2018 Forecast – The Themes of Family and Togetherness

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2018!


Ready to say goodbye to 2017? I know I am! Wow, what a challenging year! With the January full moon scheduled for New Year’s day, 2018 is already indicating that it is time to wipe the slate clean, leave the past in the past and look ahead to the future.

In a recent 2018 forecast I did for a friend it was made clear to me that one of 2018’s main themes is “family”. For everyone this theme will manifest differently depending on what issues are present; however, it is clear that family will be the area of challenge for most.

Image result for osho zen tarot we are the world card Image source: Osho Zen Tarot 

Along with the theme of family was the theme of “togetherness”. It presented itself as the “We are the world” card (Osho Zen Tarot). This hints that not only will we as individuals need to “stick together’ but also that events in the world…

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Kundalini Dream and Message from my Higher Self

I continue to experience energetic shifts here and there and my dream recall has been phenomenal. My guides are making themselves known toward the evening hours, throughout my dreams and during the in-between state. Currently I have at least two guides entering my energy field – one male and the other female. I do not have names and don’t care to know. They tend to not care either but sometimes they will give me a name. Until one does they will just be “guides” and part of my “Team”.

Kundalini Dream

The Kundalini is stirring a bit as well. In a dream last night I was sitting alongside a plain looking man with light hair who was a bit pudgy. He reminded me of my ex-husband in some ways. We were discussing fishing and planning a trip together. I was interested in him and he in me but when I attempted to get closer he withdrew and completely put up his guard.

He left and I sat alone until a woman approached. She was tall and thin with dark hair and eyes. She introduced herself as the man’s wife and I immediately understood why he withdrew and said, “Ah! I get it now! If I were in his shoes I would have turned and walked away from me immediately upon recognizing the intensity of our connection.” Someone warned me of the man’s wife, though, saying, “Be careful of that one.” They explained that the two were married only because they felt they had to be, not because they were in love and the woman was very manipulative. I wasn’t concerned, though, and began to talk with her very openly about various subjects. We got along beautifully.

One thing I noticed was she did not shave her legs. I asked her a question about it and we began to compare our unshaved legs. lol Somehow our closeness shifted into curiosity, her being obviously more experienced with women than I. Eventually I followed her into a bedroom and closed the door, only I found myself standing on the outside of the door rather than inside.

As I waited my root chakra activated and exploded with such intensity that it woke me up. When I woke the energy was still swirling and rising upward. What is odd is the way it made my physical body feel. It was like every nerve ending in my skin was super sensitive. No one was physically touching me, yet it felt like I was being touched and every touch caused an explosion of ecstasy that then radiated across my entire body. I have never taken the drug known as Ecstasy but I imagine that it would make me feel the way the Kundalini was making me feel in those moments. Wow.

Message from my Higher Self

My suddenly sensitive skin was awesome and I lingered in a relaxed state enjoying the feeling of it. During this time my male guide was talking to me. I can’t recall the specifics or our conversation now but I do remember Knowing that he was part of Me and associating him with my Higher Self. In my memory is an image of me going “up” and into him but he was very large, taking up the entirety of my visual field. Part of the message was that I was to rejoin him soon and when I did I would be “changed”. Again it was the “there’s no turning back” message. I remember him asking if I was ready and I eagerly said that I was. Of course I was feeling very good at the time so I was ready for more! lol However, he warned me that with pleasure comes pain. One does not exist without the other. He explained that they are and have always been the same feeling. There is no difference. I understood with full Knowing what he said because from his perspective the sensation of pain and pleasure are one and the same. From mine they are separate. He used the example of orgasm to try and explain the pain/pleasure phenomena but I became more aware of what was being said and my human mind muddled my understanding.

Though most of what was said is lost to me now I do recall asking my guide to keep me from waking up when the Kundalini begins to rise. I feel like my waking up interrupts the movement of energy and has kept me from a full-on rise. He explained that I will eventually be capable of ignoring the pleasurable sensation. I could not see how that was possible but then understood that it was likely I would become desensitized to it if I experience it enough. In fact, I have already lost my craving for it, which is a good sign.

Other Dreams

When I returned to sleep I found myself in various dreams, some more lucid than others. In one of my semi-lucid dreams I was invisible (withdrawing from life) to the people around me. I took full advantage of this and played pranks on them over and over again. For example, I moved objects or made noises to get their attention, but since they couldn’t see me they would get a bit paranoid. lol It was a fun dream and reminds me of some of my early OBEs when I would be invisible and sneak about spying on different people.

In yet another dream I was at an amusement park (relaxation, enjoyment of life) but it was vast, spreading over acres and acres of land interconnected by vast highways (life direction) with multiple lanes all flowing in the same direction. I flew/drove swiftly on the highway along with so many other people that it more crowded than I would like. Everything was good until I got to a portion of the path where the people on the “ride” had to swim in the cold Pacific ocean (subconscious, emotion). I could see the seaweed (rely on intuition and instinct) as I got close to the water. I hesitated because I knew getting into the water would mean my phone (communication) would get wet and likely be unusable. I watched the person in front of me jump in clothes and all and was shocked that it was a part of the “ride”. When did the park turn into a water park? I said aloud, “I can’t go into the water like that. I won’t. It will ruin my new Iphone.” A man in the water turned back and looked at me and said, “No it won’t. You won’t be in the water long enough to break it and it will work when it dries out. Mine did.” I didn’t believe him and turned back. I was not going to risk it and didn’t want to get in the cold water anyway.

When I turned around so did some others and eventually I found myself at a standstill because there were so many people in the line (need patience). People were getting refunds and I saw their names appear on a screen as their cards were reimbursed. I was still third in line when the ticket agent said my husband’s name. I questioned him saying, “Did you just say _______?” He said, “Yeah. I have the check right here.” I looked and sure enough there was a check (feeling indebted to my husband) signed with my husband’s name.

Strange Message

I woke fairly early and lingered in bed a while falling in and out of the in-between. At one point I was awakened by a strange message and vision. I saw what looked like an oval plane of indeterminable material. It was moving as if alive across my visual field. With it I heard, “Kawanda Plate. 35 million parasitic Beings.” The strangeness of the message prompted me to get up and write it down. Then I could not go back to sleep.

There is a place called Kawanda in Uganda. I could not find anything about a “Plate” or 35 million parasites much less them being “Beings”. I suspect it is just some strange information I brought back with me from an astral world or other dimension. Who knows but it is odd.



Lucid to OBE: Visit to an Astral World

Prior to bed last night I had third-eye and heart chakra activity, though very subtle. With it came a visit from a guide along with a feeling/message that I am in the midst of a “shift” that will take approximately 2-3 days. I’m not even sure what this means or why I suddenly knew it but it is what it is.

I did a little meditation that included the Breath of Fire which I did for about a minute or so and then fell asleep quite quickly after that.

Lucid to OBE: Visit to an Astral World

I had a full night of dreams, the first of which was one about my ex-BIL which was very strange being I haven’t seen or heard from him since before 2011. I am not going to recount that dream at this time, though. Instead I want to go into a very interesting OBE I had early this morning.

After waking at 5am I fell back to sleep and entered into a dream where I was sitting inside an elementary classroom with a teacher and her students. I was waiting for another class to come in so I could go over to the next classroom. They were delayed so I sat down and waited. The entire time I was very sleepy and dozed on and off. I recall having a pillow and nice, warm blanket wrapped around me.

At some point I went to the other classroom and peeked in the window of the closed door. There was a class underway and they were watching a movie. I knew it was history class and didn’t want to interrupt. As I stood by the door a past coworker said something to me from their classroom. I recognized him and his joke and laughed before walking into the classroom.

I sat down to watch the movie with the class and promptly fell asleep. I was embarrassed to be so tired and sleeping on the job but at the same time I didn’t care. I remember no one else cared either. There is memory here of a teacher being pregnant and getting sick as well as a discussion about the previous teacher who had made the joke. I remember telling someone I thought he was interested in me when we worked together so many years ago.

Through all of this I kept trying to wake up and would for a bit and then fall back to sleep. Someone was asking me to try and stay awake. Eventually I listened and got up. I ended up following some kind of trail of string through the door outside into the night.

This is when I became suddenly very lucid. I looked up at the night sky and knew I was OOB. Everything was very real and my vision crystal clear. The sky was magnificent! I could see all the galaxies swirling and the sight of it took my breath away.

At this point I decided to try and fly. I couldn’t at first. It felt like I was pulled down and my leaps into the air brought me back down quickly. However, I convinced myself I could fly and was in the air very quickly after that. I flew up and over the trees leaving the building I was at behind without looking back. There was someone accompanying me the entire time I flew but I couldn’t see them. They spoke to me, guiding and teaching me throughout the experience to come. I am not sure if the guide was male or female.


As I glided along through the star-filled sky I began to feel a slight nudging upward toward the stars. I recognized that my guide was asking me to “surrender” to the experience. There was something he/she wanted to show me. Without a second thought I let go and felt my body accelerate up toward the stars and away from the Earth. I remember saying to my guide, “Take me out into space. It’s okay. I have done it before.”

I lost my astral sight at this point and my astral body seemed to expand or maybe I just ceased to exist in form because I was lost to myself briefly while the transition took place. In the blackness I was totally at ease and began to laugh gleefully. There was also the sensation of spinning and flipping so fast that eventually I felt to be not moving at all.

My vision came on suddenly and I found myself high over planet Earth looking down on what appeared to be never-ending forests of green. We (my guide and I) were soaring like birds over the most beautiful Earth I had ever seen. There seemed to be no humans anywhere! We flew at such great speed that I saw the Earth’s curvature as we moved over her. We seemed to be at the juncture between Earth and space, right on the edge of the atmosphere.

Fully expecting to shift upward and out into space I was surprised when my guide motioned for me to look down. When I looked down a visual appeared in front of my eyes. It was like a time ticker and it said very clearly, “250,000”. I said to my guide, “This is 250,000 years ago!” Then he/she indicated I should continue to focus on the trees. As I did a small, white rectangle appeared in the thick forest below me. It was as if someone took a map and placed it on top of the green. It said, “ISRAEL” on it but as I read it I also heard and saw, “PALESTINE”.

Not really understanding what it meant I had no time to consider my question because I was taken swiftly down. The trees thinned and before I knew it I was hovering in front of a building made of packed sand and mud.

Related image

We hovered in front of the building which looked somewhat like what one would think the old temples of ancient times might look like. It was very tall and made with precision. I remember saying to my guide, “Is it a ship?” He/she told me, “This was before ships were made.” I remember thinking, “Of course! They are miles from water.” Yet now as I think of it I believe “ship” may have been in reference to something else.

Somehow I knew the type of building it was and even gave it a name. Now I cannot recall the name but it was a gathering place, sort of like a community center but also a place where “government” meetings were held.

We were enormous compared to the building and I was able to take my giant astral hand and open the tiny door to the building. I peered inside to try and see but only saw a second doorway behind the first. The experience was strange because I seemed to be a giant and the building a mere toy in comparison.

My guide continued to talk to me and somehow I ended up talking to him/her about the places where people gathered to eat. I shrank instantly and then appeared next to a building that was mostly outside with a kitchen area underneath what looked like large tree roots that spread out in all directions.

I found myself standing at a bar next to several women in a busy cafe environment, though it was not like any cafe I had ever been to. On the bar was a plate of food but I didn’t recognize any of it but recall thinking it was similar to Moroccan food. A woman to my right seemed like a mother figure and was speaking with a thick accent. I remember thinking it German but it was out of place with the setting. The women to my left was the owner of the cafe and was talking about a man and a woman who would soon arrive. She said their names and I stopped and asked her to repeat them to me. She did and I continued to listen in on their conversation for a while. The woman to my right was telling me the name of the dish of food, specifically a small, greenish-looking side dish that resembled seaweed. Out of the blue I thought, “I need to remember the name of these people”. So I asked the woman on my left to tell me their names again, apologizing for my forgetfulness. She told me but seemed annoyed but hid it well. I then turned and asked the woman on my right her name and repeated it. It was similar to Piper but I saw it spelled and it the pronunciation was not the same.

I stood there watching the cafe and thinking it very strange and different from what I am use to. I asked what was on the menu for the week and she said, “We have the same thing every day.” This really was odd to me and I remember thinking to myself, “They eat the same thing all the time?” It seemed boring to me.

Suddenly I knew what the woman was thinking. It was not obvious but I felt it. She was thinking, “I wish they would stop coming here.” “They” meant people like me, travelers. The feeling from her was that we “travelers” don’t follow the rules and always interrupt things.

I called her on it instantly and said, “I’m not like the others.” I was very abrupt when I said it and the woman recognized that I had heard her thoughts. The feeling from her was slight embarrassment. She did not know I could hear what she was thinking. Unperturbed I shifted out of the scene. I don’t know if I did this intentionally or not but I felt unwanted when I shifted so I suspect with the feeling came a decision to let them be. My feelings were not hurt and I had no considerations about leaving other than to give them what they wanted.

I shifted into the building I had been inspecting before, only this time I was inside of it. As I walked through I noted that it felt somewhat like a church but not like any church I had ever been in. To my left was a hallway that curved off and I could not see where it led. To my right was an area set aside for gatherings and in it was a large, deli case with different foods inside. Children were sitting and eating parfaits topped with whipped cream and cherries. There were squares of cloth with children’s names posted on the walls. It felt like a classroom and cafeteria and church all in one.

As I walked through I was thinking how strange it was to be in this place. Everything was so foreign and it was definitely not “my” place in that the people there all seemed to know one another but no one knew me. I wondered why I was there but my guide did not answer me so my mind wandered. I saw a dark haired boy smiling as he gazed upon a gigantic sundae he was about to eat. His eyes were alight with anticipation. I knew there was nothing else on his mind except the delicious feast he was about to have.

Seeing the boy reminded me of my friend and I wondered aloud, “Maybe I will see him here?” When I thought this I asked myself, “What would I do if I saw him?” With these thoughts I felt myself grow unstable in the environment. All went dark and I soon felt my physical body laying in bed.


As I lay in bed wondering about my OBE the guide who had been with me for the entirety of the experience asked me, “What did you think?” I said back, “I don’t know what to think. What was that?” Honestly, I was unimpressed but I’m not sure why. Had such an astral trip happened back in 2006 I would have been excited. For the last couple of years, though, OBEs have been “boring” me unless they include some kind of fantastic astral meeting that incites Kundalini energy. lol

Without needing to be told, I knew I had been taken to an astral world, one created by a group from a similar time period and area of the planet. In this case, the area where current day Israel and Palestine are located. I have no idea if the people were of that culture or not as I could not place their accents and the food and culture were unfamiliar to me. Similarly, I know little to nothing of the current culture of that area and people.

I have visited astral worlds before and had experience similar reactions by the inhabitants. They tolerate visitors but would rather they not be there. If visitors do happen upon their world they prefer they follow their “rules”, whatever they may be. Some worlds are more tolerant than others. This one was fairly tolerant but had not anticipated that I would hear their thoughts. In hindsight it was all very funny, especially the woman’s reaction. LOL I suspect she could hear my thoughts the entire time, but I had nothing to hide anyway. I don’t think she liked hearing that I thought her world was boring. Hahaha

In response to my thoughts, my guide related that the trip had been a lesson. I didn’t understand it, though, and was honest about the type of lessons I prefer. I asked to have more experiences where I feel Home and connected. I asked to get to experience that connection in waking reality on a full-time basis. I told her I was ready to try; eager in fact.

She reminded me that I was not ready still and I reluctantly agreed, though I am not sure why I’m not ready yet. It has something to do with timing and maturity, though not human maturity. She reminded me that time passes quickly and to not dwell on the passage of it for it will only make it seem to pass much slower.

For some reason the magnetic pull toward Home has been stronger than usual and with it has come the familiar frustration of knowing I cannot act on it. There comes with this daydreams and wishful thinking. It is only human and I won’t judge myself for wanting what I want. It is obvious what my current path and position is and I am accepting of it. But I still enjoy a good daydream now and then. 🙂

FYI: I Googled temples in Israel and the Temple of Jerusalem looks a hell of a lot like the building I saw in my projection. Similarly the images of food I found looked similar to what I saw at the cafe.

Dream: Not Going Home, Feeling Home

This is the post I wrote on the 24th but never had time to post:

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone (and to some Christmas Day!). I hope you are surrounded by family and friends and enjoying all the positive things the holiday season has to offer. If you are struggling – however that might be – I hope the love I am sending you can brighten your day for at least a little while.

My family plans are simple, as they tend to be most years during the holidays. We will be visiting my Mom’s house tonight to celebrate early. My brother drove in from Arizona a couple of days ago so we get to visit with him again. Always a treat because he is one of the few family members who knows me and is accepting of all that I am. We will open presents early and have a nice Christmas Eve meal together.

This year I tossed out all my money concerns and typical “budgeting” scheme and opted to be a bit freer with my gifting. I have kept my mouth shut whenever my husband goes overboard (which he always does) and even purchased gifts for the people he usually does the buying for, people who he calls family but I don’t. For 10 years we have had disagreements over this group and his over indulgence of them because his definition of family and mine are so different. Ultimately, I saw my wrong in this. His family = my family no matter the definition used. I can be so frickin’ stubborn and ridiculous sometimes. So as a means to get over myself (LOL) I bought each of those family members pretty pricey presents and did so without any resentment. What is funny is that when I told my husband he actually indicated he had not wanted to buy them anything this year! Hahaha That is how it works, you know. When the energetic barrier/rift comes down the other person becomes suddenly reasonable and changes their mind. I was left thinking, “What we were fighting about this whole time?” 😀

This morning I was reminded of how miserable I have been in past Christmas’ (most of my adult ones sadly). It was like memories in a slide show flashed through my mind. I saw myself from the perspective of the Observer and wondered about my misery. Why was I choosing to be unhappy during such a happy time? I knew it was because I was focused on the wrong things. This year that will not happen.

From A Place of Nothingness, Something-ness Arrives

For a while now I’ve been feeling adrift in the sea that is my life. It is literally like I’m on a tiny raft in the middle of a huge ocean with no ability to tell one direction from the other. There is no land in sight and I have long ago given up hope of ever reaching my destination. In fact, I can’t even remember where I was going. This feeling has been increasing over time, getting stronger and stronger to the point that I am so use to feeling it that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. To try and consider the future is pointless from this place of nothingness. To look at the past does no good either for I am not that person anymore. It only makes sense to focus on the present and take from it what can be gained, focusing on the good and floating along with the current.

It is a strange feeling this “going with the flow”. For me it is completely out of character but I find myself in this space because my struggling has gotten me nowhere. Exhaustion set in and I gave myself up to the sea. Thing is, I didn’t drown like I thought I would. I floated up to the surface and as long as I don’t struggle I continue to float. It has left me in awe because when I don’t struggle the only thing I see is the sky and possibility. When I do struggle I go under water and well you know how your vision is under water – clouded and blurry and you cannot see the sky very clearly if you look up, sometimes not at all.

The me that wants to plan ahead, who does all the “what if” questioning, looking at scenario after scenario, is still there. I still get upset, antsy, resistant, but it rarely lasts. The path ahead is still unknown and I am okay with that. I still worry about what I will do career-wise sometimes because nothing feels right. I want to know that path but am okay with not-knowing and let it go. Honestly, it feels like I don’t care but that is not it. My Ego wants to label it as that but I know better. I am just going with the flow, letting the current take me where it will. I accept that my life here is not my own. This is not a “bad” thing, either. It means that I understand that I am here to help others and those “others” are all of humanity (and all of my family, too). It means that my life IS my life but not my Ego’s life. It belongs to a Me that Knows and so in giving up control of my (Ego) life I am putting my full trust in Me. The minute this decision was made, I experienced relief. I can’t even describe it. And it didn’t come all at once, it was a slow, expanding of relief that brought both physical and spiritual calm.

It wasn’t until I began typing this post that all of the above was made known to me, at least in a human-consciousness sort of way – in word rather than feeling/Knowing. Is this Ego death? Perhaps. Maybe? Probably. Should I celebrate? No, but I will smile. Celebrating would insinuate that I “won” but this is not a battle, never was. <——“never was” are the key words here.

Right now I feel it. I want the universe to Know that I finally get it. This is what surrender feels like and it isn’t bad at all.

Dream: Not Going Home, Feeling Home

This morning I got to sleep in until 8 a.m. Yessss! I was pleasantly surprised by where my dreams took me.

The night began with all kinds of twists and turns. I will skip those, though, because they are inconsequential. Instead I will start at the church/library (spiritual nourishment/place of wisdom) where my group was taken by bus.

Inside this building I was waiting with others, others I knew from my visit to Tennessee in 2016. In fact, this whole dream seemed to be the result of me discussing that trip and my experiences there. In particular a friend of mine was with me, a friend who I have been out of communication with for a while now. She was very pleasant with me and I felt our connection and her love for me.

The rest of our group got into the bus (personal setback or feeling left out) and left. It was just myself, my friend and a handful of others that remained. I was picking up my things and preparing to leave. I had a sad feeling but I can’t place why. It could have been because there was discussion about my sister and it turned into her sending a friend to come retrieve some jewelry. I saw a woman come in and take a long, beaded necklace from the bedside table where my things had been. It looked like belly dancing (comfort with self) jewelry (one’s self worth). The woman left some and I quickly grabbed some pieces to keep for myself but then changed my mind and put them back along with my own jewelry recognizing I didn’t want or need any of it.

I turned toward the front of the building and my perceptions brightened. The entire space turned golden and it was like an ethereal light was lighting the entire room. I suddenly became aware of a young boy. He was familiar to me. In fact, I recall him from many past dreams and OBEs. He had dark hair and eyes and a familiar smile.

We were talking but I can’t recall our conversation until he triggered my lucidity. We were talking about what I was going to do next. I remember telling him I thought it might be time for me to revisit using my spiritual gifts, specifically precognition. As I spoke to him I saw the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee in my mind. I was explaining how I missed Home and at first I thought I was talking about TN as my home but it soon became apparent that I was not. There was, however, a longing to return to that area. It felt like Home to me.

The boy and I kept our distance as we talked. He was repairing a torn couch cushion (need for rest and relaxation) that looked like someone had intentionally taken the stuffing out (repairing indicates he was doing the opposite of resting/relaxing and is correcting the situation). He said, “I have often wanted to go Home, too.” He said this to make me feel better. He didn’t want me to feel alone but he also wanted me to know that he felt for me to want this (to die) was not good for me. I remember once he told me, “You need to work on that.”

I was sitting on a church pew (personal reflection) looking out the back window as he spoke to me. I turned and saw him re-stuffing a cushion. As he said, “I have often wanted to go Home, too…” I corrected him and said, “I don’t want to go Home, I want to feel Home.”

When I said this to him I had such Knowing, such peace. It was clear to me that I had never really wanted to go Home because it was never a place but a Beingness – a feeling. I said to him, “I came here not really knowing why…..And here you are and I am getting exactly what I wanted (meaning feeling Home).” When I said “here” it felt like Tennessee but also the place where we were in the dream.

I turned and gazed out the window of the church. I could see a line of children happily running toward the library (yes it was a church but also a library). I remember thinking, “Oh yeah, school’s out.” I knew they were coming into the church/library where I/we were. My time with him would be interrupted soon and I would go. I didn’t care, though. I felt this amazing, peaceful, happy feeling. It felt like everything would be alright, nothing was ever wrong in the first place. I was so completely and utterly happy, I can’t even describe it.

I could feel the boy coming closer. I say “the boy” but in my mind I kept feeling like his name was Kevin. Without looking I knew he had moved and was sitting to my right. When I turned he was sitting very close to me and we were face-to-face. He was smiling and his eyes were bright and familiar. He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed him back and in my mind I kept thinking, “I am Home. This is Home. He is Home.” I pulled back briefly concerned that the children would come in anytime and that I was too old to be kissing a mere boy of 9-10 years old, but I pushed those considerations out of my mind. I didn’t care. I remember thinking, “I never got to kiss you…..” And then he was kissing me gently again and I was memorizing the feel of his lips and the kiss, relishing every minute of it and remembering that I had done this a thousands times before. The joy I felt is indescribable. It bubbled up inside me to the point that I could not contain it and I awoke still feeling his lips on mine.

Afterward I lingered in the feeling, smiling because it had felt so real. I do not recall feeling the Divine love and friendship I am use to feeling, at least not like in other dream experiences. However, I did feel unusually happy and blissful and had we continued to kiss I would likely have had some major heart bliss as I could sense it stirring even as I awoke. The feeling is of such safety and security, as if there is no past, present or future and time doesn’t exist. There is only love, joy, and a sense of never, ever being alone.

Note: This note is mostly to those who may think the “boy” in this dream represents an actual person in waking reality. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, or maybe it is both. I have long since given up on trying to figure it out. I do Know he is a manifestation of my masculine half and I have come to understand that he manifests as many different individuals in my dreams, all of them male with similar characteristics (dark hair and eyes). He is all of my masculine identities, all of the roles I have played in other lifetimes and dimensions. He is Me and I am Him and we are One, though we are temporarily separated for experience purposes. I am slowly learning about myself via my interactions with him. He is showing me MySelf.

I knew prior to this dream that he was coming for a visit. I was warned before I fell asleep but didn’t really think about it or even believe it meant an actual meeting. Thankfully I no longer feel pain at our meeting and consequent separation in my dreams. 🙂

2 OBE’s and Message: I’m On My Way

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I have an entire other post written from the 24th but it has been so busy that I have not had a chance to post it. My two oldest both got computer games and so have taken over the computers in the household. This morning I put my foot down and took mine back. lol Now I know why so many parents buy their kids laptops at a young age! Ha! Since they are so inexpensive now I may end up giving in and buying an el cheapo for them to share (share? what’s that? HAHAHA).

Christmas came and went without much hoopla (thank God). We’ve already had two of the three we have each year. The next will be on the 29th with my husband’s extended “family”. That one will be CrAzY!

Here’s some photos of Christmas.


Christmas morning – Monty’s in Adrian’s lap. 🙂

gingerbread (1)

Christmas Eve – our gingerbread house.

gingerbread (2)

Christmas Eve at my Mom’s

Dream: Mutilation 

Strange dreams again last night. In this one I was reporting for my new “assignment”. It was in a secret location. Inside the underground location was a group and the feeling I had was that the leader of this group was some kind of New Age revolutionary for change. He felt somewhat like a guru but was not. He was just very wise and Knowing – a teacher.

I was given my assignment after a debriefing. The main thing I remember about my debriefing was body mutilation for cultural reasons, specifically circumcision. My group’s job was to go to a location and meet a “victim” and get him to share his story on video.

I knew I was to do certain rituals every day, reporting to the headquarters to meditate and chant specific mantras. I watched as a group of very important people visited the leader. When they came in there was a strong energetic shift. They were super tall and looked like elephants! I was shocked and in awe at the same time. When they spoke to our leader it was in a different language. All I could make out were clicks and strange noises there was no way I could make with my mouth.

As I watched the interaction I saw the elephant men shift shape and look more like tall, insect-like creatures with overly large heads. Their color changed to a rusty color, too. They acknowledged that I was watching by looking my way and nodding their heads. After this I was able to understand what they said. They mentioned that our group and our leader were “genetically modified” and they were not. They had come to make sure our instructions were understood.

I left with my group and entered a hospital where the victim was staying. I knew somehow that my job assignment had shifted from teacher to nurse and was a bit overwhelmed at knowing this. Two of my group members did most of the talking as we interacted with a man in a hospital bed. I took over when I saw he was not interested and soon realized it was not a man but a woman and that she had also been mutilated (clitoral circumcision). I was horrified.

As we left I met the nurse taking care of her. She was super tall, at least a foot taller than me. I hugged her and said, “I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you.” As I said this I burst into tears, my heart ripped apart by the heaviness of the entire human race.


I suspect this dream is mostly about my changing roles and assignments. It is a sneak peak of the changes ahead. The elephant is likely symbolic of the Kundalini again and I do believe that I encountered E.T.s, though what kind I am not sure. I wasn’t afraid nor was I even nervous. The language was odd and the entire dream had a sacred feel about it.

It feels like I was taking on the pain of the human race – again. The way my heart overflowed for humanity was familiar and very real. I am getting use to it, though, so I am not feeling completely decimated by it. The mutilation is likely symbolic of how we mutilate ourselves and our Earth. It is very sad so I am not surprised that I burst into tears.

OBE: Cheers!

When I woke up I was still crying and a bit confused. I asked to go OOB and fell back to sleep.

I exited my body not long after and immediately went out the window of my bedroom. Outside it was dark and cold and I knew my trip would be brief. I sang aloud to keep my vibration up and stabilize myself. It worked and I flew up and above my neighborhood. It actually felt as if a giant hand was supporting me as I flew and I knew no matter what I would not become grounded suddenly.

I ran into a man holding a tray full of large bottles of beer. Still singing I smiled at him, grabbed a beer, took a drink and said “Cheers!” He smiled back and I recall a woman being with him. I greeted her and flew off on my way still singing and feeling light and happy.

I flew over treetops for a while noting that there was a magnetic pull upward always threatening to pull me up and out of the scene. I somehow knew that if I allowed myself to go with it that I would be taken elsewhere. This “elsewhere” was a place I have visited before. A sky world with floating cities and waterfalls. I looked up above me to see if there were any floating landmasses above me. I saw none.

Despite knowing this other place was awaiting me, I resisted the pull and came back into my body. My heart was racing and beating erratically. I took note and requested to leave again.

OBE: Summer

My request was interrupted by my daughter bursting into the room and telling me it was time to get up. I knew it was 10am and I should get up but I was too tired and told her to leave. She wouldn’t so I got up and ushered her and her little brother out. Closing the door I could hear the TV and tried to cover my ears and return to sleep. This was when I realized none of the interaction was real and I was dreaming.

I pulled myself out of my sleeping body and walked/floated into the other room. As I walked a piece of my sheet stuck to my foot and it took me a while to get it to come off. I saw my daughter and a little child. The child was sitting on the floor. Everything had a golden hue. I felt very happy and light and was eager to share it with my children. I took the little boy – now a girl – by the hand and headed toward the window. Another child appeared then, a little girl, and I took her hand also. All four of us went out the window but it morphed into an arched doorway. At our feet were tangled tree roots reminiscent of a fairy land. I was delighted!

Instead of flying I showed them how to jump really high and linger in the air. They did this with me for the rest of the OBE. It was warm and sunny outside and I remember saying how much I loved summer and how I wished it were summer now. There was a knowing that the coming summer would bring new life for me. There was so much more with this Knowing at the time but now it is lost to me. I relished the warmth of the sun and the bright green foliage of the trees and grass. It was in stark contrast to the bleak, cold and rain of the current winter.

I gazed up at the sky and saw a vast blue dotted with fluffy white clouds. I remembered again the floating cities of the astral land I once visited. There were no cities or landmasses above me but I knew somewhere they did exist.

There was a silent communication that it was time to wake up and I shifted back into my sleeping body without incident. Seamless re-entry – not vibrations or racing heart.

Song and Message

After I woke I lingered in bed for a moment. A guide was to my left and he asked me a question: “Would you like me to take you to our place?” I said, “Yes!” He asked me if I knew where it was. I said, “Yes!” and in my mind was memory of the floating cities of the astral sky world. He had taken me there before, long ago, and I had explored a floating building in the shape of a donut. We had traveled through this “building” (ship/craft is more like it). The walls breathed as if they were alive. Inside I was told it was the place where my “other body” lay in stasis. I never saw myself but another “friend” laying on a bed. I watched her sleeping body while her “dream” in holographic pictures formed in the space around her like a movie. I also saw her “guide” standing by her side.

There was an entire message from myself at this time. There were two me’s. One said one thing and the other in two-way conversation. It was an explanation and Knowing of all my dreams prior. The human me was excited and assuming I was ready to move forward in a certain situation. The other me explained matter-of-factly that I could not until I was Whole. There were still missing “pieces”. I saw these pieces as parts of my body, like a finger here or a foot there. Each section part was solid gold and shimmering and fit like a puzzle piece with the rest of my body.

When I came back to full awareness a section of a song was going over and over in my mind: “I’m on my way…..” On my way where? Home.

Note: When I told my daughter about my OBE and how we were jumping-flying she got really excited and told me, “I dreamed I was jumping really high last last night but I was in the back yard.” Ha! So cool!


Shit’s about to get real – well that’s the feeling anyway. Not sure what exactly that means in the big scheme of things but those of us who’ve been on this ascension path, riding it for umpteen years now, we’ve been through the ringer and back so many times now that we’ve grown use to being tied in knots so much that we may not know what to do now that we’re laying out to dry. It feels odd, doesn’t it?

My dreams suggest I have a new job. Not just the dream above but others as well. I’m not just a teacher anymore, I’m a nurse/doctor AND a teacher now, but the teacher me is mostly taking a back seat. What does this even mean? Hell if I know but I feel different. Nurses and doctors help the sick and dying. They tend to wounds and are all about healing and helping others. Maybe I am heading in that direction now, less focused on my own healing and more on others’….

I didn’t mention the other dream I had last night because most of it is lost to me. However, when I woke I was discussing taking a flight to Tennessee. WTF right? Why? Where did that even come from? I said to whoever I was talking to, “I can’t wait to drive there…” and was cut off with an image of an airplane and heard, “You will fly.” I was really excited but since I couldn’t remember why it was weird.

I have also recalled in-between discussions about using my spiritual gifts again, specifically precognition/readings. It always comes with a feeling…need almost….to get ready. There have also been discussion about my future, too, and how I will handle a certain coming situation, a situation I won’t go into now but one that will challenge me in ways I must prepare myself for. Mostly it is how to handle the feeling of Home on a daily basis without it completely destroying me and those I love. I realized just how not ready I am to have that feeling all the time. There is still too much human fear of loss and the stupid things the human me might do to avoid it. I may never really rid myself of it but there will be a time when I am up to the challenge of handling this fear with the help of another.

How all this will come to pass, I don’t know, but I trust that it will and won’t speculate on the specifics of it. It likely will not be anything like what I imagine. It never is.


Dream: Double Dragon

I couldn’t sleep last night for a sore throat and severely watery eyes. Even sucking on a cough drop didn’t help. It was 2am before I fell asleep and I woke at 6am. 😦

Dream: Double Dragon

In this dream I recall being outside in the country walking along and then looking up in the sky to see two dragons (fiery personality, highly spiritual, good fortune). They seemed to be one but then not one, like flying so close they were one. I kept myself hidden under bushes, trees and such as I made my way through the country. I recall seeing the dragons several times. I wanted to stay hidden from them just in case they might eat me.

I encountered a crystal clear stream (profound understanding, emotion) running very swiftly downhill. It didn’t run through rocks or earth, though, but through a culvert or canal that shimmered with gold (spiritual reward) and crystal (unity with Higher Self) leafing. It went underground and I stepped into the shallow water and walked against the current up toward a small waterfall (letting go) that flowed out of an unknown source. Though it was underground it was very light and open inside with windows looking up and out onto the road the stream ran under.

Feet wet I crawled up a wall. Still on the lookout for the dragon I saw them in the distance to my left. So I grabbed onto little outcroppings in the wall of a building and crawled through a window. The building now reminds me of a castle (recognition for accomplishments).

Inside it was pristine, like a very fancy hotel (shift in personality). The windows opened up onto a veranda upon which I found myself. I walked through the glass doors and into the suite. I knew I had stayed there before. It was for couples and I remembered being with a partner though who that was specifically I do not recall.

I realized right away that the place had been locked up for the season. Everything was set up for the future guests – little welcome chocolates with note cards, flowers and fluffed pillows. It was very beautiful and a place I would love to stay at.

For some reason I became suspicious about the place being closed. It was too early in the season and so I investigated and soon found a young man laying on a sofa. I was with a woman and we discussed how it could have come to be that the place was closed down. She suggested the heir mismanaged the money and we went through photos of people from long ago.

The man on the sofa stirred. We suspected he was the heir and when he woke we confronted him about a murder (putting an end to something), though at the time there was no evidence of one. As we mentioned “murder” though there was a knife (aggression, need to be decisive) in his hand and it was found that he had stabbed (sexual domination) himself in an attempt to make it look like he was attacked. I remember there was blood (disappointment) all over his chest and we discussed how he could have stabbed himself in the heart and not died.

Changes of Note

When I woke this morning the dragons in the dream were vivid in my memory and made me think of Chinese astrology. I am a Dragon, specifically a Fire Dragon. My husband is also a Dragon. Whether that is significant or not, I don’t know, but it was on my mind upon waking.

It was curious to me that the dragons in my dream appeared as one. To me that seems to indicate a union of two aspects, likely masculine and feminine. The hotel I visited was one I had been to before, in my astral memories, and I had been with my partner. It seems to fit with the two dragons and the other dream symbols suggest my dream is about success in regards to some aspect of union.

In a conversation with my husband last night he brought to my attention positive changes he has seen in me. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about but later agreed with him. Mostly, the changes in me are that I am lighter, less prone to fixating on the negative, and less resistant. I have lost interest in fighting with my husband over any subject. It is just not worth my time or energy. I choose to focus on the things that lift me up and make me feel positive. This is a conscious decision I make over and over, day after day. If I find myself angry, upset, or fixating on something, then I make a conscious choice to let it go however I need to so that I feel relief.

I have completely let go of certain things that were weighing me down. As a result my mind is quieter and I am much more at peace with my life. That which use to bring me grief and heartache (heartsickness) no longer evokes those feelings but instead leaves me feeling calm and accepting. I recognize that the source of the connection, the Divine love and friendship that once caused me to feel like an insane drug addict (lol), is ME. I am the calm, the peace, the love, the friendship, the joy that I am seeking. It just isn’t as I assumed it would be. I kept thinking it was something I had to rise to, to obtain somehow through hard work and struggle. Slowly I am finding that access is granted via allowing, acceptance, patience, and nurturing of Self. It comes with ease and grace…..and I am slowly beginning to understand how to unlock mySelf from within…if that even makes sense. lol

Ultimately it all comes down to choosing in every moment what I want to experience; making a conscious CHOICE to flow with my life rather than against it. It isn’t as hard as it looks. The only time I really struggle (somewhat) is when I come up against something that triggers me in a negative way. It can be absolutely excruciating to let that go and allow things to flow as they are meant to. Giving others….ALLOWING others to have something at what my Ego thinks is my expense is not only difficult but sometimes scary as hell! It’s the giving up of my control….but no it isn’t. That’s a lie. It is better said that I trust that all will work out for everyone involved no matter how much my Ego interprets the present situation as being a threat to it. This trust involves knowing that no matter the outcome I CAN handle it and will never be given anything I cannot bear.

Someone once tried to explain the above to me and I just didn’t get it. I do now I think. Words just don’t explain it, though. You can say, “Live from the heart” but really it doesn’t mean anything until you have taken your own personal route to the heart and find yourself in it and finally understanding.



Message: Goodbye

Yesterday I got my permanent crown. It was a simple procedure that didn’t require numbing but I asked for it anyway just in case. Not sure if it was the Novocaine or what but afterward I got really tired. So tired that ended up dozing off a little later on in the day. I am not one to take naps so for me to doze off mid-afternoon is unusual, especially being I was not in my own home at the time!

Throughout the nap I had conversations and felt to be somewhere else. I remember telling someone something about it being the “end” more than once but the context of it is lost to me now. I only remember it startled me awake.

Dream: Biting Baby

I had a busy night full of dreams. This has been the norm for over a week now and though I have posted some of them here, most never get mentioned. There have been some dream symbols repeating themselves : helicopters, dogs, and water to name a few.

One particular dream woke me in tears in the middle of the night last night. It began quite spectacularly. I was with a man and we were riding some kind of unearthly animal. I never saw the animal but if I had to give it a name it would be a landstrider like from the Dark Crystal. It was very rabbit-like and could move swiftly but it also was very, very tall. So tall that me and my friend were miles above the earth. I was thrilled.

The next thing I recall is seeing this little baby (something about self that is vulnerable and pure). It had been neglected or something because it would try and bite (childishness, anger) everyone viciously. Eventually it had to be handed over to a dark skinned young man I called, “Derrick”. The young man took the baby in his arms, it bit him and he ignored it, kissing it over and over again and cradling it to him. I said, “Thank you, Derrick” and turned and walked away. I became very distraught and began to sob. It felt like the baby hated me. I continued to cry so hard that it woke me up.

Dream: Give Them a Chance

In this dream I was with a group walking through a mall/outlet store (choices and options in life) that was near empty. We entered into a store and there was food set out. I remember talking with family about Christmas presents. Certain family members and friends still don’t have gifts and I am not sure what to get them. I tend to leave the gift buying to my husband but he has yet to buy them gifts.

At one point there was a buffet (a relationship is consuming too much of my energy) of food – hummus, crackers (caring for needs of others over my own), cheeses and such. As I began to fill my plate someone said something to me who was friends with my husband and in-laws. I was very abrupt with him, much more than I would normally be to the point of meanness. At the time there was another woman there who pulled me to the side. While she was talking to me I saw a very old chalkboard (there is a lesson to be learned from this dream) that was an antique and very special. She asked me to consider something. She said, “Since you have to spend so much time with ‘these people’ (as in the group of friends of my husband/in-laws), don’t you think you should give them a chance?” I paused and considered what she was saying. In the dream it was like time stopped at this point and a huge spotlight (feeling overlooked in life) was shining on me.


Dream: Haunted School

I was walking the halls of a mansion (my greatest potential/growth) that was also a religious school (lessons). Inside were many young children (youth, playfulness, potential). I remember going into a room and helping with a geography (travel/movement) class at one point but I did not work there.

I felt very tired (not wanting to acknowledge something) throughout the dream and kept finding places to sleep. There were beds situated everywhere it seemed and I crawled into one that was occupied by a young boy with special needs. Odd things kept happening, though, like toys being moved and water flooding areas where there had not been water before.

I moved to another room to find some peace and quiet and got into bed (bed, peace and quiet, rest). While there I was awakened by a presence. Realizing it had to be a ghost (something is no longer attainable) I began to speak some kind of warding spell or something. I saw a crib (nurturing side) in the corner of the room and noticed an arm (nurturing ability) with no body. Whatever I said made it go away. It was at this point in the dream that I was certain the school was haunted (unfinished emotional business).

Opting to leave the room I headed down the hallway and in a corner sitting in a rocking chair (ease, comfort, relaxation) was a haggard old woman (inner feminine, wisdom). She had glowing eyes and gray, wispy hair. She pointed her finger at me and her face lit up in a grotesque smile. Unafraid I went straight up to her and said some words and put my hand up as if to ward her off. I can’t recall what happened next but there was no fear from the dream.

Dream Snippets and Messages

Several mini-dreams interwoven into the other dreams.

In one I was sitting in the back seat of a car. It was night and in the front seat were two very large Mexican men speaking Spanish. They felt like bodyguards to me and I was listening intently to what they were saying. I interrupted the man driving and repeated back to him the English translation of what he said. I can’t remember it now but I was excited that I understood every word he said. We talked a while in English and Spanish, practicing our languages on one another.

I was in a room in a high-rise. Behind me in the window I saw a big, black helicopter hovering. It felt ominous, like it was after me. Feeling stalked by a helicopter means I feel I am pursuing other peoples’ goals rather than my own.

In yet another snippet I was in a gym (applying lessons learned) and the weights I was using fell apart (something not going as planned). Then I was seeking out my sister’s Jeep (be more active in life) and it began to drive itself. I got control of it and then walked my bird (goals, aspirations, hopes) to where my sister was. The bird was on a leash (restricted) and tired itself out to the point of exhaustion. When I took it to a shallow fountain to refresh itself it morphed into a very tiny, Chihuahua (insecurity).

There was a comic book text bubble that formed in my vision. It said in large, comic book text: GOODBYE. This particular snippet was after the haunted school dream.

In another vision I saw a chain with seven links and was asked if I was ready to end this life. I replied that I was but I knew it was unlikely that “end” meant what I wanted it to.

Finally, I saw myself going up a hidden staircase (higher levels of understanding) to a room in the attic (connection to my Higher Self). I had locked a dog (protection) inside the room. I told whoever I was with that no one could use the stairs but me, only I had the key (access) to go up. However, my husband (masculine aspect) could use the stairs to leave and go down.


I’ve been having a strange feeling for several days now. It is a familiar feeling like something is about to happen; anticipatory. I keep finding myself focusing on Spirit to receive a message but never consciously receive anything. It’s like someone is saying, “Heads up!”

My dreams indicate an ending is approaching but what kind of ending is hard to say. There was a feeling this morning while I was in the in-between receiving all the odd messages and dream snippets that my healing period or whatever I have been going through is coming to an end. I am being “released” from treatment. It felt like I had been checked into a mental hospital and got my release papers. In fact, I have a vague memory of actually talking to a woman and getting my discharge papers but cannot place it as a dream or even an experience.

I’m not sure what the “Goodbye” was all about but it is the most vivid memory of the night. Goodbye could be confirmation that my healing guides/bodyguards are departing and leaving me to my path. As always the feeling is one of finality, like I will die any minute. Since I’ve had this feeling so many times now I know it is unlikely that my physical death is on the horizon.