Dream: Catching Lampreys

This morning was the solar eclipse. Two days before was Maha Shivaratri or “The Great Night of Shiva”, a Hindu festival celebrating the consciousness field of Lord Shiva. The 25th was Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of Bliss assisting humanity in overcoming their karmic ignorance to transcend into a state of supreme bliss by awakening to one’s true self. Shiva is known as the “Transformer” and the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Last night a portal opened and a veil lifted allowing for a night of spiritual sovereignty and illumination.

For me, personally, I did not experience anything significant last night except for a few dreams and some minor Kundalini. The night before, however, was most transformative as I had a substantial Kundalini rising event that brought clarity and bliss. My experiences coincided with the Maha Shavaratri (24th) and Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of Bliss (the 25th). I feel like Shiva and I danced together and he gave me a glimpse into my Self. I am truly honored to have been allowed such an experience.

Though I slept deeply, I still had some significant dreams accompanied by Kundalini energy up and down my mid-section. At one point it felt as if my entire torso was three times its normal size and filled with a buzzing, warm and comforting energy. My root chakra was also very active throughout the night.

Dream: Catching Lampreys

I was on a large boat with a group. Most of the group were elementary aged children and it felt to be a field trip of some sort. A teacher brought up a bucket full of lampreys but when I looked into the bucket I saw many colorful lobsters. They were all colors – blue, red, green, yellow – and seemed almost fake in appearance and did not move as if dead. I touched them, fascinated, and watched as they were placed into brown sacks. I remember wondering why they called them lampreys because what I saw was lobsters. That was when I saw an actual lamprey. It was being held up and I said, “Wait I want to take a picture.” I had with me a large, underwater camera. I tried to focus on the lamprey but could not get the focus to work. When I looked at the lamprey all I could see were rows and rows of sharp teeth. I was not afraid, however, just fascinated.

As we came ashore a young girl about the age of 10 took my hand and said, “Come with me!” She was really excited and wanted my help with something. She took me into a room and asked me to help her with her computer. I sat down and began to investigate the computer issue. The screen was playing some kind of soap opera. The girl crawled under the desk at my feet. I felt odd when she did that, sensing a sexual aura around her and not understanding why someone so young would be exuding such an energy toward me. I continued to fiddle with the computer feeling uncomfortable as the girl moved about under the desk where I couldn’t see her. I kept feeling like she would reach up and begin touching me in a sexual way and I sat frozen there wondering how to react. The girl never touched me but I felt my root chakra flare up and begin to expand up, up, up, filling my second, third and fourth chakras with a warm, buzzing and comforting feeling.

Then the girl crawled out from under the desk, stretching herself cat-like on the table next to me. Her pants were half off, one leg out and one leg in, and she had matured into a young woman. Her blonde hair was long and flowed to her waist and she was quite beautiful. I asked her, “How old are you?” She replied, “16”. I remember looking at her, admiring her beauty and wondering how she could have grown so rapidly from a 10-year-old to a 16-year-old. I was extremely attracted to her, also, but it was not a sexual attraction. The whole time my entire torso was buzzing and I felt to be expanding outward with energy.

I woke up still experiencing the rapid energy expansion in my lower four chakras.

Still in the in-between I saw a golden energy man standing over me with his arms outstretched. I fell into his arms, resting my head on his shoulder. The energy hug I experienced was exceptionally comforting and safe.


My dream indicates I am exploring my subconscious and emotions (ship). I find strength and persistence in excess (lobsters) but do not believe it is real (dead/fake). I also find that someone is taking advantage of me or exploiting me (lamprey). I take a good look at them (photo) but cannot see them clearly (unfocused).

The girl that came to get me was an aspect of myself. She wanted my help with current life issues (computer) containing much drama (soap opera). Her maturity suggests that I am also maturing. The attraction to her is similar to the attraction and love I have been finding for myself and this body. The number 16 has been coming up in my dreams lately. It’s relates to home and family and its message is to trust my intuition.



Dream Theme: Frozen

I requested dream recall again last night. I only remembered a few, but at least I recall something. When I wake up without any memory of dreams it feels like I just closed my eyes and opened them again rather than having actually slept.

When I tried to recall my dreams there were several I touched upon and began to remember in full that were snatched away from me, fading immediately into my subconscious. It felt like my guidance was saying to me, “Not that one,” every time I lost a dream memory. Why I am not allowed to remember these dreams, I don’t know, but I have given up trying. They literally vanish without a trace and it is impossible to retrieve them.

The dream theme from last night was “frozen”. Everything I dreamed about involved ice in some way.

canadaDream: Trip to Canada

I was driving an unfamiliar car north to Canada. My partner was in the car with me, but I could only feel him at that time. We would often switch between driver and passenger. We needed gas so we stopped at a gas station. He was driving at the time and had gone way to fast for too long and our gas tank, which had only 2 gallons in it, was now at empty. He wanted to stop somewhere shady but I pointed to another stop. We pulled in and drove up to a building where he pulled out a long, black hose about a foot or more in diameter and plugged it into our car. I sat in the car watching and looking at the inside of the car. It was all black interior, quite roomy for it’s size and familiar. I had been in this car in physicality! I remember commenting that the gas station was strange – everyone had their own building to park at and individual hoses for gas. There was discussion here about identity and protection of it.

A voice from inside the car asked me to deposit money. I put in a $20 bill in a slot inside the car. A woman from outside came up to my window and began talking to me. She resembled my ex-MIL. She told me, “You have changed. You are much calmer now than you use to be.” She mentioned that I was not the same person, that it was unbelievable to the point that she was suspicious of me. This part of the dream was odd because she just appeared, told me this, and then disappeared.

The gas stopped flowing and a voice asked for more money. I called to my partner who was filling a work truck with gas. I knew the truck was his but that the gas he put into it also went into the car I was in. His truck had compartments on it and a ladder and other tools. I stuck a $5 bill into the slot. Then the tank was full and change dispensers appeared for me to get my own changed. I was owed 16 cents. I spent some time trying to count out the change, dropping pennies and confusing quarters for nickels.

We left the gas station, turned left and pulled past a long line of cars. We stopped at our destination and then I do not recall my partner being with me. Everything was covered in ice and snow and I had to walk carefully. People were gathered inside the building I was in but it was more like a passageway of ice. I followed people up several slippery inclines. At one point I had to climb up and grabbed the edge of the building accidentally touching a girl. I told them, “Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m from Texas” as if saying that would explain my clumsiness. They laughed, saying Texas only got snow 7 miles north of Dallas.

Dream: Evicted

In this dream I was with a group of people and we were being evicted from our residences. My friend, a very tall older man who reminded me of my real life friend David, said to me, “Looks like I will have to stay in that hobbit hole.” He pointed to a small house and said, “I will have to duck down to live there. There is a spare room that you can have.” I accepted his offer. It felt like my friend had been evicted many times before but that it was my first time.

I went about working the grounds around the house, getting my hands dirty as I cleared the path from the water to the house. The path often flooded so I put wood over the low spaces. As I walked along the banks of the lake I noticed it had a thin sheet of ice over the top. Leaning down, I inspected the clear water and then touched it to confirm. Yes, it was iced over. I told my friend and he did not believe me. He said it was too early for it to freeze.

Dream: Frozen Bugs

In this dream I only recall seeing several blocks of ice about four inches square. Inside them were small specks that resembled dark rice. There was much discussion about the things inside. They were alive and had been forgotten and left preserved in ice. I felt sympathy for the parent of these creatures. In my mind they were children to be cherished and looked after. I took a block in my hand and it began to melt revealing what was inside. Little bugs began to crawl out as they thawed. There were all kinds of bugs, all small and harmless. One was a beetle that once thawed took flight. I remember watching it fly away feeling happy that it was free.


Rather than interpret these dreams separately, I will just give my feeling on the whole sequence.

First off, prior to bed I asked for this slow, healing period to be done with. I am bored with it. I also requested that my heart be re-opened so that I can transmute the emotions of the collective. I feel like I can be doing so much more than I am and feel gypped when the work that I do in my sleep is hidden from me. I am not afraid of feeling the intense emotion that I felt last November and December. Yes, it is agonizing but it passes quickly. This transmutation of collective pain is necessary and if I am able, I am willing to do my part. I understand that the reason my heart was so wide open was because of what occurred in early October. Yet had my heart not been opened like that I would not have been able to witness my ability. I was given a glimpse of mySelf and her potential and wish to return to that me.

So, I believe my dreams were symbolic of my expression of frustration and desire to move on. Ice indicates a feeling of being stuck and not seeing progress. Movement north is suggestive of my desire to make progress and move forward. Filling up with gas indicates a need to for energy and being on “empty” indicates this as well. My partner has a different car than I do, yet we start out in the same car. The work truck is symbolic of him doing his own work while I do mine. We are on separate paths but the “gas” fills both cars which indicates we are connected and what happens to one, happens to the other. The 16 indicates a focus on family and loved ones. It is a reminder that my attention should be on my family, the work to be done regarding family, and to trust my intuition.

There is a feeling of not belonging (evicted) surfacing as well as recognizing the underlying emotion (flooding) and trying to minimize it (wood over water). I have tons of worries (bugs) that I am trying to free myself of because they have been stuck (frozen) and ignored. I’ve been tending to them for too long and must release them.



Dream “Amnesia” Continues

The deep sleep and dream amnesia episodes continue. The incoming energy of the solar eclipse on the 26th must be really intense. Thankfully, I am not noticing much in the way of ascension symptoms other than an occasional headache, mental fogginess, some restless energy which I quickly ground out by working in my yard (it’s Spring in Texas!), and the deep sleep I mentioned above.

Since my dreams have been hard to recover I requested again last night that I remember some. It was granted but it took some work on my part. My typical method of dream recall is to go over the dream a few times in my mind when I wake up in the middle of the night. Sadly, what happened last night was that I would wake up, go over the dream in my mind and end up in another dream confusing the two and becoming completely disoriented.

Conclusion? I’m just too tired.

So where does that leave me? Well, I remember some dreams but not in totality. There are bits and pieces – specifics and details – that are missing. So what I have to report is not near like what is my norm. I will report the one dream I remember in full. The rest are just pieces.

Dream: Test Spiral

This was the first dream of the night that I tried hard to remember. I did pretty good despite falling asleep in the midst of reviewing the dream in my mind.

I was with my mother (wiser version of myself) in a school. She took me to a room and asked me to pick out an instrument. The room and everything was gold, even the lighting.

From a large, gold box I selected an instrument but it turned out to be technology, not a musical instrument. It was a handheld, black, rectangular box that slid open to reveal a screen with buttons/keyboard similar to a cell phone but too big and much thicker. On the screen appeared a test that I was to take. I read through each question in the dream, reading some over and over because I kept forgetting (ha!) what I read after I read it. My mind was just not working even in the dream. I got stuck on #1, a multiple choice question that was asking me, “Which of the following does not belong?” Each of the four sentences was a section in order of an event, just like a story. I marked the selection that made the most sense and went on to take the rest of the test. Several questions were open-ended, but I can’t remember them now.

When I got to the end I realized there were only 7 questions. That meant I couldn’t miss very many.

The good test-taker that I am, I went back and reviewed my answers, going back to the first question and reading it over and over again to make sure I got it right. The problem was that I could not find any part of the scenario that did not belong. The scenario was as follows:

A.Five friends are waiting for the bell to toll.
B. They wait patiently standing in line, each preparing for their missions.
C. When it is time they will go into the church together.
D. Until that time they will wait in line with their tools.

I remember questions A and C most vividly. The other two are just visual representations in my mind. But the questions don’t matter anyway. What matters is what happened when I focused on the question.

With focus on the question I would be transported to the scenario. I saw the five people standing outside along a sidewalk. They had with them either surf boards or kayaks which were behind them leaning against the windows of the building.

The preparation for the mission part took me into a spiral. It is hard to explain what it was like except to say that I was not moving with the spiral but in the middle of it watching it spiral around me. It was similar to the DNA “ladder” without the rungs and it was moving around me like a gyroscope. The spiral was made of energy that swirled and moved and was all colors. I lost a lot of my memory of what I experienced here which I think is purposeful. It was some kind of realignment I think.

The selection about the church was one I kept getting stuck on because I think “church” was what did not belong and I began to over analyze the question. It was ultimately the answer I selected.

The last selection brought about a return to watching the friends in line and focus on the surfboard/kayaks behind them. There was a feeling that they needed to “ride the waves” of the ocean.

render of DNA

Dream: Restorative Lake

This dream began with me walking out of a vast, dark lake of cool water. I was curious about a building in front of me. It was dark except for a light in the window, a light that should not have been there. I went to peek into the window but saw nothing despite hearing voices. The women inside came out and I watched as many teachers appeared to gather for a briefing. I had been hiding in the shadows but was spotted because the candles these teachers held illuminated me. I said to one teacher, “Why are you all meeting at 4am? What is going on?” One woman, blonde and younger than me said they had been called to an important meeting. I did not belong there so went inside the building.

There was more but I lost it.

Random Dream Memories

There are random memories of dreams here, some I had days, maybe over a week ago. Why this happens, I don’t know. I will lose the dream and then while trying to recover a recent dream have one pop up from a long while ago.

Dream memories that pop up:

An entire dream of staying in a mansion with my group and wandering the halls looking for a bathroom and finding a casino instead. lol There is a pet pig and being in Spanish class from that same night.

Dream section of going to my computer and getting a message that asked me, “Do you want to delete old files?” I click, “Okay” and then discover that I deleted all the dreams I had been trying to remember. LOL All that remained of the files was an old song from the 1980’s that I can’t recall now. Probably deleted, too. 🙂

Dream section of being inside a theater watching an actor play his part. I was laying on the floor with two pillows over my head but had a headset inside my left ear where I could hear a female voice. However, I was trying not to hear her and focused on the man in front of me. He was bare chested and I was trying to figure out who he was, how old he was, etc. His face was handsome but rugged and he had a bushy go-T that was completely white. His brown eyes were beautiful. In fact, he was very attractive and I kept looking him up and down. lol I don’t remember if he had clothes on below the waist but I do recall looking at his legs and thighs along with his chest. He had dark hair all over him but not too much. The thing that was most confusing to me was that his mouth was very wrinkled and his facial features were aged way more than his body. He was smoking cigarettes and retrieved one from a bag on the floor. I remember him saying, “Okay, I’ve played my part. Time for me to go now.” He walked out of the room and a woman reached into the bag and took the rest of the cigarettes for herself. Not sure where the woman came from but in the end I do remember she was there with me.

There is also a brief memory of another spiral/energy session but most of it is completely lost to me now. It also had to do with a scenario-type situation similar to the test dream.

A memory where I was with my best friend from high school telling her about my dreams and how I needed to remember them.






Dream: Burying my Father

I had such a long dream it took up most of the night into the morning at 4am. I would wake up and the dream would just take up where I left off. These kinds of dreams are rare, so I pay attention.

Dream: Burying my Father

The first part of the dream is mostly lost to me now but when I woke I was alarmed. What I do recall of the dream began with me outside of a building. I was pacing the parking lot and when I turned to go in, a man had just come out and locked the door behind him. I told him I was suppose to go in to wait on the arrival of my father’s body and he said he couldn’t let me in. So I wandered into a movie theater to wait out the night. I saw an old classmate sitting in the crowd, joined him briefly saying hello and then walked out the back of the theater. I saw another classmate who had lost of her father not long ago. She and I had been best friends once upon a time. I greeted her, told her my father had just died and that I was going to pick up his body to take home. I don’t recall her response.

Then I was inside the building I had been locked out of and talking to the man who worked there about the arrival of my father’s body. He was coming by plane and I was to accompany the body back home. He was asking me if I wanted to accompany the body, giving me paperwork to fill out and the specifics of the plane arrival and departure. I had to wait some time for the death certificate, though.

When the body arrived it was placed into my car. Strangely it was put in the front passenger seat of a small, red compact car that was mine but I did not recognize. The body was not in a coffin but laying across the front seat. The preparation of the body was strange and I can’t remember the specifics now but my “father” looked like a mummy except he was wrapped in black fabric covered in white specks that resembled stars. His head and arms were free and the rest was tightly bound in the fabric. The doors of the car had been left open so as to keep it cool and decrease the stench of death.

I saw the body and asked the man to put it in the back seat. I wanted to help move the body and he said, “You better not touch it.” Taking his advice, I watched as the man took the body and put it in the trunk.

The next thing I recall is being at my Mom’s house in the driveway. My father’s body was leaning up against the car and I took a good look at him. He was way too young, hair too dark and just didn’t look at all like my dad. His hands were outstretched in a creepy way, too.


When I woke from this dream I felt as if it was a bad omen. When I look at the symbolism, I can understand why I felt this way. Father is symbolic of authority and self-reliance. Mine is dead, so not a good sign. He is also wrapped up in bandages which suggests that I am feeling restricted when it comes to my own authority. I don’t feel in control. The fact that I am retrieving my dead father likely indicates that I am being asked to confront my situation. It is linked to family (my mom’s house) but I try to ignore it and not deal with it (placed in trunk). The thing that concerned me about the dream the most was that my dead “father” resembled very much a man I have seen in my dreams and OBEs.

After this dream I had a message that I almost forgot until now. I was told that I was working on the left side of my body and could feel the entire left side alive with energy. It was a distinct energy that left my right side feeling almost numb in comparison. The message alarmed me because at the time I thought the dream meant I was killing off my masculine side, which is not good since I am seeking balance. I understand now that I was incorrect in that assumption.


Dream: After the Zombie Apocalypse

There were many, many other dreams after the one above, but this one is the most significant.

I became aware of driving on a highway in the wrong direction. Cars were parked in the right median in a haphazard fashion, leaving the left two lanes open and clear. No one else was driving on the road. Tall pine trees lined the feeder roads and it was eerily silent.

I proceeded with caution until I saw a white truck head toward the exit and then saw a few other cars in the distance. Somehow I knew that it was a good sign that there were others out and about. I took the exit, too, but since I was headed in the wrong direction it was awkward.

I got out of my car and began to walk the empty suburban streets. Someone called out to me from the highway and I got a feeling it was not a positive thing, but then knew I was protected. I kept walking until I got to a house. By then I was with a partner, a man, but I only recall his energy, not his appearance. We went inside and looked around. The family who had lived there was gone and we were talking about what had likely driven them from their home – zombies. But the threat had passed. The zombies eradicated except for only a few. There was relief and a feeling of hope. I remember looking out the window of the house and seeing a few people walking around and even saw a couple of children. It was a good sign that children were out and about.

My partner and I decided we would clean up the house and live there. Start anew. We investigated further into the home and saw that children were in a room with a man who seemed to be teaching them. They were behind a two-way mirror. My partner said there must be hidden rooms in the house and we should explore more. So we did. I found a small nurse’s office in the back complete with exam table and supplies. There was discussion about the women who had practiced there and whether she was qualified.

Eventually we determined she had been and we moved on. We found a hot tub inside a tiny room. In fact, the entire room was the tub – walls rising up from the edges of it. My partner and I went inside with another couple and soaked in the tub together. It was only then that I saw who I was with. He was familiar to me and I actually saw him in other dreams throughout the same night as this one. I have also seen him in dreams previous to this one. He appears young, perhaps late 20’s, early 30’s. He has dark blonde hair, a bit lighter than my natural color, and blue eyes.


When I woke from this dream I was upset at seeing the blonde man because I had seen him before and was thinking he was there for a reason, like he and I would meet in person in this life. Then I began to focus on the dream’s meaning and feeling to me. My past dreams about zombies have not been good. The zombies are always everywhere and threatening. This time there wasn’t even one to be seen and I had hope. I am being encouraged to heal (nurse’s office and hot tub).

Despite the positive message of this dream I woke up feeling defeated and discouraged.


Sleep Disturbances and Dreams

I’ve been experiencing sleep disturbances and low dream recall. There was a low level geomagnetic storm the past 48 hours so maybe that was the culprit, but my experiences are not consistent with my usual response to these storm. Typically during geomagnetic storms I sleep very deeply and have many varied and sometimes profound dreams/OBEs.

Night Before Last

Two nights ago I got almost no sleep. This was in part due to my rearrangement of bedrooms and sleeping situations. My two youngest typically sleep with their father and I sleep in anther room by myself. I find my sleep is so much better this way as I am a very light sleeper and sensitive to the energies of others. Yet yesterday my husband demanded I change this arrangement because married couples are “suppose” to sleep in the same bed and room. I didn’t argue and figured I could try. Why not? I use to sleep in the same bed as him but that was way back in the beginning of our marriage and during my seven-year spiritual “break”. My insomnia and general over-sensitivity to my husband’s energy began in 2011 and just intensified until I fixed the sleeping arrangement to my benefit.

So, that night, my middle son slept in his own bed but my youngest refused to sleep in their shared bedroom, choosing instead to snuggle next to me. My reaction to my new sleeping arrangement was as I suspected it would be. I could not relax, even with the comforting energy of my “baby” next to me. The dominant energy of the bedroom was that of my husband’s and to me was very erratic and unsettling. I tuned into my son’s energy and it helped. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, my husband came home and I was wide awake and could not get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Even when my husband left, taking my son with him, I could not sleep and when I did finally sleep (I only know this because I recall dreams) my youngest came crawling back into bed with me. Then my oldest kept coming in, too, confused because her father had taken over her bed!

The entire next day I was pretty out of it – tired, sore neck and shoulders, headache, dry eyes and starving. I was so hungry I probably ate at least 8 meals throughout the day. I know I had three breakfasts before 10am! And I was terribly thirsty all day, too. Weird day!

So last night I returned to my bedroom and the familiar energy I had created in that space. My son was in his bed (still in the room) and was talking very loudly in his sleep. I finally carried him to his father’s bed. Only then was I able to sleep. Today I will be putting my son’s bed in another room and taking back my space. It is obvious I need it!

Last Night

When I finally settled down, I was laying on my back doing progressive relaxation by focusing on my body part by part from my toes upward. I never remember making it to my abdomen. Instead, I ended up seeing hypnagogic imagery that did not disappear even when I moved my physical body. This is unusual! I saw specific symbols in front of me and thousands of tiny, hexagons, like a glowing beehive. Each of the hexagons shimmered and created entire scenes that included these symbols that were encased in golden boxes. The hexagons moved, cascading out from a central point and then returning in a continual flow. The hexagons were so tiny at times they appeared as circles but always they created scenes. I recall seeing a forest scene vividly, a fallen log in the forefront and greenery of lush, tropical foliage in the background. Very beautiful and that it persisted even when I was fully conscious is amazing to me!

I had no vibrations with this imagery, which is unusual. I did have an in-between experience prior but I can’t remember it now except that I my attention was taken to the symbols which were being shown to me purposefully but again, I can’t recall why.


I asked to remember my dreams. When I sleep and can’t recall my dreams I feel gypped. What I got was memory of dreams from other nights mixed with last nights dreams.


Burned Church

This was from the night where I got little to no sleep. I was in the country at a rendezvous point with a group. I saw a white hot air balloon in the sky heading toward me. I pointed to it. It was dropping water on the church where we were meeting. I went inside and investigated. There was a corner that was scorched, embers still hot and smoke rising up from them. I tiptoed around it, making sure not to get too close. I was barefoot.

From there I was guided deeper into the church to a gymnasium located at the back. The floor was completely white and the middle dropped down by a couple of feet creating a large rectangular area. I asked about it and was told the gym was very ancient and had to be repaired. When I walked on it, the white coating over the floor moved as if it was a giant sheet of fabric.

As I became more lucid in this dream I saw the number 111 written in front of me in white as if glowing. I was then awakened by one of my children.


I am seeking spiritual enlightenment (church and hot air balloon). Since it is burned, something about my journey has been burned. I suspect this may be the Kundalini energy also. It is smoldering. The water from the balloon puts out the fire suggesting the emotional aspect of my quest is responsible. I am seeking understanding and how to apply what I have learned to my life (gym). I am struggling with my identity (barefoot).

Crystal House

Brief dream from two nights ago. I was inside a house whose walls I could see through and seemed to be made of crystal. When I woke I knew this was my “new body”.


This was from last night. I was inside a small kitchen standing behind the counter. I commented that I had never seen it so clean. Others were with me. I tried to rearrange a counter but decided it would not work. There was a washer/dryer in the kitchen, too. The dryer was very small, like for one person.

I recall being asked questions about the significant marriage-like relationships in my life. I was asked, “Of your ex-husband’s, which one do you feel would be most likely to come back?” I saw in my mind three ex’s but they were impressions, not faces. I went to the first impression or energy and said, “My first husband.” I said this because I had no doubt the amount of love he had for me – er well attachment is a better word. I remember being a bit confused by this question and the energies I saw in front of me because 1. I have not had three marriages and 2. I have only one ex-husband.


I am transforming (kitchen) and nearly finished (clean kitchen). Rearrangement is the consideration of what to do with the transformation. Emotions need to be addressed (dryer) and I feel unfulfilled. I’m not sure why I was asked the question or why I had three ex’s.


This dream was long and drawn out, so I only recall parts. A Hispanic woman was talking about her daughter and how she went to school in Mexico and would come home before she did. She crossed the border every day to attend school. I recall seeing the little girl dropped off and talking to her in Spanish. Then she had a twin brother who was learning English. He just appeared in the dream. I spoke with the boy, congratulating him on his English progress.

Then we were singing a Spanish song together. I don’t recall the words now, but I was very lucid when I was singing it. The only word I remember now is “Verdad”.

When I woke from this dream/experience I felt to be fluent in Spanish, though in reality I’m not. I remember speaking in Spanish the entire dream and being very comfortable about it. Mexico was also very prominent. I believe I was in Mexico. Why I have dreams of Mexico and speaking fluent Spanish all the time, I have no clue. Maybe I make contact with an alternate version of myself?


I am not sure why I keep dreaming of Mexico and speaking Spanish. Dreammoods says Mexico represents preservation of tradition and family, so maybe I am seeking to preserve a relationship? Speaking another language is my subconscious coming through. Since I understand the language then maybe I am starting to understand these subconscious messages?


I was with my group and new members were joining us. I left to join up with a friend and a whole other dream commenced. When I was returning, I took a highway and saw it had been flooded. The turn I would take to the house was a dirt path. I went on foot but it had been flooded, too. So I took off my shoes and swam across, getting soaked.

Inside I saw new members had arrived. I dried off and joined them. It made me uncomfortable to have new members whose energies I would have to get use to. I introduced myself to two women. I hugged one afterward and she reciprocated. When I went to hug the other one she was resistant and her energy was very rejecting of me. This bothered me.

There were two sets of adult twins in this part of the dream, both disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. One was a set of female twins, the other of male twins.


My spiritual path is uncertain (dirt road) and filled with emotional obstacles (water/flood). I feel uncertain about expanding this group (new members) and fear rejection. Not sure on the twins in the dream.



In this dream I was back in Montana and discussing buying a new house with my husband. I was deciding if the commute to town was one I would want to take daily. I saw that the house was located uphill over three mountain passes. This was unacceptable because I knew how treacherous it would be in winter. I traveled the road to test it. I saw the miles uphill versus downhill and the gas consumption.

There was a very steep downhill section that I drove and it was very scary, almost like a cliff when going over the top and heading downhill.  I knew I did not want to drive this route every day. As I went down the hill I realized I was on the wrong side and so corrected this only to find the other side was under construction and I was driving on dirt. I went back to the other side where traffic was diverted, noticing a cop car alongside me. I checked my speed. I was going 82 mph.  The cop car sped past me. A woman driving toward me suddenly swerved turning her car around and crashing into the ditch. Me and a man asked her what she was doing and she said she had hoped the police would help her.


I believe this dream was about me considering one particular path I can take. This one involves my marriage and my new self/soul in relation to it (buying house). The path is steep and treacherous (uphill) and I do not want to travel it. I look at the potential outcome of this new direction (going downhill) and find it scary and uncertain (dirt path/under construction/cliff). I am upset by what I see and ask for assistance (cop car). My speed indicates the advice given. The woman in the other car going up the hill and who turns around suddenly represents me. She wrecks and acts strangely. Perhaps a part of me is overreacting and ambivalent? hahaha Probably.


When I awoke I felt very disappointed for some reason. This song’s chorus was going through my head:


Dreams: Making Progress

Lately I’ve had so many dreams that I lose track of them. Some come back to me days later, though, as if to show me something. This post will be mostly about dreams and their messages over the course of this past full moon.

Dream: 15 Floors Down

I was in a huge building. It wasn’t a home or a business. I’m not sure what it was, but it was massive with high ceilings and a very modern appearance. I was in a restroom. Single toilet, single sink but with space enough for three or four people. The floor was tiled and it was quite clean looking with a monochromatic color scheme. I saw water squirting out of the lower portion of the toilet. I bent down and turned off the water. I dropped something but didn’t hear it hit the floor. When I looked for it, I saw a hole the size of a large floor tile. Looking down it I could see several floors down, and a visual of another bathroom, and another, and another.

I sent out a question as if making a phone call but it was all telepathic. I told maintenance that I had lost something (a key?) and believed it fell to the bottom floor. I asked, “How many floors are in this building?” He replied, “You are on the 12th floor. There are 15 floors total.” My interpretation of this was that the higher number floors were below me and the lower numbered ones above me. I needed to go deeper to retrieve what I lost.


The sense this dream gave me was that I am moving deeper and deeper within, clearing blockages and issue that no longer serve me. The “key” will be found when I reach the “bottom” floor, which is the very root of Self. These are heavily charged with emotion but they are clearing and progress is being made.

Dream: Inception

I was in a classroom that resembled an open field. There were walls but then there weren’t. It was like we were in a holographic space. It was very familiar to me and the colors green and blue prominent.

In front of me was my assignment. It was a list of terms and sentences all describing events in time. Some I recognized as historic events from Earth – wars in Europe mainly from long before the Americas were discovered. The terms and sentences were in a chart, each had a number assigned to it. My job was to place the events in order but what is odd is that I was selecting them randomly, as if I was deciding history rather than retelling it.

There were other students and again I thought, “I’ve already taken this class and graduated. I’ve done this before.” But instead of feeling resistance to repeating the class, I just accepted I was in it and mingled with the other students. I ended up helping out a female student. I figured I might as well use my experience to help others who were new to the experience of the class. The female student I assisted was very smart. I remember seeing in my mind a huge letter, “A”, indicating she was an A student. Yet she still needed my help.

Then I was placing the terms/sentences. My main focus was on the numbers, not so much the words. The numbers of interest were 7, 6 and 15 in that order. 15 had two places where it seemed to fit. It was one word – “Inception” I believe. I could not decide where to place it in the timeline.


I felt positive when I woke from this dream because I did not resist being in a class I had already completed. In fact, I assisted others with the class. The complete lack of resistance and acceptance of my role indicates I am finally accepting this life and my mission. I may have lived countless lives on this planet, feeling I long “graduated”, but I returned to help others in this physical reality classroom. There is also a recognition of my involvement in creating the history of this planet. The number 15 repeats and since it was in the dream above (and other ones as well) indicates a message. The inception word is also a clue. Inception is the start of something, it can also be instilling an idea into someone’s mind via the dreamstate. Both seem applicable and go along with the message of the number 15. I am beginning “anew”, writing history as I go.


Dream:  The Governor 

I was in my bedroom trying to get comfortable but my MIL had left way too many blankets on the bed and it was too hot. I tossed them, folded, on a bench at the foot of the bed. The lamp was malfunctioning and it broke. I just recall being tired and not being able to sleep.

Then family entered the room, all talking loudly. They brought in a man they called “governor”. He was old with a large, flabby stomach. We all sat in a line on the blankets I had taken off the bed. The man joined us and I remember someone farting loudly. I snickered because of the inappropriateness of it being we had a guest and all.

The man then told his story but it appeared as a movie and I went into the movie, experiencing it with him. We were under a highway overpass following a group of planes heading to war. The man was sharing a memory of his youth with me and he was the one in charge. He was on board a very large plane but it was more like a ship because it had a deck on top. It was massive but in comparison to the highway above, it seemed small. There were dozens of smaller planes all around. They looked like airplanes at first but upon further inspection their coloring – a greenish gray – and their propellers – looking like dragonfly wings –  caused them to look like insects. The propellers moved so rapidly you could not distinguish one from the other and they buzzed just like an insect.

Upon recalling this scene it is obvious that I was not in present time and maybe not even on this planet, though it sure looked a lot like Earth. There was greenery all around and the overpass was a brilliant white and so high up that it resembled a train track from below. The fleet of aircraft the man commanded was massive and moved swiftly and with ease.

I hovered face-to-face with him as he stood on the larger ship and noted how handsome he was. I thought him to be in his 20’s. He corrected me and said 30’s. He asked if I found him handsome. I laughed because in his old age he was not at all handsome.


The beginning of the dream was me recognizing my physical discomforts. When I woke I was hot and all my covers were off of me. I find the farting funny. Perhaps some humor to try and wake me up? Or maybe a sign to lighten up. 🙂 The feeling from this dream is that I was receiving instruction via a guide (the governor). He was familiar. I had seen him in a previous dream. The place I found myself in seemed to be in the future but then the feeling was also that it was the past. I am not sure exactly the meaning of what I saw. Was it to familiarize myself with this guide? Was he showing me his “past life”? Or was it to send the message that we all command our own lives/fates?


Dream Message: Healing Old Wounds

I was asked by my guidance to set an intention for this full moon. So I did. I slept very deep but still had some vivid dreams which I believe were to help me understand why the intention I set could not be fulfilled at this time.

Dream: Missed Connection

I was traveling with a group in California. The dream is not very clear at the beginning except for the feeling of traveling in a car for long distances. I remember having a very strong connection to a man but while on the trip I completely forgot to connect with him as I intended. I was so caught up in my travels with my group that I didn’t check to see if he had left me a message. On the final days of the trip I saw he had contacted me asking when and where we could meet. Though I was sad for forgetting, I did not concern myself with missing the connection. In the dream he appeared as a man I had dated in the past, a lesson long ago learned. I did communicate with him that I had forgotten and could not meet him, though. Somehow I knew the trip was only a week long and in my memory of it the week passed so quickly it was as if only a day had passed. As I traveled home with my group, I felt sad for missing the connection and upset at the complete lack of desire in me. It felt as if desire would never be there again, not just for him but for anyone. The loss of desire made me feel empty. How could I continue in this life without the component of desire? Nothing I did would feel purposeful without it. Living without desire is like living without Life.


When I awoke from this dream it was as if I was still in the midst of it, my thoughts going to the empty feeling. It felt as if all I had worked for and all the progress I made was null and void. Like I had gone back to the beginning, back to feeling no desire whatsoever and having no motivation toward reviving it. My thoughts went back to 2010-2015 and how I was completely blocked sexually, my body did not respond as it should and there was no pleasure in sex or any desire to be found anywhere in me. I felt truly dead. I prayed back then to recover what I had lost and it was granted only to be stolen from me once again. Why would I be given such a gift only to have it taken from me? It felt like this issue would not be resolved in this lifetime.

Dream: Wounded Buffalo

I was traveling with a man, a guide, flying over fields in California. As we traveled we discussed the past and how it impacts the future. How if man misuses the land, the land has to recover and this can take time. We landed by a fence and I heard a man talking to me about his childhood and how he use to wander from field to field playing. I saw this small, wooden gate nearly broken off its hinges and knew this was a path this man had taken as a child. I knew that the man had lived long ago and had experienced a war in his youth. Then I saw a sign on the fence that said, “Missing wounded buffalo.” The man said they had been butchering it and it got away and so needed to be found.

Then I was watching an animal hanging up in the middle of the room. It was still alive and it’s intestines were coming out of a hole in it’s side. There was discussion about it and that is when I realized the animal was a male lion. The lion was wounded and needed to be healed. There was a group of individuals dressed in white in attendance. They were standing around the wounded animal in a circle, arms spread in a Y over their heads. The group was setting an intention. The way I remember it the intention of the group was a shared consciousness between them all (I was an observer) and they were calling for the white buffalo spirit to descend from above and take the lion and make him whole. As the observer it was a strange experience to watch them “call” to some unseen force above. I could feel the intent of the group, it was like a huge energy expanding up and out. Then, from above, I felt an energy descend and the lion began to levitate. As it did, it transformed from a lion into a buffalo. It was carried away by the energy force, its brown fur transforming into white.



This dream seems to be a lesson via my guidance about healing and how it works. It is not something that can be rushed. The lion clearly represents me (a Leo) and maybe even the full moon energy in Leo now. The wound in the lion’s side is my wound. It is significant and must be healed. I understood in the dream that this wound was recently reopened and so must be addressed because of the potential for it to fester and bring about decline. A wounded buffalo indicates there has been a loss of power and strength, my desire to survive in this world draining away. Similarly, a lion represents power and courage. I could feel my solar plexus very distinctly in the dream and upon waking. I am being attended to by my guides whose combined intention (along with my own) is working to heal this wound. The white buffalo, a sacred animal, brings with it hope and the promise of prosperity. It was as if I was being touched by the Divine.

When I woke from this dream the feeling was that I am in the midst of some intense healing that cannot be rushed.

Dream: Packing up My Classroom

Returning from time off, I stood at the door to my classroom and looked inside. There understanding was that I had been out on leave for some time and now needed to return, pack up my things, and leave. I would no longer need the classroom.

Inside, the classroom walls were covered in Halloween decorations. I could see pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns dotting the walls. There was an inner discussion about Christmas decorations. Where were they? I understood, then, that I had been gone over Christmas, missing the holiday altogether.

I began to take all the decorations down, which was a quick job. Then I went over to a desk where a child, the child of the new teacher, was taking oil paints and putting dabs of different color on wax paper. I accidentally put my elbow in one of the dots of paint and the girl’s mother, the teacher who would be taking over my classroom, reprimanded her. It was only then that I saw the new teacher sitting at the desk. She looked a lot like me. I told the child it was okay because my sweatshirt was old and it didn’t matter. I remember being sad at first that my favorite sweatshirt would be ruined by the paint and then quickly letting it go, realizing nothing remains the same and all things come to an end. There was complete acceptance of this realization. I was quite happy wearing a worn and tattered sweatshirt with paint on it. The shirt represented a time in my life that was over but the memories remained.


This dream made little sense to me when I awoke but in writing it I can see clearly. The classroom is my domain – I control it as the teacher and direct what goes on in it. Yet, I have been absent since October. I see that month as significant because that is when a major transformation occurred for me, one that is only now coming to an end (I think). The classroom was frozen in time when I returned to it and I was passing it onto another teacher, the “new” me. I believe this dream was from the perspective of the “old” me and her realization that memories are forever but physical attachments fade away and come to an end.