OBE: Goddess of the Night

I took a melatonin to ensure I got a good night’s sleep, and I did.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night to my youngest screaming. My husband tended to him but I could not go back to sleep right away. I requested to astral and positioned myself on my back to prepare.

OBE: Goddess of the Night

I entered a brief dream in which I was a teacher in a classroom. I recall seeing the student desks lined up and looking at the class roster. The pages of all the classes had five to seven names and dates lined up in chart format. However, there was no accounting for attendance. A student was telling me she had been absent but I had no memory of her being gone and since I had not taken attendance I could only guess when she had been present in my class. There was a moment where I was thinking about how to fix the issue, briefly recalling that the attendance clerk often sent in discrepancies to teachers. I figured this was the solution and went back to my desk.

At my desk my awareness suddenly came on all at once. I became aware of being in my body and felt subtle vibrations as I exited. I did not feel the exit was purposeful yet at the same time it obviously was. There was a feeling of being along for the ride here along with a sense of anticipation.

The moment I exited my body I turned to look back at the desk I had just been sitting at. The classroom environment surrounded me but was shifty and there was brief awareness that that my dream was dematerializing. There was also the familiar golden hue and it also seemed to move. All in all it was as if I were looking through eye glasses that distorted the image.

Hoping to see my body I focused upon the desk but found that it was not there. Instead I saw very clearly my bed with the covers down. There was no body in the bed, however, and looking at the bed caused me to feel pulled toward my physical body. I felt my vision darken and knew to move away from the bed as quickly as possible. As i moved away I saw the bed amid the classroom and it looked very peculiar.

At this point I lifted up into the air and went directly to the window behind the teacher’s desk. The window was very vivid and solid, unlike the rest of the scene. I pushed against it, testing to see if I could go through it. It would not budge so I quickly opened it and pushed through the screen to get outside.

Through the window, I lifted up into the night sky. Immediately I began to sing loudly, “I am the Goddess of the night”. I repeated this phrase in song over and over as I explored my environment.

It was very dark outside except for what seemed to be very bright, white lights. I knew I had just left a school building so I figured I must be in a parking lot and the light was just the parking lot lights. The air was crisp and it was raining. I cold feel tiny, pinpricks of cold as the rain hit my skin and wondered if it was in fact sleet and not rain.

In the distance I could see the highway but the white lights distorted my vision and I could not focus on much past arm’s length from my body. In my memory now all I recall is blackness dotted with extremely bright, white light and the sensation of the tiny, pinpricks of cold hitting my skin on my arms and face.

Still singing, I attempted to move toward the left but my thoughts interrupted the singing. I had the idea hit me of being left outside in the cold with only a short sleeved shirt and shorts. I saw myself curled upon on the side walk as the sleet pelted me all over, soaking me and causing me to shiver intensely. This thought pulled me back into my body quite fast. Upon re-entry I felt a knot in my midsection and curled up in a ball in pain. The pain felt very much like IBS and it would not subside.

I went to the bathroom hoping that getting up would help the pain, but when I laid back down it returned. I asked for healing and felt it come as soon as I asked along with a gentle all-over body energetic hug from my guide. I fell asleep soon after, not again exiting my body.


Supermoon Energy: Dreams and a Familiar

My sleep last night was fitful and less than restful. It could be the result of an intense 1.25 hour workout with a physical trainer yesterday afternoon or it could be that the energies of last night’s supermoon were to blame. Regardless, I was waking frequently and feeling wide awake despite my physical body’s extreme fatigue.


I don’t recall my dreams in much detail and the one I do are strange and make little sense. In one my family bought a new house for $375,000. It was tall, wooden and built on stilts. Below it was a pond that stretched from one side to the other. The pond was probably the most vivid part of the dream. There were reeds along its banks and the water was dark as if it held many mysteries. I felt quite happy to see it and remember thinking, “I always wanted a house with a pond”.

There was another dream in which I was inside a place feeling as if I had just materialized there out of thin air. I felt disoriented at first as I took in my surroundings. There was a feeling of being at a gym, but it did not seem like one at all but more like a waiting area. I was introduced to a couple of women but one seemed like a man and I stared at her for a while trying to figure out if she was a man or a woman. I finally decided she was a man-woman.

Finally, I had another dream of water. In this one, it was raining quite hard and I was in a very nice house with tall glass windows that looked out upon a white patio that stretched for quite a distance. Three neighborhood boys knocked on the door asking to swim. They were holding books in their hands and I asked them if they had permission. They said yes, so I told them they could swim in the Jacuzzi. They went out in the rain to swim and later came back but had left their books. I went to retrieve them complaining of how they ruined them.

When I awoke I felt very disconcerted. It seemed something was very wrong and I felt the coyote I had seen the previous day was proof that I was being tricked. I thought the strange feeling that an energy shift was coming must have been a lie and coyote was there to laugh at me for believing it. I felt duped.

Visions and Messages

I managed to fall back into the in-between. While there, I often slipped into the dream state and then would come back to the in-between. I did this one and off for some time, the dreams often lost as soon as I became lucid.

In one of the in-between lucid moments I was shown a bedroom. It was very obviously a child’s bedroom; a little boy’s. When I saw it, I recognized it as mine and looked at how neat and tidy it was. I also noted that the items and furniture were very expensive and there was way more than any little boy could ever hope to have.

I remember as I recognized it as mine that I said, “That was 1966”. This brought me to full awareness as I tried to rationalize the year. When I awoke I did the math. The life-before-last I died in 1963. The life after that I was a boy and recalled dying in 1972 at around the age of 6 or 7. That would mean that if the room I saw from 1966 was mine, that it would have been mine when I was very, very young. I wondered briefly why I was being shown my old bedroom. Perhaps I was very rich in that life? I don’t remember.

I fell back into the in-between and was talking with someone during this time. I don’t now recall all of the conversation but as I began to awaken fully I heard someone tell me, “…..you have an honored familiar”. I instantly recognized the word familiar and wondered what it was was.

You Have a Familiar

Though I don’t remember everything that occurred during the in-between, I do remember that the conversation that started all the above came out of me telling my Higher Self that I did not want to stay in life and asking him why he insisted that I/we stay. He, of course, answered, “You have a lot of work to do”. I was/am tired of hearing this and asked, “Why does it matter what work I do? Is the human race so important? What difference does it make what I do while I am here?”

It is perhaps from this conversation that the messages came. Maybe I was given the message that I had a familiar so that I would know help is on its way. For what exactly, I am unsure. Whether I will meet this helper, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I believe in familiars.

Something’s Up

Perhaps it is the solar flare activity again or maybe there is another influx of ascension energy (or maybe the two are one in the same?), but I can sense a shift about to take place.

It is hard to put my finger on the exact feeling, so it is hard to describe how it feels. What I will say about the feeling is that it is similar to being put on alert when there is an approaching storm; like a tornado warning. It is not all doom and gloom but more like there is a possibility that something will affect me and my immediate surroundings.

I am, of course, taking it all in stride. There is no immediate threat to me, if threat is even the right word. Like in a tornado warning, I am not concerned. We get them (tornado warnings) all the time in Texas and very rarely does it result in anything other than a thunderstorm. Similarly, I have been through many, many energetic shifts on this path of ascension and so I am use to nothing much happening.

Last night was when the shift in energy became most noticeable. I was watching T.V. and my attention was drawn away from the screen to my Higher Self and that was when the alert feeling occurred. Later, I did 55 minutes of Hatha Yoga and felt my head begin to buzz with energy. This was soon followed by my third eye. The energy then snaked down to my throat area and settled about where my thyroid is located. I became so relaxed during this meditation break that when the woman’s voice returned my entire body twitched because I had forgotten I was doing a video.

When I settled down to sleep I again felt the alert feeling and thought perhaps I would have one of my interesting and somewhat intense nightly excursions OOB. But nothing of the sort happened. Instead, I slept very deeply and had many dreams, one in which I met up with my ex-husband and then watched as streamers of light shot off into the starry sky over an ocean of blue dotted with tropical islands.

When I awoke the song A Rush of Blood to the Head was going through my head as was the song, Come Home. The latter was just the part of the song that says, “So, come home” and the former the part, “And they call as they beckon you on, They said, Start as you mean to go on”.

The feeling is still here today. It is something I just can’t quite put my finger on. So I stay on alert to whatever is coming.

If This Were a Dream….

My schedule is filling up. I am working part-time, launching a new business and taking care of my kids on my days off. I am also back to the gym four days a week for an hour at a time. Additionally, my oldest has started back to school and all you parents well know that’s as much work for me as it is her. Finally, my husband and I are remodeling our master bath, the final room of the remodeling process.

This increase in “things to do” is generally not welcomed. I don’t like having to wake up early and it is hard for me to keep my thoughts on the present as I am always thinking ahead to what I need to do next. My stress levels typically rise as does my anxiety. In turn, my sleep patterns change and so I often lose the connection to my guides via my dreams that I so thoroughly enjoy. Yet, I am finding that I am responding differently to all the change.

Despite all the things I have to do and places I need to be, I am quite calm in comparison to how I have been in the past. It has come to my attention in the last couple of days that the reason for this is that I am receiving inner guidance throughout the day. This, actually, is not out of the norm, we all receive such guidance. Rarely do we notice it as it comes via quiet suggestive thoughts and mental image pictures that are easily ignored. Typically I would also not notice it and mostly ignore the messages I receive; however, for some reason I am listening and heeding these messages. Mostly I have been doing this habitually without really noticing but just yesterday I suddenly became aware of it.

If This Were a Dream….

Yesterday, as I was winding down in one of my brief periods of time to myself, I recognized all at once that my vision was peculiar. After noticing my vision change I then thought how similar it was to be OOB. In fact, I got a very strange OOB feeling right then and there that had me thinking I was dreaming. In this brief time of noticing the messages seemed to flow in all at once; the floodgates opened as they have been doing for some time now.

In this particular period of time the message was a simple question: “If this were a dream, what wold you do?”

But of course, it IS a dream, but that was not the point. The point was to get me to remember that this life is a dream and to think of myself as the orchestrator of the dream.

At the time my thoughts had been on all the things I had to do in the future. I had been slowly redirecting myself back to present time but it was becoming a tiring and repetitive process since my thoughts were all over the place. I had to make a decision about my new business, one that I had been holding off on because of the amount of money involved and the potential for failure. With the question posed by my guide, this decision became very unimportant.

In a dream I would not worry about what was coming next. Instead, I would eagerly anticipate the new. There was not consideration about the past or the future, there was just the experience. I was reminded right then and there that it was the present experience that was the most important. What was I creating in that moment? If it was not what I wanted, then I needed to stop creating and create what I want.

And that is when my thoughts shifted to what I wanted and how this new business would get it for me. Instead of worrying, “What if?”, I focused on all I will have. The picture was clear in my mind and my mood elevated substantially. Then I was done and back in the moment, all worry about the upcoming decision gone. I knew the next move because I know what I want.

My Focus is Shifting

The biggest change of all is that my focus has shifted. I do not focus so much on when my next OBE will be, or when my next K surge or Team communication will be. My thoughts more and more are centered on my daily life and creation of what I want in it.

A significant shift has occurred at work. Last year I spent quite a bit of time distracted by spiritual topics and research. I had no interest in my job and even resented it. This year when my mind wanders to the spiritual it is like a curtain comes down and blocks those thoughts, immediately directing me to my work. This is good, I know that, but it is especially good because with this shift in focus comes a surge in creativity. For example, I spent most of my free time at work researching lessons and planning out a 14 week social skills group. The best part is, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Clean it Up

A final note and I will end this post. I have been given a vision many times now of seeing a room strewn with toys or other clutter. With it comes a strong urge to clean it up along with an irritation of having to do so. At first I thought this was just me irritated about having to constantly clean up after my children. But this morning, the vision came as an answer to why I have been having so many breaks in the spiritual process I am going through.

The message was clear that I am cleaning up the messes, tidying house, sweeping away the debris. All this is necessary and repetitive, similar to real life. Healing is a continual process of renewal. Entropy is the word for it and it follows everything that exists in the physical, even us.

Do not get caught in complacency for it breeds decline and you won’t notice it until you have sunk well into chaos.

Vibrations and a Message

My days have been quite busy because I have decided (based upon a strong nudging) to focus on counseling while at work and to focus on family and my side-business when not at my job. I also felt inclined to visit my local Gold’s Gym and resume my strength training regime which I have slacked on since I became pregnant with my third child. Starting up the 4-day-a-week training schedule will take up much of my free time but allows me time to myself, away from the demands of my stay-at-home routine.

Despite this total submersion into physical reality, there has been a switch flipped it seems and my Companion is much closer and communicative. I barely notice the messages when I am busy but when I have down time the feelings, urges, and messages seem to burst through all at once as if they have been held back by a dam.

Last night the floodgates opened when I was watching T.V. We have Netflix and I, like many others, have found it very convenient to watch episode after episode without much break. Currently the show of choice is Hell On Wheels. I typically go into that wonderful T.V. amnesia period where the show takes me away from my present life and submerges me in a make-believe one. You all know what I am talking about. 🙂

So while in the midst of watching season 2, episode 4, I felt the distinct inner nudge that indicates my Companion wants my attention. When I focused upon it I instantly had a vision of doing yoga. Recognizing this, I sent back the thought, “Okay, after this episode”. Yet when the episode ended I started the next one. Funny enough, the episode wouldn’t play and so I gave up and went to my yoga site.

Vibrations and a Message

After doing a short Shakti yoga routine (intense!) I did some Hatha yoga to wind down. Then I went to bed.

I slept hard and had strange dreams of returning to a place I had not been to in a long time and watching a graduation ceremony of some sort where I congratulated on old friend on her accomplishment. I briefly recall it being Montana but then it did not resemble Montana much.

When I awoke it was suddenly to my body vibrating very intensely. These vibrations were not like those that I get upon exiting my body for an OBE. They were more like my entire physical body was shifting very rapidly and subtly. I have felt these kinds of all-over-body vibrations before, but it had been some time. I wanted to roll over and resume sleep but felt I should not. So I lingered on my back and let the vibrations continue, reviewing my dream messages because I felt I should know what had been discussed.

The vibrations slowed and then stopped and a message came through seeming to come from more than one source. The message was concerning me smoking my one cigarette at night before bed. They said, “You have to stop”. I asked why and was told, “It is interfering with the process” and I saw that the energy was being blocked. At this time my heart chakra began to light up with energy, as if to push the point home.

I asked if the process would continue if I didn’t heed the message and the answer I got was that it would continue but much more slowly. There was a sense of urgency with this response, as if the process needed to move faster, not slower.

I was then told, “You will be called”. I had heard this before and so shrugged it off thinking it just another cryptic message that made no sense to me. There was with it the strange feeling that comes with the other worldly communications I have gotten in the past, so perhaps this is why I shrugged it off – it is quite unreal to me. Yet the message was repeated as if it were very important. I still do not understand what is meant by it since “being called” can mean so many things.

I asked for help in stopping my one cigarette a day habit and then got out of bed. It’s my daughter’s first day of second grade so I could not linger and talk anymore.

Symbol: Starbust Within a Circle

This morning as I awoke I received a vivid image of an air plane in mid-flight. It was perfectly white and flawless. Toward the front end of the plane was a symbol – a starburst etched in black surrounded by a red circle.

The image stayed for a while, until I saw the symbol, then it vanished.

Strangely, I thought of Japan and recalled briefly a dream of talk of traveling to Japan. I am not sure how Japan has anything to do with this, but I wanted to add the information just in case it meant something.

I researched the Japanese flag because in my study of history I vaguely recalled there was something similar to the symbol I saw on the flag. This is what I found. What I saw isn’t on this page but it is interesting to me that the imperial standard of the emperor of Japan is very similar.

However, when I saw the plane I felt the presence of a woman, the same woman who had been talking to me in my dreams last night. I believe she is the same one who spoke to me when I boarded the ship in the OBE I had the night before last. Her message to me when I saw the plane was, “We’re waiting for you”.

All I know for sure is the way the vision made me feel. I felt hopeful and a bit excited. This feeling has followed me through most of my day as has the impression of the starburst within a circle.

Dream: The Bear Awakens

After yesterday’s intense K experience, last night was a walk in the park. I slept especially well and awoke feeling hopeful and positive, as if I had received good news.

Dream: The Bear Awakens

One dream in particular was indicative of the news I received. In it, I was made aware that a black bear was wandering around. I went and retrieved it and took it to an area that resembled my mother’s back yard in that there was a huge swimming pool. However, this pool resembled a small pond and had rock ledges and streams built into it.

It was still dark outside and the sky was dotted with stars and so clear that it almost appeared to ripple like the water of the pool. The pool’s water reflected the darkness of the sky so well that if one were to look at the pool and the sky simultaneously they would have appeared to be one in the same.

I took the bear to the pool and let him loose. I watched as he frolicked and jumped about. He had such energy! He stumbled into the water and then out, not sure what he had just fallen into. Then he dove into the pool and swam. I remember feeling so pleased watching him express his intense happiness.

There was a time when I was watching him in the water that I swear his furry leg took on the shape of a woman’s leg. It was like the water transformed him at that moment. Yet when I looked again, the leg was gone and it was only the bear who seemed very much like a pet dog more than a bear.

Dream: 26

Another dream that is very vivid is one in which I was at a college milling around with a bunch of college students. When I first walked in, I was speaking with a woman whose face I never saw. She was remarking at how clear my skin had become and how beautiful I looked. Her exact words were, “You look brilliant”. I remember feeling self-conscious, worrying that I had acne all over my face. Yet when I passed by a mirror I saw that indeed my face was clear but it had a dark, almost orange-red colored shadow over it. I decided this was acceptable.

I was aware at this time that I was at “registration” yet I was not registering. Instead I seemed to be there as a mentor to others who were registering for school. I no longer heard the woman’s voice but now was talking to two young girls. We were specifically talking about years in which we had been born and our ages in comparison to one another. The young girls said they were born in 1996 and I recognized they were 20 years younger than me. I ended up deciding they were 26 years old and this number kept being repeated.

One of the girls asked me about my life and I explained that I was married and had three children. She remarked at how brave I was to have done this and I paused as I considered what she said. She said that she could not imagine ever having children and I remember clearly that I walked up to her and said, “It will be the best thing you ever do. Only through your children will you truly know your heart”. When I said it, I put my hand to her heart and I felt how true my words were for me in my own life. I would not be the person I am today had I not had them to show me who I really am.


Both of these dreams were very memorable and vivid and left me with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. I feel very calm and accepting today of life in general which is very much in contrast to how I have been feeling for a while now.

I believe the bear dream is connected to a message I received not long ago about hibernating – Bear, John. In this present dream the bear is no longer sleeping but has awakened and is refreshed and full of energy. The period of rest and rejuvenation is over and it is time to be awake, aware and moving forward again.

The dream about college is also very positive in that it brings with it the message of the number 26. This number is all about attaining fame and/or material reward. In other words, that which you have been working toward in the material world is now about to manifest in positive ways.