Vein Surgery and Recovery

Yesterday I had the Venefit Targeted Endovenous Therapy, which is just a fancy word for having vein surgery. The vein was collapsed by radiofrequency energy.

I learned a lesson in manifestation from this experience. Prior to the surgery I kept worrying over whether I should have it and when they called to confirm the appointment I actually cancelled it when they told me I would have to take antibiotics for ten days afterward. Five minutes later I had an urge to call back and when I did I spoke to a woman who reassured me that this was only precautionary. I rescheduled and it was set.

I had absolutely NO nerves or apprehension. I kept waiting for my heart to speed up or for me to get anxious, but it never happened. Never. So weird for me!

The doctor turned on a screen for me so I could watch the ultrasound of the procedure. He could not get my vein to cooperate and for about a half hour he poked and prodded in my leg. It was uncomfortable and since it was late in the day I was getting fed up. The doctor recognized this and said if he couldn’t get into the vein that he would reschedule me.

During the third try I sent to the universe this thought, “It WILL work this time because I am NOT coming back to do this again”. Literally moments after thinking this the doctor got access to the vein and the procedure continued. Amazing!

I immediately recognized the moment of manifestation and also how my indecision the last few days may have created this minor complication.


One of my worries was that I would have a painful recovery. During the procedure I decided there would be no complications. I thought, “Recovery will be easy”. And so far, it has been. I have no bruising yet which is amazing in itself. The nurses told me usually there is already evidence of bruising at the end of the procedure. I have no swelling today, which from what they told me is uncommon. I have no pain today other than a bit of tenderness on my upper thigh when I push down on it. My son actually crawled on my leg and it didn’t hurt.

I know that this procedure will resolve most if not all of my leg aching and restlessness issues. It will also resolve the ugly vein issues and keep new veins from forming. I am so pleased!


Just wanted to post this in case this premonition comes to pass.

Yesterday someone told me about a friend who was going to Cancun for two weeks. I immediately wanted to say, “I hope they don’t get caught in the earthquake” but shut my mouth as this person was very happy and I didn’t want to worry her. Unfortunately, the feeling that came with the thought is still with me as is a knowingness that such natural disasters are on the rise. So I am posting this in case anyone is going to be traveling to Mexico in the next couple of weeks. Please be careful.

I looked up quakes in Mexico for today. There was a 5.5 in Oaxaca. Current quake activity in Mexico.

Cerebral Enhancement

I had difficulty sleeping last night. I meditated prior to sleep and went into what I can only call a “space” where I had no memory of thought or action or anything, yet I was not OOB nor was I dreaming. I felt subtle vibrations in and around my entire head but they were not overpowering, just gentle and relaxing.

I came out of my reverie and felt much time had passed but upon seeing the clock realized it had only been 30 minutes. Where had I gone to? I had no memory. Weird.

I attempted to sleep after that and the next hour or so I found myself in a state I have never before experienced. I was in the in-between, which is common for me, but instead of moving into the dream world as usual, I stayed there right on the edge. The typical dream thoughts and images would begin to form as is usual when I begin to fall asleep. What is odd here is that when these thoughts began to manifest, just as I would recognize a sentence or pattern, I would be jolted with an electrical current through my mind that would literally shake my awareness, throwing the stream of thought out of alignment and giving me a feeling of disorientation.

These “jolts” would pull me out of the in-between and I would have to return to a state of no-thought in order for the electrical current to fade. I want to emphasize here that the jolts of energy were not comfortable. It made me feel disoriented and unsettled to the point that I began to feel symptoms in my second and third chakras similar to nausea, but not physical. It was like spiritual nausea. Additionally, my head felt expansive and full of many currents of energy coming from more than one direction. It is as if I was being injected with energy from several vantage points outside of my physical body. When these currents would “jolt” me it was when they made contact with my thoughts. If there were no thoughts, there would be no jolt or uncomfortable symptoms.

After being jolted multiple times I finally appealed to my guides for help saying, “I want to sleep! What is happening?” I got the response, “Sleep”, along with a comforting feeling saying all was okay. I was so tired by this point that I must have been able to ignore any additional jolts because I fell asleep.

Cerebral Enhancement

This morning the memory is still vivid of these uncomfortable jolts of energy. I requested an explanation and this is what I was told:

You are undergoing a cerebral enhancement and reorganization. It is unfortunate that you were witness to these enhancements for they can be uncomfortable to the physical body. The thought patterns you witnessed forming in your mind were exposing specific pathways that needed adjustment. Once this reorganization is complete you will have better control over your mental processes, thoughts and awareness.

Halfway Point

I am halfway there. “There” being completely merged with my Higher Self.

How do I know this? This is what my Council tells me. It is with certainty that I know it to be true. There is so much more certainty now and so many changes materializing within me. I feel like a part of me has been freed from confinement. I feel like jumping with joy and yelling “Hallelujah!”

I wish I could accurately describe in words what is happening, what I am experiencing, but the words escape me. It is a feeling that is indescribable yet it feels so familiar, so true. It feels like I am finally becoming Me!

The calm feeling has not left. I don’t know how long it has been but it has been so normal in my daily like that I am wondering if I will ever be the old me again. I literally can see that me going away. She is vanishing. I am experiencing a vanishing of my old self. Right. Now.

I can tell you what I notice that is so different. The following is a list of the changes that are occurring:

  • My mind is quiet.
  • My emotions are stable more than varied.
  • I no longer have pangs of anxiety in my stomach or that “sinking feeling” I use to get with “bad” news.
  • I experience moments in waking life as if I am the observer.
  • I am remembering more of myself (hard to explain).
  • I am getting more “downloads” day and night and and I am noticing when this occurs.
  • I have more space; I feel expansive.
  • I spend more time in the present moment and less in the past or future.

I feel deeply connected to everything. This is the expansiveness, the space, I speak of. This connection seems to enhance my connection to my Council and Higher Self. The “downloads” (don’t know what else to call them) happen infrequently but when they do I find I am overcome with a feeling of being “paused”, like time stops in that moment. Then I “open up” and there is an expansion of awareness, an understanding that cannot be put into words, and I feel a recognition and appreciation for the experience. When it is done, it lasts only perhaps a minute or so, I feel changed though I cannot explain how.

I am told that I will soon become aware of being aware. I am also told to not worry, that this part is “easy” and though I once doubted that it would be, I am starting to think this is probably the easiest I have had it since the kundalini energy first started rising last year.

It is funny, but I am excited, though on the outside you would think I was calm or maybe contented, but definitely not excited. That is probably the most amazing part of this part of the experience for me – the level emotions! The roller coaster seems to have disappeared. But this does not mean I don’t feel, I just choose to feel what I want to feel and back off from what I don’t want to feel. Honestly, I don’t know how I am doing it and when I try to think about how it could be that I am suddenly so different, my thoughts never materialize past a mild curiosity. I note it and then, pleased, go back to silence.

I have so much more silence. I never thought my mind could be so quiet.

This is amazing!

OBE: Class and Discussion

When I went to sleep I asked to astral and then stated over and over, “I am out of body”. I began to drift to sleep on my stomach. At this time I became aware of vibrations and hypnagogic imagery. In my vision I saw millions of tiny, black and white circles spinning rapidly. They moved and formed a 3D shape that resembled a room and staircase. I followed it, thinking, “There is color!” and saw red pop up as I followed the staircase down a couple of flights of stairs. I then knew I was losing it and it disappeared.

I fell asleep and was awakened by my baby at midnight. About a half hour later, I went back to bed and again repeated, “I am out of body” so many times I lost count.

I had a long stretch of dreams that seemed to last forever. In them, I was semi-lucid with moments of such clarity I am surprised I did not awaken. In one I was preparing to take a shower and was in a massively old hotel with vaulted ceilings.In another I gathered up supplies for my upcoming class. I got cheese and jerky sticks, four of each.

Arctic Beach

This is when class began. I slowly gained lucidity throughout this dream.

I was being instructed as I watched a scene unfold in front of me. There I saw a beautiful arctic sea and massive polar bears walking along it. There was a man with one of them and he and the bear jumped into the sea, the man on the underside of the bear holding firm to him. The bear was so large that the full grown man fit easily between his front and hind legs. Interestingly, the bear’s face was scrunched up and looked more like a primate’s face than a bear’s.

As I was watching the scene I was blown away by the breathtaking beauty of the place. I could feel the coolness of the air and was briefly worried the man would freeze in the water. My instructor, who I could only sense, reassured me that it was okay. Though I could not hear my instructor, I felt him in all ways. It was like he surrounded me and was within me at the same time.

I knew from the class that this was evolution and how it occurred. I was being shown this scene to see where it started. I was then taken to the future and recall hearing myself (as my instructor) say that the bears decided they wanted more. They wanted to educate their children and I remember being very interested in this part.

I was now standing in front of a massive structure made of stone. It had been made by these future bears who were no longer bears but more humanoid-like. They had advanced and built an entire society! I saw the massive steps that led to the entrance. They were so large that I could stand underneath one step!

At this point I was completely aware I was in a “dream class”. I said to my instructor, “I want to go inside”.

Instantly I was transported through my “eyes” into the scene. At the same time I heard an odd noise from within that I cannot describe in words. Then, I was standing underneath one of the massive stone stair steps. I crawled through the space and walked into the opening that was the massive doorway. Inside it resembled a very large, domed cave. It was so high I could not see the top of it. I saw more structures all around made out of the reddish rock. All were equally massive. I felt to be in a very ancient place, long forgotten over time but that still held immense power.

As I stared up into the blackness I felt the familiar energy sensation that tells me I am about to leave the scene. It felt as if I were sucked out of it and my vision darkened as I made the transition. Then I was talking out loud to myself and staring at a brilliant white screen. As I spoke, golden letters appeared on the screen and words formed. I was taking notes! I don’t remember now what I wrote in its entirety, though.

In this white space I became interested in what I was writing. When this happened I voiced that I wanted to learn more. I was instantly covered in energy and popped into a new scene. There was hardly any movement to indicate I had changed location!

I Am Everything

In this new place I was mid-air, flying over a small road lined with green grass and trees. The sky was blue and dotted with clouds and I was pleased to be flying. I looked down and saw a car with two young men in it staring up at me. Pleased, I swept down and said, “Hi!”, waving at them. A young man smiled up at me.

Then I felt myself slowly being pulled upward into the sky and my vision began to darken around the edges.

I protested and said, “I don’t want to go that way. Please.” I knew my instructor wanted to know what I wanted and so I said, “I want to see myself. I want to know what I look like when I am not in a physical body”. I recognized instantly that I was granted this request and the scene and all movement froze. Still hovering mid-air, I saw in front of me buildings and a solid black door the size of a garage door. I remember wondering, “Why is there a garage door there?”

The swirling energy that was me intensified. I felt revved up, as if someone had set a match to me and I was engulfed in my own energy. Scenes flooded my mind. Mountains, valleys, rivers, cities, animals, men, women, planets, galaxies….and on and on. It was all instantaneous, as if I saw everything at the same time. Still in front of me I could see the black screen.

I said out loud, “And God created the heavens and the Earth. And he created man in his own image”. And such awareness and an overwhelming amazement and understanding hit me. I said to my instructor, “I am everything”.

Return to Body

Though there was an understanding and amazement, I felt more calmness than I have ever felt while OOB. As I absorbed the information I just received my vision became crisp and the buildings and green grass of the scene were right in front of me again. I heard my guide/instructor for the first time as a thought inside my mind. As he spoke to me, the energy sensations around me intensified to the point that I felt an amazing peace. The scene in front of me began to swirl as if it were being sucked into a whirlpool. As it swirled the scene felt to be coming into my eyes and my eyes felt alive with energy and so expansive that I wondered if they could get any bigger. I suddenly realized I was returning to my body, but not in any way I have ever recalled doing. This was an amazing entry!

This went on and on for what seemed like forever. I wondered if I were ever going to be back in my body. I could sense my heart beating regularly at intervals but mostly I felt this amazing, expansive energy that was me. How could all of me fit inside a body!?

My guide was saying to me, “You are everything. You are beautiful. You are more than a body”. He said more but I cannot remember it all now. I do remember asking him, “Who are you?” He responded, “Erron”. I remembered him and replied, “Hi! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”. I was overflowing with gratitude.

Intense Energy and Messages

When I finally settled in my body, which seemed to take a very long time and was very, very gradual, Erron began to explain more about the class I had been attending. I heard the name Kashtar but I wonder now if it was Ashtar. We had been to a place somewhere in the universe. I was fascinated!

Erron explained that what we had been discussing was how evolution works. That we choose a physical being that has certain characteristics and then enhanced the being. These characteristics include spoken language, brain capacity and potentiality, and appendages suitable for creation. The being must also be highly adaptable. I asked why not telepathy and was told, “It is not finite enough”. Interesting!

He then reminded me of all the potentialities that exist on Earth. I recognized dolphins, whales, primates, elephants among a few. Any of these could be “evolved” but humans are the chosen being now.

Throughout our discussion energy sensations around my head were intense and there were periods where I felt to be drawn into a void and then settled back into my body. It was as if I were going out and then in, out and then in. There came with these sensations a swirling and expansion in my eyes and a swooshing sound that came from within me. I have never heard such a sound before and cannot even describe it now. It is not like when I have gone OBE. Not a Velcro sound or whoosh.

The entire time I was in a complete state of calm and emotional objectivity. If I had an emotional reaction it was so subdued that it is hard to say it was emotional. If I thought of something physical I was reminded, “Defer to your Higher Self” and instantly the thoughts would vanish.

Erron was not alone and when I recognized the others with him he said, “We are the Many. We have come a long Time to assist you”. I wondered if he meant distance but recognized this was not what he meant. I also recognized the E.T. element to this, though I did not question it further. I was told I would remember more and that was good enough for me.

I questioned Erron about the surgery I have scheduled. Is it something I should do? He said, “It is your home, decorate it as you wish”. I chuckled at this response because he was referring to this body as my home.

I then returned to sleep and had more dreams. I was awakened again by the energy sensations. In my head it was strongest but I also felt my heart, root and solar plexus all buzzing at the same time. I questioned if I had entered the third surge of the trifecta. I was told no, but soon. I spent quite a while just enjoying the energy. I still feel it in my head now.

Factors Influencing Projection

Lucidity scale: 8

Intent stated?: Yes

Time to bed: 10pm

Time to wake: 12:30am, 3:00am

Meditation?: Yes

Physical Exercise?: Yes, walking

Mood: normal

Body: None

Tiredness: Low

Number of wakings: 2

Technique?: WBTB, repeated “I am OOB”

Sleeping position: back

Supplements: Multivitamin, Natural Calm 400mg, Sleepy Time Extra Tea, Biotin 1000mg, Vitamin E 400mg, Calcium 500mg, Vitamin D 250mg, vitamin B1 300mg

Essential Oils: Clary Calm, Whisper

Surrounded in Light

I awoke at about 6am to my son crying. When I crawled back into bed I had this odd recollection of my time away from my body. It is just a glimpse, so I can’t really call it an OBE but I am certain it was one. I am certain I have been OOB quite a lot this last week, in fact, I just don’t remember.

Surrounded in Light

The memory is quite vivid for how short it is. I sense myself in a very brightly lit place. The light is so white and bright that one cannot determine which way is up or down, left or right. In this white light I am surrounded by beings. They are taller than me and I cannot see their faces but I sense them very strongly and I feel very secure and peaceful in their presence. Where their faces should be is an intensely bright yellowish-white light and it pours out of the tops of their heads blending with the blinding white that saturates the space. There is no space between these beings, either. They are so tightly drawn around me that their bodies touch and one is almost indiscernible from the other. They are wearing what appears to be long white robes and their hands are open towards me. Their is also yellowish-white bright light shooting from their hands.

I don’t know how many there are standing around me but I think the number is 10. All I recall of the experience is that I am loved and that these beings are helping me to raise my vibration.


In the midst of recalling this brief memory of being OOB, I am covered with vibrations. They are soothing and cover my head and chest with a vibration blanket. I feel wrapped in energy and very relaxed. I drift off into dreamland but I am very conscious of it, semi-lucid.

I find myself in a room with people around me mingling about. I instantly recognize I am dreaming and wake up suddenly, the vibrations so strong I know I will project any minute. I try to relax into the feeling but I am too aware, too conscious of my body and the paralyzing effect of the vibrations. I wonder, “Is this sleep paralysis?” and I think, “No, I can move anytime I want”. But I don’t move, I just let the vibrations continue, feeling them move horizontally and wondering why this is happening. Why can’t I just go OOB like usual? Why am I being made aware of this?

I fall into dreamland once again. This time I am aware of being inside a roller coaster car. I am being thrown by a very, very large person. Their hand cradles the car I am in and then tosses it like one would toss a pair of dice. I feel the acceleration of the car, it shifts my entire body and I brace myself for the curve I see ahead. What is odd is I see a highway overpass, not a roller coaster track. I feel literally like I am on a boomerang and the momentum instantly brings me to full awareness.

I wake up in my body, once again jolted with vibrations. I again think to myself, “Why does this keep happening? Why do I keep waking up to vibrations? I should be OOB”.

Interestingly, I am not upset that I am in my body, just perplexed. I recognize now that they (my Team) want me to be aware of the vibrational state. I wonder, “Why?” And I know they are encouraging me to exit consciously. It is time for me to familiarize myself with myself and a conscious exit will help me do this. I will have more control over my OBEs and be in the right state for whatever it is they want me to do.

Huge sigh. I have consciously exited before, years ago, but the vibrations were very, very distracting to me so I asked to remain unaware of them and leave my body via lucid dreams. It is SO much easier that way (in my opinion). I guess that is not going to happen anymore. It is good, however, that the vibrations did not cause me to get overly excited like they use to. I was curious but not overly so. This is a good sign.

Vortex Manifestation – Message from the High Council

Today I had an interesting experience, one that has not happened to me in many years. I heard my name called. It was in a garbled, deep, masculine voice that sounded similar to my husband’s voice but the name was my original name, not the nickname my husband calls me by. I heard it and responded, “Yes?” and then felt this odd sensation that I should pay attention.

I sent a query to my Team and received a simple response via my own thoughts: “Vortex”. I later requested more information. This is what I received:

You have entered the second surge of energy in the trifecta and you are witnessing your involvement in it, though you may not recognize it as such now. What you perceived was a glimpse of your own heightened perceptions. The veil is lifting between this world and the next. It has been doing so for some time, yet there are periods in which it thins superlatively; when there exists the right circumstances within the realm of spirit and realm of the physical and a vortex forms briefly allowing the formation of purer communication channels. It is such that this occurred today and you were able to witness it because your own energy vortexes have cleared enough to allow you access to these superlative periods of conductivity.

At this time a visual came into my mind of what appeared to be a shaft of energy pouring down and slicing through many levels of bluish-white zones seemingly layered one over the other with Earth being the lowest of these levels. The color of this energy was yellowish with white and other bright sparks of color that would light up as they traveled through the shaft. The energy did not go in just one direction, either, but appeared to move around, down and up. In all actuality it appeared like a giant chakra might appear except it did not have the circular shape but more of a cylindrical one.

It is such that these vortexes of energy are forming all over the earth. Some have existed and been stable for many thousands of years, while others change and transform with the magnetism of the earth. Others form and then destabilize, moving from one location to the next and are initiated by the energy of a particular location at a particular time. Electrical storms, weather and other climatic changes can trigger these vortexes as can the energy of an individual or individuals whose own energy is shifting and accelerating.

In my mind I saw a visual of what appeared to be the planet Earth covered in yellowish-white dots that would be bright one moment and then dark the next. It reminded me of a blanket of fireflies.

Your energy has accelerated and initiated such a portal without you intending it. Though it was temporary, your experience with similar instances in your past will assist you in understanding and fully utilizing this current amplification of your energy. We encourage you to seek out and decipher the subtle energy shifts and vibrations around you as they will propel your perceptions of yourself and other realities.

As always we invite you to commune with us in depth about such changes as they occur for we understand you may find some of what you perceive strange, unreal or disorienting. Please do not be afraid of these alterations to your conscious awareness as they are temporary adjustments meant to enhance your overall awareness and annunciate your arrival.

Prior to hearing the voice calling my name, I had not noticed any changes in energy either around me or within. However, the voice seemed to trigger me into action, into mentally probing my environment and self in order to gather more information. It is literally like the voice flipped a switch inside me. Perhaps that was the point?

Symptoms and Solutions

Current list of symptoms followed by what, if anything, I am doing to cope.


  • Waking early and often at night
  • Vivid dreams
  • Energy sensations, specifically on head and lower chakras
  • Vibrations, mostly at night but also during the day
  • Muscles twitches
  • Restless or achy legs
  • Decrease in guide communication and spiritual experiences (OBEs, lucid dreams, etc)
  • Increased calm and clarity
  • Incidents of mis-emotion, though they are getting fewer
  • Lack of motivation


I have been waking so frequently the last week and my dreams are so vivid that I struggle to feel rested in the morning. I finally fixed this by taking a Benadryl last night and awoke this morning feeling rested! I still woke up several times and had vivid dreams, though.

The energy sensations and vibrations I experience are not unwanted so I don’t do anything about them except enjoy them when I have them. I did have an incident the night before last where I awoke with aching in my second chakra area but it went away once I woke up. There has been heart and root chakra buzzing on and off as well.

The muscle twitches are rare and do not bother me either. However, the restless and achy legs caused me to visit a doctor yesterday and get an ultrasound of the veins in my legs. It was discovered that I have venous insufficiency in my right leg in one of the saphenous veins. I made an appointment to close off the vein next Wednesday. It is a surgery but I am awake and there is no pain involved. And no, losing the vein is not bad. If I don’t get rid of it, it will just get worse and could cause pain and more restlessness in the leg as well as lead to varicose veins. My right leg is fine but they will monitor it since I get pain in it as well. I am just happy to know this is something that can be fixed and that it was not “all in my head”.

The decrease in guide communication is normal for this time. I was warned I would hear my guides differently and that is exactly what has occurred. If I have a concern or question, I have to send it out from me like I do when OOB, as a mental query. An answer is then returned as a feeling or an invitation to channel.

The incidents of mis-emotions are easily resolved by focusing on my heart center and listening. Sometimes I have to take a walk or I have to get away from the environment I am in, but most often just simply turning inward helps resolve it. Usually the lack of motivation I experience is linked to this mis-emotion and if I just simply allow myself to enjoy the present moment it disappears.

The incidents of calm and clarity are welcomed newcomers to this experience. It is not that I didn’t have them before but now it as if I can control when I have them. The clarity moments are the best as they tend to give me answers about what to do next. I get “ah-ha” moments and then know to take action. This is how I determined a trip to the doctor was warranted for my legs. I also recently decided to go back into session as I recognize I need help discarding limiting belief systems.

Extrication of False Belief Systems- Message from Horace

We are pleased once again that you have reached out to us. Our humble service is yours.

You are approaching the second surge of energy in the trifecta. As we discussed, these surges work to clarify the energy of the three chakra centers of the solar plexus, heart and root. In these periods of clarification, you may experience a lag in any one of these energetic centers. Please be advised in advance to withdraw from the intense and often sudden emotional surges that are possible while these centers are purged. We are helping you extricate yourself from strong belief systems that have been in place for many lifetimes and to which your human self clings. Some of these deep seated beliefs interrupt the functioning of communication with your Higher Self to the degree that this communication is either completely lost or suffers major distortion. It is such that the human mind can become confused and go off track, seriously interrupting the flow on the time track and thus instituting the need for further inclusions in the time track (more incarnations). Once these belief systems are exposed and released, communication flow is clearer and less distorted, though interruptions are not completely eliminated.

The timing of the next flow of energy is completely dependent upon your ability to accept and assimilate the flow. For you, expect the next surge to come around two days from now, excluding interruption and delays. For others, the adaptation period may be more or less.

Future surges of this sort will not be presented in this way but expect them throughout the summer months and acclimation to occur in shorter and shorter intervals.

For now this is all you need to know. Remain centered in your Being (heart), send your energy into the Earth and up to the stars to increase stabilization, and beware the traps of the mind and material world.

Until our next exchange,


The Trap of Boredom

Since the morning of the 19th I have been challenged once again by what I like to call “the trap of boredom”. This is a human affliction, as Spirit is never bored. Spirit knows only the moment and so it does not compare events of the past with events of the present or the future. Boredom only exists when one is not in the moment.

So there it is. My current struggle is with being in the present moment. When I find it, I am happy; content. When I leave it I feel lacking, as if I need to be doing something different.

Herein has been my struggle for the past couple of days. I have been seeking to create something new and different from what I have. I feel a need to do this. I have tons more time on my hands than I am use to, even at work this has been my downfall. Yet really, honestly, NOTHING has changed except my perspective. I suspect this change is linked to the current chakra adjustments.

In this boredom I often try to create something new to fill my time. It was made very clear to me in the last message I received from the Council that this next stage requires nothing of me – no action, no creation, no effort. My only task is to be. I thought little of this when I received the message but now I understand.

I am actually wondering if Mercury has gone retrograde without me knowing because what I try to create is almost instantly crushed. My job now is to be still. To let others come to me. To accept with grace my purpose of helping others. While I do this, I am also helped.

Focus on Blessings

It could be worse. I could be fighting with myself or in a major depression and dealing with health issues or relationship issues. In all actuality, everything is good. Everything is just fine.

The key here is to focus on one’s blessings, to not fixate on what one doesn’t have or on material possessions. This is what the Ego latches onto.

Today so far has been wonderful. It is the anniversary of when I met my husband. 8 years ago today he came up to me and changed my life forever. When I saw him, specifically his eyes, I thought, “He is my angel”.

Today he forgot it was our anniversary as it is not the typically celebrated marriage anniversary. But for both of us it is our true anniversary. I set up the delivery of a present for him to receive at work. He called me to thank me. He was in complete shock. We will be having lunch with two of our kids this afternoon to celebrate.

Celebrate the relationships in your life every day. Celebrate the joy of living in each breath you take. Give of yourself and you will receive abundance.