LaLa Land

Today feels so random to me. That’s probably why I keep forgetting things. For example, I didn’t know it was Tuesday or what time it was. When I looked at the clock and saw it was almost noon I did a double take. Huh? Then, suddenly I came back to myself (where had I been?) and realized not only had I missed a meeting for my daughter at the school, but I had forgotten to pay a bill and misplaced a check! So for about thirty minutes I was in a tizzy trying to locate myself in this body and place long enough to get a grip. LOL

The forgetfulness is becoming more and more common. It is not just forgetting to do things, it is forgetting days of the week, time, people, responsibilities, etc. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more like I just don’t think. The bill I was suppose to pay, that would have never happened two years ago. I would have paid it in advance and checked it off in my mind as “done”. And the missed meeting? I would have been there and not needed a reminder. Now I just don’t seem to have those mental bookmarks. They’re gone. Vanished. I misplaced my mind somewhere….

Another thing that doesn’t happen is I don’t get overwhelmed and angry at myself for forgetting things like I use to. The bill today will be late. We will get a $25 late fee. The old me would have spent hours angry at herself for screwing up and wasting money, etc. The new me? I think, “It’s just money. What’s done is done” and move on back into my little happy place. Hehe

I try not to think of all the late fees I’ve accrued in the past year. Not to mention completely forgotten debts, appointments….thoughts. Eek! LOL

I’m a much happier person for the absentmindedness. I don’t miss how I use to be.

What do I think about now days? Hmmmm. Food. lol Well, not just food, but I like to cook and then eat it, so yeah, food. Today I’ve mostly been thinking about how super excited I am for no reason at all. I’ve been trying to put my finger on the reason but all that comes up are random happy thoughts. For example, I made this awesome cabbage soup last night (yeah food again) and was thinking how great it is and I am for making something so great. Other things that make me happy are nature. I love it outside and have been outside a lot lately. It feels like Spring. Blue skies, temps in the 70’s, birds singing. I close my eyes and feel the breeze and just sit in the sun, soaking it up not really thinking about anything. Then I think how awesome it would be to have a friend to share all these happy things with and then that passes and I am back to just Being, soaking up the sun and hugs from my son. I thought briefly about making a video of being happy and then just laughed at myself. I just don’t feel like doing anything or thinking anything. I just want to BE. Ever tried it? It’s amazing!!!

So see why I am absentminded? Getting caught up in happy all the time can make you forget stuff, well the stuff that isn’t important anyway. Like bills….lolol

Which brings to mind the spiritual stuff alongside my happiness. A night or so ago I was outside and got a visit from Habib. LOL Whose that? I don’t know, some man in spirit who paid me a visit. He was super close, on my left, as if talking directly in my ear which meant his voice was audible more than normal and very deep. He spoke slowly and gave me advice. What? I don’t know now. Something spiritual, my mind is blank…Ha! Anyway, he came and then left and one of my guides said, “Did you forget you could do that?” What? Hear Spirit? Nah, just didn’t expect some foreign dude named Habib. lol Then there was this “understanding” that it might be a good time to revisit some of my left-behind abilities and skills.

Lo and behold I have been contacted twice this week for assistance. Twice in a week when normally I get maybe twice a year….I’ve been busy transforming I guess.

Anyway, you can see I’m a bit up in the clouds today. Again. Lalalalalalalala….LaLa Land is what I was trying to say. But this is not normal LaLa Land for me. This is like I am celebrating life and open to anything. Really a nice feeling to have. Bring it on!


Past Life: Lesson from the 1800’s

Not long ago I asked my guidance to help me remember the karma I have with my current husband. I have been shown past lives of other individuals throughout this life, usually quite spontaneously, but when it come to my husbands not one glimpse has been given. It is like it is “hands off” when it comes to marriage relationships. Why? That is no fair! lol

Even after I divorced my first husband I was not shown past lives or given any information as to why we had agreed to be together. All I knew was that I had agreed to help him and him me. Strangely, I was able to perceive his future quite clearly to the point that he had no doubt I knew what I was talking about. He use to call me and ask me, “What do you see for me…?” lol I told him. And it happened. All of it.

So tell me, how is it that I can see my ex’s future, but not our past? Again, not fair!

So back to my current husband. It is obvious to me that we have a “contract” and I want nothing more than to fulfill my end. I feel that I can do that better if I have more information. How do I resolve my end of the deal? Please help me. This is what I asked my guidance.

Revelations from the 1800’s

This morning, after an OBE involving my husband (not coincidence I’m sure), I woke up and was directed to “listen”. I fell into the in-between and found myself in a very different scene and very obviously from a past life.

I was standing under a veranda. Behind me were green, rolling hills and a bright, cloudless day. The scene was reminiscent of Europe. It felt beautiful but the feeling was anything but – tense is an understatement. I was dressed in a flowing, light pink, corseted gown with ruffles around the hip area. I had a parasol by my side. I don’t recall what I looked like but I do recall who I was with.

To my left was a thin, lanky man with light hair. He was dressed nicely in a blue suit with a tie and leaned against a cane. I don’t know if he needed the cane but the feeling was he did. He had been sickly his whole life and was not very physically strong.

To my right was another man. He was very boisterous and loud. He was much taller than the other man. Muscular and in peak physical condition for his age – probably 20’s. I don’t remember what he looked like, my focus was mostly on the other man.

The boisterous man was my fiance and he was angry. Angry at the other man and telling him to stay away from me and have no further contact or else. He was pretty scary and ruthless. Insulting the other man. I remember him saying, “You have nothing, can give her nothing. You are nothing.” He went as far as to laugh at the other man. Everything my fiance did and said made me think less of him and more of the other man. I had nothing but love for the sickly man. In my eyes he was perfect just the way he was, sickly or not.

Understanding what I was seeing, I came out of the in-between but went back in not long after. This time it was Knowing of the outcome. I had ended my engagement with the angry man because I did not love him. I made this choice knowing what I would leave behind me – wealth, security, status. I chose to be with the sickly man because I loved him and to me it was worth it to be with him. I chose him knowing he did not have long to live. It was far better in my mind to be with someone I loved, even if briefly, than to spend my entire life with the other man (I wanted to say “with a bogart” but didn’t know what that meant. Turns out it is a bully or someone who refuses to share. lol). I also knew I had very little time with the one I loved, perhaps only a year before he died.


Whether this is a past life with my husband or my ex, I don’t know. I have my suspicions, though. If this is a karmic lesson regarding my current husband, what does it mean? Does it mean I made the wrong decision? Or was it how I handled the situation? Or, perhaps, it is his karma and not mine, that is being resolved. If he is the aggressive fiance then perhaps he is here to learn how to let go? Hahaha okay not really funny.

I know with many who I have recalled past life and karmic connections with that I came to help them more than myself. For example, one man I had a relationship with murdered me and our son in a past life because he found out I had been cheating on him. He couldn’t bear the humiliation. In this life he cheated WITH me (lol) and so, in a sense, he walked in my shoes and so was able to see my perspective. What he did with that lesson, I don’t know, but at the time I Knew my role and was able to learn my own lessons from it.

These “contracts” are rarely what we perceive them to be and often times have many layers of lessons contained within them, lessons for both parties.

Whatever this memory means, at least if the woman is me I knew what I wanted and had the courage to go for it despite being aware of the loss involved.

OBE: Haunted

After yesterday’s low blood pressure episode I was wiped out. I went to bed early and had crazy, vivid dreams. I don’t remember most of them but there is a continuing theme over the past week. I recognize people from my past randomly as dream characters. This always peaks my interest and brings more lucidity.

Lucid Dream: Reception

The first thing I recall is sitting in a cafeteria-type setting, maybe in a school cafeteria, and listening to someone talk. Awareness hit me suddenly and I felt out of place. I reached up and pulled off sunglasses I was wearing. Not sure how I knew that I was wearing them but I remember wondering why I was wearing them inside. I turned and saw a familiar face sitting across from me. He was also wearing sunglasses and seemed to be staring at me. I stared back, wondering if he was really staring at me. I didn’t acknowledge him but instead chose to consciously blend into the crowd, becoming “invisible” to them and hopefully him, too.

Then I was going to a reception with my mom and grandmother (deceased). I walked through a narrow hallway and past lots of older people into a large, open room. Then I went outside, again hoping to retreat from a social setting I didn’t feel comfortable in. Outside a little boy approached me, wide-eyed and excited to see me. He had dark hair and eyes and his skin was a bit darker than mine. He spoke in a thick, Indian accent but I could understand him and immediately liked him. We were seemingly joined at the hip from then on, him chatting away about getting a whole day to himself to do what he wanted, his sister acting as “chauffeur”. His sister, who he called Fatimah, was driving him around in a tiny, black sports car. She said he would not get to drive on his own until he was 18.

The reception was ending so we went inside. My mom and grandmother were leaving yet they still had not opened presents or had cake. I asked if they wanted to stay for cake, they ignored me. My young friend invited me to eat with him and we shared a pie but it looked like pumpkin pie. Not sure where the cake went. Again we seemed inseparable.

When it was time to leave he went with his sister and I was ushered into a large, four door truck. There were women packed inside and I was asked to get in. One woman I recognized from my past. The women were all obese and they wanted me to squeeze into the driver’s seat. I never got in, feeling for sure I would be squished.

Cafeteria – one or more issues are “eating” me up inside.
Sunglasses – poor perception of some issue.
Reception – be more receptive to some situation
Pie – reward for hard work. Since it is pumpkin then it could related to female sexuality or a situation where time is running out. 

OBE: Haunted

I felt myself return to my body and shift positions. Then I got out of bed and walked into the hallway. At this point I was wondering if I was really awake it was so realistic. I heard water running and stopped where the bedroom usually is and opened the door to a bathroom with a gigantic walk-in shower. The shower was going full force and I yelled at my husband, “Were you taking a shower? Why did you leave the water on!?” He called back, “No.” I was irritated at him and walked under the shower to turn it off. I felt water hit my clothing and the top of my bed and grew more irritated. I didn’t want to get wet! I remember feeling this odd feeling at the time, like someone else was in our house. Was it haunted?

Once I turned it off, I looked at myself in the mirror. The reflection I saw was not the me in this life. Instead I looked like a petite Asian woman. I smiled at the reflection, noting the upward slant of my eyes, my near non-existent eyebrows and the roundness of my face. She was pretty but plain. I wanted to stay and inspect myself further but then thought, “I don’t care what I look like!” I turned and left the mirror behind.

I went downstairs and found my living area not as it is in real life. It was dark and I knew my husband was sitting in a sofa chair in front of the television. I saw the back of the chair and decided I would jump/fly over it. Yet when I tried I could not lift myself up off the ground. I felt grounded. After a couple of attempts I gave up and climbed over the top. He opened his arms to me and said, “Give me a kiss.” I obliged him but when he kissed me I suddenly could not breathe and not in a good way. I felt suffocated and wanted nothing more than for the kiss to be over with. I told him I couldn’t breathe but he kept kissing me. His mere presence made me feel as if my airways were constricted. I took a few labored breaths and finally the kiss was done. I got up and felt myself return to my body briefly. I noted that I was not breathing heavily or congested.

Immediately I returned to the scene and found myself still sitting on the sofa but staring off into space. My husband was talking about something but I didn’t hear him. He asked me, “Dayna, did you hear what I said?” But I was zoned out, focusing on a sound I heard coming from upstairs. It sounded like footsteps and I knew the “ghost” had grabbed my purse. Then I heard something fall down the stairs. I looked and saw my cell phone had been thrown down. I knew it was purposeful. Whoever was in my house wanted me to see it.

I returned to my body very gently, recognizing the symbolism behind the cell phone. Communicate. Confront something I’ve been avoiding. Sigh. Again? lol



That Was Scary….

While at the gym today I experienced a sudden drop in blood sugar. It took me totally by surprise. My heart was pounding in my chest so fast that I immediately entered into panic attack mode. I don’t think my heart has ever pounded that fast. It was like I had just done a sprint! On top of the pounding heart, I had this strange sensation in my head and the tips of my fingers and toes began to tingle. I thought for sure I was going to pass out right there, yet I never did. I was able to keep my thoughts under control, practiced deep breathing and just waited.

And waited. 10 minutes and still my heart was pounding out of my chest and there was an odd tingling and my head felt like there were fingers stretched over the top of it. I had been sitting and was terrified to stand for fear of passing out, but after 10 minutes I figured I needed to get up. So I did and I didn’t pass out. Instead I felt better. My heart was still pounding, though.

I stopped by the front desk and told someone what I was experiencing. The poor guy almost had a panic attack! lol But talking to him helped and he finally calmed down, too. In that time I entered into the most tremendous shakes I have ever experienced. My entire body was shaking! I bought an energy bar and went to my car and waited to feel better. The shaking never stopped and I began to get this bone chilling cold feeling along with an icky tummy. I began to get worried about driving and thought to call my husband to come get me. Unfortunately, I had accidentally taken the other car keys with me and he had left a message asking me about it. He couldn’t come get me if he had no keys! LOL

So I drove home, heart still pounding (though not as bad), entire body shaking, teeth chattering, feeling cold chills, dizziness and stomach feeling icky. It was like I had instant flu. When I got home I was starving so drank some orange juice and another energy bar. But I was still so cold! So I took a long hot bath. I felt a bit better after but my stomach is not happy still.

So no big deal, right? Um, usually I would say that but this episode was different. I’ve never had my blood sugar drop that fast and unexpectedly and then leave me feeling like I just had the flu. The entire time it was happening alarms were going off. This was not good.

Why it’s Scary

A few days ago I had conversation with one of my guides while in the in-between. It was a very lucid conversation but I only recall the last parts. We were talking about diabetes and renal failure. I disregarded the conversation because it made no sense at the time.

The next morning, Mary Tyler Moore died as a result of complications from diabetes. I thought, “That must have been what the conversation was about.” But they didn’t say her kidneys failed? I disregarded that. I have lots of in-between conversations that make no sense. I don’t over analyze them anymore.

So today, while in the midst of the panic attack-like heart pounding and low blood sugar symptoms the above information came back to me, specifically the diabetes part. I tried to disregard. The last thing I needed was to think too much and cause the panic to escalate. Yet the information kept coming, along with memories and connections.

When I first awakened back in 2003, one of the first questions I asked was, “How will I die?” I received back, “Kidney failure.” I wondered about it and then let it go. Whatever. That will be when I’m old….lol

Then there came the family connection. My maternal grandfather’s side of the family all had diabetes. My great aunt had it so bad she had a foot amputated. My grandfather got it in his 60’s. My mom has hypoglycemia so bad now that she is terrified of a “low blood sugar attack” and takes food with her everywhere. Also, there is a connection between Mary Tyler Moore and my mom, too. She long considered her as her “twin” not only in name but also in looks.

On top of it all I have not been nice to my body. In my twenties I was bulimic. Probably for a good seven years and sometimes really bad. I never used laxatives (thankfully) but I binged and purged sometimes seven or eight times a day at my worst. On top of that I exercised every day and obsessed over calories. I ended up with awful tooth issues and experienced my first episodes of hypoglycemia toward the end. My spiritual awakening put an end to all that. But was it too late?

Finally, during my first pregnancy I got preeclampsia pretty bad. My doctor was concerned and told me, “You’re kidneys are shutting down.” She showed me the tests. I had protein level of 9. This was ultimately the information that led us to decide to induce labor. I remember my husband’s face – totally white. On top of that my blood pressure was way too high. I am surprised I didn’t have a stroke considering how high it was: 165/105. Only after, when I was recovering did I realize just how sick I was.

Bulimia wreaks havoc on the kidneys. My family history is full of diabetes. Kidney issues are made worse by low blood sugar. Eek!

Maybe I am going overboard and none of this is really connected, but the way the information came to me all at once, like pieces of a puzzle, has me a bit unnerved. I receive personal information from my guidance, mySelf, all the time. It is accurate more than I want it to be. I don’t doubt that this is meant to get me to pay more attention to my body. Whether I can do anything about it now, I don’t know. I think the damage has been done, though, and I am not crying about it. There are worse deaths that I can imagine (like being drowned by your father – my last life).  Maybe I will just go into a diabetic coma and die in my sleep? 🙂

As you can tell I’m not freaking out. I do take this information seriously and will pay more attention to my body. I suspect I have a good 20+ years left of life, so I’m not stressing just yet. But that is only if I don’t consider that one time my guidance asked me, “What if you only had 10 years left to live?” That was in 2008……:)


A while ago I received a name in the in-between. It appeared to be my name, yet I wasn’t sure. I didn’t write about it because at the time I was experiencing a deep emotional purge and felt a need to withdraw and reconnect with 3D. I also had no idea the significance of the name I received. All I knew is that I identified with the name. It was one of those experiences where I heard the name in the in-between and repeated it until I awoke. The name was Sakura.

The next morning, I looked it up. I kept hearing it two ways – Sakura and Zakura. The pronunciation only slightly different. In my research I quickly discovered it is Japanese for “cherry blossom.”

Since that morning I the name continues to come to mind at random times. This indicates I have not received the full message it brings, but I was not motivated to look further until today when, yet again, it came to mind.

So I looked up the word again and found two websites that seemed to provide the message the name was meant to convey.

The characters included on this site drew me to it. I’m not drawn to the middle one as much as the top and bottom ones. They remind me of Light Language, especially the one for tree/wood.

This is the Japanese character for sakura. The 木 (ki) on the left side means tree/wood and developed from a pictogram of a tree, with the horizontal line as branches and diagonal lines as roots. Sakura is derived from saku 咲, which means to bloom, or alternately to smile/laugh. The 口 in 咲 indicates an open mouth.

花 (hana) means “flower,” and 見 (mi), means “to view.” Together, hanami literally means “to view flowers.” 見 is a combination of the characters for “eye” and “human,” evolving from a pictogram of a human figure with two legs and a large eyeball for a head.

These characters (yozakura) mean viewing cherry blossom at night. 夜 (yo) means night, and 桜 (zakura) is the same as sakura.

This website drew me in with the explanation for the symbolism behind the cherry blossom. I think the quotes below contain the message I was meant to receive.

Cherry blossoms hold elevated status in China, signifying love and the female mystique (beauty, strength and sexuality)….

Tied to the Buddhist themes of mortality, mindfulness and living in the present, Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor for human existence. Blooming season is powerful, glorious and intoxicating, but tragically short-lived — a visual reminder that our lives, too, are fleeting.

Why don’t we marvel at our own passing time on earth with the same joy and passion? Why do we neglect to revel in life when it can end at any moment, or in the grace surrounding us everywhere: our family, friends, a stranger’s smile, a child’s laugh, new flavours on our plate or the scent of green grass? It is time, cherry blossoms remind us, to pay attention.

Sakura are also revered as a symbol of rebirth.



SAHM Again and Loving It

Day two of being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) again. Well, technically four but I’m only counting the workdays. I’m loving not working again. It feel so free! Nothing like going back to work full-time to remind a person just how restrictive  it can be. It is also nice that my husband is out of town. When he’s gone, I am free to be in my own space and energy. The awareness which has come with his absence and my time away from work has been great. My energy body is different. Bigger? Maybe. Hard to put my finger on it, but because of it my physical body feels different, too. I am just……different.

Current Reading

Now that I have time again to myself, I’ve been drawn back to reading. For a few days I have been reading a book long ago recommended which I finally purchased. The book is Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying with Pan by Michael Roads. I limit myself to two or three chapters a night. So far I am on Chapter 9. Enjoying it immensely. His experiences remind me of my own except his are done via his Light Body while mine are while OOB and in the in-between. I suspect I can do what he does if given the right amount of space and alone time. 🙂 In fact, I think I use to prior to 2007 but it scared me.

There are some quotes from the book that I wish to share. They struck a chord with me, so maybe they will for you, too.

Previously I was wild and headstrong, filled with the need of drama and trauma, because this made it more real, more indelible – even though I never realized this. Any task that Pan set for me I performed with the maximum amount of suffering, caused by my reluctance and resistance. Yet, with Pan’s guidance and my persistence, I came to that place of Truth, of spiritual enlightenment, the place where self is surrendered to Self.
~ Chapter 3

When I read the above quote I smiled and thought, “Sounds like me.” Why do I have to resist everything? It only causes pain and suffering. BTW Pan is Michael’s guide for lack of a better word.

Because of that attachment there could be no mobility, no expansion in my consciousness, no real growth, nothing truly creative, and nothing of true Love. An attachment is just that, an anchor firmly embedded in sameness. Like it or not, this is stagnation.
~ Chapter 7

This quote hit home for me. I have experienced this “stagnant” feeling and recognized it was because of a hefty amount of attachment.

I choose all. I choose to no longer be frightened that my reality is not real. To no longer be frightened to step fully into the metaphysical. To no longer be frightened to accept my reality as the only reality in which I can live fully. I choose to accept that this is my reality; a reality that is, and will always be, far greater than my understanding of it. I choose a reality that is rich in Wonder and Mystery, a reality that grows and expands as I grow and expand.
~ Chapter 7

I actually used the above as an affirmation the other night. Rather than feel stuck in the middle of two realities, why not just accept that this is my reality, one that is full of Wonder and Mystery, just like the author said? I like that much better, thank you.

Never resist thoughts, or you will create thoughts to resist. Just ignore them. Take your attention away from them. Do not engage them or be concerned with them. Like a neglected plant, they will wither, losing the energy and vitality they need to thrive.
~ Chapter 9

This is actually almost word-for-word the advice given to me by my guidance once upon a time. 🙂

I’ll post more quotes as they call to me. So far, this book reminds me of Conversations with God, another one of my favs.

Breath of Joy

Even when working, yoga was part of my spiritual practice and continues to be so. I usually practice yoga three or more times a week. My goal is at least 20 minutes each time. I typically do more. My favorite website for yoga is so last night I used my new TV for just that.

Side note: What an awesome invention the Smart TV is! I loved being able to use my huge TV screen to do yoga. Love, love, love it!

Anyway, I did a new video and learned a new breath – the Breath of Joy. What an awesome breath! Not only that, but there was also the three-part breath and Breath of Fire in the same video. I got a good breathing workout last night and really enjoyed it. Maybe that is why I had so many OBEs this morning? Who knows, but I really recommend Breath of Joy. It just feels good.


OBEs and Blended Sight

What a crazy, eventful evening last night and this morning! Wow. So much insight, so much clarity and understanding. I could write an entire book on what transpired at 3am. Who knows, maybe I will one day? But for this post, this is what happened after I returned to sleep at 4:30am (yeah I was up a while after the 3am waking).

Dream: No Excuses

I entered into a wintry scene. Outside with several others, I was instructed to lay in the center of a dirt road covered in snow in between the tire grooves that were free of snow. The person talking to me told me I could stay there until the truck came or I could get out of the way. Either way I would be fine. I knew if I stayed the truck would just go over the top of me without touching me, yet every time I heard a noise, I sat up to look and made sure it wasn’t the truck. I saw several cars driving toward me, all swerved and ended up going to a stop sign to my right. I saw a dark minivan almost slide through an intersection. All of it was just like watching a movie. Very vivid and real yet I was still not very lucid.

Then I was walking to the top of a clearing on a hill in the mountains. The snow had cleared and my group was discussing the man who was suppose to help that morning. He had arrived late and quite drunk. I listened and watched the man stumbling about and acting quite full of himself, not a concern for his lateness or a single ounce of responsibility to his actions. The man approached a wood ladder. He was meant to climb it. Where it led, I don’t know, but his job was important, like to act as a watchman. My group could not figure out what to do about the man and were going to just let him do his job while drunk. This was not acceptable to me and I went up to the man and confronted him. I said something like, “Do you think you can come here drunk and do a good job? What were you thinking?” He replied, “What do you know? I am just fine, maybe a little late but fine.” He said other rude remarks but I told him off royally and put him in his place, telling him we (the group) would not allow him to destroy what we were creating. The last thing I said to him was, “You have no excuse for your behavior.” I walked away and members of my group stared open mouthed at me. I told them, “Sorry but someone had to say it like it is. You guys weren’t going to do it.” LOL

astral-projection-erik-janssonOBE After OBE

After walking away from the dream I ended up floating over my body having a conversation with my kids, laughing and having a grand time of it. I remember looping something plastic around my finger and feeling it. I knew I was OOB and just floating over my physical body but stayed where I was because I was so aware and content. My guidance seemed to want me to stay there, too.

Eventually, though, I had to go OOB. It was just too tempting not to. From this point I left my body more times than I can count. I believe it was 9-10 times but I really don’t know. Most were short excursions that ended soon after leaving my body, but I did have at least four where I was able to explore for a while.

In a few OBEs, I found my husband curled up in our bed but he’s not home in reality (away on business). He was wrapped in a green blanket and said something that made no sense. I told him, “What? You must be dreaming!” lol He replied, “Yeah, I am.” lol One time I tried to snuggle close but as soon as I got to him the OBE ended. In another one, I touched him and he disappeared leaving me with only the green blanket. In yet another one, he and my youngest followed me, presenting me with a small, brown dog no larger than a bunny in size. It yapped at me and growled but was nice when confronted, shaking all over like it was afraid. I saw the dog more than once. Chihuahua maybe?

In another OBE I opened my eyes to find myself in a long, dark hallway. I knew instantly it was the hallway of a college dorm and I flew quickly down seeking out my dorm room. Inside I found some college girls sitting on the twin beds playing with toys. I spoke to them, flying above their heads trying to get a reaction out of them. They greeted me warmly and we conversed, though about what I can’t remember. What is odd here is that I never stayed in a dorm like this one. It was only recognizable from the dreamstate. I have had several dreams/experiences of being in this dorm room!

OBE: Blended Sight

The most significant OBE of the morning was one that really is quite amazing to me. It started out normally. I left my body, flew downstairs and toward the front door. I felt like I would not be allowed outside and the door would be locked. I said to myself, “The door is not locked” but it was locked when I tried it. I turned and saw a large, white mattress standing on its side blocking my vision of my living room. Behind it there was movement and there was an ominous feeling which I ignored. It was dark so I waited to see who was behind the mattress. I heard the dog barking (same little brown dog) and saw a man I couldn’t see for the dark behind it. Not bothered that I couldn’t see the man, I materialized a toy dog and placed it on the floor in front of the tiny, barking dog. The toy barked back and the little dog grew quiet. lol That’s when I saw what appeared to be a red folder just floating in the middle of my vision. I wondered, “What is that? Why is a red folder here?” I wondered about it but decided I wanted to explore more.

I took a run at the door, figuring I would just go through it and I did! Right outside into the front yard! Flying high up into the trees, branches kept hitting me in the face and I could make out the stars in the night sky. Yet for some odd reason, through the branches of the tree I saw the darn red folder again! WTF? I tried to not let it distract me but it kept appearing in my line of sight. A single red rectangle that resembled a folder.

I remember saying, “Clarity now!” and waiting for my vision to clarify but the red folder remained along with the leaves and night sky. Still floating, I decided to ignore it and continued on but felt myself pulled back into my body. Yet the folder remained until I woke up. That is when I realized my physical eyes were wide open. And what were they looking at? A small, red painting my kids had made for me. It is on the wall across from the bed and in the dark it looks just like….you guessed it! A red folder! LOL

I have never in my life experienced this kind of phenomena. To see both with physical eyes and astral eyes and have the two visuals blend into one?! Ha! Too cool! I will just call it “blended sight” as I have no other word for it. And it didn’t just happen this one time, this was just the time I noticed it. Prior to this, I had other OBEs, short ones, where when I came back into my body my physical eyes were wide open.