Preparation for June Shift

If you are experiencing what I am – extreme exhaustion, crown and third-eye chakra intensity, mental fog, inability to focus or keep your eyes open – then you are in the midst of a download right alongside me. I am told mine will last two days, but I suspect that everyone’s experience will vary depending on their individual needs.

We are heading headlong into another extreme energy shift that will begin in June and last until the summer solstice. June will be monumental for many. If you have already sensed that this is true for you, then your guidance has been trying to warn you. Well here is another warning. Caution: Treacherous terrain ahead.

I see a tightrope ahead of me. Balance is key. One cannot remain on this tightrope without remaining focused and maintaining balance. On either side is a pit of molten lava. Whew! It makes me a bit nervous seeing such a vision. Hopefully there aren’t too many others facing tightropes over deep, fiery pits. lol But I am reassured that this is just a warning. The circumstances surrounding this Shift will only be to the extent that you can handle, nothing more than that.

femininepowerWomen especially will experience this Shift uniquely. We are coming into our own power and releasing the bonds that have so strictly confined our creative power and energy. We will take a stand in various ways this summer. What exactly you will feel empowered to do  will depend on what is needed for you to progress in your individual transformation.

This is not a forerunner only transformation either. As a forerunner myself, I often forget to directly address those of the other “waves” who have recently been activated. You are now coming into your own power as a group and taking up the reins of your projected paths. Some of you will be taking over where the forerunners left off – becoming gridworkers, gatekeepers, energy manipulators – you name it. But honestly, us forerunners are not all done, so the transfer will not be all at once. It doesn’t really matter, though, just know that you will hear you own “call” soon enough if you haven’t already.




Clean Slate

Yesterday was a tough day. I should have expected it after the intensely emotional dream experience I had. Then this morning more was revealed as to why there has been such a lack of anything spiritual for me for a couple of weeks now. Apparently there has been an upgrade underway for some time and it will continue for some time more. I am not liking this particular upgrade at all, either, for it seems to have almost completely shifted me into the me that is not interested in life or living.

My mind continues to fixate on what I seem to have lost. For example, I went into a depression yesterday because I suddenly felt as if I would never have anymore spiritual experiences or deep heart connections in this life. I desperately missed (still do) the heart fire I had not long ago. It made me feel alive and loved and so many other things that I cannot describe. All connection that was once there seems to have disappeared almost completely and been replaced once again by the endless emptiness that has been with me most of this life. And once again I can’t help but wonder, “What the (expletive) is wrong with me???”

I want to be clear, however, that my guidance is still present. My Companion specifically is communicating with me but the connection that comes with him is nearly imperceptible. The connection is what I miss the most and even though I hear from him reassurance that all is well and going as planned I feel as if nothing is going to ever be right again. My future seems empty, devoid of feeling and pointless.

On top of all this, my sleep is still limited. I keep waking too early and am unable to return to sleep. This morning it was 4:45am! And when I awoke I was furious, demanding to be allowed to go Home (really!? so tired of that!) and it took me quite a while to calm myself down. I did this mainly by tuning into my heart and focusing on my many blessings. It is funny how often I shift into focusing on what I don’t have rather than on what I do have. I began to mentally list what I was grateful for (thanks Rick) and before I knew it I was feeling relaxed and drowsy. Unfortunately, I had to get up at that point to start the day, but at least I was in a far better mood.

Clean Slate

Despite the disconnection I’ve been feeling, there still comes through brief flashes of memory; messages from my counterpart. One particular memory is of being presented with the “new” me in energy form. It is best described as an energetic template because it is seen as an energy body of an electric-blue streaked with purple and indigo. It is spectacularly beautiful and when I see it in my memory I want to exhale and cry tears of relief. The feeling is that this energy template comes with the exchange. At some point I will literally drop my current template and take on this new, clean one. The one I occupy currently feels dirty in comparison to the new one. I understand that the dirty feeling is the debris I am currently clearing. In order to step into the new template I must clear the old one. I don’t really understand why that is. All I know is that I am extremely tired of how long it is taking to clear the old one. The more I try to clear, the more exhausted and apathetic I become. The current issue in front of me feels like an impossible mountain. When I think of trying to climb this mountain, I get extremely tired and disinterested.

So I am back to square one it seems. One step forward, two steps back. I’m trying to remember all the lessons I’ve learned along the way; to not become bogged down by my mind and stay in my heart. It is extremely difficult to do this when it appears I’ve been left on my own. Boredom poses an obstacle, too. I was told last night it was a good lesson for me to learn. Heard  a chuckle along with the message. I don’t see it as a fun lesson, but then my Companion knows that. Patience and persistence are needed. The heart will provide these things if only I can stay there long enough.




Message: We are the Watchers

Upon waking this morning, there was a group around me which I could perceive quite distinctly. They have a different energy than what I am use to and they spoke audibly and quite differently than my other Visitors. This was their message:

We are the Watchers.

Protect yourself.

Do stop mindheadedness.

The drums will be felt round the world.

The drums signal the climax of the Shift.

There will be a great catastrophe.

One that will be Remembered.

We gather en masse to prepare.

All must prepare.

I have never had a message from those who call themselves the Watchers. I had to research it some just to get my bearings. What I find interesting is that lately I have been drawn to reading the Book of Enoch. Now, when I read about the Watchers, I see the Books of Enoch mentioned.

According to Wikipedia, the Watchers are angels. Some are fallen, some are not.  I did not read into the “good” angels and “bad” angels too much because I do not doubt that those who send me messages are not of the “bad” sort. However, the Book of Enoch synchronicity intrigues me. I am very tempted now to read all three books.

I cannot stop thinking about the reference to “the drums”. When I received this part of the message, I felt the drums. It was as if my heart began to pound more strongly inside my chest and it was very eerily silent. The feeling was this was very, very important and to feel for the changes coming for it will be felt, not heard as drums usually are.


After I woke up and was eating breakfast, I looked out the back window at my husband and three kids who were sitting on the porch swing that looks out upon the creek and trees of our back yard. I saw very vividly a piece of paper attached to the rope swing. Seeing this, I opened the door and said to them, “Look, someone left us a note on the swing.” My husband and children asked, “What? Where?” I pointed it out several times, each time focusing upon it as best I could to make out what it said. I saw clearly the pattern of a letter with the greeting, body and signature. I wanted to know what it said so I kept trying to get one of my kids to go get it.

That is when I realized there was no letter at all. It was the board of the swing reflecting sunlight in such a way as to create the illusion of a hand-written letter attached to the rope. I felt a bit awed at this and then joked with my daughter when she asked, “What does it say?” I said, “It says ‘Don’t swing on me'”. Then I told them about the optical illusion. Later they all went swinging on the rope swing. They don’t listen any better than I do. lol

I was thoroughly convinced that someone had left a note for us. It took me a while to realized I had been fooled by an optical illusion. Even after realizing it wasn’t a letter I kept looking to make sure. The whole time the above message was going through my mind and I knew the message was the letter. I need to share it even if it did seem quite negative.

New Cycle of Energies

Yesterday the energy was up and down and a bit rigid, asking us to let go of old patterns – the death and resurrection of aspects of the Self which no longer serve us. Yes, this is a cycle that continues to repeat itself. Why? We humans have a tendency to repeat patterns even when cognizant of these patterns. We “toss” them, think we let them go, but then, when things get tough or circumstances repeat themselves, we find ourselves clinging once again to that which we thought we released. So the work never ceases. If we do stop, thinking foolishly that we are done, we will find a huge dose of reality hitting us sometime in the future that forces us to see that we are not yet finished. This cycle is the crutch that goes along with being human.Without it, we fall flat on our faces and reluctantly have to use it to walk again.

The energy dramatically shifted over night and today it is elevated and bringing with it lots of old baggage in the form of emotion – anxiety, tension, fear – and resistance. These emotions are lingering remnants from the eclipse energies. They need to be released and will be whether we like it or not.

This is the beginning of a new cycle of energies preparing us for the work ahead. For the forerunners most of this work has been done already – or so we thought – but as I just stated, our human condition forces us to continuously work to maintain our current energetic state. With each cycle we chip away at “new” old issues/patterns/beliefs while also flushing out any garbage which may have settled back from past clearings. Remember, also, that we are clearing for the Collective, so this work never ceases and as we (the world) progress becomes ever more important and vigorous.

The “work” ahead varies for each of us. I have recently recognized a consideration once again rising to the forefront of my thoughts. It is the consideration that my work is something bigger and more exciting than my current and past life experiences. It is funny how the Ego likes to feel important and such thoughts still circulate despite all the hard work I have done to put it in its place. This is a great example of the continuous clean-up process. In order to be ready for our “work” we first much drop any expectations of what that work will be. What we want is not always what we get. Few will find themselves in a dramatically different life situation when their work is revealed in full. The reality is that we must be open to experience anything and have faith that our lives will align with our Divine purpose here. Everything has its place and purpose.

As I type this, I am reminded of something I was told this morning upon waking. Though we think we have considered every possible outcome and action, we can’t possibly consider all options that exist. In fact, for every potential outcome we envision, there are unlimited others. In even attempting to predict our future we succumb to the Egoic mind and all its accompanying illusions.

So when you perceive this new cycle of energies, or IF you perceive it, remember to stay present in the moment and open to whatever experience may come to you. If you slip, it is okay. There will be intense emotions and life situations that force repetitive patterns and reactions to the forefront. Try not to judge yourself too harshly when you find yourself embroiled in situations and events reminiscent of your past. Such circumstances are inevitable and purposeful for your development and transformation. Remember not to label your experiences as “good” or “bad”. Observe them and learn from them. In doing so you will not become trapped by them.


Willing to Experience Anything

Though the energies have been high and quite intense, I have not noticed them quite as much as is normal. Perhaps I have adjusted? The only indicators for me that the energies are high right now are: 1. My guidance/intuition tells me they are. 2. My heart, third-eye and crown have been active on and off. 3. My sleep is more interrupted than usual and I am having more vivid dreams.

My dreams indicate that I am going through yet another transition period and making more decisions behind-the-scenes.

Community College or University – I had a dream in which I was deciding if I should go to a community college or university. A line of students were waiting for orientation at the community college and I remember mulling over my options. I was going for an advanced (doctorate) degree so I chose the university. The feeling from this dream is that I am choosing what direction I wish to go in. There comes with this dream a sense that choosing the university indicates choosing a “school” many, many others would also be attending. Maybe the lessons then are more mundane in nature?

Piranha Swimming in Air – I walked into a bedroom and saw a large aquarium with big fish in it. I prepared to feed them when I saw one of the fish swimming around in the air about me. It startled me and I left in a hurry. I told some people outside, “Do you know one of the fish escaped? Be careful because it’s a piranha and it could bite you.” I also asked, “Is it even possible for a fish to swim in the air??” Fish out of a fish tank and swimming in the air is actually a common dream for me.

Fish are usually representative of ideas and/or insights from the subconscious. A piranha is likely an idea or issue that is literally eating away at me and causing me internal upset. The fish tank itself indicates I am in control of my emotions (all but the piranha that is).

tardisRejecting Intuition – In this dream I was at a busy intersection with others. It reminded me a large city like New York. There was a man sitting on the bench. When I saw him I intuited that he would be in an accident and lose both his legs. I decided not to tell him because I believe doing so is irresponsible and unethical. I continued past him but was asked to stop and reset this machine for the next person. It reminded me of the Tardis from Dr. Who except it was smaller. I found the latch and flipped it. The latch was labeled, “Walk-in”. There was much confusion here in the dream and a thought of wishing I didn’t know what the future would bring.

Continued Shifting

There are other dreams intermixed with these but the themes are similar. When I awoke one of the six times that I woke in the night (ugh!) I recall knowing that I had chosen to slow down progress towards Wholeness. I am afraid and need to sort through that fear. I was not very nice to myself upon recognizing this and viewed it as a flaw. There was also knowing that a rest period has been entered (again) and April 4 came to mind. As usual it appears my guidance is giving me a heads up on when the next rush of energies (likely Kundalini) is coming.

In the meanwhile, physically I look and feel wonderful. There has been a physical transformation in me over the last couple of weeks that I am pleased with. My complexion is superb when it has been anything but since the end of January. I have more energy than usual and my body just feels lighter. It is hard to describe. Additionally, I am feeling more connected to my body and feel so much more than I have in a very long time (3 years?). I am actually interested in sex again. Huh? lol Happy dance. I literally feel like I am 20 years old again. Woo-hoo!

On top of these changes, I am also feeling more motivated. Today I have an appointment with an orthodontist to fix my teeth which has been an on-going irritation for me since my 20’s. I have never done anything because of the high cost involved and I could never justify paying so much for one out of place tooth. This time I’m going to do it. It’s an early 40th birthday present to myself. 🙂

There is also present an inkling that I might be able to venture back into the workplace. The thought of it is still unsettling but I sense this will break down in the next few months. There are still some things in my life that need to shift before looking for work but I am being prepared for something that is coming.

I am willing to experience anything at this point. 🙂



Earth-Quaking Energy

There is a peculiar energy today. It could be just me but my children seem to also be affected as they are restless and demanding more than usual. I also slept much later than is my norm – as did they. I love sleeping in except that I am NOT a morning person and the more I sleep, the more grumpy I am upon waking (usually).

To describe the energy is difficult but I will say that it feels like the ground beneath me is literally shifting up and down and left and right; like an earthquake is quaking under all our feet. This, I am told, is the breaking up of 3D reality and me sensing the alignment of energies of or relating to the Shift into 4/5D. It is definitely unnerving and not a feeling that I want to remain.

There have been articles by Tom Kenyon coming to my attention all at once. It is like the universe is saying, “Hey you! Look at this.” When two articles in less than 12 hours by the same author are brought to my attention – and I bother to read them both in full – this is indeed a message. lol

The first article I read was Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3D-Reality. This article came to me yesterday right after I had been contemplating the future of mankind and my ever-increasing interest in becoming part of or helping to create a sustainable community. I was also in the midst of facing the stark contrast between what I feel my life should be like and my current reality. There has been a strong desire in me to take action for some time but the time is still not right. This makes me impatient and restless, like I feel today. Why can’t 5D just get here already!? Tom calls this “time stressed” and this is the result of trying to control circumstances in the material world rather than letting go of attachment to a particular outcome.

The other article is called Destabilization. This article answered the question I had this morning upon waking about why I have these periods of seemingly no spiritual energetic shifts and/or experiences that leave me in an eerie silence that forces me to confront aspects of my current reality that I otherwise would not. All that has previously been hidden is being revealed. NOW. There is no hiding from it anymore. “The deepest catacombs of your subconscious are being turned over like a plow cutting through a field.” So the ground literally is shifting under our feet! For me, this destabilization is manifesting in me a feeling that something is wrong, when in reality nothing is wrong. All is well.

If you have not heard of Tom Kenyon, I highly recommend checking out the above links. He also provides sound meditations free on his website. I have not had time to do more than one, but the one I did do was nice and calming and I could feel a shift within as I listened to it. There is indeed some kind of magic in his meditations.

Quake Watch

I got behind on keeping up with Suspicious Observers videos and so got caught up as I ended this post. It just so happens that today’s video is entitled “Quake Watch”.

Today’s Energy

Just an FYI – I won’t be posting all my videos here. So check out my YouTube channel if you are interested in other ones. 

So the energy is intense today isn’t it? I’ve been riding the wave all day long and on one of those energy high’s I love so much. We are in the midst of an intense upgrade if you haven’t noticed. Looks like my Team wasn’t kidding when they warned me of its coming 8 days ago. Soon = Soon, this time around. lol

I’ve discovered that, for me at least, focusing on my heart center at this time is not the way to go. If I focus there I go into brain-dead mode and feel like I am floating around in La-La land. No good. I have kids to take care of and life to live. I can’t function in La-La land. So, I’ve been outside most of this beautiful Spring (yes I said Spring) day. It is near 80 degrees today in Texas with clear skies and blooming trees. That ground hog wasn’t joking when he said Spring was coming early!

Speaking of “ground” hogs (lol),I have been focusing all day on grounding, grounding, grounding. Yet even though I keep doing grounding things – being outside, exercise, essential oils, staying hydrated, eating grounding foods – I am still feeling my energy is all over the place. Thankfully I am at home and not interacting with groups of people or trying to have two-way communication with an adult. 😉

Yet I am still on this amazing high and feel so full of energy and information that I am ready to burst. I feel like a can of soda that has been shaken and shaken and shaken and when opened will spew it’s contents all over the place. This upgrade is indeed intense and I can’t seem to channel all this extra energy no matter how hard I try! If you watch the video, though I sound out of it (brain fog), my eyes are so dang blue! I don’t have a clue why they did that other than to blame all this crazy energy. The whole time I was trying to talk in the video I was spacing out and forgetting things. Talk about La-La land!

Oh, I just remembered. I was told, two days in a row now (keep forgetting) that there are “craft” of the inter-dimensional kind above Ecuador, Spain and Paris, France. I don’t know why They tell me such things. When I asked why, They told me these areas were areas that need attention – unstable energy that looks like jagged lines of green and yellows. Apparently the grid is still in flux and needing reinforcement. How this correlates to what is going on globally is beyond me. I don’t have time to watch the news and if I did my I would likely go into zone-out mode. I would love to hear if you all know, though. Fill me in. 😉