The Shift vs Ascension

I am beginning to back off once again from the “Ascension” hype on the internet. And yes, I am calling it a hype because it is mostly being presented as this new and life-changing event that just recently came to planet Earth to uplift us all. It is not recent. It has been part of the spiritual path all along. Always.

The more proper term for what is currently going on is Shift. The Shift itself is not ascension, though very much affecting and often times (most of the time) directly causing many of the intense symptoms and frequency accelerations we are experiencing right now.

What is the Shift? It is the shifting of the Earth’s poles and magnetic field. It is directly linked to astrological events to include the sun, the planets and this and other universes.

I wanted to clarify this as I, in turn, am being taught the differences as I go through the individual changes I am experiencing related to the Shift.

The Shift was first brought to my attention in October 2013. I posted this blog post – Tossing Pebbles – after receiving the message about it. I had no idea whatsoever the enormity of what I was told/shown. There is quite a bit of information in this post, some not so good, but I want you to focus mostly on the information about the shifting of the Earth’s poles and the reciprocal shifting of the “poles” of the human body. I have since realized what “poles” meant – the energy centers and resonance of the human aura, the mechanism that connects us (our Divine Self, Higher Self, Godhead, etc) to the human body, allowing us control over it.

In this physical reality, what happens to mother Earth, also happens to us. The current shifting of the poles is a natural phenomenon and quite common, occurring every 200,000 to 300,000 years (Source1, Source2, Source 3) However, for humans, this Shift would not be considered a common phenomenon. In fact, there is likely nothing in recorded history describing such an event or its effects upon humanity.

So what is Ascension and how is it different from the Shift?

Ascension, in simplest terms, is the merging of the human Self (Ego) with the Higher Self (Godhead, Divine Self, etc). This is an on-going, individual process. There is no map or outline of a sequential nature that will define ascension for any one individual. We all take our own path towards achieving it and the number of lives it takes for us also varies.

What can be more specifically defined is the Shift and its effects upon us and our ascension right now. Again, however, not everyone is experiencing the Shift in quite the same way because not everyone is at the same stage on the path to ascension.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to then say what is going on right now for all humanity because every human (in this I mean Soul utilizing a human body) is on such an individual path. All that can be generalized for everyone is the current energy changes brought about by the Shift. This is the same for everyone. When the frequency of the Earth shifts, so then does the frequency of the human body which in turn directly affects our connection to this physical host we occupy and so directly affects us.

In order to better adapt to these frequency changes, we (our Higher Self and the one in charge of the physical form) must make changes to the “system” in order to better control it. For some (not all) this means an acceleration of ascension. This acceleration is often accompanied by a “spiritual awakening” or sudden change in awareness compared to before the acceleration. Again, “acceleration” is variable, dependent upon the individual.

In the simplest terms, the changes made to the “system” are experienced by the human Self in various forms. Thankfully, most of the changes made by our Higher Self are done during sleep.

So there you have it in a nutshell. No, my explanation is not scientific by any means. If you want that, then you will have to seek it out for yourself. I am not one to go find facts and figures to prove my inner Knowing. I always say take what resonates with you and toss the rest or save it for later. This strategy has worked for me and so is often the advice I give for those with more questions than answers.

8 thoughts on “The Shift vs Ascension

  1. herongrace says:

    This last week I have had some fab synchronicities , dreaming and astral connections with friends which they have also experienced. Tues a.m. I woke up feeling very cleared and happy, but felt that I had a realignment. My friend rang me the next night saying she had woken feeling the same way the next a.m. Wed. I had experienced astral group link up and teachings. The next a.m. dreamt I that we were preparing our bodies for our Higher Selves to enter.
    Part of the process was playing a bamboo flute to raise our frequencies to match new ones.
    Through the days we came across white feathers in our paths, close animal encounters, black cockatoos flying low over our heads, and feeling a sense of expectancy after experiencing anxiety for some time.
    The Sabian meaning of this new moon we have just experienced=
    “the Music of the Spheres!”

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  2. litebeing says:

    This post is magnificent in its clarity and scope. Karin led me here and, per usual, she led me well. I look forward to reading more and more.

    peace, Linda

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  3. Dayna says:

    Reblogged this on Living Life in Between and commented:

    Woke up this morning thinking of this post from 2015. I feel it is a good reminder, especially right now. Remember, we are all progressing at our own pace. Try not to get bogged down in terminology in an effort to describe your own individual process or makes sense of your experiences here. Misinformation is in abundance right now (in all subjects!). Trust your own inner Knowing above all else. No one knows your path like you do. Surrender and acceptance is KEY.


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