Dream: Wasp Infestation

With the moon full and an eclipse scheduled for today I had hoped for more activity in dreamtime, but am thinking this full moon may be one of the least spiritually active for me in a long time. At least I am sleeping better. 🙂

Dream: Pears and Oranges

I was in a seaside town traveling along a highway overpass. Below, the sea had surged and recently raising the water level in a cove. I was inspecting it with a mother figure. The water was clear.

Then I was sitting cross legged on the ground in a field along with many others. The line I was in stretched farther than I could see. We were given fruit to peel and quarter. I got two oranges and began to peel them. A woman overseer tapped me on the shoulder and told me a fruit I had given her would not pass inspection because it had a brown spot. She told me to inspect them more carefully. She gave it to me and it was a peeled green pear. I noticed that it came from two downed pear trees located next to her, both heavily laden with ripe fruit. I thought, “It is bruised because it is laying underneath all that weight.” I put it down and began to peel another one, inspecting it as I was instructed. The old one I hid between my legs and sneaked bits of when no one was looking.


The sea is a pun on “seeing” more clearly. I am looking for clarity on some situation. The bridge represents crossing between the conscious and subconscious. The line of people has to do with limitations and patience in some situation. The oranges symbolize liveliness and an outgoing nature. Pears represent the womb and fertility. A pear tree represents new opportunity. Since they are down and laden with fruit I don’t know whether this is good or not. One would think a downed pear tree would mean missed opportunity.

Dream: Wasp Infestation

I was inside an unfamiliar house upstairs inside a bedroom. There were dozens, maybe more, huge wasp nests on the ceiling and in various other places in the room. I could see the wasps on the nests and felt very uneasy in the room. I remember saying they needed to be exterminated. Yet, for some reason, I went into a bathroom with a woman and my cousin to dye my hair. My cousin was dying the woman’s hair brown and a box of yellow/blonde hair dye was sitting on the counter. I was talking about how we would exterminate the wasps, coming up with a game plan. They were more interested in doing their hair. I decided we could kill the wasps while we waited for the color to set.

Then I was downstairs. The downstairs looked like my grandparent’s house and my grandmother was present. It was dark and I saw a huge wasp nest over the front door. There were three huge wasps, one with a large stinger at least two inches long. I had never seen one so big. I yelled to the girls upstairs to come help me. Then I went to look for a flyswatter. I had a can of wasp spray in hand. When I went to find the flyswatter I turned on what I thought was the light but instead it turned on the coffee pot and the coffee grinder. The woman from upstairs came down, her hair wet with brown hair dye. She held the wasp spray but was pushing on the button and it was spurting all over the place. I told her how to use it and she sprayed the nest, wasps scattering all over the place. When the nest was clear of wasps my grandmother climbed up on a ladder and retrieved something. She brought down a baby bird that looked nearly grown. It was then that I realized I had only partially dyed my own hair blonde and was concerned about how to fix it or else have a huge blonde streak in my hair.


I suspect this was an inspection of an aspect of myself that is private or of a sexual nature (bedroom). There is negativity (wasps) infesting this area of my life and I want to be rid of it. In attempting to address this situation I seek purification (bathroom) and assistance (the two women). We discuss what persona (hair dye) I would like to switch to in order to address the issues. Serious (brown) or livelier (blonde)? In addressing the problem I head into this physical lifetime (downstairs) and revisit my past (grandmother’s house). I see negativity and areas that need to be inspected (nest) and a particularly nasty issue (large wasp). There is an urgent feeling to this situation (flyswatter), a feeling of take action now or lose the opportunity. I attempt to illuminate the situation by turning on the light but instead find an imbalance (coffee maker) and a message like “wake up!” comes with an urgency to focus my attention on some issue (coffee grinder). When the wasps are gone what is left is hope in reaching my goals, aspirations and hopes (bird). These are retrieved by a protective, wiser version of myself (grandmother). In the end I have chosen to take on the livelier personality (blonde) but only allow a portion of myself to be this way and am trying to determine how to resolve that situation.


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