Message: We are the Watchers

Upon waking this morning, there was a group around me which I could perceive quite distinctly. They have a different energy than what I am use to and they spoke audibly and quite differently than my other Visitors. This was their message:

We are the Watchers.

Protect yourself.

Do stop mindheadedness.

The drums will be felt round the world.

The drums signal the climax of the Shift.

There will be a great catastrophe.

One that will be Remembered.

We gather en masse to prepare.

All must prepare.

I have never had a message from those who call themselves the Watchers. I had to research it some just to get my bearings. What I find interesting is that lately I have been drawn to reading the Book of Enoch. Now, when I read about the Watchers, I see the Books of Enoch mentioned.

According to Wikipedia, the Watchers are angels. Some are fallen, some are not.  I did not read into the “good” angels and “bad” angels too much because I do not doubt that those who send me messages are not of the “bad” sort. However, the Book of Enoch synchronicity intrigues me. I am very tempted now to read all three books.

I cannot stop thinking about the reference to “the drums”. When I received this part of the message, I felt the drums. It was as if my heart began to pound more strongly inside my chest and it was very eerily silent. The feeling was this was very, very important and to feel for the changes coming for it will be felt, not heard as drums usually are.


After I woke up and was eating breakfast, I looked out the back window at my husband and three kids who were sitting on the porch swing that looks out upon the creek and trees of our back yard. I saw very vividly a piece of paper attached to the rope swing. Seeing this, I opened the door and said to them, “Look, someone left us a note on the swing.” My husband and children asked, “What? Where?” I pointed it out several times, each time focusing upon it as best I could to make out what it said. I saw clearly the pattern of a letter with the greeting, body and signature. I wanted to know what it said so I kept trying to get one of my kids to go get it.

That is when I realized there was no letter at all. It was the board of the swing reflecting sunlight in such a way as to create the illusion of a hand-written letter attached to the rope. I felt a bit awed at this and then joked with my daughter when she asked, “What does it say?” I said, “It says ‘Don’t swing on me'”. Then I told them about the optical illusion. Later they all went swinging on the rope swing. They don’t listen any better than I do. lol

I was thoroughly convinced that someone had left a note for us. It took me a while to realized I had been fooled by an optical illusion. Even after realizing it wasn’t a letter I kept looking to make sure. The whole time the above message was going through my mind and I knew the message was the letter. I need to share it even if it did seem quite negative.


4 thoughts on “Message: We are the Watchers

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Thanks for sharing. There is only Balance of All That IS which is positive AND negative….

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  2. herongrace says:

    I love that symbol. I get Ptah the Creator God. I like the letter too. A message for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kittyasmith says:

    I have heard the books of Enoch mentioned a few times now. I have also been told I have something to do with breaking the Seal of Solomon. But I really don’t know what this means. I need to look back into my journal and find what was said exactly…. The Kibalian comes up again for me as I write this. It fits in with my Alchemy studies, too.

    This all seems related, but I don’t know how… I don’t understand this at all.

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