersected was the area to be cleared. He told me this area contained “fear and pain” and gave me the type of symptoms that would be experienced with this clearing. The examples I got were in visuals. For example, I saw thoughts exploding out from a person in the form of words and images and falling to the floor as the person desperately tried to scoop them up. I was shown how the darkness contained just as much beauty as the Light and this I understood as truth. My understanding was that the symptoms involved much confusion, panic, anxiety, fear, and an overall sense of impending doom or losing one’s mind. I told him I understood and with relief we discussed how I had gotten through the toughest part which took around six weeks (since mid-August). Relieved I asked him what was next. He told me something else was coming, like another opportunity or option. He said, “it is up to you what you decide”. It did not feel bad, just seemed like a heads up that I would get a choice soon and it didn’t matter what I decided really just that I could decide and had a choice. At the time I did not see it as a bad or good thing, just something I needed to be aware of.

I was shown how the human aura (still looking like a purple vesica piscis only in 3D) formed a tunnel that flowed in both directions – up and down simultaneously. The flow can’t just go up, it also has to go down, constantly cycling, Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth. The lower portion is undergoing a massive clearing. The advice was similar to other dreams where I was told “look forward” and put on “blinders”. Focusing ahead and not behind or to the side. The fear will breed more fear, pain more pain. I understand this advice as I relate it to being afraid of the dark. How when I was a child in the dark I would stare straight ahead, walking toward the light, doing my best to ignore the dark shadows that lurked to the side and behind me.

I recall shifting back into my body a couple of times during this visit. My body was vibrating very high to where it felt as if I were being shaken. I slipped easily back into the in-between each time.

When the visit was over, I entered a lucid dream where I was outside on a sidewalk. It was bright and sunny outside with greenery and the smell of Spring. I remember thinking of the crazy feeling and the paranoia I experienced not long ago and how I worried about so many things I should not, like what people think of me. I got down on the sidewalk and rested face down, arms and legs splayed, thinking, “I don’t care what people think.” Laying there on the warm concrete felt good. Grounding.

I sat up and felt relief. Looking around at the place, which appeared to be the outside a building with paved, dark asphalt roads, shrubbery, and parking lot, I saw someone I recognized in the distance. She was looking toward the parking lot as if talking to someone. I called out her name, “Angela!” She turned and looked at me. I said, “Hey! I’ve been thinking about you!” My old friend came over to me, still looking a bit dazed and deep in thought, and asked me how I’d been. I told her that I had just been through a real tough time but was finally on the other side of it. She nodded her understanding and seemed to relate, tears slowly coming out of her eyes. Then a woman appeared out of the blue and said to Angela, “See, I told you she didn’t forget you.” Angela began to cry in relief and I said, “Of course I didn’t forget about you!”


I came back to my body and lingered in the in-between for a while, thinking about the discussion I had with the “professor” and the strange encounter with my old friend. I truly believe that I stumbled upon her while she was dreaming. Perhaps she called to me or maybe our energies just synced. Whatever the case, I emailed her and told her about the dream. I hope she is well.

While lingering in bed I heard, “Gila National Forest” and “healing”. I came out of my reverie suddenly and wondered about it. Where was it? Arizona? Oh yeah, New Mexico. My husband is from that area and I told him about it and the “healing” message. He and I will be planning a trip there in November. I want to go visit the cave dwellings among other things.

The entire day I have been feeling blessed, happy, and optimistic. The song, Stay was going through my mind most of the morning – “All you have to do is stay a minute, just take your time. The clock is ticking, so stay”.

Put Your Blinders On

I felt the energy shift yesterday. It was subtle, and may have only been in my universe, and that’s okay with me.

When driving home from running some errands yesterday afternoon, I was waiting at a stop light when a huge semi truck crossed through the intersection and slowly turned right. Along the side of it in big letters was the word, “FORWARD”. I knew instantly there was a message in it and remembered my guidance telling me in a dream not long ago that I needed to look forward and stop lingering in the past. The truck was entirely too slow so the message was unavoidable.

Later in the day, during a conversation with my husband, I realized that I keep way too much inside. I have no close friends or family to vent to. I chose long ago to stop venting to my mother about my relationship and life because 1. it made my issues her issues, 2. she is my mother and so would immediately try to help and therefore become judgmental and critical, and 3. it invites her into my marriage, where she doesn’t belong. I don’t vent online really either. Sometimes I write in my private journal but writing is not the same as talking to someone. There is relief in verbal expression that one just can’t get through written words.

What ends up happening is that I vent onto my husband. Suddenly, everything I have not gotten to express comes gushing out and he takes it all as me blaming and making him wrong – which it really isn’t. He becomes defensive, then I become defensive and then our conversation breaks down.

The obvious solution would seem to be that I need to find someone, a friend, to talk with. The thing is that I probably wouldn’t share my marriage issues with even a friend for the same reasons I don’t share them with my mother. Sharing = inviting them into the problem so that they become a part of the problem. Now, if I had a friend who could just listen and offer support without judgment, hug me and share in turn, and who I could trust, then yeah I would vent away. Problem is those kinds of friend are few and far between and being I don’t have any friends to begin with these days it seems unlikely that will ever happen.

Communicating openly with my husband then is the only way to resolve this issue. I can’t hold it in but then he needs to not get defensive and judgmental. Last night, at least, we seemed to move in the right direction. Forward.

All the references to my throat chakra make a whole lot more sense to me now.

Prior to bed I was feeling optimistic. The conversation I had with my husband lingered in my thoughts. He had said something about noticing how much I had changed for the better. It made me smile and get a little emotional.

Dream: Putting Blinders On

I had a very in-depth dream about getting married to my husband. The setting was at my grandparents house in the country. I remember having an argument with my husband and him deciding to call off the wedding. When he did this I thought, “Oh well. If that’s what you want.” Then, he changed his mind and it was back on and I was surprised but accepted it.

In between this I was looking out the window and saw a group of white deer grazing. I got out my phone to take a video but it took entirely too long to get to the camera and then I accidentally took a picture. When I finally got to take video I saw the deer become spooked and run. They ran alongside the house. With them was a large, white horse.

The horse was very spooked and being it was so large it could potentially hurt someone. I remember someone saying, “Put blinders on him”. Eventually he settled down because he could only see what was in front of him.

Other Dreams and Considerations

I had another dream that followed this one where I was contemplating what it was like to be single versus what it is like to be married. I watched young people in an office setting flirting and dating. I felt to be older and wiser and better off being married. My husband and I sneaked into an office to watch a movie. We were laying down, his head on my chest, discussing how he had not seen the end scene before. I had no shirt or bra on and felt very relaxed and happy.

I recall a short dream where I was looking through my purse and found wads and wads of money. I began to count it and separate the bills by type. There were way more $1 bills than anything but it was a large sum of money. I was trying to keep an older man from seeing it, worried he might want to rob me, but he didn’t seem to care. I then left and went to the doctor to have some skin tags removed which had suddenly sprouted all over my body.

Then there was after that where I was in a chicken coup with a man. The two roosters had dug out a pit that was so deep it was holding water. Some hens jumped into the pit and began to swim. One went under the coup and I was worried the pit had been dug so deep that it allowed the chickens to escape. I said, “Uh oh! What if the hole goes under the foundation? What if they are trying to get out?” The man with me reassured me that they could not escape. I watched as a white chicken swam around in the muddy water thinking it odd.

Finally, as I was lingering in bed this morning, I saw the white horse from the first dream. I saw only it’s head and noticed it had blinders on.

I feel fairly positive this morning. My dreams give me hope, especially the ones about my husband. I have marriage dreams quite often but not many with my husband. To have him in my dreams is a shift in itself, which I feel is good. The feelings I felt were good. The deer symbolize domestication. The horse symbolizes freedom or a free spirit. White is purity. All are positive symbols. The blinders indicate there is a need to focus forward in order to calm the wild spirit of the horse. This goes very well with the “Forward” message I received.

The money in the short dream is about my perception of my ability to reach my goals. The more money, the more confidence. I also feel concern that it will be stolen, so there is fear of lack or of others taking from me what I have worked hard for. I then visit the doctor, which represents healing, to remove skin tags, which represent unwanted feelings or concerns.

The chicken dream is about courage. I often have dreams of chickens in various situations. In this instance they are confined but I worry they will escape. The pit is likely my subconscious or something out of my control. The muddy water is muddled emotion. I fear they will dig under the foundation and escape but am reassured they will not.


Lucid Dream: Are You My Friend?

Went to bed feeling a bit unsettled. My chest was feeling odd and I had thoughts before bed that felt intrusive, as if I was being spoken to by a spirit with evil intent. The thoughts were the kind that induce the anxiety and then I start to feel like my heart is beating wrong or my chest hurts, etc. I believe it said things like, “You will die” but I can’t remember now exactly what it said, just that it was not good and sparked the anxiety response.

Lucid Dream: Are You My Friend?

I had lots of strange dreams but the one I recall now caused tears.

In the dream I was following this blonde woman around a suburban neighborhood. It felt a bit like The Walking Dead the way we were trying not to be seen or heard. We would go past a house and I would know that someone might be looking out the window and if they saw us would come out and attack (distrust in others). I recall telling the woman that I knew the man in one house was not good as I had seen him and his wife before and they were not right in the head.

Then we were in a house with others sitting in chairs as if in a group meeting. The woman was not paying me any attention but I wanted it very badly from her. I can’t remember what was said now but it led to the next part.

A vision appeared in front of me as if through a window. I could see people sitting in bleachers (spectators, not actively participating) all facing the same direction as if watching a game. My consciousness went through the window and into the scene. I was very lucid and had the thought, “I wonder if any of them were really my friends?” I was remembering when I spent time in TN with the walk-in group as well as the time I went to Mt. Shasta. The feeling of belonging was wonderful. I had felt to be truly part of something bigger. I felt seen and understood more than I had before and there was hope that I would not have to go through this life feeling so different from everyone anymore. Yet all of it vanished and is now gone as if it never was. So I wondered, was any of it ever real? Were any of them ever truly my friends?

Now in the scene with the people sitting in the bleachers I approached each of them, looking closely at them and seeming to recognize them, only they were not anyone I recall from this lifetime. I remember asking them one by one, “Are you my friend?” Most seemed not to hear me and I began to get upset and cry.

Eventually, though, they began to acknowledge me. One woman who looked Native American turned to me and said, “Yes.” Then another person and another. Each responded with compassion and emotion. With each response I began to feel relief and the relief turned to tears. Yet at the same time there was this sadness and a feeling that beyond the dream scene I could not trust any human to be true to their word. That all of them would betray my trust in some way. This caused me to feel even more alone.

Protect Yourself

My tears woke me up and I felt more certain than ever that some negative entity was intruding into my thoughts, brought back by the fear/panic/anxiety that has recently become such a nuisance. Each time I thought to consult with my guidance I would withdraw because the chance that what I received back could be influence by a negative entity was likely. With my mind quiet I feel even more alone, though. Yet I know that, like years ago, my internal dialogue right now needs to be strictly controlled.

Dreams and other incidences in my life suggest that I need to protect myself right now. Some examples are: 1. A friend recently told me I should protect myself, 2. Yesterday I came across an article about a man struggling with a “demon” that constantly sent him negative thoughts, and 3. Various dreams and messages to protect myself. I believe the silencing of my internal dialogue is part of protecting myself as is the awareness of what is getting through and its origins – like last night, when the negative statements created an instant panic response. This needs to be addressed. But how? I know that this entity feeds off my fear and insecurities. If “entity” is even the right word.

It may just be that this entity or whatever it is just comes about when my fear levels rise high enough or it could be that all along it has been there hiding, disguising itself as one of my guides and creating the upset. I know that early on in my journey (2004ish) I chose to stop talking to my “guides” because it became clear to me that they were not helpful. I stopped the internal dialogue and went into a Dark Night coming out the other side to a marriage and family but years of silence from my guidance until my OBEs returned as did my guidance. But the guidance was different (felt not heard) and I did not return to the constant internal conversation with them that I had before. It could be that I fell back into that routine out of a need for company and reassurance and the previous negative voice was unintentionally invited back.

In the past, silencing my internal dialogue worked. Perhaps it will again? I have been doing it so far fairly successfully but the fear brings it on and it is hard not to hear the negative thoughts. I have to consciously replace them with, “I am alright. I will be okay” along with thoughts about what is right and good about my life.

Then there is the feeling that I can’t really trust another human. It is a belief, really. I like to think that humans are innately good but my experience tells me another story. Perhaps it is just that humans will do what is in their best interest; they are selfish and preoccupied with the “I”. Men will say pretty much anything to get what they want. “I will never leave you” is a statement to be wary of. In fact, any statement that uses the words, “never” and “always” are flags to be wary of. Women will pretend to like you as long as you pretend to like them but won’t hesitate to say bad things about you to others rather than tell you personally what issues they have with you (passive-aggressive). Expectation and judgment is everywhere and creates constant conflict. It clings to humans like clothing.

I am left wondering if any of my experiences in this lifetime were what they seemed to be. The walk-in group and the people I met so disappeared practically over night. The period of time where I practiced mediumship and had hopes of making it my career – vanished as if it never was. The heart connection that blew me away, disappeared as if just a dream. All the crazy but amazing “ET” encounters and Kundalini lessons have stopped as if they were just my imagination.

The only thing that has remained consistent is my family and mundane life experience. Husband, children, mother, brother, sisters, extended family – all the same with the same issues.

Then there is me feeling such loss when it comes to the spiritual and spiritual connections I have made. It makes me wonder if the “path” is even a path at all? Perhaps I have been tricked all along?

Ultimately, all I can do is go with how I feel on what to do and that means silence my internal dialogue the best I can and focus on the physical for a while.

2 OBES and Messages

Quick update on my CBD oil experience. I decided to try one last time to see if I could cut out the uncomfortable side-effects I was experiencing – low blood pressure, exhaustion, dry mouth (and eyes), stomach issues, diarrhea. I opted to just take six drops of CBD oil before bed. I had no side-effects and still experienced a slight calm but nothing significant. I had no side-effects at all. The next day I took four drops in the morning and then six at night. Again, no side-effects and a slight sense of calm. I slept soundly but it took me a while to fall asleep. Last night, I upped the dose to 10 drops and felt a more significant calm and experienced the energy around my third-eye and crown along with a subtle heaviness. However, it did not help me fall asleep. It took me until midnight to fall asleep but once I fell asleep I did not wake up again until 6am. Still no uncomfortable side-effects as of yet.

So it looks like I was just taking way too much of a high concentration. 🙂 I can’t say it is helping with my anxiety too much, though, because I had a small panic attack toward the end of my workout yesterday. It was just slightly higher heart rate and a little bit of worry lasting only about 5-10 minutes. Very mild.

Dream: Washing My Hair

I woke in the dream, got out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash my hair (beginning anew). I remember being a bit confused but knowing I needed to get ready for family photos. I stood by the sink and began to put shampoo into my hair when I realized I was naked except for my socks (protection). I was going to get into the shower but decided to put some conditioning oil into my hair instead.

Then I was driving along a dark, two-lane road, hair still full of shampoo. I could feel my hair piled on top of my head, heavy with shampoo. I wondered, “Why am I driving? Where am I going?” I had no idea where I was. It was dark and there were no other cars on the road. Then I couldn’t remember what day it was. I just could not remember. It brought on lucidity all at once but before I could take control of the dream I remembered it was Saturday and I woke up.

OBE: Toothless Man

I turned to the clock: 6am. I tried to sleep but it took a while.

The next thing I remember is hearing people talking to each other as if I was listening to a radio show. A man and a woman were talking and I could hear them clear as day. I have no idea now what they were talking about but at the time it was easy to understand them.

I knew that hearing them meant I could exit my body. I remember thinking, “I don’t want to just lay here listening to these people.” For some reason I returned to my early days of OOB travel and began to rock back and forth until I came out of my body. When I was out I was completely wrapped up in my blanket (protection) and could not get it off of me. This shifted me back into my body.

Back in my body I began to rock back and forth again. It took very little effort to get OOB. This time I was standing next to my bed. The blanket was just on my foot and came off easily. I remember reminding myself that the blanket was not real, which is why it released so easily.

I went to the door and out into the open room beyond. The space was brightly lit and there was weight lifting racks where there shouldn’t be. There were four people there, three I seemed to know and another I didn’t recognize. He was tall with dark brown hair that sorta curled around his ears and neck. I went up to him and said, “Hey, who are you? Why are you here?” He smiled a toothless grin. He was missing his two front teeth (insecurity). Though he seemed a bit creepy he didn’t scare me.

He said something to me like, “Don’t you know?” but I can’t remember what all he said now. Whatever he said put me at ease and for some strange reason I lifted my shirt and said something I can’t remember now. I felt a bit like a child showing off. He laughed and for some reason he seemed gigantic to me, towering over me as if he were 7 feet tall. I said, “Why am I so small?”

Suddenly, my perspective shifted and with that I decided to leave. I went through an opening in the stair rail (which even a small child would not fit through) and flew down the stairs. At the bottom I saw my middle son and his cousin but they looked almost like twins. I said, “Hey let’s go outside.”

We flew through the front door and outside. My son ran off quite quickly and I followed him trying to keep up. I turned and called to his cousin who was standing at the front door crying. I called to my son to wait but he kept going.

Outside it was day but then quickly began to get dark. I believe this was the result of my being unable to keep my vibration up high enough. I stopped in the middle of the road and began to fly up towards the sky. My vision came in and out as I floated. The feeling of floating was wonderful and I fell into it, enjoying it and hoping to be pulled up and into another scene, which often happens. Instead, it felt like I bumped into something.

This is when I began to slowly trickle back into my sleeping body. It was so slow that it felt very odd when I finally returned, kinda like I was being shaken from the inside very rigorously. At first I thought it must be my heart was beating irregularly but when I checked my pulse it was slow and steady.

OBE: Laura 

I had a very short OBE the night before but did not have time to write about it.

Before the OBE I was in a dream house sitting at a desk with a computer (communication). This was my work station and my boss sat at a desk behind me. I remember my computer kept needing to be charged (healing, needing energy). Then the teacher left at 9pm. I got up to get a snack out of tiny fridge but there were only grapes (abundance, success) and apple (security) juice inside. There were sandwiches (wholeness) behind the left door but it was stuck.

My husband and kids came inside with sodas. My husband shakes a soda as a joke and then spews it into the trashcan. They all laugh. I am concerned about the mess.

I then stare through the window at a beautiful scene of wildflowers and butterflies. I end up being pulled through the window into the flowers scene. I stand gazing in awe at how beautiful the field of flowers is and think, “Wow! This is our yard?”. Then I walk around to the right by a huge oak and the scene shifts. Everything looks gray and dying. The tree has no leaves. I turn back and the scene is beautiful again. I note the perspective shift and recognize the message, “It is all about perspective.”

I opt to stay below the huge oak looking for butterflies. I see one flying toward me and get out my camera to take picture. It flies into my face and I see it doesn’t look like any butterfly I’ve ever seen. It has red, bat shaped wings and a red, ant-like body. It is quite ugly and somewhat sinister.

I go inside and sit on the sofa to review the footage I got of the strange butterfly. The same butterfly follows me and flies into my face again. This time it shifts me OOB and I find myself floating in a different scene. I see a young woman floating nearby and she says, “Come on!” I feel her excitement and know that she is inviting me to explore with her. I smile and immediately fly toward her. When I get to her I hug her and call her name, “Laura!!” She grabs my hand to pull me with her. I go but wonder what she just said and ask her to repeat it. She laughs and says, “Come on!”

My questioning who this woman is causes me to shift back into my body. I feel the shift but allow the dream to continue. I watch the video footage of the butterfly and see how I caught the moment I went OOB. I can see my shift through a portal. It looks like arches of reddish hued moving energy. I am fascinated.

Then someone places a book in my lap and tells me that I need to select a symbol as my protector. I understand somehow that it is necessary but don’t know why. It feels like a game and I happily sift through the book to look for a symbol for myself. I see all kinds of brightly colored images of Beings, some mythical, some of Knights, some of Beings I have no name for. The Beings shift forward and then backward and flip upside down and I hear, “You need to know your symbol in and out, forward and backwards.” I think, “Okay….” Then the symbols shift to black and white simple images like diamonds, shamrocks, hearts, etc. I remember closing the book and thinking, “My symbol isn’t here.”

The book vanished and in front of me is a picture of a family. They are dark skinned and all look identical. I remember knowing it was a message, too, that we are “all the same”. I thoroughly digested this tidbit of information with the eagerness of a child devouring cotton candy. I could literally taste the Knowledge.

I woke up knowing the dream was important so I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I did not have time to enjoy the feeling of Knowledge that I was having. It made me very happy, though.


This last dream and OBE felt like a warning of sorts but not of something horrible of dire. Mostly it was reminding me that the perspective I take is only one and I can shift it any time. I seem to be drawn to the darker side in the dream, which isn’t a bad thing, it just IS. In this lifetime I have often found myself fascinated by the shadow side, curious to the point that I seem to want to experience it more than the Light. I do want to experience the Light as well, but the shift from one to the other is like riding a roller coaster of extremes.

The strange butterfly would then be the “dark” version of a butterfly. There is a fascination with it and for some odd reason I am reminded of the movie Legend and the “devil” with his red body, horns and hooves.

The latter part of the dream seems to indicate that it is okay to want to dive into the shadows but that I need protection to do so. I search for my symbol but it is not there. This could be that I have yet to decide on one. Then I am shown that we are all One and it feels amazing, so much so I cannot describe it except to say it has a taste like cotton candy – sweet.

The OBE thrown in there was odd. I think it was one of my FB friends but can’t be certain. It was such a short encounter but a memorable one.

Dreams: Fear Revealed & You’re Not Ready

Woke up this morning feeling really good and balanced, mind clear with no sluggishness or, my term for it, “sloth-in-slow-motion”.

To feel this way I had to stop taking the CBD oil I purchased. 😦 Seems the stuff is just too much for my system. Even taking smaller and smaller doses left me feeling drugged in the mornings. I determined that my blood pressure was dropping quite a bit. I don’t own a blood pressure cuff, so I am just guessing based it upon how I was feeling.

The main problem was the stomach upset and diarrhea which got progressively worse with each dose despite the doses being less and less. I did some research and discovered the stomach upset could be either 1. too high a dose or 2. the carrier oil used. In this case, I have to go with #2 since the carrier oil for this CBD oil is MCT which is known for causing exactly the kind of stomach problems I’ve been having. My issues got so bad it was like I had the stomach flu. I ended up having to take something to stop the visits to the bathroom but then my stomach still rumbled and hurt. To stop the MCT reaction it is advised to lower the dose but at the lowest dose I was taking 1/4 of a teaspoon and STILL having major diarrhea! The only choice I have is to stop taking the CBD oil and hopefully see if I can return or exchange the CBD oil I bought for one without MCT.

I am really disappointed in my reaction to the CBD oil. Even without the MCT oil as a carrier I fear the CBD oil itself is too much for my system. The low blood pressure is killer. If you haven’t ever had low blood pressure, let me tell you, it is worse than being anemic. My hope was that it would help with my anxiety but the side-effects ended up making me anxious!

It could be that taking the CBD oil during the day with food could help with the side-effects. I might give it a try and see.

It seems to me, though, that my body is becoming more and more sensitive to my environment. If someone is being negative or excessively talking I feel nauseous, flighty, anxious or worse. I feel it in my body, in my bones, and it sucks. Just a couple of days ago my son was crying and wailing over something my husband told him to do and it kept on and on. Even with me in the other room I was feeling icky from it. 😦 Another example is my sudden sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol. So, yeah, it has crossed my mind more than once that my body is showing me the things in my life that need adjustment.

Dream: Fear Revealed 

I had a dream last night that brought me to tears. 😦

The dream seemed like a simulation. I was in a space made of many rooms. The color of the walls was golden and bright. There was nothing inside but me and I walked around as if in a maze from room to room. The part that is most memorable is that as I walked the people in my life suddenly began to disappear as if taken away. First my kids and then my husband. I was left standing alone.

There seemed to be a screen in front of me and someone talking to me, asking me questions as if testing me to see how I would respond. I remember responding that I did not want all of to be taken away. I did not want to be alone. I didn’t like the feeling. It was this desolation and this not-knowing what to do next and with it came panic. I felt stranded with no place to go. This is when I burst into tears because I realized that I was clinging to my family and my husband and that my clinging to them was out of fear of losing everything and being alone. When that sense of security was stripped away, I became terrified and woke up crying.

Dream: You’re Not Ready

In this dream I was with a group of people in a brightly lit and colorful room. I was in the outskirts of the group sitting by myself when a man called out to me and said, “It’s your turn.” I said, “Oh. Okay” and went over to him.

Somehow I knew that “my turn” meant it was my turn to sleep with this man. I also knew everyone in the group had done this. It was like some kind of rite of passage. I went up to him and we kissed and went through the motions that lead to sex but I was just going through the motions of it, not really into it at all.

The man backed away and said, “You’re not ready.” I looked at him and nodded, understanding. The man reminded me of someone I use to work with but I knew it wasn’t him. He had brown hair and eyes and had a “man bod”. Yet the personality and energy of this man was nothing like my ex-coworker. This man felt like a leader or teacher, very wise.