Sleep Disturbances and Dreams

I’ve been experiencing sleep disturbances and low dream recall. There was a low level geomagnetic storm the past 48 hours so maybe that was the culprit, but my experiences are not consistent with my usual response to these storm. Typically during geomagnetic storms I sleep very deeply and have many varied and sometimes profound dreams/OBEs.

Night Before Last

Two nights ago I got almost no sleep. This was in part due to my rearrangement of bedrooms and sleeping situations. My two youngest typically sleep with their father and I sleep in anther room by myself. I find my sleep is so much better this way as I am a very light sleeper and sensitive to the energies of others. Yet yesterday my husband demanded I change this arrangement because married couples are “suppose” to sleep in the same bed and room. I didn’t argue and figured I could try. Why not? I use to sleep in the same bed as him but that was way back in the beginning of our marriage and during my seven-year spiritual “break”. My insomnia and general over-sensitivity to my husband’s energy began in 2011 and just intensified until I fixed the sleeping arrangement to my benefit.

So, that night, my middle son slept in his own bed but my youngest refused to sleep in their shared bedroom, choosing instead to snuggle next to me. My reaction to my new sleeping arrangement was as I suspected it would be. I could not relax, even with the comforting energy of my “baby” next to me. The dominant energy of the bedroom was that of my husband’s and to me was very erratic and unsettling. I tuned into my son’s energy and it helped. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, my husband came home and I was wide awake and could not get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Even when my husband left, taking my son with him, I could not sleep and when I did finally sleep (I only know this because I recall dreams) my youngest came crawling back into bed with me. Then my oldest kept coming in, too, confused because her father had taken over her bed!

The entire next day I was pretty out of it – tired, sore neck and shoulders, headache, dry eyes and starving. I was so hungry I probably ate at least 8 meals throughout the day. I know I had three breakfasts before 10am! And I was terribly thirsty all day, too. Weird day!

So last night I returned to my bedroom and the familiar energy I had created in that space. My son was in his bed (still in the room) and was talking very loudly in his sleep. I finally carried him to his father’s bed. Only then was I able to sleep. Today I will be putting my son’s bed in another room and taking back my space. It is obvious I need it!

Last Night

When I finally settled down, I was laying on my back doing progressive relaxation by focusing on my body part by part from my toes upward. I never remember making it to my abdomen. Instead, I ended up seeing hypnagogic imagery that did not disappear even when I moved my physical body. This is unusual! I saw specific symbols in front of me and thousands of tiny, hexagons, like a glowing beehive. Each of the hexagons shimmered and created entire scenes that included these symbols that were encased in golden boxes. The hexagons moved, cascading out from a central point and then returning in a continual flow. The hexagons were so tiny at times they appeared as circles but always they created scenes. I recall seeing a forest scene vividly, a fallen log in the forefront and greenery of lush, tropical foliage in the background. Very beautiful and that it persisted even when I was fully conscious is amazing to me!

I had no vibrations with this imagery, which is unusual. I did have an in-between experience prior but I can’t remember it now except that I my attention was taken to the symbols which were being shown to me purposefully but again, I can’t recall why.


I asked to remember my dreams. When I sleep and can’t recall my dreams I feel gypped. What I got was memory of dreams from other nights mixed with last nights dreams.


Burned Church

This was from the night where I got little to no sleep. I was in the country at a rendezvous point with a group. I saw a white hot air balloon in the sky heading toward me. I pointed to it. It was dropping water on the church where we were meeting. I went inside and investigated. There was a corner that was scorched, embers still hot and smoke rising up from them. I tiptoed around it, making sure not to get too close. I was barefoot.

From there I was guided deeper into the church to a gymnasium located at the back. The floor was completely white and the middle dropped down by a couple of feet creating a large rectangular area. I asked about it and was told the gym was very ancient and had to be repaired. When I walked on it, the white coating over the floor moved as if it was a giant sheet of fabric.

As I became more lucid in this dream I saw the number 111 written in front of me in white as if glowing. I was then awakened by one of my children.


I am seeking spiritual enlightenment (church and hot air balloon). Since it is burned, something about my journey has been burned. I suspect this may be the Kundalini energy also. It is smoldering. The water from the balloon puts out the fire suggesting the emotional aspect of my quest is responsible. I am seeking understanding and how to apply what I have learned to my life (gym). I am struggling with my identity (barefoot).

Crystal House

Brief dream from two nights ago. I was inside a house whose walls I could see through and seemed to be made of crystal. When I woke I knew this was my “new body”.


This was from last night. I was inside a small kitchen standing behind the counter. I commented that I had never seen it so clean. Others were with me. I tried to rearrange a counter but decided it would not work. There was a washer/dryer in the kitchen, too. The dryer was very small, like for one person.

I recall being asked questions about the significant marriage-like relationships in my life. I was asked, “Of your ex-husband’s, which one do you feel would be most likely to come back?” I saw in my mind three ex’s but they were impressions, not faces. I went to the first impression or energy and said, “My first husband.” I said this because I had no doubt the amount of love he had for me – er well attachment is a better word. I remember being a bit confused by this question and the energies I saw in front of me because 1. I have not had three marriages and 2. I have only one ex-husband.


I am transforming (kitchen) and nearly finished (clean kitchen). Rearrangement is the consideration of what to do with the transformation. Emotions need to be addressed (dryer) and I feel unfulfilled. I’m not sure why I was asked the question or why I had three ex’s.


This dream was long and drawn out, so I only recall parts. A Hispanic woman was talking about her daughter and how she went to school in Mexico and would come home before she did. She crossed the border every day to attend school. I recall seeing the little girl dropped off and talking to her in Spanish. Then she had a twin brother who was learning English. He just appeared in the dream. I spoke with the boy, congratulating him on his English progress.

Then we were singing a Spanish song together. I don’t recall the words now, but I was very lucid when I was singing it. The only word I remember now is “Verdad”.

When I woke from this dream/experience I felt to be fluent in Spanish, though in reality I’m not. I remember speaking in Spanish the entire dream and being very comfortable about it. Mexico was also very prominent. I believe I was in Mexico. Why I have dreams of Mexico and speaking fluent Spanish all the time, I have no clue. Maybe I make contact with an alternate version of myself?


I am not sure why I keep dreaming of Mexico and speaking Spanish. Dreammoods says Mexico represents preservation of tradition and family, so maybe I am seeking to preserve a relationship? Speaking another language is my subconscious coming through. Since I understand the language then maybe I am starting to understand these subconscious messages?


I was with my group and new members were joining us. I left to join up with a friend and a whole other dream commenced. When I was returning, I took a highway and saw it had been flooded. The turn I would take to the house was a dirt path. I went on foot but it had been flooded, too. So I took off my shoes and swam across, getting soaked.

Inside I saw new members had arrived. I dried off and joined them. It made me uncomfortable to have new members whose energies I would have to get use to. I introduced myself to two women. I hugged one afterward and she reciprocated. When I went to hug the other one she was resistant and her energy was very rejecting of me. This bothered me.

There were two sets of adult twins in this part of the dream, both disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. One was a set of female twins, the other of male twins.


My spiritual path is uncertain (dirt road) and filled with emotional obstacles (water/flood). I feel uncertain about expanding this group (new members) and fear rejection. Not sure on the twins in the dream.



In this dream I was back in Montana and discussing buying a new house with my husband. I was deciding if the commute to town was one I would want to take daily. I saw that the house was located uphill over three mountain passes. This was unacceptable because I knew how treacherous it would be in winter. I traveled the road to test it. I saw the miles uphill versus downhill and the gas consumption.

There was a very steep downhill section that I drove and it was very scary, almost like a cliff when going over the top and heading downhill.  I knew I did not want to drive this route every day. As I went down the hill I realized I was on the wrong side and so corrected this only to find the other side was under construction and I was driving on dirt. I went back to the other side where traffic was diverted, noticing a cop car alongside me. I checked my speed. I was going 82 mph.  The cop car sped past me. A woman driving toward me suddenly swerved turning her car around and crashing into the ditch. Me and a man asked her what she was doing and she said she had hoped the police would help her.


I believe this dream was about me considering one particular path I can take. This one involves my marriage and my new self/soul in relation to it (buying house). The path is steep and treacherous (uphill) and I do not want to travel it. I look at the potential outcome of this new direction (going downhill) and find it scary and uncertain (dirt path/under construction/cliff). I am upset by what I see and ask for assistance (cop car). My speed indicates the advice given. The woman in the other car going up the hill and who turns around suddenly represents me. She wrecks and acts strangely. Perhaps a part of me is overreacting and ambivalent? hahaha Probably.


When I awoke I felt very disappointed for some reason. This song’s chorus was going through my head:



5 thoughts on “Sleep Disturbances and Dreams

  1. teleile says:

    Funny, I too have had really poor dream recall for the past few nights, which is *very* unusual for me, and I too feel gypped if that happens! 🙂
    I’ve been trying to work out why, as I haven’t done anything at all different from usual. I hate a night with no interesting experiences! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      There is a solar eclipse coming up (26th) and talk of a gateway, etc. I haven’t paying attention but it likely has something to do with this. I have been out of it for about three days. I had to request to remember my dreams last night and it worked. 🙂


  2. kittyasmith says:

    I have had terrible dream recall for many years, now. Never thought much about it until recently. Now I do want to remember but feel a “block” preventing this. I now sleep with shungite, because I have been interfered with while I am asleep. My husbands energy is an issue, too. I keep clearing the energies that are uncomfortable from the room, but they come back. Found a portal near his desk in the next room and keep closing that. My husband keeps bringing it back in.

    Being sick gave me an easy excuse to sleep in my meditation room for three blessed nights in which I had amazing dreams. Then I got sick and got two more nights in there. I don’t know how I can make a permanent move….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      You just do it. I am back in my own space and have no plans of returning to a shared bed. There may be some tug-of-war, though. I’ve been dealing with upset from my husband about it for years. He eventually just accepted it.


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