Manifestation: The Secret

I am beginning to think my daily walks put me into a space where I am able to manifest more quickly. The longer the walk, the more manifestation potential it has. This is based upon my experiences over time and all the items I “accidentally” find on my walks.

Yesterday it happened again. But first a backstory.

On Monday or Tuesday last week, my husband took the boys sledding in the newly fallen snow of Winter Storm Uri (previously known as Snowmaggedon). He took his brand new AirPod Pros that I bought him only a few weeks prior. He is a talker, always on the phone, so he takes them everywhere. While out enjoying the snow, he lost them. He didn’t tell me the full story, just that he had them one minute and the next they were gone. He looked for them, but the deep snow hid the white AirPods which blended in perfectly. 

I was angry at first. It seemed like he obviously didn’t care too much about the gift I got him if he could so easily lose them. But mostly I was upset because I hadn’t even paid for them yet. They were $250.00, so quite pricey. I charged them to a credit card and the bill comes next month (I pay off my cards monthly). Money has always been a trigger for me and I have to work hard to accept certain situations, especially those that involve “waste”. 

All week I would wake up with the lost AirPods on my mind and then work up to the point that I could accept the loss. Sunday morning I asked my husband if he had asked his brother to help look for the AirPods. He said he did but he hadn’t heard anything. I told him my upset (for the umpteenth time) and then let it go. What could I do about it anyway? Eventually, I reached full acceptance and moved on. I was even looking to buy him a refurbished pair since he still had the charging case.

Sunday afternoon, with temps near 70, I decided to go on one of my long walks. The same walks that have brought me tarot cards for three weeks in a row. I didn’t find anymore tarot cards, though. This time, my mind was on the AirPods. I was thinking, “Maybe I will find a pair on my walk”. None appeared but I was okay with that. As I said, I had reached acceptance level and was moving on, already thinking I would just buy another pair. Still, I had to try and manifest them on my walk after so many previous successes! 

Later, I asked my husband if he wanted me to buy him a pair. I had one selected and all he had to do was tell me “yes”. He said not to, and I let it be.

Later that afternoon, while we were washing the car, my husband got a text from a neighbor. She had a busted pipe and asked him to help. He always says yes and left immediately. When he returned he showed me a wad of money. He hadn’t counted it and so when he showed me and started to count it he was shocked. It was $250. He handed me the money and I took it. At the time I knew he was giving it to me in exchange for the lost AirPods. He felt really bad for losing them.

I instantly knew I had manifested the money. There was no doubt in my mind. The Universe gave me what I asked for, it just came about in a different way than expected.

One of the signs to me that this was a gift from the Universe were the two, $2 bills that came in the wad of cash. I hadn’t seen one since my early teens. Instantly, memories of my great aunt came to me. She use to mail me a card with a single $2 bill in it every single birthday. It felt as if this gift came from my family.

I posted on FB my win and then spoke the my daughter about it. She was shocked but not surprised. I tell her of all my “finds” on my walks and how I manifest them and she believes me. 

As I left to go on yet another walk (this time with my dog) I said to her, “Now we’re gonna find them [the AirPods]”. 

Five minutes into my walk my husband calls me. He had been picking up dinner and so I thought he was going to ask me what I wanted. Instead he said, “I am gonna drop off the food and then head over to my brother’s house. They found the AirPods.” 

Shocked and then elated I ended my walk. My husband said his brother sent out his two boys to look for them and they found them. He then told me the whole story behind the loss. His brother had tackled him in the snow that day and the force of the impact caused them AirPods to fly out into the snow. 

Neither of us knew if they would work but the light turned green on the case when they were inserted, meaning they were accepting charge. Later, my husband called me using them. They worked just fine.

All I can say is that I was amazed once again by the Universe. Wow. 

Not only did I get the money to replace the AirPods but I got the actual AirPods. Double what I requested. Double! 

The Secret

Long ago a friend of mine took me to see The Secret. As I have been typing this post I am reminded of that movie. Someone on FB asked me what technique I was using to manifest and I answered, “None”, but now that I think about it, I think I am using the technique from that movie.

All week I was unable to manifest the lost AirPods. Why? Because I was fixated on the loss, feeling the lack and accepting the lack. So, lack or loss is what I manifested. However, when I accepted the loss and move past it, recognizing and embracing the possibility that the loss was opening me up to receive, the Universe sent me double what I lost. 

So, like the movie teaches, manifestation occurs when we think and act as if we already have, not from a place of want, or lack. 

For so many years I didn’t get what this meant. You can’t force yourself to be in abundance. It is a state of Being and from that state one can manifest anything. 

On all my walks I never considered that I couldn’t have what was given to me. I was accepting of what was, in the present moment, and in doing so – Being that – I was filled with gratitude and abundance. 

Part of my ability to manifest has come from a shift in my reality in general. While 2020 hit many people hard, especially financially, my family prospered. At first I struggled with accepting my new reality but have since fallen into acceptance. 

Having more money hasn’t really changed my circumstances much. We haven’t gone on spending sprees or done anything drastic. Yeah, we took a family vacation and paid cash for it and I can buy ridiculously priced AirPods for my husband just because I feel like it, but other than that we have been living the same as before. Having more money has helped me to release my fear of lack to the point that I am no longer in fear of not having enough. I realize now that what my guides told me years (decades) ago has proven true my entire life – I will always have enough. 

You know what is funny? Since we’ve come into this period of abundance, I think more often about downsizing, getting rid of “stuff” and living a more simple life. Material things are of no interest to me, personally. I enjoy buying things for others I love, though, and do so when I feel the urge, but I do not care to have more things myself. I prefer to use the money to experience life. More family vacations will be planned. South Padre is already planned in May. Costa Rica is also on our radar. And maybe another ski trip to Montana this coming Christmas.

So why do my walks seem to increase my manifestation potential? My best guess is that they put me in “the zone”, meaning I am in the present moment, taking it all in – nature, life, my environment. When I exercise it is a moving meditation, the best kind of meditation IMO. And being I now set an intention when I walk, it speeds the process.

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