Stress, OBEs & an Intervention

Yesterday was my son’s 8th birthday. It always creeps up on us being so close to the Christmas holiday and, as usual, we didn’t prepare far enough in advance. I decided on Friday to invite his cousin for a sleepover and allow my son to choose to do whatever he liked on his big day. He was happy with the plan. He is always so laid back and accepting when it comes to his birthday, which I am grateful for. He could easily go all dramatic and pout like his sister, but he doesn’t.

Everything was fine until my husband decided to invite others without talking to me first. No big deal except it turned into two nights of sleepovers instead of one. Sleepovers can be a headache, especially if the child staying over is anxious about it, which this friend was. I was awakened at 2:30am by his wandering the house and watching TV in the middle of the night. 😦

On top of all the birthday chaos, my daughter somehow misplaced her phone. The entire evening last night was spent looking for her phone amidst her wails of despair. I had just installed Norton Family on her phone which allows me to see the phone’s location. The phone is in the house according to Norton, yet, suspiciously, we cannot find it anywhere. It has completely vanished!

In addition to all the phone craziness, I noticed our coat closet was very empty. Upon inspection, I noticed all but one of my coats was in there. One is a new coat I got for Christmas that I absolutely love. I’ve looked everywhere for it and cannot find it. Both my son’s coats are missing from the closet, too. So we have more mysteriously lost items.

Interesting tidbit of info, though – while looking for my daughter’s phone I was checking my husband’s coat pockets and found the remote to the Roku TV which has been missing for several weeks. So, one “mysterious” lost item recovered via all the searching, BUT it was never lost to begin with. My husband likes to hide remotes and other devices from my kids because he feels they spend to much time on them. Then he forgets where he hides them. This happened to my daughter’s last phone, which we found by accident a whole year after it was lost! Of course, it doesn’t work now, some battery malfunction. Currently hidden are my Kindle (grrr!) and (I believe) my daughter’s phone. In the past he has hidden keyboards, mouses, and even my laptop! It is infuriating to say the least.

Oh and have to add that, just last week my husband said to me about my daughter, “We should have never gotten her a phone.” Humph!

Put all of the above together and it makes for a difficult time falling asleep. 😦


After being awakened by the child sleeping over, I struggled to fall asleep. Everything about the previous day was in my head swirling around. It made me feel rigid and uncomfortable. Plus, my nose was stopping up and bothering me. After over an hour (and some nasal spray), I managed to somehow drift off.


I was in a dream I don’t recall now, but did upon waking (grr!). What I recall next is hearing what sounded like my boss’ voice talking about some man named, “Kamir”. While she was talking about him I saw images of him flash in my mind. He looked like a body builder, very muscular and tan. I can’t recall what she was talking about now but at the time I heard every word and was following along quite well. At the time my body was vibrating at such a high level that it felt numb with an energy that I can only describe as “cold”, though that is not accurate. I instinctively knew I could exit my body, so I did.

When I exited I found myself in my room but my vision was not “on”. I said several times, “Clarity now!” When I did this, my vision turned on and I was able to see clearly the darkened room. I floated down the stairs toward the front door, looking around at my house for things that were out of place. I noticed nothing unusual. I remember trying to stay calm because I wanted to make it out the front door. The last several OBEs I’ve had ended at the front door and I wanted badly to change that pattern. Sadly, as soon as I got up to the door I returned to my body.


Back in my body I was aware again of the odd energy. My heart was beating fast but I ignored it. I had hynagogia for a bit. It looked like tiny cheerio bubbles in my vision. Not lingering, I exited my body and attempted to leave my house again. Sadly, once I got to the door I felt pulled back to my body.

The sensations were the same upon re-entry. So odd but not uncomfortable really. I knew to ignore them and again shifted OOB. This time, when I got to my bedroom door I saw another door perpendicular to it that is not there in real life. I opened it and the floor seemed to slant down a bit. In front of me I saw a white wall with a 3D maze on it. When I stepped through, I turned to my right and saw another white door. It opened and when I went through I was not in my house, but some other house.

Inside the other house I saw a living/dining area with older furnishings. There were afghans draped over the leather sofas and I could see a double glass sliding door leading outside. The sun was shining through them illuminating the space and making it feel very inviting. I remember thinking, “I know this place.” Yet I have no clue where I have seen it before! I turned and walked through an arch on my left into the living room where I saw more familiar furnishings, a large window and a door in the far right. In my mind I was thinking, “This is his house.” Yet I have no idea who I was referring to.

Before I could explore further and look for people (I kept expecting to see his mother walk in), I was again pulled back to my body. This time I was much more aware of my heart beating very rapidly in my chest and the odd, high vibrations were getting very uncomfortable.


I shifted into the in-between I believe at this time, but it is hard to say for sure. I may have been OOB but I cannot recall any visuals or travel. What I do remember is having a conversation with a man. I recognized him and called him, “Will” and I knew his full name was William Buhlman. He asked me how I liked being part of the group and asked me for an update. I knew I was assigned to a group of three and that we were part of a larger OBE group/community that worked to gather information via out-of-body experiences. I don’t recall now what I reported because I was so shocked by the revelation that I went back to my body awareness.


Aware again of my body I could tell I needed to calm myself a bit and ease into exiting rather than force it. I decided to think of swaying or rocking my astral body. When I did this I felt encouraged to shift from side to side to back and forth, as if on a swing. I went with it and felt to be pulled forward by invisible hands. They were very gentle and I was not afraid.

I could feel myself holding onto like a trapeze swing and sensed hands opening up to catch me as I jumped off. I let go and flew toward the invisible outstretched hands. As I did this my vision turned on 100% and I saw my bedroom wall getting closer and closer. I was flying head-first into my wall! No hands to be seen, I was caught off-guard and this woke me fully.

Heart beating rapidly I came back to body awareness quickly and lingered a while to see if I could exit again. I could tell I had lost my chance and so shifted positions in bed from laying on my right side to on my back. I settled and tried again to reach the vibrational state needed to exit.


Dream: Intervention

This time I shifted into a lucid dream rather than exiting. I was sitting propped up in my bed in my old bedroom back at my mom’s. In my lap was a test (life lessons). A female voice was reading the instructions but I was already filling in my answers. She advised me to take my time and pay attention. I looked at my answers and saw the numbers on the answer sheet did not go in order. I read, “5, 1, 3.” Catching my mistake, I went back and erased my answers and made corrections.

I lost interest in the test soon after. Then I heard a male voice to my left ask me, “What do you want to do?” I said to him, “I would really like some company.” I was craving a bit of Kundalini Union/bliss and bored of taking the test. Within seconds of my reply a familiar looking man entered my vision from the left and sat on top of me, facing me. He was chipper and talking about his life. I could see him and hear him so clearly! His hips were sitting directly over my own and he wrapped his arms around me as he talked to me. I could feel his fingers on my bare back as if I were awake. I relished the feeling of his touch as if I had not been touched in ages. I wish I could remember what he was saying to me because it was like we were continuing a previous conversation. At the time it all made complete sense.

As we embraced and I began to snuggle into him, someone burst through my bedroom door. I looked up and it was my mom and another woman. The woman had some people behind her and they were asking me questions. She rudely came up to the bed and dispersed the papers I had spread out in from of me. I stood up and protested, pushing them back through the door. I was wearing only a loose sweatshirt and underwear.

My mom was saying something like, “Let them in. They are trying to help you.” The woman had in her hand some paper and a pen and was asking me questions I can’t recall now but they were about my state of mind and future plans. I recognized they were from the church and was infuriated with my mom for asking them to come.

I kept pushing them out of my room and they kept pushing back. When I locked the door, they unlocked it with a key my mom had given them. My mom was telling them I needed help because I had said untrue things about her to a man. I pushed up against the door with all my weight and looked for things to put against the door to block their entry. Nothing was heavy enough, though, and eventually they overpowered me.

Standing face to face with my mom and the church woman I let them tell me why they were there. My mom said I had told her father untruths about her. I saw in my mind a man named John Bell and he was very old and wrinkled. He spoke to me, telling me I had told my mom things that were not true. I can’t recall now what that was but it had to do with another woman I believe, like him having an affair. I explained that I had not done what he claimed and the issue was all cleared up. The church people told me goodbye and the woman asked me why I was so upset. I told her, “Well, you burst in at a bad time. I was having a sexual dream.” lol Note: I have an ancestor name John Bell I believe but he would be my great-grandfather or something like that. I never met him in this life.

Then the scene shifted and I was outside standing in a cul-de-sac. There were small mobile homes all around me. One in particular got my attention. I flew around the cul-de-sac really fast once and then paused at the mobile home. It was painted in bright colors with images that reminded me of a circus or fair. I decided to go up to it and saw a small window near the entry. As I got closer a tiny but old dog began to bark at me. I went up to it and saw it was blind and had only two teeth. I let it sniff me and it seemed fine until I lost my balance and nearly fell. Then it began to lunge at me, barking and growling. It was kinda funny because it was so old and I did not have to move fast to avoid it.

The home had a ramp built up to a tiny porch. The railings were made of bent branches. I walked up the ramp and would jump up and out of reach of the blind dog. Eventually, though, it nipped me. It felt like a tiny pinch. Someone called off the dog and I looked and saw an elderly couple walking toward me. They had another dog with them that was friendly. They went inside the trailer after talking with me briefly. I remember feeling admiration for them.

As I walked back down the ramp I saw a man approaching only his back was to me. When I got to him he turned around and asked if I had avoided the dog. When I said it nipped me and turned to face me and went on his way after saying something about how it was normal.

I kept walking and saw a sign posted on a chalkboard. It said, “Fresh Brewed coffee served daily. $4.50/pot.” I thought it nice and liked the feel of the community.

My awareness peaked after that and I shifted to a bed inside the mobile home I had just left. I knew I had just died and left my body. I was a dark haired very attractive woman. I watched myself leave the body. I felt my awareness of my death and saw my naked body. Then my awareness was as the woman and I flew out of the mobile home feeling free and wanting to explore.


I felt myself return to my body. The same vibrations were evident. It is a cold sensation and kinda makes me feel numb. My heart was beating fast but not erratically and it settled quickly.

Laying in bed mulling over what happened I shifted back to the in-between. A male voice from my left began to speak to me, reminding me to be patient. Specifically he said, “Wait” in response to my thoughts about how I have been feeling about my life. He also asked me if I was ready for more OOB travels. This surprised me because I have not been OOB much in a while. I said I would be open to more.

After a brief pause where I began to drift to sleep having thoughts of someone, he said to me, “Don’t change what you cannot bear.”

This brought me out of my reverie and I thought it an odd thing to say. I kept rewording it, saying to myself, ‘He must mean, “Don’t try to change what you feel you cannot bear.'” I knew it meant that it was those things you feel that are unbearable that teach you the most.

A memory of when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest came to mind. I was furious and felt I would not be able to handle another pregnancy and child. It felt unfair and I mourned for the first six months of my pregnancy. Yet now, almost five years later, I have managed just fine. What I thought I couldn’t bear, I could. It all turned out just fine and my life is fuller and more colorful because my youngest is in it.

Then I thought of other instances where I thought I would not make it through a situation. With this memory came a vision from the male presence to my left. I saw two tennis shoes tied together. The shoe on the left was the right foot of a man I know. The shoe on the right was my left shoe. It seemed like I was being told that our paths are one and the same but it is hard to say. Either way, we are joined at least at the feet. lol

I recognized the male energy I sensed to my left as different from the one in my dream. He confirmed and said, “We are all here for you.” It felt like I had a group gathered nearby and the idea of the “intervention” came to me. We talked a bit longer and he reminded me that I need to be strong but also that I need to stop resisting. It felt as if little, irritating things like what happened yesterday are more likely right now and that I need to just ride them out.

The male energy kept sending me a message via song, “And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, ’cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.”


Contact and OBEs

Interesting night last night. It began when I awoke around midnight to thoughts that made no sense initially and seemed out of place. The first thought I had upon waking was something like, “Maybe we are being invaded?” In my mind specific knowledge points were connecting all at once. Imagine points lighting up and lightening connecting them in a pattern of awareness if you can. With each knowledge point came a memory – a kind of “ah-ha” moment that lasted milliseconds and was followed with another, and another and so on. It concluded with a feeling of concern that was quickly replaced with calm.

All of the thoughts settled eventually and I was able to come to a sort of understanding of the realization I was having. I am not new to E.T.-type contact and long ago managed my fear of E.T.s by rationalizing that they were no different than us, they just take a different form. Plus, their communication with me was exactly the same as my guides – it was virtually impossible to tell the difference. Ultimately, I lost all fear and communication with them seemed to taper off until it was non-existent. The typical OBEs where I felt to be on a table surrounded by Beings with a bright spotlight on me stopped. The visitations by strange looking preying mantis-like Beings stopped. The interactions with bald, near featureless, grey or pale-faced, large-headed Beings stopped.

Yet for some reason in the middle of the night last night I woke up thinking Earth was in the midst of an invasion and it was happening right under our noses. Suddenly, what has happened to me – IS happening to me – was recognized as the method of invasion. Of course, this cause a mild stress response that quickly passed because, well, whatever is happening to me seems to be helping me, not hurting me.

Memory of everything I have experienced hit me all at once. First of all, I couldn’t believe that I had “forgotten” it all. Actually, I hadn’t, I had just swept it under the rug because my life took front stage. Something in dreamtime must have triggered my memory but I have no idea what I was dreaming about before I woke up.

What I am left with this morning is calm and certainty. Yes, in a sense Earth is being “invaded” but that terms leads one to think it a negative thing when in actuality it is very positive. I was long ago told that I was a Contactee. At the time I thought it meant I would encounter a space craft or E.T. here on Earth. That was not exactly accurate. They (the E.T.’s) travel by thought/consciousness – outside of time and space. Therefore, it would make complete sense that they would make first contact telepathically. But humans are so limited in that capacity that in order for contact to be initiated the E.T.s would have to prepare the Contactees for contact.

Rather than go into a detailed account of what I Remembered, which I am sure you would all like to hear (or maybe not), I will just say that the walk-in phenomena is very intricately involved in the Contact scenario as is Kundalini, ascension, and the whole spiritual movement we are currently experiencing here on Earth. There are those of us who purposefully came here – as transplants – to initiate the ascension “wave”. I was told the number of “transplants” (Walk-in’s, Starseeds, whatever you want to call us) is about 1.5 million worldwide at this time. This is a small amount when you consider the total of the world population is around 8 Billion people right now.

The method of entry is being called “transplant” because that is very much how the process works except it is a consciousness that is being transplanted into a human host body rather than some organ or physical body part.

For me, this whole realization is taking some time to digest because up until now, I thought every human on this planet was like me. I was shown/Remembered years ago how I entered this body and communicated with it in order to be accepted into and merge with it. It is now beginning to hit home that perhaps this was MY transplant experience and not the typical human experience here on Earth. But then, I may be mistaken, which would not be the first time. It would be nice, however, to meet someone who remembers entering into the human body while it was still in the mother’s womb like I do. Thus far, I have not met anyone with memory of that, though.

Once I came into this body I was aware for a short time and then went to “sleep” for lack of a better word for almost two decades. When I awakened it was instant. There was no gradual stepping into. I seemed to acquire my abilities overnight. I meditated and it initiated awakening immediately. Snap! Is this how all “transplants” work? IDK. Likely there are different scenarios depending on their chosen path but ultimately the similarity would be a sudden awakening when previous to that there was “normalcy”. Some, I have heard, come into the body and never go to “sleep” like I did. I have only met one such person (online).

Anyway, I am still putting the pieces together but all-in-all I am feeling pretty fine and balanced despite the influx of memory. The end result for us transplants is that we come into our full “power” and then get to work helping to raise the consciousness of the planet so that Earth ascends to the point where human consciousness is elevated enough to communication with other worldly Beings without initiating panic and fear.

Now, for the OBEs……

Dream: Choice

I returned to sleep quite easily and drifted into a dream where I was with a group inside a nice house. I knew the members of this group and the owner of the house, though they looked different than I know them to look in physicality.

There was much interaction with the people in this place but most is lost to me now. I remember a tall man and a shorter, dark haired female. At one point the man, who I think was bald, was talking about his age and how old he was. I looked at him and said, “How old are you? You don’t look very old.” He sighed and said, “42.” I laughed and said, “I’m 42. Born in 76′, right?” Before he could answer I felt a shift in energy and knew time was not a factor in this place. It was as if I had broken a rule, but that is not the right term. It was more that I was not to mention specific timelines because it was likely that I was not on the same one as the others in the room. An analogy that comes to mind is the show Travelers where they had “protocols” and could not reveal their missions to other travelers.

There was a scene in the dream where we were making our own cereal. Parts of the cereal were laid out in sections and then put together to create the final product. There was corn in the cereal. I could see the kernels. I suggested we remove the corn because it would not taste good.

In another scene we were being told the house would be undergoing renovations.

Throughout the dream, I was hearing a female voice in my mind like a whisper as I interacted with the people in this group. She was asking me how I felt and if I would like to stay. At one point I felt her put her hand on my back right between my shoulder blades and a warmth spread across my back and into my chest. I fell into the feeling, opening to it and breathing a sigh of relief. I knew I wanted to stay. This place was safe. The people trustworthy. The space healing and revitalizing.

I saw options listed in my mind. The option to stay was checked and I was asked again if I wanted to stay. I did, truly, but a part of me rejected it because she did not believe it was possible that a place so wonderful, so loving and healing, could exist. If it did, I surely was not worthy of it. It felt that I was better suited to problems and conflict.

I woke up then, knowing I had rejected the space because I felt underserving of it. Additionally, I could not fathom such a reality existed. It felt unreal to me.



I returned to sleep and to the house. I was sitting at the kitchen counter. A woman was talking about doing something deceptive, taking the insides of a toy dragon I think. I was then offered the toy dragon. I saw it was see-through and inside were tiny, colored objects. I told the woman, “You can have the tiny pieces since I know you just said you intended to take them anyway.”  The woman looked shocked.

Then I heard someone call my name. I turned toward the sound and the scene shifted. I gained lucidity all at once and had full perceptions.

Though I could not see the woman, I could hear her voice. I somehow knew she was there to help; to offer healing in a way only a woman could. My vision was limited to that of my mind at the time so I could not see her, only shadows of movement. She asked me if I wanted her to come to me. I replied that I did and lay down on a blanket on the floor face up. There I waited for her.

She then suggested we take a certain position. I think she said, “T”, but I don’t remember her exact words now. When she said this I could feel her approach me and my vision turned on suddenly. Her body felt heavy as she positioned herself over me. My vision turned on and off but I could feel everything very physically.

The next thing I remember is my vision turning on vividly. What I saw shocked me. In my face was this woman’s genital region and I could see every detail of it. Suddenly feeling very inexperienced and nervous, I asked her, “What am I suppose to do?” She said, “Pretend that I’m you.”

I took in the scene, allowing myself to feel all the feelings that came to me. I was not disgusted but I was not attracted to what I was seeing either despite the visuals being VERY detailed and perceptions at full capacity. I began to touch the woman’s leg and kiss her there but hesitated because I began to think it would likely smell. The idea of it held me back and then I pushed the thought away but not before I smelled a familiar smell. It was not a female smell but a musky masculine smell, one I had smelled before in this lifetime. It was not pleasant, as if the man had not cleaned himself well. It vanished quickly but caused me to shift out of the scene.

I felt myself return to my body laying in my bed. In the distance I saw the woman sitting at a computer, illuminated as if by spotlight. I could see her clearly. She had short cropped brown hair that was wavy and came to the nape of her neck – like a pixie cut. Curious and feeling an urge to go to her, I sat up and OOB without issue.

When I went up to her I said, “I didn’t know you worked for him.” I looked at the screen and then back at her. I could see her face in detail. She had a round face with a perfect nose, brown eyes and freckles lightly dusting her cheeks. Her brown hair was messy and hung perfectly around her face. I was fascinated by her.

I got very close to her and looked her in the eyes. She laughed as I grew closer and her entire face lit up. I remember seeing her mouth vividly as she laughed. I think I said, “You’re beautiful” but I’m not sure, I might have thought it. I touched her face lightly with my fingers and turned her toward me because she had looked away. I said to her, “I want to kiss you.”

Her reaction to this was to grab me and kiss me on the mouth. The momentum of her movement was enough to push me to the ground. She fell on top of me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I could feel every part of the kiss distinctly. It was so real! And surprisingly, I reacted as passionately to her kiss as I would to a man’s kiss, maybe more so! My response was to begin to take off her shirt. As it came over her head the intensity of the experience woke me.

When I woke I was laying on my right side, knees tucked close to my stomach. My root chakra was active and warm, expanding outward like a huge bubble. Disappointed to have awakened prematurely, I lingered for a while wondering about the experience. I recalled recently telling someone online that I needed a woman’s touch to heal the wounds causing the blockage in my second chakra. I have no doubt that this OBE was for healing. I was reminded of the feminine energy, how it is nurturing and gentle. In contrast, the masculine energy feels rigid and rough. The wounds I carry from lifetimes of abuse by the masculine require a gentle touch to open up to healing, otherwise they will remain closed to it.



Bitch Magic and 3 OBE’s

Ah, the good sleep was short-lived! 😦

Dream: Bitch Magic

I fell asleep without issue but woke around midnight from an odd dream. I was with my daughter who had a friend who was wearing an outfit with the words, “Bitch Magic” on it. To the left of the words, which were written in Disney-like lettering with sparkles and stars all around, was Tinkerbell waving her wand. LOL The high waisted jeans also had the logo and lettering only smaller on the back just above the pockets. I remember saying to my daughter that I thought it was a bit too much, especially since it looked to be from the 1980’s era.

I couldn’t help but remember, “Bitch Magic” when I woke, so I wrote it down. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep because of the overly dry air in the room causing my nose to hurt when I breathed. So, I lay on my back mulling over life and envisioning how I would like my future to play out. I went through several scenarios before I fell asleep.

Lucid Dream

I entered into a semi-lucid dream where I was sitting in front of a very large television. I could see the selections for the shows and was in the middle of selecting a show I liked when the TV shifted to shows my children like to watch. I couldn’t find my show anywhere. Eventually, I found it and clicked on my show but the volume was too high. I began to turn it down and noticed the TV had a curved edge which made it hard to see from the side.

3 OBE’s

My lucidity must have peaked because suddenly the loud noise of the TV turned into hearing someone knock on the front door. I heard my husband answer and whisper an apology for asking the person to come over so late. I also heard what sounded like a briefcase opening – a “click, click” sound. I remember wanting to talk to my husband, to go downstairs and see who he was with, but my body felt paralyzed and heavy.  There was a realization that I was hearing “noises off” but at the same time I felt like I needed to investigate because it felt very real. I attempted to get up and go downstairs but I kept feeling pulled down into the bed/my body. It took every ounce of energy I could muster to finally sit up and when I did I exited my body.

Free of my body, I headed toward the bedroom door. It was very dark and my energy was pretty low. I could feel my physical body the entire time which made me in a hurry to get as far from it as possible. I went to the stairs and looked over the edge, calling to my husband but knowing he wasn’t there – he never was. I could feel the cold metal of the railing beneath my hands just as my vision began to clarify. Then I was pulled back into my body.

Back in my body I again experienced the heavy, paralyzed sensation. Knowing full well that I was in the transition state, I forced my way out of my body and out of bed. I was still curious about what I had heard and there was this fear at the back of my mind that perhaps something sinister was about. I ignored my fear, knowing I had nothing to fear – that nothing could harm me unless I thought it could. This time I went directly to the other bedroom where my husband was sleeping with our youngest son. I spoke to him, asking him if I could get in bed with him. He answered by pulling back the covers to let me in. I could see the outline of my son under the covers in the middle of the bed. I remember feeling my husband as I got into bed and then being sucked back into my body as if I were being pulled through a tunnel.

This time, fully intent on getting out of bed and out of the house, I pushed through the heaviness and exited my body without much issue. It was still dark, the energy very heavy, but I was determined to free myself of it. I went directly to the stairs and then opted to jump/float down to the first floor. I did this without issue and landed at the bottom. There was more clarity in my vision but it seemed to strobe in and out. I went directly to the front door and opened it. As I did, an object came down as if to block my path. It was a giant chandelier. I could see it clearly in my mind despite the darkness that enveloped it. I spoke aloud, saying, “Get out of my way”, as I took my hand and brushed it aside. I felt no resistance. The door was only partially open so I slid through the opening, noting it was much lighter outside and my vision was clear. As I walked outside, I noticed a For Sale sign propped up against the side of the house, the lettering very distinct – red letters on a white sign. I could also see other objects indicative of moving, like tape and gloves. I wasn’t able to focus on it for long because I was sucked back through a tunnel and back into my body.

As I settled back into my body I knew that I would not be able to exit again. My chest felt very heavy, just like the energy I had felt while OOB. In fact, it felt like my chest had been ripped open and expanded, as if I had open heart surgery. It is hard to explain, but the energy was distinct. As I settled more into my body I noticed my heartbeat and breathing were erratic and overall it didn’t feel right or normal. I wondered if I had been putting too much strain on my body but my guidance indicated I merely didn’t have enough energy available for traveling OOB.

Now wide awake, I struggled to sleep again. I had to turn on the humidifier in order to comfortably breathe. It was past 2:30am when I fell back to sleep.


Looking back at last night, I realize that things were prime for an unsettled night. As I was winding down for the night I could feel my crown and third-eye activating. I remember thinking, “Download time”.

The Bitch Magic dream could mean many things. My first thought after waking was that it pertained to me – as in I am the bitch. However, the “magic” part indicates that it is not necessarily a bad things. My thought was that perhaps I needed to get into “bitch mode” to get things moving in the direction I wanted. Considering my thoughts prior to bed were about what I wanted in life, this makes sense. Still, it is very funny! The image of the fairy especially.

Since I could not return to sleep after waking the first time, I remember thinking it likely that I would go OOB. I did not intend to, though, just noted it likely. It’s called Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) method, meaning you wake up and then return to sleep after moving around enough to wake fully. Usually, when I wake up so early in the night I do not go OOB, so it was quite a surprise to end up doing so. WBTB is best done after 5-6 hours of sleep, not 2 hours.

Based upon my thoughts/insights during meditation, I believe the first OBE noises-off were directly related. I remember thinking the knock at the door and the clicking of the briefcase as it opened was my husband trying to keep something from me; thus my intense curiosity to investigate. The heavy energy is typical of the etheric. The symbolism in the OBEs seems a reflection of my feelings – unable to leave the house = feeling trapped. The chandelier symbolizes a bright future, but it was not lit so maybe it means the opposite? Since it was inside the house and trying to keep me inside, perhaps it is symbolic of a possible bright future gone dark – dashed hopes and dreams. The For Sale sign is likely another symbol indicating a desire to move on or get out/get rid of something. My vision was also poor, indicating an inability to see clearly; a need for clarity. I am seeking clarity but unable to find it until I exit the house.

The strange sensations in my physical body are not concerning, though they were odd. I have had all kinds of weird re-entries and this one definitely qualifies as such. My chest did feel to be spread open, as if I were getting open heart surgery. I’m not sure what to make of the sensation other than to say it was just my perception of the energy at the time of re-entry.


Huge Push and 2 OBEs

I’ve had a rough few days since my last post. Yesterday was the worse. I was grieving all day. Grieving for a loss before it has happened. Little things were causing upset. I was crying over stupid stuff and those little things were triggers for something bigger.

I am being pushed right now. It comes from deep within and has been intensifying with each day. I’ve been pushed before. My tendency is to wait it out and up until now that has worked. I think, “If I wait long enough it will go away”. This time feels different, though. I don’t think waiting it out will work.

Last night I kept waking up. Our a/c is cutting off periodically and my husband did not go into the attic to investigate and clear the overflow pan. The a/c wasn’t turning back on. Each time I woke up I had sweat on my brow. Too hot to get good sleep. I would go reset the a/c, it would turn on and then go off again without cooling the house.

At 3:30am I woke and the a/c NEST thermostat had no power. I had to flip the breaker. It was nearly 80 degrees in the house! I opened the window and tried to sleep. Then I felt the air turn on and it got cool enough for me to sleep.


Lucid to OBE: Time Flies

I returned to sleep and set the intention to project.

I was aware of being in my bed, eyes still heavy with sleep, attempting to determine whether I was really awake or dreaming. Quite a bit of this part of the experience is lost to me now but I recall attempting to separate from my body. I did not realize yet that I was dreaming and so separation was unnecessary.

All at once the scene shifted and I was inside a house with people I was visiting. They all seemed to know me and me them but I have no idea who they were, only that they were dark haired and related but not by blood. One woman came up to me and I recognized her. I hugged her while saying, “Meredith!!” She hugged me back and turned toward the bedroom behind her. A young woman who looked just like her was lying in the bed very pregnant. I was confused. Were they both Meredith? Or was it mother and daughter?

I headed to the opposite side of the house (a mobile home) and into a familiar bedroom. I got into the bed and once again felt the heaviness of sleep take over. My eyes heavy, I struggled to stay awake. A young, dark haired man came in and began talking to me. I was in his room. We seemed to know each other. I had memories of him being much younger, like 10 years old, yet he was obviously much older – a man. He sat down on the bed next to me. I told myself to wake up as I attempted to put on clothing. I was in this man’s bed wearing only my underwear! But he seemed not to mind or care. We were family after all.

I managed to pick up my shorts but could not get my legs into the right holes (lol). I was  completely unable to keep my eyes open long enough to focus. The young man was to my left sitting very close talking cheerfully about the family and things that had happened over the years. I sat staring off into space. I saw a military ID tag with numbers on it. It floated mid-air in my vision and woke me up a bit. I turned to him and asked him about it. He motioned to a bag and I said it was not what I saw, that it was military in origin. I don’t remember the number now, just that it was 4 digits, maybe 1406.

This is when I began to wake up. I turned and looked at the man and saw how young he was (early 20s probably). He was smiling and I recognized him, though from where, I am unsure. He had dark hair, twinkling brown eyes and medium skin tone. He kept talking and I listened. He was asking me to stay for a while, inviting me to join him and the family in the living room. As I focused on him I felt a strong pull from my heart area. It felt like my heart expanded toward him and a rush of Divine connection began to fill me up. I stopped it, though, panicking and saying to myself, “No!!” The connection immediately severed. My reasons for severing the connection was his age – he was too young. The man seemed not to notice.

He got up to use the restroom and I again noticed him. He was wearing boxers and t-shirt. I realized he was very comfortable and at ease around me. I saw a box on the dresser and inspected it. It was full of marijuana. I mentioned it, saying I had not smoked in years. He replied, “Stay a while and we can smoke some together.” Then he left me in the room alone and I continued to try and get dressed.

I sat on the bed for a bit feeling drowsy. A man came in and sat next to me on the bed where the young man had sat. He was much older, maybe in his 50s. He had salt and pepper stubble on his face, kind brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He smiled at me as he sat there and I knew he was the young man all grown up. Again he was very familiar and felt like family to me. I turned and looked at the clock and saw it was past 5pm. It felt like I had been there all day! There was a sense here that the clock represented the passage of time, only rather than hours and minutes it was years.

Then a family was standing in the room with me – a mom, dad and three children. I remember being told by someone (a voice) that they had come seeking my counsel. The mother looked at the father and said something firmly with a very serious tone. Her words are lost to me now but I believe she was saying her mind was made up and she was leaving him. He responded with, “But what about the kids? They need you.” He pointed to the youngest, a little blonde boy no older than 4. The father was against her leaving. I shifted perspective to the woman and looked specifically at the littlest. She/I said, “He will be okay as long as you and I are both in his life.” I remember complimenting them on their family as they left but feeling a sadness wash over me that did not make sense.

I finally went into the living room and there were some others milling about, all young (20’s). For some reason I came into full awareness. I saw the front door and went outside. There was a porch with wood railings the length of the house. I jumped up on the railing. The young dark haired man followed me. I turned, feeling adventurous all of a sudden, and said, “Watch this.” I jumped on top of the railing and grabbed onto the roof overhand. I swung a while and then let go, knowing I could fly. I floated there and lost vision.

OBE : Set an Intention

I sensed my body only briefly before I exited back into the scene. I was in the air near the house floating over the treetops. In front of me was a beautiful city, rooftops in all directions scattered across hilltops covered in trees whose leaves were already changing color for Fall. The sky was crimson with streaks of orange dotted with puffy, white clouds on a background of deep blue. It was breathtaking!

I felt myself being pulled up and I surrendered to the sensation while expressing that I did not want to go up. I remember thinking, “I need to set an intention.” I don’t remember saying anything, though. Instead I thought of something that made my heart instantly ache with a yearning I cannot describe. I became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. I stopped mid-air, overcome with a grief that seemed to have no origin. Realizing that I could not stay in such a state, I shifted out of the emotion immediately, as if it were just a passing moment and nothing of concern.

I flew a while and spotted a group of women in an open area. I hovered over them and listened in on their conversations. They saw me but did not care that I was floating. Somehow I knew the women. Everything they said to me I wrote down very carefully on a paper in my mind. None of it I recall now, of course! One woman’s name was Marcia, though, and I recall telling the women matter-of-factly that they had each purposely came here with few social/family connections. Marcia, however, would become one who had a great many. In my mind I saw their positions as if part of a web. Each of them were at the ends of the web but Marcia was closer the center. I knew the women had purposefully chosen their positions for the experience. I knew I was like them.

I flew on past them after telling them my observations. I came to a door. A nun was inside. I could just barely see her through the tiny window. She asked me for help saying they would not let her out and she needed a code. I went to the right of the door and saw a man in uniform standing behind a desk. I asked him to open the door and let her out. He would not.

The experience starts to break up here. I recall feeling emotional again and shutting it down quickly.


I returned to my body but lingered in the in-between for a while. There was a discussion with a male guide that was quite long, but I can’t remember much of it now except that I was drinking a very large glass of something that was to help me heal. I also remember seeing my mid-section ripped open but it was energetic, not physical. I remember discussing what I knew needed to be done. The male guide told me, “Don’t worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Several songs were on my mind as I woke. One was a Christmas song but I don’t remember which one. The other two came one after the other:

Dido White Flag – I will go down with this ship. I won’t put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love, and always will be.

Rachel Platten Fight Song– Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion. Like how a single word can make a heart open. I might only have one match but I can make an explosion. This is my fight song. Take back my life song.





Sleep Deprivation Leads to Unexpected OBEs

OMG what a week! I have not been sleeping well at.all. I struggle to fall asleep and usually wake up prematurely and then can’t return to sleep. I have been averaging 4 hours a night. 😦

Last night I fell asleep at midnight (three hours after going to bed) and then was awakened prematurely by my daughter at 4:50am. She thought it was 6:50am and had awakened her brother in a rush to get ready and get to the bus in time. Her brother accidentally let our dog, Monty, out and she burst into my room to declare,”Orren let Monty out again!” I jumped out of bed, saw the time and told her what time it was. Then I went and retrieved Monty and tried to go back to sleep but I was furious because I had finally slept past 4am! Somehow, though, I fell back to sleep. So thankful for the additional hour!

As a result of waking up and returning to sleep I was blessed with a lucid-to-OBE and two OBEs! I have not had any in ages, so it was a nice beginning to my day. Despite being sleep deprived I am quite contented today because of my gift. 🙂


I had a very long dream that is mostly lost now but impressions remain that I will document now before I forget them.

In the dream I was paired up with an older man who I recognized and felt was “too old” for me. We were on a vacation or trip together at place with chickens and other farm animals. I remember my bag being picked up (offer by the man to take on my burdens) and various flashes of imagery of wide open spaces and calming scenery. There is a portion that is vivid where I went to the chicken coop. A couple of roosters (pride, masculinity, arrogance) were let inside with a group of tiny chicks (youth, curiosity, innocence, girl). They immediately began to peck at the chicks, pecking out their eyes (avoidance of truth). I shooed them away but one died and the other was left blind and near dead (probably died). It upset me.

I recall walking around with this older gentleman holding hands as we talked. The sense I got from him in the dream was that he was there to take care of me, support me, etc, as my partner. It felt like he was trying to convince me to accept him as my partner, to see his side of things and recognize what he could contribute to my life and experience here in the physical. The feeling of the whole dream was as if from a classic romance where two seemingly very different individuals connect and fall in love.

When I woke I was having a conversation with a male energy (same one from the dream) about my considerations regarding age and partnerships. What age do I consider to be too old? Don’t I know that age is just a consideration – that we have no age in Spirit? When I came to full awareness I was a bit overwhelmed because it seemed so real, like he had just been in the room talking to me, sitting on the side of my bed! And I felt so loved and comfortable.

This song was in my head when I woke up, over and over, repeating this part: “But if you wait around awhile, I’ll make you fall for me, I promise you, I will…..”

Three OBEs

The first was a lucid dream to OBE. I was in my room with the kids selecting pants for my oldest son. It felt very real and solid and I almost didn’t realize it was a dream. But when I saw my husband I remembered he was on a trip to Florida. I said aloud, “This is a dream” and took over from there, going down the stairs to the front door. I began to fly after that, but I can’t recall much after that. I think I went back to my body because I remember trying to decide what to do and my awareness peaked too quickly.

The next experience was longer. I exited my body with very little vibrations felt and went directly outside and flew up into the air. I began to sing as I was pulled upward fast. I thought, “I don’t want to” and so stopped ascending gradually. I began to fly over the road in front of my house. I remember saying aloud, “Show me my greatest desire.” I then saw a military group convening in front of me on my right, tanks (need to defend self and stand up for self) in formation and people with machine guns (keep temper in check) in uniform. I remember them being women, not men. I heard someone advise, “Don’t go that way.” I didn’t listen and flew over the military group curiously. There was a definite line between the scene on my right and the scene on my left. The right had a shadow over it and the left was normal and clear. Both scenes were in the dark.

After making my decision, someone offered me a bright orange life jacket (security and support are being offered). I put it on as I flew over a group of people standing around in the road. These people were not in military attire.  I saw mostly young people of various ages, genders, races. The road came to a T and they were all gathered, seeming to be deciding on which way to go. I felt very alive and happy and was flying with exuberance over everyone. I remember deciding to play a joke on one guy who seemed very glib compared to the others. I began to pull off my clothing, life/safety jacket first, stripping all the way down to naked. As I did this I was singing repeatedly, “I want to be freeeeee!!!!”

Image result for image of orange life jacket

I kept having to pull layer upon layer off. It seemed more layers would be added after I took one off, bras (support, sexual nature) especially. I think I took off four bras in all. lol

I approached the a guy and got really close trying to get him to notice me. He did and I drew in closer feeling playful and lost lucidity popping back into my body.

In the last OBE I seemed to wake up in my bed and noticed my alarm clock was saying a time that did not match reality. I believe it was in military time but can’t recall the numbers now other than the 12. When I looked around at my surroundings I realized the room was not my own and full of people spaced equal distances apart and all seeming to be sleeping while standing up. I flew around playfully but no one seemed to be aware of me. There was a sense that they could wake up and so I tried to get their attention by again removing all my clothing (lol). The feeling was that to remove my clothes somehow freed me from the restraint or burden of them and what they represented. There was some interaction with some of the males but I can’t remember specifics now except that we were floating close to each other and seeming to wrap around each other energetically.

Eventually I remember seeing several men laying down, face up. One was a young man who was naked and talking to a man next to him who was also laying down and naked. I flew over the top of the young man’s head and then shifted my attention to the other man when I saw how young and immature the young man was (like pre-teen). Then I flew up to the other man who seemed to be in his 20s. He had a full beard which I could feel as I kissed him. There was a strange sense with the kiss that was a bit disturbing, though, and it brought me back to my body.

When I woke there was a ton of energy around my third-eye and crown.

Uranus Retrograded Me

Wow. I don’t even know where to start for this post! SO much going on, this time mostly spiritually but also in this physical reality experience.

My me-time is so preciously scarce since I started working full-time that I don’t get to blog near as much as I would like. I tend to use my me-time to exercise, do yoga, and be with my kids. That leaves close to no time to write, though I do sneak it in on my private blog/journal when something pops up that I feel I need to document. Usually I jot some things down on a piece of paper as I rush to get ready in the morning and then write a quick account in my private blog when I get to work.

But I’m not complaining. I am enjoying life much more now. Busy = no time to over think things (my nemesis).

There are now SIX planets retrograde and I think the day Uranus went retrograde was when I started noticing a shift in my universe. It started with the sudden onset of post-nasal drip on Tuesday night alongside a nasty sinus headache. That night I didn’t sleep. The next morning my head felt to be in a vice and my throat hurt from the post-nasal drip. I felt like shit but took some Ibuprofen and went to work anyway. The Ibuprofen lessened the pain but I felt wiped out and zoned out most of the day. That night I took a dose of NyQuil and passed out. The next morning, as if by a miracle, I was cured! I have no idea if I was actually sick, if it was allergies or if something spiritual (ascension flu) was the culprit. I may never know, but afterward was when the vivid dreams started.

I’m still not sure how to relay all that occurred but I will do my best to organize it in a way that makes sense to you all while not eliminating too much detail/importance.


The night of the 6th I was browsing FB and ran into a video of The Tonight Show with Will Ferrell. I rarely watch videos like this but this one I did. I liked it so much I shared it. I thought nothing of it at the time. Here is the video. Make sure to watch until the end:

That night I had this dream:

I was with my family waiting on my husband to get ready so we could go fishing (bring up repressed emotions for inspection). He was taking a long time, purposefully it seemed. It was getting later and later so I opted to go fishing without him. I took the kids with me and we drove off.

On the way we ended up on a mountain road. The mountains were a rusty red color and it was like we were in Arizona. At one point we stopped and Orren wandered across the road to look over the edge. I went to grab him with my other two kids. Somehow all three kids ended up falling over the edge (difficult time/fear of what lies ahead). I dropped a cardboard box (attempts to preserve and protect aspect of life) over the edge. They clung to it and I pulled them up. In the dream it was a heart pounding, scary experience.

We then headed back stopping at a restaurant on the mountain. Inside we ran into my husband who had followed us to catch up. He was hanging out with two cyclists in their gear being social with them. Me and my daughter looked through a store in the restaurant at a menu of items. The items were Thanksgiving meals made to order ahead of the holidays. The prices for a full meal were around $300. I opted not to buy anything and a nice lady gave us a beautiful metal container with scallops (female sexuality) inside as a gift. She told us how to make them, indicating how long to cook and giving us tips to make a quick meal with red sauce. The scallops were very memorable. I tasted one in the dream.

We then ran into a family who had moved to the area. A map was out and they were talking about what school the daughter would go to. A woman pointed to a school on the outskirts of town and I said it was likely new and had lots of kids like schools do these days. The girl would be in 10th grade and I commented on how I would be nervous to go to a school with so many kids. I told them of my teaching experience and how I was intimidated by all the tall (looking down on self) students. The mother and daughter looked bored and the mother said, “Well we aren’t worried about it.” As they turned their backs on me as if shunning me I noticed they were both very tall and said, “You shouldn’t worry. You are tall.”

As I woke the song, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was going through my head. I fell into the in-between and got another message to go with it but can’t recall it now. It was something about getting ready to deal with change.

Then, I had a mini-dream where I let my dog outside and he wouldn’t go. I saw a big skunk (not expressing my true feelings even though I don’t agree with something) in the yard and it woke me.

Later, I told my husband about the song and how I had watched a FB video of it the night before. I shared it with him and explained how I it was going through my head when I woke and how I believe it was meant to warn me of coming change.

When we got to work the secretary had music on. Guess what song was playing? Yep. Weird!!!!!!!! Take a look at the lyrics, too.

Throughout the day I saw at least three skunk references, too. The basic message of the skunk is, “Do no harm”.

Blast from the Past

To continue the intensity of Tuesday (7th, Uranus retro), that morning I woke up with a song on my mind that had nothing to do with my dreams or anything. In fact, it was completely out of place. The words, “‘Cause I miss you…so I turned the radio on….” were repeating in my mind. Here’s the song:

When I got downstairs there was a FB messenger message from my high school best friend. I have not heard from her in years! Her message was:

“Listening to Counting Crows tonight and thinking of you. Hope you are well.”

When I saw the message I knew song I heard upon waking was about her missing me/thinking about me. “Cause I miss you….turn the radio on…” Ha! It would have been even more awesome had I heard a Counting Crows song when I woke. lol

It took me a couple of days to reply to her because it caught me so off guard. She wants to meet up for lunch in a couple of weeks. I have mixed feelings about it. We are so different now, our lives went in opposite directions. But we live literally 10 minutes from each other so there is no reason not to reconnect.

Intensity Hits

This is what I wrote in my private blog:

Woke up crying and feeling a familiar pain. 

Dream 1

I only recall a brief part of this dream. I was outside my grandmother’s garden. It looked like it did when I was little, green and full of life. I heard a ruckus and saw some kids messing with a large cat (cougar). It jumped over the fence and came toward me, most of it’s tail skinned of flesh. I scolded the kids saying, “Why did you do that?” I felt sorry for the cat.

Dream 2

I was in a large, open room with a group of people I recognized. We were all enjoying our OOB freedom and many of them didn’t even realize they were OOB. I can’t recall the specifics of our discussion but the feeling I had was happy and care-free.

At one point the discussion shifted to being able to talk to Spirit, or those who were unreachable from where we were. I told the group I could contact and talk to Spirit. They didn’t believe me. One did, though, and said they had recently lost their mother and could I contact her. I took the opportunity to show the group I could. When I “called’ to Spirit I took my hand, palm facing down, and slammed it against the ground invoking Spirit. When my palm contacted the ground there was a lightening flash of white light. When the light faded a pile of clothes and bones was left on the ground. I said it indicated that Spirit had not transition and to wait for her.

Dream 3

I recall sitting in a living room with someone next to me, likely my guide. Projecting on the wall were all my memories. It reminded me of the old movie projectors the way the image shifted and jumped about. I recall seeing my BIL and being focused on him. The film was paused and I was asked why I preferred to focus on him rather than another image. I could not see the image I was avoiding. In my memory it is a just a big, black, moving blob almost like an ink blot. The feeling when I tried to focus on it was what I recall the most. It was very familiar and I had thought it resolved. But in touching up it, it was like a wound partially healed being poked and prodded again until it bled. The pain of it hit me full force and I began to cry. The feeling is so hard to describe. It is so agonizing that even as I type this I struggle not to burst into tears. I miss him (the person the blob represents) so much that it is beyond my ability to manage. I don’t know how to process it, at least not in this human body. The closest I can come to describing the feeling is how a child must feel when they are ripped out of their mother’s arms unexpectedly and not allowed to return. They can see their mother, they know she is alive and well, but they are not allowed to return to her.

As I cried I was asked to consider focusing more on this blacked out memory. In my attempt to do as I was advised, a rush of memory hit me. The only thing I recall of the memory was the insurmountable pain, resulting regret and the conclusion that I had made the wrong decision. I remember saying, “I shouldn’t have. My heart will never stop breaking now.”

My guidance continued to nudge me. I said, “I can’t. I don’t think I am capable of it in this form (body).” The emotion was overwhelming and woke me. I continued to cry, my heart breaking over and over again.

As I woke a song crept into my mind, slowly as if in the background, becoming louder and louder. It was the music to Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” and the chorus repeated, “Open your heart to me, I hold the lock and you hold the key.” Then, behind that, another song merged with it – “Just say you won’t let go…..”

As you can imagine this only made my crying worse. As I lingered in bed, trying to compose myself and breathe (stopped up nose), I realized that the Love that seemed to be the source of all the pain I was experiencing could not exist within this form(body) – this character I am playing in this life. The two are not compatible. I struggle because the Love I feel cannot exist in the presence of fear. Thus, the pain is the result of the incompatibility. Yet life is all about survival and with survival comes fear – fear of so many things related to survival. I saw no way of ever fully embodying the Love while in this body. The task seemed impossible.

The agony of this realization made my heart hurt even more. It was as if my chest were being stabbed thousands of times and never allowed to heal. Still the hardest part to endure was – IS – the heartsickness; I have never missed someone/something so much. Everyday that passes, everyday apart, I die a little more. 

It was painfully obvious that I was being asked to “open my heart” again; that I had closed it off to protect myself but in doing so was preventing progress in the intended direction. I need to open up but when I try it is just too painful and I feel decimated all over again. I realize that if I don’t open up on my own that I will be forced to. I told my guidance I don’t want that but at this time I am not sure I can avoid it. Doing it on my own seems impossible.

What I don’t understand is why this is happening now. I have finally been feeling a connection to my husband again. I have finally accepted my life “as is”, devoid of the kind of Love I now know exists. I am appreciating what I have, who is in my life and the path I chose.

In the in-between I heard, “Panoramic Airways.” I took this to mean a bigger picture is available to be viewed. 

Short OBE

Almost forgot! I got a mini-OBE this morning. Unexpected and with a message: “Wait for it.”

It was mostly hynagogic imagery of birthday cards. The first was a moving picture I can’t recall except that it was colorful and about a birthday. The second was childish drawings of elephants (like Dumbo). Throughout it I was talking to someone and I heard then reply, “Wait for it….” When nothing happened except more images, I realized I was was OOB but had not exited. So I looked beyond the images and a room scene materialized. I exited my body and out I went. My first thought was, “Wow, I am really stable!” My astral form was solid and my perceptions 100%. I was in my mom’s bedroom and so headed directly to the front door. When I reached it I got a message as I was sucked back into my body. It was a feeling more than words that said, “Nope.” lol

Finally! OBEs!

After a very long time (months?) I finally got to venture OOB!

Lucid to OBE: Swan’s

I was at my Mom’s house standing on the back porch looking at the pool when I became lucid in this dream. My daughter and one of my son’s were running with floats toward the pool. This is when I noticed there was a whole flock of beautiful, white swans in the pool. I yelled to my daughter to stop but she jumped in anyway. As I made my way to the water to try and get a photo before the swans took flight I noticed the pool was empty, the water dark with tall grass surrounding the water.

A group of baby swans was left behind and one of them got into the pool with my kids. It seemed tame and was happily playing in the water with them. By this time I was in the water, too, snapping photos with my phone. The water was crystal clear blue and the pool looked like my mom’s pool.

At some point the baby swan left and my daughter went looking for it. She found a shriveled looking thing resembling the dried remains of a very large toad. We were all sad and tossed it into the bushes. Another, larger swan swooped into the pool and floated there gracefully for a while. We were all in awe of it’s beauty. My daughter said she felt the swan was the baby’s mother.

Something about the swans and situation made me super aware of my energy body. I lost solidity in the scene and shifted out. Grabbing the opportunity I shifted back OOB.

HD Wallpapers Desktop: Swan HD Wallpapers

OBE: “Power” Lines 

I ended up in my old room at my mom’s house. I went directly into the kitchen where I saw my mom and sister sitting at the kitchen table. I passed beyond that into my mom’s room. The room was completely different with a twin bed in the center. I commented to my mom about it but upon closer inspection realized it wasn’t her.

I went into the bathroom and saw three people inside getting ready. One was a tall, blonde man and the other two were women. None of them were familiar except the man and I had an out of character need to kiss him, but refrained.

I went back into the bedroom and approached the woman. Her face morphed and settled into one of a fairly attractive woman with dark hair. I didn’t recognize her. We talked but I can’t recall what was said. For some reason I bent down and kissed her. I recall the kiss vividly because it was so physically real feeling. She kissed back but then pulled away disgusted. I left the room and decided to go outside to explore.

I remember there were small dogs – pugs I think – that was inside growling at me. When I went outside, passing through the door with ease, I saw a large, red pick-up parked sideways on the lawn. It’s windows were tinted so dark I couldn’t see inside. The handles one with the door so that you could not open them without a key. Another growling dog was nearby and also a man but I only remember his presence, I never saw him.

Music began to play in the background of the experience. An entire band/orchestra and I seemed to automatically know the words to the song. I lifted up into the sky and began to sing as I flew up the drive and to the left. Higher and higher I flew until I began to feel pulled upward. I didn’t want to go up so I grabbed onto the power lines, following them as I sang.

I wish I could recall what I was singing because it was important (I repeated it in the in-between to try and remember) but I don’t. Instead, I remember seeing the blue sky dotted with clouds, the road below me and a man walking along it looking up at me. My pulling on the power lines knocked them on top of him and I lost visual and shifted back into my body.

OBE: Seeking My Partner

I shifted immediately back OOB and into my old bedroom. I went directly to the kitchen but all was dark. I could not find who had been there before and the whole place felt abandoned. I went back into the bedroom and saw the people who had been there before but their faces morphed and shifted and it felt off to me. I vaguely recall looking closely again at the woman and the blonde man but can’t remember what happened. I think they vanished when I tried to touch them.

I opted to go outside again and it was dark, so dark I couldn’t see much of anything. The entire time I was talking aloud, saying I wanted to find my partner and asking for help to find him. I recall thinking I was tired of being alone and feeling a need from deep within to locate this person.

I rose up into the sky intending to fly again and looked down at the house. I could not see anything but an outline of the rooftop and front yard. I remembered the growling dogs and swear I heard them barking at me. The feeling from the scene was that something was down there I should be wary of. I decided I wasn’t interested in exploring what that was.

I opted to give into my OBE and let myself be pulled up into the sky. I could feel myself surrender as I began to rise and spin faster and faster. My vision was in and out the whole time. Mostly I recall my intention, it was a warmth in my core that swirled as I spun around and around.

The scene went black and I settled down back inside the house. It was as if my HS was saying, “Look here.” I wasn’t interested in a repeat of the other OBE and so opted to shift back into my body. I lingered there in a very warm, peaceful state for a while.

After waking an Ed Sheeran song – Thinking Out Loud – was on my mind. I had heard it the morning before but I heard, “And darling I will be lovin’ you til we’re 70”. This time I heard a different part. This time I heard, “Maybe we found love right where we are.” Probably an answer to my search in the last OBE. 🙂


The symbolism of the first OBE seems to be all about things not being as they seem. A swan starts out ugly but grows into a beautiful creature. Someone or something that may be initially unappealing can turn into quite the opposite. It is important not to prejudice a situation based upon appearance or surface value alone.

The second OBE seems to be more of an exploration. The truck was interesting. Perhaps there is a part of my “work” that I am not allowed to know yet? Then there is the whole section on the power lines. I suspect it could be symbolic of taking back my power, but I don’t know. I wish I could remember the phrase I was repeating over and over. It was a positive one but that is all I recall.

The final OBE seemed to be directing me to look at my mom’s house and that environment as well as the morphing faces of the people I encountered. Probably more lessons on things not being as they seem.

Overall, I feel I am being nudged to look right where I am for all I desire.