Dream: Burying my Father

I had such a long dream it took up most of the night into the morning at 4am. I would wake up and the dream would just take up where I left off. These kinds of dreams are rare, so I pay attention.

Dream: Burying my Father

The first part of the dream is mostly lost to me now but when I woke I was alarmed. What I do recall of the dream began with me outside of a building. I was pacing the parking lot and when I turned to go in, a man had just come out and locked the door behind him. I told him I was suppose to go in to wait on the arrival of my father’s body and he said he couldn’t let me in. So I wandered into a movie theater to wait out the night. I saw an old classmate sitting in the crowd, joined him briefly saying hello and then walked out the back of the theater. I saw another classmate who had lost of her father not long ago. She and I had been best friends once upon a time. I greeted her, told her my father had just died and that I was going to pick up his body to take home. I don’t recall her response.

Then I was inside the building I had been locked out of and talking to the man who worked there about the arrival of my father’s body. He was coming by plane and I was to accompany the body back home. He was asking me if I wanted to accompany the body, giving me paperwork to fill out and the specifics of the plane arrival and departure. I had to wait some time for the death certificate, though.

When the body arrived it was placed into my car. Strangely it was put in the front passenger seat of a small, red compact car that was mine but I did not recognize. The body was not in a coffin but laying across the front seat. The preparation of the body was strange and I can’t remember the specifics now but my “father” looked like a mummy except he was wrapped in black fabric covered in white specks that resembled stars. His head and arms were free and the rest was tightly bound in the fabric. The doors of the car had been left open so as to keep it cool and decrease the stench of death.

I saw the body and asked the man to put it in the back seat. I wanted to help move the body and he said, “You better not touch it.” Taking his advice, I watched as the man took the body and put it in the trunk.

The next thing I recall is being at my Mom’s house in the driveway. My father’s body was leaning up against the car and I took a good look at him. He was way too young, hair too dark and just didn’t look at all like my dad. His hands were outstretched in a creepy way, too.


When I woke from this dream I felt as if it was a bad omen. When I look at the symbolism, I can understand why I felt this way. Father is symbolic of authority and self-reliance. Mine is dead, so not a good sign. He is also wrapped up in bandages which suggests that I am feeling restricted when it comes to my own authority. I don’t feel in control. The fact that I am retrieving my dead father likely indicates that I am being asked to confront my situation. It is linked to family (my mom’s house) but I try to ignore it and not deal with it (placed in trunk). The thing that concerned me about the dream the most was that my dead “father” resembled very much a man I have seen in my dreams and OBEs.

After this dream I had a message that I almost forgot until now. I was told that I was working on the left side of my body and could feel the entire left side alive with energy. It was a distinct energy that left my right side feeling almost numb in comparison. The message alarmed me because at the time I thought the dream meant I was killing off my masculine side, which is not good since I am seeking balance. I understand now that I was incorrect in that assumption.


Dream: After the Zombie Apocalypse

There were many, many other dreams after the one above, but this one is the most significant.

I became aware of driving on a highway in the wrong direction. Cars were parked in the right median in a haphazard fashion, leaving the left two lanes open and clear. No one else was driving on the road. Tall pine trees lined the feeder roads and it was eerily silent.

I proceeded with caution until I saw a white truck head toward the exit and then saw a few other cars in the distance. Somehow I knew that it was a good sign that there were others out and about. I took the exit, too, but since I was headed in the wrong direction it was awkward.

I got out of my car and began to walk the empty suburban streets. Someone called out to me from the highway and I got a feeling it was not a positive thing, but then knew I was protected. I kept walking until I got to a house. By then I was with a partner, a man, but I only recall his energy, not his appearance. We went inside and looked around. The family who had lived there was gone and we were talking about what had likely driven them from their home – zombies. But the threat had passed. The zombies eradicated except for only a few. There was relief and a feeling of hope. I remember looking out the window of the house and seeing a few people walking around and even saw a couple of children. It was a good sign that children were out and about.

My partner and I decided we would clean up the house and live there. Start anew. We investigated further into the home and saw that children were in a room with a man who seemed to be teaching them. They were behind a two-way mirror. My partner said there must be hidden rooms in the house and we should explore more. So we did. I found a small nurse’s office in the back complete with exam table and supplies. There was discussion about the women who had practiced there and whether she was qualified.

Eventually we determined she had been and we moved on. We found a hot tub inside a tiny room. In fact, the entire room was the tub – walls rising up from the edges of it. My partner and I went inside with another couple and soaked in the tub together. It was only then that I saw who I was with. He was familiar to me and I actually saw him in other dreams throughout the same night as this one. I have also seen him in dreams previous to this one. He appears young, perhaps late 20’s, early 30’s. He has dark blonde hair, a bit lighter than my natural color, and blue eyes.


When I woke from this dream I was upset at seeing the blonde man because I had seen him before and was thinking he was there for a reason, like he and I would meet in person in this life. Then I began to focus on the dream’s meaning and feeling to me. My past dreams about zombies have not been good. The zombies are always everywhere and threatening. This time there wasn’t even one to be seen and I had hope. I am being encouraged to heal (nurse’s office and hot tub).

Despite the positive message of this dream I woke up feeling defeated and discouraged.



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