Dream: Double Dragon

I couldn’t sleep last night for a sore throat and severely watery eyes. Even sucking on a cough drop didn’t help. It was 2am before I fell asleep and I woke at 6am. 😦

Dream: Double Dragon

In this dream I recall being outside in the country walking along and then looking up in the sky to see two dragons (fiery personality, highly spiritual, good fortune). They seemed to be one but then not one, like flying so close they were one. I kept myself hidden under bushes, trees and such as I made my way through the country. I recall seeing the dragons several times. I wanted to stay hidden from them just in case they might eat me.

I encountered a crystal clear stream (profound understanding, emotion) running very swiftly downhill. It didn’t run through rocks or earth, though, but through a culvert or canal that shimmered with gold (spiritual reward) and crystal (unity with Higher Self) leafing. It went underground and I stepped into the shallow water and walked against the current up toward a small waterfall (letting go) that flowed out of an unknown source. Though it was underground it was very light and open inside with windows looking up and out onto the road the stream ran under.

Feet wet I crawled up a wall. Still on the lookout for the dragon I saw them in the distance to my left. So I grabbed onto little outcroppings in the wall of a building and crawled through a window. The building now reminds me of a castle (recognition for accomplishments).

Inside it was pristine, like a very fancy hotel (shift in personality). The windows opened up onto a veranda upon which I found myself. I walked through the glass doors and into the suite. I knew I had stayed there before. It was for couples and I remembered being with a partner though who that was specifically I do not recall.

I realized right away that the place had been locked up for the season. Everything was set up for the future guests – little welcome chocolates with note cards, flowers and fluffed pillows. It was very beautiful and a place I would love to stay at.

For some reason I became suspicious about the place being closed. It was too early in the season and so I investigated and soon found a young man laying on a sofa. I was with a woman and we discussed how it could have come to be that the place was closed down. She suggested the heir mismanaged the money and we went through photos of people from long ago.

The man on the sofa stirred. We suspected he was the heir and when he woke we confronted him about a murder (putting an end to something), though at the time there was no evidence of one. As we mentioned “murder” though there was a knife (aggression, need to be decisive) in his hand and it was found that he had stabbed (sexual domination) himself in an attempt to make it look like he was attacked. I remember there was blood (disappointment) all over his chest and we discussed how he could have stabbed himself in the heart and not died.

Changes of Note

When I woke this morning the dragons in the dream were vivid in my memory and made me think of Chinese astrology. I am a Dragon, specifically a Fire Dragon. My husband is also a Dragon. Whether that is significant or not, I don’t know, but it was on my mind upon waking.

It was curious to me that the dragons in my dream appeared as one. To me that seems to indicate a union of two aspects, likely masculine and feminine. The hotel I visited was one I had been to before, in my astral memories, and I had been with my partner. It seems to fit with the two dragons and the other dream symbols suggest my dream is about success in regards to some aspect of union.

In a conversation with my husband last night he brought to my attention positive changes he has seen in me. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about but later agreed with him. Mostly, the changes in me are that I am lighter, less prone to fixating on the negative, and less resistant. I have lost interest in fighting with my husband over any subject. It is just not worth my time or energy. I choose to focus on the things that lift me up and make me feel positive. This is a conscious decision I make over and over, day after day. If I find myself angry, upset, or fixating on something, then I make a conscious choice to let it go however I need to so that I feel relief.

I have completely let go of certain things that were weighing me down. As a result my mind is quieter and I am much more at peace with my life. That which use to bring me grief and heartache (heartsickness) no longer evokes those feelings but instead leaves me feeling calm and accepting. I recognize that the source of the connection, the Divine love and friendship that once caused me to feel like an insane drug addict (lol), is ME. I am the calm, the peace, the love, the friendship, the joy that I am seeking. It just isn’t as I assumed it would be. I kept thinking it was something I had to rise to, to obtain somehow through hard work and struggle. Slowly I am finding that access is granted via allowing, acceptance, patience, and nurturing of Self. It comes with ease and grace…..and I am slowly beginning to understand how to unlock mySelf from within…if that even makes sense. lol

Ultimately it all comes down to choosing in every moment what I want to experience; making a conscious CHOICE to flow with my life rather than against it. It isn’t as hard as it looks. The only time I really struggle (somewhat) is when I come up against something that triggers me in a negative way. It can be absolutely excruciating to let that go and allow things to flow as they are meant to. Giving others….ALLOWING others to have something at what my Ego thinks is my expense is not only difficult but sometimes scary as hell! It’s the giving up of my control….but no it isn’t. That’s a lie. It is better said that I trust that all will work out for everyone involved no matter how much my Ego interprets the present situation as being a threat to it. This trust involves knowing that no matter the outcome I CAN handle it and will never be given anything I cannot bear.

Someone once tried to explain the above to me and I just didn’t get it. I do now I think. Words just don’t explain it, though. You can say, “Live from the heart” but really it doesn’t mean anything until you have taken your own personal route to the heart and find yourself in it and finally understanding.




Returning to the Tried and True

A decision has been made. Perhaps this is the “transformation” that has been awaiting me, perhaps not. If it is, then it is definitely not what I expected, but then that is what I expected, if that makes any sense.

The decision is that I am steering away from my present path and shifting back to the path I was following prior to the summer of 2014. With this decision comes many endings. I’m ending posts in this blog and my companion blog – A Walk-In Life. I am diverting my attention from my FB pages associated with these two blogs as well. My Dayna Stone FB will remain active but I plan to associate more with my other FB page which is under my legal name. I am going to revert back to posting in my Blogger blog, Living Life In-Between, since it was the blog associated with my previous path.

If you did not follow my previous blog then you may not understand what my “previous path” was. I will not go into detail here except to say you should read it to find out. It is long, three years of posts, many of which were related to my own inner struggle, questioning and family-related issues. In ascension terms, it was more 3D related and “mundane” issues such as career and family. However, it was also spiritual in it’s own right. In fact, in reading over the posts from that blog, it indicates a much more balanced path than the one I have been on since 2014.

Why would I return to this “path”? The returning post in my Blogger blog explains but basically I am choosing the tried and true path versus the not so tried and true one (also known as the “ascension path”). My “old” path was reliable, workable and the results consistent. There was no “on-again, off-again” certainty/Knowing. It had (has) proven results, and not just for me but for thousands (millions?) of others. I have no doubt whatsoever that returning to this path will provide the healing and understanding I need so desperately now. It will also bring balance back into my life. Physical and Spiritual will come into balance effortlessly, focus will be on what it should be – living this life.

How did I come to this conclusion? No, I didn’t have a profound Knowing or intensely prophetic dreams. Heck, I can’t even remember my dreams right now! No, I just woke up and knew what to do and before I knew it I was telling my husband and writing in my old blog. Honestly, I’m just tired of the roller-coaster ride. I looked at my current life and things are still not what I want them to be after three years of “work”; nothing has changed really. Though it feels like I’ve changed inside by leaps and bounds it isn’t manifesting in my life. If things are not shifting in my life, if things on the outside remain the same, then the real change has yet to occur. It is only when how we feel on the inside matches our lives (inner reality matches our outer reality) that real transformation has occurred. The path I’ve been on has served it’s purpose. I have gone as far as I can.

What will this new old path look like now that I have returned to it? Will I have dreams, OBEs, profound Knowing? Probably, but who knows? I don’t care one way or the other. To me those experiences, though amazing and fun, are a big part of the distraction and booby traps I have run into. The path I am returning to focuses on the individual creating their reality, not looking to spiritual guides, dreams or profound experiences to show them their path. I do think all of the above has it’s place, but I won’t be looking for answers via those avenues anymore. I am going to take my power back.

Honestly, right now, I have come to the conclusion that the “ascension path” is a booby trap in and of itself. Kundalini is a force to be reckoned with and not something one should haphazardly navigate through via human Ego as their only map. BAD IDEA. I look back on these past years and see just how unprepared I was to handle everything I experienced. Had I stayed on the path I was on and not veered off it I have no doubt I would have handled all of it so much better and come out the other end ten times more advanced than I am now. My mistake. A lesson learned – again.





Embracing the Goddess Within

This full moon energy is ridiculously intense. I have been feeling it for a week and I suspect I will continue to feel it all month. My heart is most affected by it, though. So much so that at times it feels almost painful. Just when I think my heart has opened as much as is possible it blasts open more. I am beginning to think there is no end to the depths of it.

Dream: Pregnant with Twins

I remember speaking to a dietitian about the past week and my diet, how I had been feeling and what I needed to do to resolve it. The talk was not something I wanted. It made me feel as if I were in trouble. The main thing I remember from it was that the dietitian said, “You’ve been really high on energy haven’t you? When you get like that you need to slow down and rest. Take a break. Your body needs you to.” There was also discussion about low blood sugar, my heart and how I have not been eating enough food for the activity I’m doing.

When I left I ended up in a restaurant (emotional nourishment/support) somewhere in Europe with people I did not recognize. I sat down and a woman came to my table and sat in a chair across from me. She was Asian and very pregnant (aspect of self that is maturing). In fact, her stomach was so huge that it looked unnatural. Another woman sitting nearby looked at me and said, “She’s pregnant with twins.” I turned to the Asian woman and smiled. The Asian woman motioned to her tummy and said, “Just another week or so now and it will all be over.” She was smiling and looking lovingly at her stomach. In my mind I saw a calendar and saw the remainder of this week, the entire next week and a few days of the following week. I realized this must be her due date. I was impressed that the woman had carried a set of twins to term. I said, “You’re doing a great job! Just remember to let yourself rest after they’re born. Let someone else care for them and sleep. You’ll need it.”


Heart Expansion

Something about the dream and the pregnant woman triggered me into full lucidity. I began to cry and woke up. My heart chakra was enormous, spreading the length of my torso and also up into my throat chakra. The pregnant woman in the dream was what was on my mind. It felt like she was me. Lately I’ve been having tons of dreams about pregnancy and/or twins but I have not been posting them. Usually the twins are still babies and one is male and the other is female.

My heart was overflowing. It reminded me of when I was in Tennessee at my friend Yvonne’s house. I had woken one morning and had so much love I didn’t know what to do with it. I had burst into tears and hugged my friend, something I rarely do when I cry. I said to her, “I feel so much love. I don’t know what to do with all of it.” I Knew then that there would be a meeting soon and this heart opening was preparing me for it.

The tears didn’t last long because I realized something else. My guidance was saying to me, “You are love.” It took a while for the message to get through and when it did I said it to myself – I am love.  I recognized the vastness of the love I was feeling was a reflection of me. I was both recognizing and experiencing myself. It felt that soon that love would engulf me completely and I would be devoured by it. I did not feel fear, though. I felt anticipation. The strongest feeling at that moment was the absolute longing. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. Nothing.

I’ve felt it before. I thought at the time that I was missing someone but I had never missed anyone like this. It was almost painful, causing physical reactions I had never experienced before. And here it was again. So intense that I felt at a loss as to how to manage it. But in recognizing I was feeling myself, my Divine Self, whole and complete, there was relief. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could – would – have what it was I was longing for. And when it happened, my heart would be even larger, expanding to every single chakra of this physical body. I couldn’t be afraid of the feelings that came with it. I had to accept them, feel them, embrace them as me because to reject them was to reject myself.


The more I allowed this indescribable feeling of Divine love, the more relaxed and calm I became. Eventually I drifted into the in-between. Not long after I saw a scene reminiscent of a popular daytime soap opera. In fact, when I saw the scene I thought, “Days of Our Lives”. There was a man at the front of my vision who I recalled from the show. He had dark hair and was facing me and for some reason I thought of him as a doctor, though I don’t remember if he is one or not on the show since I stopped watching it sometime back in the 1990’s. Not long after I recognized all of this, I saw a message in the upper left-hand portion of my vision. Written in white were the words, “Three more days.”


I woke up as soon as I saw the message. It is always funny how fast they wake me up. As soon as I saw the message and read it the message seemed to echo in my mind and when I woke up I was saying to myself, “Three more days.” It is like I plan it this way so that I remember the messages. It never ceases to amaze me how this process works. I am always surprised. Every time.

Then as I was recovering from the shock of the message that seemed to infer that in three days my life would become a soap opera (ha! I can only guess to what degree) I began to hear the songs.

The first and most prominent song was this one. The part in bold was what was emphasized:

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent 
And we can learn to love again
It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

The second song was one that came along with other syncs yesterday. I won’t go into detail here but the part of the song that was going over and over in my mind both yesterday and today so far is, “Just call me, if you need a friend. Call me. Call me.”

Nurturing Self – Embracing the Goddess Within

At some point this morning I had a conversation with my guidance about becoming the Goddess. There was discussion about being a nurturer and embracing this aspect of myself. This means nurturing not only others but myself. I have not been nurturing myself, though. If anything, I have been neglecting myself.

Part of embracing the Goddess within is embracing and openly expressing emotion. The Goddess is the healer of the world because they are capable of awakening the greatest force within themselves: love. The Divine Goddess can awaken love in others and there is no greater force of healing energy than love. But, in order to heal and awaken others they must be completely awakened to love themselves. It appears that is what I am doing – awakening to my own love so that I can share it with others and fulfill my role as Goddess.








How to Make a Crystal Pendulum

Just uploaded a two part video on how to make your own pendulum. It took me way longer than expected to edit the video which I had to split in two because of filming errors. I learned a lot about how to make a video, though – both the recording and the editing. The second part of the video had a lot of dead time that I just covered with slides rather than separate out into two sections. I got lazy and didn’t want to spend anymore time editing than I already had. Movie Maker is great but it has its limits. I will keep that in mind the next time I do a how-to video like this one.

My daughter assisted. She was really excited about it. This is her “premiere” on my YouTube channel. lol We actually did a FB live-stream demonstrating the use of the pendulums for chakra balancing right after we finished recording the making of the pendulums. She really had a blast and her inner-actress came out to play. She is very dramatic by nature so being on camera works for her. She was all giggles but a very good guinea pig. 🙂 I wish I could share that video with you but I have no idea how to or if I can upload it from FB. I think I may have gotten my husband to agree to be my guinea pig for demonstration purposes for my next video. We’ll see if he follows through on that.

Part 1 is the more in-depth video and you can really stop with part 1 if you are not interested in learning how to make the handy-dandy finger loop. The second video shows how to make the loop and a basic demonstration at the end. My daughter shows more of her true colors in this video. I think she got more comfortable once she began to play with her pendulum.

I struggled with the upload this time around because Movie Maker (WMM) does not upload to YouTube very well. I had to save as an MP4 file and then upload which meant twice the upload time. I think the most fun I had was in the creation of the slides for the video. The teacher in me came out full-force. Now that I know how to do that I am sure I can create other videos in WMM much quicker than this time around. It also taught me the value of planning ahead when it comes to filming the video itself. That was a whole new ballgame for me!

Here are the two pendulums we completed in the video for those of you who would like a better image of them:



Full Moon Ceremony

For those of you who will be joining me tonight!

Much love,

A Walk-In Life

Tonight at 9:22pm PDT there will be a full moon. Prior to that, at 12:05pm PDT there will be a prenumbral lunar eclipse. I will be doing a full moon ceremony starting at 9pm CST.

For the past two days I have been doing a cleanse. So far the cleanse has not been difficult. The first day was a bit touch-and-go, mostly because I had caffeine withdrawal from abstaining from my morning cup of coffee. Besides a little hunger, by day 2 I felt absolutely marvelous and by day 3 (today) I continue to feel loads lighter than I did before I started.

I don’t know if it is cleanse or the upcoming full moon or both, but yesterday I was in La-La Land most of the day and this culminated in a very busy night. Not only did I have several messages from my guides but I also had

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Fast and Full Moon Ceremony

Tonight I am starting an Ayurvedic three day cleanse in preparation for Friday’s full moon and eclipse. This was suggested to me by my guidance.

My start time is tonight at 9pm CST. My end time will be September 16 at 9pm CST.

According to my friend herongrace, “This is an extra powerful full moon as it is a lunar eclipse in Pisces right next to Chiron the Shaman/Healer.”

If you are curious about the three day cleanse I will be doing, it is something like this.

I hope you all can join me! If not with a fast or cleanse of your own, then with a full moon ceremony on the 16th.


A Walk-In Life

For some time now, I’ve had moments of extreme anger and outrage. Various things trigger this and last night I had a “moment”. lol As I fumed for a bit, a small voice began to infiltrate my thoughts, reminding me of my “mission” and the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hints I have been given along the way. I was asked, “What do you want?” and I replied, “I want to die.” The little voice didn’t say anything but I had a feeling similar to sirens going off. That request – to die – is my hint that something’s not quite right. It became super clear then that I had fallen back on old ways, let the Ego take control and throw her tantrums, push her desires in the front of purpose. There was a wave of energy that came over me and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, that.” 

Then, as quickly as this…

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Revisiting 2006


I’ve been having this strange feeling that I am missing something, something that should be obvious. Kind of like I’m not seeing the forest for the trees. The feeling has been nagging me for over a week now. I hate being nagged!

In considering this feeling, I am reminded of the worst part of my Dark Night in 2005. What is happening now that corresponds to what happened then?

There are major difference, of course. I was unemployed in 2005 time and had hit rock bottom. Though I am unemployed now, it is by choice and I am by no means near rock bottom.  The depression in 2005 was the worst ever. It seemed I never stopped crying and no path, no option seemed attractive to me. So I stayed stuck and dug myself deeper into the pit of despair. Currently, I would not call what I am experiencing as depression. It is melancholy sometimes and definitely lack of motivation, but nothing like what I experienced in 2005.

The similarities are that I am resisting movement toward a certain path. Back then, it was the path away from my spiritual calling and it infuriated me that I would be asked to go back to teaching. I refused and as long as I did so, I was miserable. I had episodes that scared the bejesus out of me as well. So much that I ended up seeking out a psychiatrist who said I was having psychotic breaks and was Bipolar (lol). Thankfully, now the resistance is not manifesting so traumatically. Plus, the movement is back toward a spiritual path. I should be jumping for joy, but I’m not. Instead, I am resisting. I’m super suspicious,  wondering if my guidance is leading me down the rabbit hole once again. Been there, done that, don’t wanna go back to that if I can avoid it. Back then I called it “delusions of grandeur”. haha

The primary difference between now and then is that this time my heart is online. It is strikingly obvious to me, though, that my reaction to the coming change in direction of my life is almost identical. I’m afraid of change. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of failure. Afraid to believe that maybe, just maybe I will get what I’ve always wanted. Huh?


I read recently that astrologically, this year corresponds to 2006. The life issues and lessons you did not successfully learn or that still need some learning will come up for re-inspection. I suspect this is why memories of the Fall of 2005 are returning to me. It’s a heads up. Hey, you, looks like you didn’t finish this there issue. Time to pay the piper. lol

2006 was a pretty good year. I reluctantly (more like forced to) followed my guidance and got a teaching job, relocated, lived on my own and began to rebuild my life. I learned that I enjoyed being single (hey hey!) and after multiple lame relationships decided I didn’t need anyone but myself. No more men. No more BS. lol And I integrated the spiritual back into my life despite the fact that I had been led to discard it. I recognized that just because I was being led to work a mundane job did not mean I had to stop being spiritual or doing what I enjoyed.

I wouldn’t say I had beaten the Dark Night but in 2006 I was definitely emerging back into the light. Finding my footing. Reconnecting with mySelf. By that December I was in my own Power more than any other time in my life. Pretty awesome, huh?

So it has me wondering, what exactly am I needing to tweak from 2005-2006? Obviously, there is the “follow your heart” message. Got that one loud and clear. In 2005 it nearly drowned me to resist where I was being led. Damn I am stubborn. lol

The being alone, being at peace with aloneness lesson was well-learned. In fact, I would love to learn that one again. Meaning? Probably not a lesson this time around. Ha! Thinking it may be a lesson in reverse considering I have been in cave mode so long. How many people and energies does it take to break me? One? Hahaha

And the “done with men” lesson? Hmmm Not sure there. Maybe still needs some tweaking. lol In looking at it more carefully, though, I think that lesson was more standing in my own power and not thinking I somehow needed a man in my life. Feeling I do need to revisit that one. I just need to remember what my own Power feels like and not give it away so willingly. (OMG thinking I will cry now that I am re-reading this part)

The other lesson is balance. Balancing the spiritual and mundane in my life, specifically career-wise. It CAN be done. I did it. Successfully. Had I not met my now husband in 2007 I would probably have continued to do it successfully. I suspect my spiritual business would have made the same or more money as my teaching job back then had I continued with it. Instead, I chose to dump it altogether. The idea of starting a family won out over my spiritual goals and aspirations. At the time, it seemed to be the path I was suppose to take and I have no doubt it was now. And yeah, I chose to go all-out 3D. Sucker! 🙂

So there is likely a return to that lesson coming as well. Hmmm. And there was with that a taste of the unexpected. The universe brought to me what I needed and I didn’t even know I needed/wanted it.

I also learned that when you don’t resist the path you are meant to be on, the universe provides in abundance. When I accepted I was to return to teaching I was offered work without even having to put forth much effort. It actually irritated me back then because, well, I didn’t want to be on that path. lol

Okay, well I think that is it but maybe more will reveal itself in time. A lot happened in 2006. I grew exponentially – by leaps upon leaps and bounds. Perhaps remembering this is to give me strength for the coming year. Remember I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and thrived despite myself, so I can do it again if need be. <—–BINGO.