Past Lives

phoenix_v2_by_thejasminedragon-384x519-customYou will find me talking very openly about the many past lives I have remembered. Some came about spontaneously, others I found with hypnosis and even more I discovered through auditing. Even though I was raised Church of Christ and it was pummeled into me time and time again that we only have this one life and one body, when I had my first spontaneous past life memory I embraced it as Truth. Honestly, it never made any sense to me that we would live just one life and then sit upon clouds in Heaven for all eternity. It sounded pretty dull and boring to me and, well, the heaven I was taught was suppose to encompass all that was wonderful and exciting. But living life after life with new adventures – now that is heaven!

You will find the past lives I have remembered thus far transferred to this blog from my old blog. I tried to put them in chronological order as best I could. I have remembered some lives that were not from Earth but have not yet written about them and have also recalled between life memories.

Since I have believed in both one life and many lives in this life, I have contemplated how the belief in one and then the other affect me and decided time and time again that I am glad that I remembered my other lives. These are the pros and cons to each belief system in my understanding.


When you believe you only have one life, then you work very hard to make it count. You are less likely to make excuses such as, “Oh well, I will do it right next time”. If there is no next time then what you do is final. So do it right!  With the belief that this life is the only life, you are more likely to not play around or goof off. Yet when you know you have many lives you are able to recognize that, although you make mistakes and stumble on your path, you have improved and continue to improve from life to life. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself and for those of us who are severely self-critical, this realization can be a huge relief! You are able to see the connection that exists between yourself and every other human and living creature on planet Earth. And if you are able to see past your Earth carnations, you will see this connection is not limited to one universe. In face, it in unlimited, as are you.


There are many cons to list about believing in only one life. It can be a heavy burden to bear. You make a mistake, you are done and that is that. You can’t fix it and time is not on your side. You can suddenly be taken from life without making amends. If you kill, you are a murderer and labeled as such until your death. The same goes for many other “sins”. You can only be that which you choose to be in the time you are given. Even if you choose to be many different aspects of yourself, expanding into various careers and finding success, you have not even come close to the many you’s you could be. And you can only be the sex your body was made to be, except now I guess you could get surgery to fix that. And then there is what I mentioned before which is that you can go to heaven or hell or, if you don’t believe in that, you just cease to exist when your body dies. Not much hope in that now is there?

You might think there are no cons to believing in many lives, but there is. The one that haunts me is the concept of eternity. Honestly eternity scares the shit out me. That is a long time. It is forever. Some might enjoy living forever, but I don’t. I kinda of like the idea of not having to live forever. It is exhausting to live life after life. The same lessons are learned time and time again. You have to learn how to control each body. You have to survive the trials of youth and adolescence. You must endure everything that comes with growing up and then, when you are grown, you grieve the loss of your youth and resist the perils of growing old. After hundreds of lives, eternity can seem daunting.

Whether you believe that we have one life or many makes no difference, really. What is important is that you live this life fully and do your best to be the best person you are, to share and give love as openly and honestly as you are capable and to bring as much happiness and light into this dreary, hate-filled world as you can.

2 thoughts on “Past Lives

  1. Dayna, it makes perfect sense to me also that we have all lived past lives. You might be interested in reading my post on The Initiations which explains why we continue to incarnate on earth. You have a great blog!

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  2. daynaspirit says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I have also enjoyed your blog and plan to explore it further when I have time. I will check out that post. Sounds interesting!


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