SAHM Again and Loving It

Day two of being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) again. Well, technically four but I’m only counting the workdays. I’m loving not working again. It feel so free! Nothing like going back to work full-time to remind a person just how restrictive  it can be. It is also nice that my husband is out of town. When he’s gone, I am free to be in my own space and energy. The awareness which has come with his absence and my time away from work has been great. My energy body is different. Bigger? Maybe. Hard to put my finger on it, but because of it my physical body feels different, too. I am just……different.

Current Reading

Now that I have time again to myself, I’ve been drawn back to reading. For a few days I have been reading a book long ago recommended which I finally purchased. The book is Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying with Pan by Michael Roads. I limit myself to two or three chapters a night. So far I am on Chapter 9. Enjoying it immensely. His experiences remind me of my own except his are done via his Light Body while mine are while OOB and in the in-between. I suspect I can do what he does if given the right amount of space and alone time. 🙂 In fact, I think I use to prior to 2007 but it scared me.

There are some quotes from the book that I wish to share. They struck a chord with me, so maybe they will for you, too.

Previously I was wild and headstrong, filled with the need of drama and trauma, because this made it more real, more indelible – even though I never realized this. Any task that Pan set for me I performed with the maximum amount of suffering, caused by my reluctance and resistance. Yet, with Pan’s guidance and my persistence, I came to that place of Truth, of spiritual enlightenment, the place where self is surrendered to Self.
~ Chapter 3

When I read the above quote I smiled and thought, “Sounds like me.” Why do I have to resist everything? It only causes pain and suffering. BTW Pan is Michael’s guide for lack of a better word.

Because of that attachment there could be no mobility, no expansion in my consciousness, no real growth, nothing truly creative, and nothing of true Love. An attachment is just that, an anchor firmly embedded in sameness. Like it or not, this is stagnation.
~ Chapter 7

This quote hit home for me. I have experienced this “stagnant” feeling and recognized it was because of a hefty amount of attachment.

I choose all. I choose to no longer be frightened that my reality is not real. To no longer be frightened to step fully into the metaphysical. To no longer be frightened to accept my reality as the only reality in which I can live fully. I choose to accept that this is my reality; a reality that is, and will always be, far greater than my understanding of it. I choose a reality that is rich in Wonder and Mystery, a reality that grows and expands as I grow and expand.
~ Chapter 7

I actually used the above as an affirmation the other night. Rather than feel stuck in the middle of two realities, why not just accept that this is my reality, one that is full of Wonder and Mystery, just like the author said? I like that much better, thank you.

Never resist thoughts, or you will create thoughts to resist. Just ignore them. Take your attention away from them. Do not engage them or be concerned with them. Like a neglected plant, they will wither, losing the energy and vitality they need to thrive.
~ Chapter 9

This is actually almost word-for-word the advice given to me by my guidance once upon a time. 🙂

I’ll post more quotes as they call to me. So far, this book reminds me of Conversations with God, another one of my favs.

Breath of Joy

Even when working, yoga was part of my spiritual practice and continues to be so. I usually practice yoga three or more times a week. My goal is at least 20 minutes each time. I typically do more. My favorite website for yoga is so last night I used my new TV for just that.

Side note: What an awesome invention the Smart TV is! I loved being able to use my huge TV screen to do yoga. Love, love, love it!

Anyway, I did a new video and learned a new breath – the Breath of Joy. What an awesome breath! Not only that, but there was also the three-part breath and Breath of Fire in the same video. I got a good breathing workout last night and really enjoyed it. Maybe that is why I had so many OBEs this morning? Who knows, but I really recommend Breath of Joy. It just feels good.



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