The Pleiadian Conglomerate

I returned from a two-day family trip yesterday afternoon completely exhausted. As I suspected would happen, I was unable to sleep well in the hotel room. I am very sensitive to others’ energies when I sleep but I also experienced intense, high pitched ear ringing, a pounding heart and hot flashes that kept me awake most of the night.

So it was no surprise that I completely crashed last night. I slept so hard that when I woke at 5am I was still in the exact same position I had fallen asleep in! I hadn’t moved at all in the night. This is very out of character for me!

What is even stranger is that when I woke up I felt different – like not myself. I knew things, felt things, had a different sense of myself than I had prior to bed.

And I was not alone.

The Pleiadian Conglomerate 

The first thing I Remembered was a visiual of Earth from outer space. There was amassed just above Earth a group of spacecraft numbering 20. What is odd about the spacecraft is that though there were 20 separate craft they appeared as if blurred together, almost cloud-like except that I could see distinctly the edges of separate, silver discs amidst the conglomerate.

I knew these were the Pleiadians – the group from which I am seeded. I also knew there were other E.T. species with them – Andromedans most predominantly.

As I absorbed all this, there came from my left a representative of this conglomerate. I did not see him, but I recognized his energy. He brought with him a trigger of my memories. Like his presence triggered something in me. I knew this as well – I Remembered this.

I did not ask his name but instead just allowed myself to Receive. The group, which is also my group, that he came with he refers to as “The Many” and I understand to be composed of many races of E.T. lifeforms and multi-dimensional beings.

I want to also point out that the representative came to me from my left (his right) which is the area reserved for Spirit when I do mediumship readings. My Companion traditionally stays to my right and will move farther from me when communication via Spirit is initiated.

This representative has a very large energy and speaks for the others with him. He explained that he wanted me to transmit messages and reminded me of my agreement to be open to being a medium again. I have been visited by him before. In fact, he has visited several times since I agreed to be open to mediumship, I just didn’t know how to write about it until now as his energy is so big and what he says is so profound that I have been promptly pretending he never visited.

I heard from him the name ” I am the Lord and Commander Sananda”. I rejected this, of course, since this name is so frequently used by channels and I do not want such bias involved in my interactions with this entity.


#1 – “Your energy is anchored”.

#2 – “We are at war”. It was explained to me that there has been a “war” on-going pertaining to Earth. It is not a war in the traditional sense – there is no blood and death as those engage in this war are not limited to the physical. I was told the war has to do with humanity. I Remembered this as well, it was like an “ah-ha” moment. I was told as a result of the opposition, We have not been able to fully utilize the human body. I saw how We are unable to fully come into the body as We are meant to. The DNA structure is incomplete, broken, so we have no access. This is being corrected. Access is now being granted, at least in my case this is true. It is also for some others but is not wide-spread at this time.

#3 – I Remembered a great Light coming toward Earth and then wrapping itself around Earth like a swaddling blanket.

#4 – We are Soldiers of Light, Light Warriors, etc. In this memory I Remembered how I personally had prepared for this job.

#5 – More and more of my other aspects are being integrated now. This is why I feel different in the morning, why I felt so utterly changed when I woke up. I saw it was 50% complete. I feel my Braid-in very distinctly and when I woke up I was him more than me.

#6 – I saw a visual of packed bags sitting by the door. I knew this to mean movement was coming for me. We must move, We must unite with our individual Teams. So again I get this message.

There is so much more that I cannot say at this time. Even if I wanted to, it has been erased for the time being. It is so very odd! I don’t feel like myself. I feel strange but it is not a bad strange.

Just pinch me now so I can wake up.

12 thoughts on “The Pleiadian Conglomerate

  1. truthcodex says:

    Very interesting! Sounds like a lot of things are happening all at once.. Exciting! Thank you for this. 🙂

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  2. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Lovely! and yes that was Commander Sananda, as he works mostly in the ships. Yes he is “faked” alot by astral entities, but you met the real one. I have not met him yet, although worked with him. I have met Lord Ashtar a few times as I have gone aboard the ships many times. Onward we go, as this will be an amazing year! thank you!

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks for the validation, Carolyn. I am still shying away from labels at this time. I prefer to just focus on the energy. When I agreed to open up to my mediumship again I didn’t think it would be like this! lol

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  3. Karin says:

    Wow! So you will be channelling Sananda. Cool! I am curious to read more.

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    • Dayna says:

      That is how it appears at this point being this same energy has contacted me three times now and every time brought up my agreement to act as a medium (channel). The energy is different than I am use to connecting to as a medium – very strong and big, as if there this is more than one Being.

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  4. Durinda says:

    This is awesome Dayna! I am so excited for all the New I feel is taking place!

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  5. herongrace says:

    Yesterday a.m. i awoke with the sensation that I had had a big night away doing stuff. I had no memories at all but an image of small cigar shaped space craft that could carry maybe 3 people, a bit like the Jetsons ha! So I was curious to see if anyone else would mention spacecraft.

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  6. teleile says:

    Dayna, I had a very similar experience last night! A gathering in higher space, a lot of beings and communication.

    I woke up feeling *completely different*. Not in a worrying way, just totally strange and not my normal self, I noticed it the moment I opened my eyes. I have never in my whole life woken up feeling so profoundly different from the person who went to bed last night.
    It’s hard to describe, even to myself (and I have spent all day trying!) 🙂 because no earth words fit.
    It feels as if I’m this big, powerful being: calm, confident, strong, invincible; but with no human arrogance or overbearingness. In fact there is no emotional content to this at all. Very very peculiar, I am still trying to get used to it. It’s as if I went to bed as mostly-human me, and woke up mostly star-being me. I feel utterly different.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes! but for me I was able to regain most of my old self once I got up and went about my day. I recognize the other me, though, and welcome her. I am happier today than I have been in weeks (since end of Nov?) and have been laughing, joking, playing with my kids and pretty much in the moment all day long. I also had a high heart clearing blast that sent me into this giddy joy. I want it to stay forever!


  7. […] I knew the vessel I was traveling in was a transport vessel meant for a max occupancy of three or four people. It was only me and the tall Andromedan on board. I was very upset despite being in familiar territory. The Andromedan asked me to look at him. He said, “What do you see?” That is when my memory becomes very vivid. I can see him clear as day and I identified him immediately as Andromedan. I also knew who he was, though a name did not come to mind. Instead, I knew he was taking me to see the Pleiadian Conglomerate. […]


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