In the Funk No More

Yesterday Mars was the closest to Earth it has been in 11 years! Did you feel it?

For me, the sensation and energy was much like a mild hibernation period. I was not exhausted or mindless, just calm and rolling with the energy. I went to the gym and observed people while I worked out. The energy of most was directed inward. Focus on the Self. Conserve emotional and mental resources. Nourish the physical body. Where usually I get direct stares by both men and woman, there were very few others looking outward and being open to others.

The morning here in Texas was rainy. There was thunder and lightening. It was like the floodgates of Heaven were unleashed. Then, just as suddenly, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and it was blue, cloudless skies. To me this was a message that “All storms eventually pass and clarity soon follows.”

My husband was a continual energy circuit. He was in an organizing and cleaning out mood. I came home from the gym and an entire closet had been cleaned out and our stairway wall was covered in his many oil paintings (and some of my paintings, too). He said, “I should not keep my art hidden away in a closet. I should be proud of it and show it to the world.” lol The wall does look superb.


So while some of us were being hit hard and retreating because of the intensity of Mars’ retrograde energy so close to Earth, other’s of us were feeling more in our power, at least my husband was. What I found was that by the end of the day this energy helped the communication between my husband and I. We were more in sync than we have been in a long while. Though we didn’t agree on everything, it didn’t matter as he seemed to embrace our differences. He was more appreciative and accepting of my point of view. His receptivity to my offered advice was refreshing. Rather than reject that he was unable to feel comfortable with one choice or another, he accepted his indecision and the fact that it may not be time yet to make a decision or move. Pieces of the puzzle are still needed.

I have found that Mars retrograde has turned my normally decisive husband into a mess of indecision. He has also been extremely lethargic at times, which is very much unlike him. I do not have an issue with stepping into my power and taking control. lol However, some women will find this very, very uncomfortable. If you have men in your life who are unable to do something that needs to be done it is time for you to step up.

So the funk of yesterday is behind me and today I feel refreshed and ready for whatever June has to offer. Hopefully you are feeling it, too – a more optimistic outlook, an openness to change and a surge of creativity from within.

Message 87

Today I felt like searching online for jobs which had a spiritual component to them. I just randomly went where Google led me. I found this website. So many of the jobs would be great for me if I were single. Sigh. The adventurous side of me really wanted to go to Costa Rica. lol

While I was browsing a summer job located in Hunt, Texas, I felt something on the back of my neck. Thinking it was a bug or something poking me, I reached back and felt a very small piece of something stuck to me. I pulled it off. It was a tiny sticker.


Another one of those inspection tags that you find on new clothing. lol Seems to be a common method of message transmission by my guides these days.

Guess what message the number 87 brings?

Angel Number 87 meaning gives a powerful communication from the angel numbers that if you have spiritual inclinations, the time is highly auspicious to get into a spiritual based vocation and spread this knowledge to others. You will have the blessings of the angels in your ambitions and you will be able to put it into reality. They recognize your efforts to spread spiritual awareness in the society and will be happy to support you in this endeavor.

I have been laughing ever since. Message received loud and clear.

Now, please, just direct me where I need to go.

“I Knew Their Hearts” ~Jeff Olsen

This is the most heart warming video message. I was led to this post by my guidance who had recently given me similar messages. It was confirmation and I think I cried through most of the video. I have felt the bubble of peace he experienced. There is nothing like it.


GuardianAngelandBabyAngelicView: This is a video of NDE’r Jeff Olsen speaking at Findhorn’s 2015 “We Do Not Die” Conference. I turned it on last night – late – and stayed glued to it until the end. I ended up closing up my computer at almost 5am last night – I just couldn’t go to bed without hearing what happened next.

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Preparation for June Shift

If you are experiencing what I am – extreme exhaustion, crown and third-eye chakra intensity, mental fog, inability to focus or keep your eyes open – then you are in the midst of a download right alongside me. I am told mine will last two days, but I suspect that everyone’s experience will vary depending on their individual needs.

We are heading headlong into another extreme energy shift that will begin in June and last until the summer solstice. June will be monumental for many. If you have already sensed that this is true for you, then your guidance has been trying to warn you. Well here is another warning. Caution: Treacherous terrain ahead.

I see a tightrope ahead of me. Balance is key. One cannot remain on this tightrope without remaining focused and maintaining balance. On either side is a pit of molten lava. Whew! It makes me a bit nervous seeing such a vision. Hopefully there aren’t too many others facing tightropes over deep, fiery pits. lol But I am reassured that this is just a warning. The circumstances surrounding this Shift will only be to the extent that you can handle, nothing more than that.

femininepowerWomen especially will experience this Shift uniquely. We are coming into our own power and releasing the bonds that have so strictly confined our creative power and energy. We will take a stand in various ways this summer. What exactly you will feel empowered to do  will depend on what is needed for you to progress in your individual transformation.

This is not a forerunner only transformation either. As a forerunner myself, I often forget to directly address those of the other “waves” who have recently been activated. You are now coming into your own power as a group and taking up the reins of your projected paths. Some of you will be taking over where the forerunners left off – becoming gridworkers, gatekeepers, energy manipulators – you name it. But honestly, us forerunners are not all done, so the transfer will not be all at once. It doesn’t really matter, though, just know that you will hear you own “call” soon enough if you haven’t already.



I’ve Emerged from the Vortex

Whew! Feeling a bit out of it still, too. LOL

In the three days I was in Mt. Shasta I was in a constant vibratory state. I have never felt so alive in my life. WOW!

There is way too much to write and I am still in recovery mode. Actually, I think I am in a state of mild shock. Re-entry into my 3D life will take some effort on my part I think. I feel like I have been on the mother ship for three days.

Here are some photos of my trip to give you an idea of where I have been. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Dream: Flight to Brussels

It is pouring rain here. Again. lol After 7 years of drought the rain is very welcomed but there seems to be an over abundance of it. Isn’t that how it is with spiritual transformation, too? That is what I have observed for myself anyway. Periods of drought (7 years for me, too) and then periodic deluges. I wonder why it works like that?

For some reason the rain makes me sleep deeper and gives me heavy eyes when I try to wake up. Such a wonderful, heavenly feeling. It makes me never want to wake up!

I had a very intensely vivid dream last night, too, which made me want to stay asleep a bit longer.

Dream: Flight to Brussels 

I was led on board an airplane with my family except that my family consisted of my mom and my three children. My husband was not present.

The attendant led us to a grouping of seats and we each looked at our tickets to find where our seats were. There were approximately six rows of seats each three seats wide. We were spread out and not sitting together. My youngest’s seat was near the window and mine was on the aisle. I was upset about this for some reason. There was a man, a stranger, who questioned me about my upset. I don’t remember what I said now.

Then I noticed just how very large the airplane was. Instead of the aisle being a few feet wide it spread for probably a hundred feet, maybe more. In the center was a large dome and a circular area which had a circular half wall separating it from the rest of the aircraft. I knew that in this area was where demonstrations were held, specifically demonstrations between two people who were to experience Union. In the dream Union was assumed to be a sexual act.

There was discussion about arriving at our destination. I was told we had made it to Denmark but I was upset because my destination was Brussels.

When we arrived we did not exit the aircraft. Instead, a woman met me and we went into the domed area. She was shorter than me with dark hair and reminded me of a friend from school so I kept associating her with that person. Yet she was definitely not that person. She kept coming toward me and I kept avoiding her because my thought was that she wanted to have sex with me and I was in no way interested. I realize now that was not her intention.

There was one point where I took off all my clothes and explained to her that it made me feel free. I remember wishing I were in the mountains at that time. How nice it would be to run around naked in the mountains, I thought. lol

I recall in speaking with this woman that I mentioned how people in my family had recently died. I specifically remember telling her my mom died. There were two others that had also died but I can’t remember who now. They were all family members.


I believe the aircraft I was on was representative of a place that I visited that was not of the Earth plane. The domed area is familiar to me. My feeling from this dream is that I am preparing for Union, or the K-rising that I have been forewarned about. I am not sure why I was met by a woman but perhaps there is a need for me to be open to both sexes; to embrace both aspects of mySelf. This feels right and usually, in past dream experiences, the female gender has been embraced as often as the male, if not more. I have always been more attracted to the female form but not necessarily sexually attracted.