OBE: Pick-Up Truck

I had a post partially typed out and ready for yesterday and then never finished it. Too much in my head and not enough time/energy/motivation/focus to write it all down.

Sleep has been super deep these last two nights. It’s as if I took a sleeping pill. And my sleep is riddled with dreams, so many I can’t keep count or keep the story lines from overlapping. For example, I had in my mind an entire dream I wanted to document for this post and within seconds it vanished from my memory. WTF? It’s like someone wiped it from my mind. ūüė¶

At some point early this morning I had two OBEs but they were intermixed with my other dreams and since I did not wake after the OBEs is it hard to recall the second one.

OBE: Pick-Up Truck

I distinctly remember becoming lucid, recognizing I could go OOB and then sitting up out of my sleeping body. The sensation of separating from my physical body followed. All of perceptions were present but it was dark and I was not in my room but standing outside in a subdivision somewhere. I could see houses lining streets and lampposts lit. My first thought was to try and change it from darkness to daylight so I said, “It will be light. It will be light.” Nothing happened, though.

In front of me was a parked pick-up truck. When I saw it the mischievous part of me took over and I climbed into the back daring the person I saw sitting in the cab to turn and look. I suspected he would not see me so was surprised when he turned around and his faced revealed he could. I purposefully began to push and pull on the sides of the bed of the truck, making quite a bit of noise, all to see if I could get his attention.

He said something to me which shocked me and I shifted back into my sleeping body.

I immediately shifted back OOB and returned to the scene. This projection is hard to recall but I remember the man distinctly. He had dark hair and eyes and was very clean cut and familiar to me. It seemed like we knew each other but I can’t place how. It also felt like this person was OOB, too. It was as if we had planned our meeting. We had a conversation but there is no memory of it now.


This is twice now that I have had two OBEs in what seems like the middle of the night. Usually I wake up after I go OOB for any length of time but I guess my sleep is so deep right now that I just shift back into dreaming mode. This is highly unusual for me! As a result I forget most if not all of the OBEs but retain the memory of leaving or re-entering my physical body. I am surprised I remembered so much of the first OBE last night but my lucidity was quite high as were my perceptions. It felt like I had woken, gone outside my house and played for a while only to return to sleep as if nothing had occurred. lol

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Dream: Cocoon 

Out of the blue the dream I had forgotten returned to my memory. ūüôā

I was in a house in the kitchen (need for warmth, spiritual nourishment, healing) with a group. We looked up and saw the ceiling was beginning to crumble in a certain area. The area was just below my bedroom at the foot of my bed and I told the group this. We went upstairs to move myself and my roommate out, careful to avoid the area that was collapsing. We determined it had gotten wet from a leak but could not locate the source of the leak (Water damaged ceiling symbolizes unaddressed emotional issues).

I was told it would take 6 hours to repair the ceiling and relayed the message. Me and my group left to wait it out.

Then I was driving along dark, unfamiliar and winding roads (uncertain path) leading up a mountain (obstacles/challenges in life). My watch indicated it was nearly time to return home so I took a right (rational thought) turn toward the house. The road was steep and lined with rocks. I slowed and stopped by the side of the road to take photos (holding onto something). I remember getting out and taking a picture of my BIL and SIL. The rocks (looking for a solid foundation) behind them had faces (what one projects to the world), which was odd. Then I turned to take a picture of my mom and saw a witch (negative ideas of the feminine) with a green face had photobombed her pic. She looked just like the wicked witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz. It seemed odd to me and a bad sign.

We walked a path through the rocks that led to an abandoned city (feeling rejected by those around me). There was a sense that it was very old and I began taking photos (holding onto something, reliving memories) of the various buildings and pathways. One looked like an old factory (old ways of doing things) and another like a grown over vineyard (hard work not acknowledged).

I spotted a little boy (masculine attributes) and spoke to him but he seemed deaf, mute or both and looked horribly decrepit. He ran away and a woman appeared. She was nice and explained she was his caretaker. She told me he just needed to eat and then picked up a large bug and, like a spider (feminine power), encased it in thread. It looked like a cocoon (transformation) to me and I was horrified when she gave it to the boy and he devoured it savagely.

Realizing there was something very off about the situation I began to leave but members of my group were now investigating the place and had found a room that was curious to them. The woman went in and welcomed them and I followed.

The room resembled a chapel (spiritual nourishment) with no windows and dark, paneled walls and ceilings. There were overturned pews in the center of the room. There was discussion about how ancient the place was and then the woman invited my group to stay the night. They agreed.

When morning came the woman knocked on the door and then quickly slammed and locked it, trapping us inside. When I went to check the door she had inserted a shovel (seeking insight) loaded with dirt (trying to bury something) into the space between the door and the floor. I knew we would not get out and that her people planned to put all of us in cocoons and eat us.


I believe this dream is a result of a thought I had yesterday about this time in my life. There was a fleeting consideration that I have entered the pupa stage, which would be the same as being inside a cocoon. I put it behind me because it made me sad. There is no telling how long I will be in this stage and it felt like it would be forever.




OBE Meeting

Very active projection morning!

I woke at 5:30am with no dream recall and feeling very drowsy but rested. A song was on my mind – Human – specifically the part, “I’m only human after all, don’t put the blame on me.” Wide awake but wanting more sleep, I tried to settle down. That last thing I recall is the clock saying it was 6:03am.


Over the next hour I had several projections. The memory of the first few are hazy but I do remember sitting up out of my sleeping body with each of them. I also recall traveling to a city, flying high over it and seeing the stars in the night sky. When I dropped down near the ground to investigate I entered an open mall type setting but it was unfamiliar, like in another country. The entire time I was conversing with someone I could not see but could feel, happily jabbering about looking for someone. In retrospect I believe the person I was looking for was him because it felt like we were playing a game of hide-and-seek.

I went up to several people, talking to them and checking to see if they were who I was looking for. I recall a jeweler being one of them and another being some guy just walking along the street. I purposefully walked instead of flying. Somehow I knew it was not acceptable to fly where I was even though that is how I arrived. This was the longest of the OBEs. I went into several buildings, spoke to many people, and explored the place like a curious child would. The whole time I was talking to my friend – a guide I assume.

In another OBE memory I sat up out of my body and wandered my house but the house was nothing at all like the one in this reality. On the second floor there was a veranda that overlooked the city and the views were spectacular. My husband was in the OBEs situated inside the house. I would see him working on the computer or walking around. I also saw my daughter briefly. When I saw them I would talk to them, always happily, and they would greet me and act normal, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

I remember specifically one time sitting up out of my sleeping body thinking I had finally awakened from all the OBEs. As I wandered the house I noticed things that were out of place and became very tired. I told my husband I wanted to sleep, went back to bed and then “woke up” again to realize I was projecting. lol Projection within a projection. ūüôā

As I neared the end of my projecting my memory of them increases. In fact, the second to the last one I was telling my invisible guide friend how I was going to focus on remembering them because “it was so beautiful” and “amazing”. lol


OBE: January 1st

The second to the last projection began the same as the others. I sat up out of my sleeping body and looked around my bedroom. At the foot of my bed was a chest and on top of it a basket lined with fabric. Inside the basket were library books and a note that said, “Due January 1st”. I thought it odd that it was there and when I read the note all I initially recalled was “the 1st” but my friend said, “January 1st” and I saw it in my mind’s eye at the same time.

Taking note of the message I moved on, gliding toward the kitchen. I remember being fully aware that I was projecting and not wanting the experience to end. There was a brief fear that I would lose my perceptions because they were so acute but I never lost lucidity. It was so real and so exciting in that moment that I felt giddy like a child.

I went out double glass doors in the kitchen out onto a veranda that overlooked the city. It was dark and the night sky was dotted with stars so brilliant that I was blown away by their beauty. I began to sing about the sky and the sunrise and sunset. As I sang I flew up into the sky to look down on it all. As I rose I paused to look closely at the leaves of the trees nearly and delighted in every minute detail of them. They seemed to sparkle and the green of the leaves brightened substantially.

While in the sky I paused, controlling my ascent before I ended up in space, and looked down as I sang about the sun rising. The dark sky began to lighten with the first rays of the sun. I knew I was controlling it and delighted in this, quickly shifting my song to sunset and watching it grow dark again.

I was pulled back toward my physical body and I felt a distinct shift in vibration. I shifted back into the scene of my bedroom and started over again.

OBE: Meeting

I moved back toward the veranda but cannot remember how I got there. All I recall next is sitting outside face to face with a man. We obviously knew each other because I was completely at ease with him and there was a strong bond of friendship between us that could be felt.

My memories here are mostly of him sitting there cross legged and completely naked. lol His nakedness was not my focus, though. In fact, I seemed not to care at all that he had on no clothes. He was talking to me like an old friend would seeming to be asking me for advice. Yet at the same time I knew he and I had been assigned to one another for a period of time. He was assigned to me to help me and I was assigned to him to help him. In fact, I remember saying to him, “They assigned me to you.” Who “they” are was not discussed.

As we talked I was very close to him. My treatment of him was like I would treat someone I loved dearly. I was caressing his cheek with my hand and stroking his hair. At the same time I was taking in his appearance. He reminded me of one of The Beatles – his hair was long and black and messy and he had a pronounced, large nose. He also had a slight beard that was long enough for me to pass my fingers through. It grew straight rather than coarse and curly.

He said to me, “I wonder what it will be like to meet God? Do you think he will approve of me?” He seemed very pensive about this and genuinely concerned that God would not be happy with him, who he was or what he had done. I thought about his question and moved closer to him because at this point I had moved away and sitting across from him again. With his question I looked at him and understood his concern thoroughly. In that moment I could see all of his mistakes, all of his “flaws”….. all of his humanity. I said to him, “I don’t think God will be upset with you. He created you as you are, so why would he not approve of his own creation?” My friend smiled and seemed reassured but I wondered about his question.

I remember briefly wondering, “Why would he ask me that? Doesn’t he know that we are God?” Yet at the same time I knew the question was also meant to make a point. He wanted me to see that I, too, am only human. There is no shame in being human, in making “mistakes”, in being what God created me to be.

There was so much power in that moment. Not power as in feeling powerful, but power as in awareness. This man, whoever he was, was my friend and teacher, as I was also to him. It is intriguing to me that I knew about our “assignment” to one another. I also knew this assignment was temporary. The feeling between us, the feelings I had for him, were unique. Unique in that my reaction to him was intimate and familiar yet nonsexual. Had the human me been in attendance I would have felt uncomfortable and likely sexually attracted to him despite him not being my “type” at all. He towered above me – he was at least 6’3″ – and was broad shouldered and muscular, so he likely would have intimidated me as well. This is probably why he remained seated.

I knew he appeared to me completely naked as a means to share himself fully with me, without pretense. Completely “exposed” and vulnerable. I don’t know if I was naked, too. Probably since I seem to delight in it while OOB. lol


Not long after this conversation I returned to my body, the song Human still going over and over in my mind. Settling into my body I felt slight vibrations and, though I tried to linger in the in-between, I woke fully because my first thought was that I needed to remember.

The man from the OBE was present upon my waking. His energy was to my left and I recognized him immediately. I had asked prior to sleep that I project or at least have an experience that would make me smile because at the time I had been feeling homesick again. I thanked this man – guide, friend – for giving me something to smile about. The feelings from the experience are some that I will forever cherish because I don’t have any relationships like that in this physical reality. Gender roles and sexual urges inevitably get in the way of that kind of intimacy and love. If only I could shut those things off and push taboo and belief out the window. To be able to be completely exposed and vulnerable with someone like that is so beautiful and right. What a wonderful gift and lesson he provided me.

He told me that we would meet like this again, though he said it could not be often. I understood why and didn’t object to it. Just knowing more meetings would come was enough for me. There was a sense that we were helping one another, but I am not sure exactly how or toward what end. I asked him if he had a physical body and he said, “We all do.” This came with an explanation without words. The closest I can come to it is our multidimensional nature. I asked if we were going to meet in physicality and was told, “No.”

I inquired about the part where I said, “They assigned me to you.” Who were “they”? I said, “Are they the Council?” His answer was to suggest I not try and understand via the human mind. He said it would be impossible to get an answer I would be satisfied with.

Even now I remember how his naked body looked. I recall the broadness of his shoulders, his black chest hair and how it extended down to his male parts. I even remember his male parts. lol Mostly I remember being in awe of his form – of the human form. How perfect it is! He really was quite beautiful and I mentioned this to him saying, “It is funny but had I seen your picture or had you walked past me in a crowd I would have thought you plain and maybe even unattractive. I would have not given you a second thought. Yet when I was close to you I saw you as beautiful because our connection is beautiful.” It was obvious to me that it is not appearance that determines connection but something much deeper. Not only that, but this connection can exist with any “stranger” if we allow ourselves to look beyond this physical facade.

After this meeting I feel different. I finally don’t feel alone. It is a relief because I have felt so very alone – abandoned – ¬†for about a year now.


OBE: Military Moon Base

I woke at 3:30am wide awake from a very lucid dream I won’t go into in this post. It took me until 5:15am to return to sleep.

Lucid Dream: Assignment

I found myself inside an elementary classroom. Children were arriving and I was very obviously filling in for the regular teacher. Her teaching assistant was there and handled most everything. There was a young autistic girl who was my primary focus. I struggled to stay awake, feeling very tired and sluggish and laying my head on the desk of the autistic girl.

When the assistant came to talk to me she said I had been “reassigned”. I said, “No I haven’t. I worked here as a counselor but that job ended on Friday. I don’t even remember signing up to do this.” In my mind I could see a calendar and “Monday” was shown as the present day. There was knowing here that the regular teacher had asked me to fill in for her and that she may be gone for a while.

We looked at the instructions left behind for me and I saw that the autistic girl would be sent to another classroom. I also saw it was time to do a Spelling test. I let the assistant do it as I was still very tired. So tired that my eyes kept closing and my body felt heavy.

I remember hearing a keyboard playing and said something to the student. The student had dark brown, almost black hair and had a tiny keyboard his lap. He grinned at me saying asking me, “Don’t you like the music?” I saw that behind him there was a TV with a cartoon on it. I kept focusing on it. Something about it peaked my lucidity and I realized I could go OOB.

OBE: Military Moon Base

Upon recognizing my OOB state I felt my entire body lighten. All the heaviness I had been feeling seemed to melt instantly away. I went up to the TV and touched the screen. It was solid. I turned to the door and opened it. When I did this I saw a scene begin to materialize. I knew it was my mom’s house but didn’t want to go there. Knowing I could choose where I went, I said aloud to my guidance, “Take me where I need to go.”

My vision blacked out. I was reminded that I decided where I would go. So I thought, “Fall” – as in downward motion. I felt myself begin to rapidly fall as if I had just jumped off a building. I enjoyed the sensation as I sped up, fast and faster. Then I repeated, “Take me where I need to go.” The downward motion stopped and I began to rise rapidly with increasing speed.

I received communication during this time asking me to be more specific about what I wanted and reminding me that I chose my destination. I finally said, “Show me what I need to see.”

My vision came on and I saw that I was very high up in space somewhere. Below me large sections of color were rapidly flying by me. The colors were in different geometric shapes – octagon, hexagon, heptagon, etc. I saw the colors flash in rapid succession – yellow, red, blue, orange, purple, green, violet, indigo – all the colors of the chakras. They almost appeared like a runway below me. I was the one moving, not them, and I was traveling so fast that they looked like they were blinking at me.

I repeated, “Show me what I need to see.” This slowed my movement and the colors and shapes also slowed. Then I was flying over what was very obviously some kind of military installation but the vehicles and technology were far beyond Earth’s. I saw a dome-shaped, yellow vehicle flying close to the ground. It was the size of a tank and the top was covered in points, as if it was a geometric shape in and of itself. As I looked closer I saw a large building and many smaller buildings. All dark in color and seemingly made of metal. There were automated vehicles traveling all around. Some small, some large, some looking like transport vehicles and others looking like robot-type creatures. The sky above was dark as if it was night and the ground was covered in paving material of some kind.

I began to wonder where I was and so searched for signs of life. I saw what appeared to be a robot walking below me. It was all black in color and walked stiffly. Flying down, I stopped in front of it thinking, “I wonder what he will look like?” When I saw him he had a human face and was wearing some kind of stiff, black suit that covered every inch of him except his face. He had large boots on as well. I somehow knew they were magnetic and the reason for his stiff walk. I hovered near him saying, “Hi! What year is it?” He paused and replied, “20-something. I can’t remember.” I realized I was somewhere that did not observe Earth time. I heard something about “moon base” and “quadrant B”.

Another man approached but I never saw him. Instead I became acutely aware of my physical body’s breathing. My breathing was labored and slow, my lungs practically screaming for more air. I woke up and gained control of my breathing but fell right back into the in-between.


Lucid Dream – Adopting a Cat

I recall feeling a lightening bolt of energy shoot into my heart chakra from the left. I also had crystal clear visions of places I’d never been come into my mind only to vanish just as quickly. My body felt very foreign to me and my breathing continued to be labored. My breathing was very erratic, shallow and painfully slow. It felt like I was taking my last breaths. Oddly, I seemed not to care if I stopped breathing.

The next thing I knew I was inside a house hovering over the living room. A friend gave me a calico cat to take care of. She was beautiful and I remember saying, “She seems to still be very young” as I watched her stalking some prey only she could see. I messed with her, making her jump and hiss and saying, “I suppose I can keep her. I hope she doesn’t claw up my leather sofa.” My usual thoughts about cats are that they are better off with someone else. Yet in this dream experience I was thinking it would be nice to have a cat as a pet. I had a genuine love and adoration for her.

My breathing began to distract me in this part. It was super slow and my lungs were screaming at me to wake up and resolve the situation. What is odd is that I still didn’t care. I had no interest in attending to my physical body nor did I feel it was in any danger. Yet the feeling of it is very memorable even now. It felt like I would stop breathing completely and then gasp for air when my body realized it was starved of oxygen. It reminds me now of how my grandmother was breathing in the last day of her life. It was painful to watch.

I finally came back to my body. I was laying on my right side in a fetal position. Even in my body my breathing was labored and my lungs were hurting. I took slow deep breaths for some time but my energy was erratic and I could not get enough oxygen into my lungs to satisfy my body.

Yet I was still unconcerned.


I rolled onto my back and this seemed to help and my breathing finally leveled out.¬†I entered into the in-between where messages began to pour in. At this time I remember being another version of myself talking to the current version and giving instructions. I can’t recall those instructions now but do recall hearing, “Prime Directive.”

Then I recall hearing a couple of songs. One was All I Need is a Miracle¬†and the other was Paradise City,¬†specifically the part “take me home.”

With the songs going through my head I recall getting a warning. I saw an image of a chocolate heart in my mind. I was told to keep it safe – specifically “Mind your heart.” Then I saw a melting heart and knew it represented what happens when one gets overly obsessed with someone. After that I saw a frozen, brittle heart and saw it break into pieces. I knew this is what happened when one neglected their heart and didn’t let emotion into it.

Very busy and eventful night.

Dream Meeting and 2 OBEs

Yesterday I was hit once again with emotional and physical purging. I didn’t start feeling better until evening. This morning I feel much more like myself. No crying upon waking. In fact, the opposite. A smile in response to a nice OBE.

Dream: Music Discussion

I had a very long dream discussion with a friend. It began with me taking a job as a teaching assistant at an elementary school. I remember little about this part but I do recall that the school had been flooded but the water had receded in the room I was in. I also recall my pay was $8.20/hr.

A man came into the classroom at one point and began talking to me and asking me questions. He was studying music and wanted to know about my music background. We talked about the classes he would need to take and what was involved. I told him I only got a minor in music and went on and on about my school experiences with it. He asked me what instrument I played and I told him, “I don’t. I sing.” We did briefly discuss my playing the saxophone in high school, though. Then I went into detail about my upbringing, my mom, our musical family, and my love of singing. He told me he was looking into music’s applications in spirituality and consciousness expansion which was fascinating to me as well. We discussed¬†brainwave frequencies and their proven effectiveness at shifting a person into the theta and delta brain-wave states. This was his main focus and the discussion seemed to go in this direction for a while but I can’t recall it.

The entire time the man kept sending me a feeling that he wanted to get to know me more intimately. ¬†At first I just kept my distance but it didn’t keep him away. He began to invade¬†my personal space. I kept looking at him to try and figure out who he was. He looked familiar but I could not get a good look because his face was shifty. I only saw his dark hair. At one point he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Your eyes are SO blue.” I looked back into his brown eyes and thought, “Your eyes are so brown.” lol I never said it aloud, though. Eventually, he got so close that by the end of our conversation we were laying next to each other, his legs and mine intertwined. I remember feeling odd and uncomfortable about the situation but not fighting it.


When I woke up I knew who the man was and was surprised I recalled so much of our conversation. I asked my guidance about it and shifted into the in-between. I remember seeing and hearing a phone number: 555-666-7777. I also remember hearing, “Three weeks.” There was some sudden Knowing mixed in here, too.

OBE: Open Window

At some point while in the in-between and conversing with my Companion I realized that I could exit my body. I am not sure what triggered my awareness but it was instantaneous. There is a brief feeling of being fully awake that precedes this and a confusion from it because my surroundings were not right.

I move away from my body as soon as I know I am OOB. I do not feel any sensation of exit because I am in¬†a fully lucid experience. I assume I exited a some point after entering the in-between. Immediately I feel super happy. The room is very brightly lit and I recognize it as my old bedroom at my mother’s house. I head toward the window but feel my energy lagging. It feels like my energy is surging but unbalanced and I recognize this. I say aloud, “I am not my body.” I’m not sure why I say this but it helps and I grab onto the window to slide it open worrying briefly that it will be locked. To my delight it opens easily and I poke my head through the opening and take it the brilliant blue sky and greenery of outside.

I am still talking to my Companion the entire time I am OOB. I am super excited and saying, “Look! I did it! I am out of my body!” I laugh at this because it is not a big deal, I do it all the time, but for some reason I felt super accomplished and wanted to share this with him. I don’t see my Companion, though, I just feel his presence.

As I attempt to crawl through the window I have an energy surge and recognize that afterward I am liable to be sucked back into my body. I request clarity and remind myself not to over exert myself because I am still too close to my body. Unfortunately, when I lift myself up into the window a surge of energy hits me and I suddenly feel extremely heavy and cumbersome. I am sucked back into my body before I have a chance to stabilize.


I enter into the in-between for a little while after I return to my body. There is a brief memory of seeing that the sun is still not up. I sit up and look at my bedroom window to check. Whether this is a physical memory or an OOB one, I am unsure.

The conversation with my Companion continues while I am in the in-between. We are talking about my current situation, the “preparation” I have been doing and the feelings that I am sorting through. I can’t make sense of the feelings I am having as they don’t seem to apply to me. I request to be balanced and happy again, like I was just a few weeks ago. I tell him I am tired of the sickness and purging. There is profound understanding and clarity during this time. I wish I could remember all that we talked about but it was not in words but in feelings.

There was a flash of 1111 during this time and I remember being told, “You are right on schedule” and me saying, “Really?” Then I recall being given a black jacket that resembled a tight-fitting sweater. I was told, “Wear it. You need protection.” I put it on without hesitation and did not seem to recognize the message for what it was.

OBE: Kisses

At some point I recognize I am still OOB. When I do, I look around me and recognize my old bedroom. What is odd is that my current bed is in the room, too. It’s like the two realities – past and present – are superimposed. I even see both sets of windows. Everything is dark and shifty, though, meaning my mental vision predominates not that I am in the etheric. I have no energy issues this time and feel wonderful and balanced.

I am standing at the foot of my current bed in the space near the foot of my old bed. In front of me is a man. He is taller than me, my head reaches just below his chin. He has brown hair and eyes. When I see him I am elated and wrap my arms around him. He hugs me back and then keeps me close, hands on my waist. I look up at him and take a good look. He looks vaguely familiar¬†but I can’t place him. Is he wearing glasses? I see a glimmer of metal rimmed glasses I think but then they disappear.

What he looks like doesn’t matter, though. It is how he feels that tells me I know him. I say to him, “Hey you!” He looks at me and says, “Hey” and smiles warmly. I am so terribly excited that I grab his face and pull it toward me and kiss him. He kisses back and we kiss each other for a while. It’s not a make-out session but the kisses are passionate and eager, like we haven’t seen each other in a while. I can feel everything about it – him holding me, his warmth, his lips, the love, the friendship. It is so real I am surprised I didn’t wake up!

He turns his face away from mine and interrupts our kisses. I want to keep kissing and feel a bit out of breath. I don’t feel any arousal but there is that desperate wanting for more feeling lingering.

Meanwhile he is focusing on my left arm. He gently slides his right hand down from the elbow and interlaces his right hand into my left. He holds it there and I feel he does this purposefully. I am grateful because my heart chakra is starting to stir along with all the lower chakras. It is slight but there. I look up at him still trying to figure out who he is because I keep feeling like he is my husband but he doesn’t look anything like him. I ask him, “Are you_____ or ______?” He smiles and says, “You know who I am.”

When he said that to me I became very aware and came back to my body. My heart was warm in my chest by this time and my root had a slight swirl of energy. The warmth remained in my heart for a while after waking. Since I have not felt that kind of warmth in my chest for a while (not the heart fire but the bliss), I was pleased. What a nice gift. SO much better than waking up in tears.






OBEs and Blended Sight

What a crazy, eventful evening last night and this morning! Wow. So much insight, so much clarity and understanding. I could write an entire book on what transpired at 3am. Who knows, maybe I will one day? But for this post, this is what happened after I returned to sleep at 4:30am (yeah I was up a while after the 3am waking).

Dream: No Excuses

I entered into a wintry scene. Outside with several others, I was instructed to lay in the center of a dirt road covered in snow in between the tire grooves that were free of snow. The person talking to me told me I could stay there until the truck came or I could get out of the way. Either way I would be fine. I knew if I stayed the truck would just go over the top of me without touching me, yet every time I heard a noise, I sat up to look and made sure it wasn’t the truck. I saw several cars driving toward me, all swerved and ended up going to a stop sign to my right. I saw a dark minivan almost slide through an intersection. All of it was just like watching a movie. Very vivid and real yet I was still not very lucid.

Then I was walking to the top of a clearing on a hill in the mountains. The snow had cleared and my group was discussing the man who was suppose to help that morning. He had arrived late and quite drunk. I listened and watched the man stumbling about and acting quite full of himself, not a concern for his lateness or a single ounce of responsibility to his actions. The man approached a wood ladder. He was meant to climb it. Where it led, I don’t know, but his job was important, like to act as a watchman. My group could not figure out what to do about the man and were going to just let him do his job while drunk. This was not acceptable to me and I went up to the man and confronted him. I said something like, “Do you think you can come here drunk and do a good job? What were you thinking?” He replied, “What do you know? I am just fine, maybe a little late but fine.” He said other rude remarks but I told him off royally and put him in his place, telling him we (the group) would not allow him to destroy what we were creating. The last thing I said to him was, “You have no excuse for your behavior.” I walked away and members of my group stared open mouthed at me. I told them, “Sorry but someone had to say it like it is. You guys weren’t going to do it.” LOL

astral-projection-erik-janssonOBE After OBE

After walking away from the dream I ended up floating over my body having a conversation with my kids, laughing and having a grand time of it. I remember looping something plastic around my finger and feeling it. I knew I was OOB and just floating over my physical body but stayed where I was because I was so aware and content. My guidance seemed to want me to stay there, too.

Eventually, though, I had to go OOB. It was just too tempting not to. From this point I left my body more times than I can count. I believe it was 9-10 times but I really don’t know. Most were short excursions that ended soon after leaving my body, but I did have at least four where I was able to explore for a while.

In a few¬†OBEs, I found my husband curled up in our bed but he’s not home in reality (away on business). He was wrapped in a green blanket and said something that made no sense. I told him, “What? You must be dreaming!” lol He replied, “Yeah, I am.” lol One time I tried to snuggle close but as soon as I got to him the OBE ended. In another one, I touched him and he disappeared leaving me with only the green blanket. In yet another one, he and my youngest followed me, presenting me with a small, brown dog no larger than a bunny in size. It yapped at me and growled but was nice when confronted, shaking all over like it was afraid. I saw the dog more than once. Chihuahua maybe?

In another OBE I opened my eyes to find myself in a long, dark hallway. I knew instantly it was the hallway of a college dorm and I flew quickly down seeking out my dorm room. Inside I found some college girls sitting on the twin beds playing with toys. I spoke to them, flying above their heads trying to get a reaction out of them. They greeted me warmly and we conversed, though about what I can’t remember. What is odd here is that I never stayed in a dorm like this one. It was only recognizable from the dreamstate. I have had several dreams/experiences of being in this dorm room!

OBE: Blended Sight

The most significant OBE of the morning was one that really is quite amazing to me. It started out normally. I left my body, flew downstairs and toward the front door. I felt like I would not be allowed outside and the door would be locked. I said to myself, “The door is not locked” but it was locked when I tried it. I turned and saw a large, white mattress standing on its side blocking my vision of my living room. Behind it there was movement and there was an ominous feeling which I ignored. It was dark so I waited to see who was behind the mattress. I heard the dog barking (same little brown dog) and saw a man I couldn’t see for the dark¬†behind it. Not bothered that I couldn’t see the man, I materialized a toy dog and placed it on the floor in front of the tiny, barking dog. The toy barked back and the little dog grew quiet. lol That’s when I saw what appeared to be a red folder just floating in the middle of my vision. I wondered, “What is that? Why is a red folder here?” I wondered about it but decided I wanted to explore more.

I took a run at the door, figuring I would just go through it and I did! Right outside into the front yard! Flying high up into the trees, branches kept hitting me in the face and I could make out the stars in the night sky. Yet for some odd reason, through the branches of the tree I saw the darn red folder again! WTF? I tried to not let it distract me but it kept appearing in my line of sight. A single red rectangle that resembled a folder.

I remember saying, “Clarity now!” and waiting for my vision to clarify but the red folder remained along with the leaves and night sky. Still floating, I decided to ignore it and continued on but felt myself pulled back into my body. Yet the folder remained until I woke up. That is when I realized my physical eyes were wide open. And what were they looking at? A small, red painting my kids had made for me. It is on the wall across from the bed and in the dark it looks just like….you guessed it! A red folder! LOL

I have never in my life experienced this kind of phenomena. To see both with physical eyes and astral eyes and have the two visuals blend into one?! Ha! Too cool! I will just call it “blended¬†sight” as I have no other word for it. And it didn’t just happen this one time, this was just the time I noticed it. Prior to this, I had other OBEs, short ones, where when I came back into my body my physical eyes were wide open.

Dreams and OBE: Opting Out

Some interesting dreams for a couple of nights and an OBE that I wish to document.

Dream: Golden Pyramid

I was inside a large garage. I can’t remember what we were doing but the back door of the garage was open and I saw a very large, golden pyramid in the garden outside of it. It glowed and I remember feeling drawn to it.


Pyramids suggest major changes will occur over a short period of time.

Dream: Inside-Out

I owned two cars. One was silver and the other was black. Both were being worked on. I was having my mom pick up the silver car from the shop. I recall placing a $20 bill under the seat. When I described the car to her, I saw the image of it in my mind. The entire car was inside out, like a piece of clothing. I remember telling her it was this way on purpose. I could see the black car sitting idle in the grass.


The two cars are two distinct paths. The silver one is the main focus. It is turned inside out, indicating something similar is taking place regarding this path. The number 20 is about being positive and trusting that things are unfolding as they should.

Dream: Peeling Face

I was looking in the mirror and peeling huge chunks of skin off my face. The chunks of skin were at least an inch deep. As I peeled them off, I looked at them in my hand. Chunks of flesh. I remember feeling embarrassed of what I might look like and trying to hide the peeled portions of my face with my hair. Yet, when I looked in the mirror, expecting to see red and raw patches on my face, I saw only small bits of flaky skin here and there. I looked normal. No damage done.


I believe this represents a questioning of my identity or maybe a rejection of aspects of it.

Dream: Torn Sleeping Bags

I was a child roaming through a field dotted with jagged rocks and shrubs. I stopped at a rock and played with two yellow, toy trucks. I needed to use the bathroom so did so, just standing right by the rock. I remember feeling like a boy but having the body of a girl. It was very realistic in the dream. Realizing this, I searched for something to wipe with. I walked to my right, searching for something that might work. I saw sleeping bags in the treetops. They looked like they had been tossed there by a storm. They were ripped and blowing in the breeze. I picked up a piece of torn fabric from a red sleeping bad.


There seems to be a recognition of being both masculine and feminine in this dream. The urination is purification and cleansing of negative or repressed emotions. Sleeping bags represent warmth and protection. Being they are torn it could symbolize a feeling of exposure.

Dream: Check-Out

I was in a hotel suite with a friend from high school. I remember commenting on how long and beautiful her hair was and feeling very comfortable with her. We were lounging about preparing to leave and taking our time when there was a loud bang on the window. My friend when to investigate noticing they were trying to break in. She closed the window and then they moved to the front door, banging hard. She opened the door a bit and looked outside. There was a family standing there with a key wanting in. After a brief discussion it was determined that we had failed to check-out when we were suppose to, so we rushed to get packed and ready and asked the family to wait. We were too slow and they were in a hurry so we let them in. They began to dress in swimsuits and I got mad saying they were just in a hurry to get on the water slides. My friend decided to get back into bed at this time and I¬†lingered because of her. The family was fine with this, saying we could just share the room, but I couldn’t imagine us all fitting. There weren’t enough beds. There was a sharing of food here, too, specifically avocado, which I ate. I recall discussing the options for check-out then. We had been told to check-out at 11am and we hadn’t. So the next option was 5pm.


The first thing¬†I noticed from this dream is that the friend I was with was no longer my enemy which has been a pattern in my dreams since high school. Another thing was that we were at a water park, which has also been a repeating dream theme, but this time we were leaving. Water parks represent feeling emotionally fulfilled, so I am no longer feeling that way. There is a delay, not wanting to leave, but I am angry about it, suggesting that I am feeling disconnected from the emotions related to the stay. I want to “check-out”. The avocado represents reward in return for effort.

OBE: Opting Out

I became aware of vibrations¬†and could tell my energy body was floating and separating from my physical body¬†I lingered here as my vision turned on and found myself floating over treetops and rolling hills. The sky was filled with low hanging, gray storm clouds but it was not raining. I looked down and saw the silver railings of a paved bridge. I floated over the edge, looking down at the trees below. I was very high up. My guidance said, “You can leave your body now if you want.” I looked up again, considering taking flight, and then looked down. The urge I had was to just jump, allowing myself to fall to my death. This felt preferable to flying. I knew if I chose to fly that I would just return to my body after and I rejected this. My emotion was flat. The scene blinked and I was above rugged, snow topped mountains. I looked down, looked at them and rejected them, too. My guidance sent back ¬†an, “OK” and the vibrations faltered, became jagged and my awareness came back to my body.

When I woke I was in a very low emotional state. I noticed that the OBE reflected my desire to exit this life.

OBE: I’m a Warrior

Woke at 5am wide awake but not wanting to get out of bed. Told my guides, “I want to astral” but felt it was unlikely because my kids wake so early. I have a personal space heater in my room so I switched it on to “fan” mode to drown out any noise that might interrupt my travels. Then I positioned myself flat on my back with my arms comfortably over my head and my pillow over my face. This position, weird as it is, seems to be most conducive to projecting for me lately. I have not projected from my side in ages.

OBE: Black Kitten

I entered into a dream in which I was watching a little, dark haired girl trying to get into a closet full of toys. I pushed the door shut with my foot. It hit her arm, hurting her. This was an accident and so I got up out of bed (and OOB) and let her into the closet which opened up to reveal many various toys. I moved them around to show her what was there and she morphed into a tiny, black kitten. The kitten surprised me and I re-entered my body.

I had not realized I was OOB until then. I had vibrations so I knew I could exit, so I tried, but I was really tired and relaxed, wanting only to stay right where I was. I pushed past it, though and walked across the room. My energy was failing so I asked for clarity and even heard my guidance suggest I do breathing exercises. This pulled me back into my body.

OBE: I’m a Warrior

When I re-entered my body this time I was able to exit again. This time, when I got out, my energy level was higher and I flew out of my room into the hallway. I got the idea to sing in order to raise my vibration. Words and an unfamiliar melody came out and immediately I felt myself grow lighter and my vision became crisper and more vivid. I was singing, “I can do anything. I’m a warrior….” There was more, but I can’t remember it now. It was all about feminine power, though. As I sang, an entire band joined me with back-up singers and everything. It sounded like jazz maybe and the singers sounded African American. lol

I flew down my stairs, singing the entire time, and went out the front door. Outside, the streets of my neighborhood were overgrown with tropical vegetation. Trees that were taller than the telephone poles with vines hanging off of them lined the streets. There was no evidence of the suburbia to be found. Seeing this made me super happy. I was over the moon with joy.

For some reason, though, my legs were hurting me while I was flying. I remember being distracted by them and worrying they would force me back into my body. I had an internal dialogue about it that went something like, “Don’t focus on them. But something’s wrong. Don’t focus on them, you will go back in body. But they hurt. What if something’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong…” LOL

Eventually, the leg discomfort was enough that I checked on my physical body. I went back to it but did not enter it. Instead, my vision blacked out and I recall moving my legs remotely. I wonder now if I even moved my legs at all because it is so surreal a memory but whatever I did worked. My legs stopped hurting.

Then I was back in flight. Somehow I managed to find a house amidst the vegetation and entered into a long hallway. The lights inside were dim and I encountered a woman with five small girls approximately the age of 8-9 years old. The girls were in a line heading outside to the back. I flew over the tops of their heads talking to them. I worried briefly that I would get into trouble for flying. Somehow I knew it was not allowed where I was. For some reason, though, they tolerated it and I accepted without ever mentioning it or asking permission.

I followed them outside to a courtyard and stayed floating above their heads. I looked at them all very carefully, trying to remember the details of their faces. They were all ethnicities. I recall seeing an African American girl with her hair in multiple ponytails. There was a blonde girl whose cheeks were covered in freckles. There was also a dark haired girl whose hair was about shoulder length but she was very shy and stood back.

I wondered what to say to them and had the idea to ask them if they had physical bodies. I saw the dark haired girl¬†nod “yes” but I wanted to hear them say it so I repeated the question and heard another girl say, “Yes, we all do.” Then I asked, “Do you come here often?” The blonde girl said, “Yes, all the time.” I didn’t think to ask them if they had ever seen me. lol

Then I asked them, “Do you visit any other places?” I heard back, “Yes, sometimes.” I said, “Me, too.” I tried to remember the names of all the places I had been but my mind was blank except for memories and impressions. This is when the little freckle faced girl said, “I’ve been to Taipei.” I said, “Oh, I’ve never been there before.” For some reason I thought it was in Japan but now I know that I was thinking that I have been to Japan but at the time it confused me so I never told the girls about my travels there.

I recall then that the little girls went to a swimming pool and began to swim. I knew I could go with them but decided not to, flying off without saying goodbye. I was singing the song with music and background vocals again. This time, I stopped singing as I returned to my house and went up the stairs. The women singing continued and I recalled clearly the words, “I can do anything. I’m a warrior.” There was a third line but it is lost to me now. The last thing I recall upon return to my body was that my legs were hot from the insulated leggings I wore to bed (in the 20s last night). lol

warrioringardenOBE: Locked In

I could still feel vibrations so I decided to exit again. This time I went down the stairs and when I tried to leave via my front door it was locked. For some reason I got the idea that I would stand in front of my window and take my clothes off. I was sure it would get someone’s attention and they would come open the door for me. LOL I began with my shirt and bra and it was very difficult to get them off, they kept sticking and my fingers felt too big. I watched a car pull up and turn off its lights. A family approached the house, a mom and a couple of kids. By then my top was off but my bottoms were not cooperating.

I moved to the door to wait, fiddling with my drawstring which was too tight and in knots. I could hear the woman trying to unlock the door. I kept trying to get my clothes off quickly (not sure what I was thinking lol) and finally got my bottoms down and then couldn’t get them unstuck from around my feet. lol

The door opened and the woman entered. She was very obese but all I remember of her was her enormous thighs. They were as large as the seat of a chair. I sat down on her thigh (why? lol) and noticed that I could not feel my base chakra. It was like there was a huge, gaping hole in my energy body! This threw me because I had never experienced anything like it. Then for some reason I decided to kiss the woman. A big, wet french kiss. lolol What is odd here is that I don’t remember seeing or even feeling her lips or face. Instead, what I experienced was this massive space in my mouth and a distinct taste of salt, like ocean water. My mouth became expansive, like I was being sucked into a salty void. lol So completely weird!

As I woke up, the song Heaven by Bryan Adams was in my mind, specifically, “Baby you’re all that I want , when you’re lying here in my arms, I’m findin’ it hard to believe we’re in heaven.” Hmmm.

 Miscellaneous Thoughts

I wonder about my missing root chakra. It was a distinct feeling of empty space in my otherwise “whole” astral body. Like someone came and removed the entire chakra. Interestingly, when I woke, my lower back was hurting and I had started my monthly cycle early. This is the third month I’ve had an irregular cycle, too, which is very unusual for me. Are they related? Who knows.

The feminine theme of these OBEs is interesting to me. Every individual I encountered was female. In the final OBE I was looking for a male and swear I sensed one in the corner of my living room, yet I never approached him. It was like he was watching from the sidelines. A guide perhaps.

There were several in-between moments that occurred before these OBEs, too. Once I was underwater, breathing. It was as if I was fluid and part of the water. It was a beautifully integrated feeling and hard to describe. There are also memories of a discussion with others and seeing the numbers 11 and 111.

I also had several short exits from my body that failed abruptly and were followed by hypnagogia. I recall seeing thousands of tiny, perfect bubbles in my vision. ¬†I’ve also been experiencing vibrations, which is not usual. This is the third night in a row that I have awakened to vibrations and/or hypnagogia. The other nights, though, I was unable to exit my body.