About Steven

Steven is my primary guide, or Companion Traveler as he likes to call himself.

I first met Steven in 2003, a few months after my spiritual awakening. In my conversations with him, he told me a bit about himself, specifically his last life on Earth. When he told me the story of his life and death, I felt transported back into time and experienced his life as if I had been there to witness it.

When I asked Steven to tell me about his last life, this is what he showed me and told me:

In my mind I saw a vision of small cottage in the countryside. It was made of wood and was burning, smoke rising out of the top. It was obvious something awful had occurred. There were burned items strewn about and what I think was a body, crumpled and obviously dead, near the clearing by the house. I felt overwhelmed by many different emotions – sadness, anguish, fear, and anger. I sensed that Steven reacted this way and that I was feeling how he felt at that moment. I was also seeing what he saw as he topped the hill on his way home from working in the fields. When he saw the bodies of his wife and son, anger filled him and he wanted to find those responsible for their deaths. The grief and loss I felt from him was beyond any I have ever felt in this life.

Then I was taken to the moment of his death. It must not have been long after he found his wife and son’s dead and partially charred bodies because the scene was still the same – a small cottage destroyed by fire and charred objects strewn about the clearing that surrounded it. I could see Steven struggling with a man while two other men watched. They were wearing armor and I could see a dark red colored cloth but am unsure if it was clothing, a flag or blood. Steven was fighting this man with his bare hands when he was struck from above and fell to the ground. He died there in the same spot his wife and son died. His body burned and left to be scavenged.

When I asked who was responsible, he said Mongol raiders.

When I asked when and where this occurred he said Mongolia, around the time of Genghis Khan, sometime around 1100AD.

He told me he has not lived another life since and that he has spent all the time since that life preparing to be a guide, my guide.

Update: A friend asked me if I still communicate with Steven. This was my response which I felt should be shared:

My relationship with my guidance has shifted tremendously over the years. I no longer feel the personality I refer to as Steven, at least not like I did when you knew me. I have had several Kundalini rising events that have led to this transformation and given me a new understanding of my experiences here on Earth. Therefore, Steven has blended into this new understanding and also transformed. He is a reflection of the aspects of me that exist in other dimensions and times. He represents the masculine, supportive, energy I am working to fully integrate while in this human, feminine form. Most of the energies I communicate with as “guides” take on a masculine form because of my human, feminine need for a strong, supportive masculine presence in my life. As long as I lack a physical, masculine that has stepped into their full power and can support me fully in my feminine, I will continue to seek out the masculine in this way, to pull it from within in order to provide for me what is otherwise lacking outwardly. It is sad that this world/Earth is in such a state that the feminine is left to be both the passive and active, left to exhaust herself by trying to be what she is not, trying to put into balance what she alone cannot possibly do without help.

20 thoughts on “About Steven

  1. I’m sorry for Steven’s horrible loss of his family and his own life.

    The thing that I appreciate about his story is that Steven’s identity remained intact. He didn’t flow back into a collective state of awareness and lose who he was as a person. He was doing something. Preparing to be your guide.

    I’m not a new age believer or anything, but I do have an open mind. And I like it when things make a little sense to me at an intuitive level.

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    • Ed Carp says:

      In your reply, you say:

      “The thing that I appreciate about his story is that Steven’s identity remained intact. He didn’t flow back into a collective state of awareness and lose who he was as a person.”

      I’ve never heard of such a thing – in all of my research, we do not ever lose who we are as an individual consciousness. I’m curious where that’s coming from?

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      • I heard the idea in Dr. Stephen Greer’s view of the Universe. He’s the former ER Doc who lined up all those UFO witnesses in DC. I don’t know the name of his religion, but I did hear him mention its name once in a video. Sorry I’m not more knowledgeable on the subject.

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    • Gia says:

      I’ve heard the same: that there is the chance we “return” into a collective mind or that we go on as an individual mind….and that this depends – on a great degree – on how strong of an individual mind we’ve been during our mortal lifetime. I heard that from a friend’s guides. She hasn’t heard of Greer – so this is coming through a different channel (literally).

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      • Thanks. That’s interesting. If I ever hear Greer mention the name of his religion again, I’ll write it down and google it… and organize my ignorance. 🙂

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      • Gia says:

        PS…I’ve been wanting to comment on your blog, Talmage, but your comment-section was closed. So I need to use this space to get in touch with you. Your post “I bailed on my medical practice”was very inspiring….even though it is also a sad proof of what’s so wrong with the way we have to do our jobs…and perhaps sad that you felt you were pushed to quit, had no choice. Sometimes that’s the only way we are able to make change happen -especially for (as you described yourself, so forgive me for mentioning it ;-)) somewhat OCDish people who usually like to have their rhythms.
        Thank you SO much for sharing. I will return to your blog to read about HAPA girl, the description was intriguing, like something I might enjoy …

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      • Thank you. I should turn on the comments again, but when they were on I found myself spending all my writing time with the comments. I wish there were some middle ground… a way to communicate more efficiently. That would probably require a brain transplant for me, though. I would need one with less of a tendency to go on and on. Haha. But where’s the fun it that?

        Thank you for your encouraging words. Hapa Girl DNA is experimental for me. I’m doing everything I shouldn’t as a fiction writer, much of it on purpose, though not all of it.

        Getting out of medicine has really improved the quality of my life. If I can somehow make it as a writer, it’s going to be nervana. Be even if I don’t “make it,” just the process of writing is enough – especially in the absence of pathology practice.

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      • Gia says:

        Oh, if you find out about Greer’s religion I’d be interested to hear more too

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      • He mentioned it in passing in one of his many interesting, but lengthy videos. I hope I hear of it again.


  2. daynaspirit says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am glad that Steven’s story made sense to you at an intuitive level.

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  3. Ed Carp says:

    In a past-life regression, I experienced a life much like Stephen’s, but my family wasn’t killed by raiders, but while I was away in the fields, one of my children started a fire in our cottage, and the results were similar. My wife at the time is a woman I know now, and she also recalled that life, and is still angry at me – she feels I should’ve done more to protect our children, and has that karma, that anger, to work through concerning the event.

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    • Dayna says:

      Hi Ed. That is amazing that you both recall that life! I hope your wife is able to let go and release the karma from it. I also hope it doesn’t negatively effect your marriage.


  4. Awesome story… Barbara x

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  5. Gloria -Sophia says:

    I have been Mongolian descent in my past life and fires had destroyed many of us back then. I am extremely frighten of fires. Dayna, what you shared is so real.

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