Let It Happen

Couldn’t get to sleep again last night. It was after midnight before I did. Despite feeling tired all day, the minute I decided to sleep, I couldn’t. I don’t have anything going through my head, really, so it doesn’t make sense. 

I did end up thinking about random things, though. In one instance, I was thinking about a dream I had where I had met up with someone I know. I’m not sure why as I wasn’t intending to. It was more like I entered into the in-between. While there I never know why I think/say/see what I do. 

While imagining this scenario, a song came into my mind. The song then got stuck in my head – “Let it happen, let it happen. It’s gonna feel so good.”

The video is the original song, but the one I heard was the remix version which is 9 minutes long and much better IMO. I posted the shorter one because it has the lyrics.

When I go on my many walks, I listen to YouTube, letting it play whatever comes up. This song randomly played on my walk one day recently. When I heard it I knew it was a message to “let it happen” when the time comes. “It” being the transformation by the Kundalini. To not resist what it brings and allow it to flow, unencumbered and without interference of the mind or the fear that inevitably follows. 

If you read all the lyrics you may get an idea of why I feel so drawn to it. Some parts stick out to me: “All this running around trying to cover my shadow” and “I can hear an alarm”. The word “shadow” reminds me of something I was told recently, that I am running from my Shadow self, scared to confront it. The word “alarm” has also come up. I was told an alarm would go off. But in general, the song speaks to me, so it is no wonder it came to mind as part of a message.

I told my guidance to knock it off because it sure wasn’t helping me sleep. It felt like they were hounding me to do something. I couldn’t help but suspect that I was being deceived, like they (my guides/HS) are trying to destroy me, ruin my life or send me on a wild goose chase. 

When I fell asleep I ended up in a kind of dream counseling session.

Dream: Can’t Trust Myself

This is one of those dreams where I just found myself in a new place without having any idea how I got there. My mind was blank and my emotions were flat. I just followed along in the dream, not caring why I was there or what the point of it all was.

I was inside a small store with some other young women. They were all college aged and it felt like I was, too. It felt like I was in a half-way house; a place where someone goes who needs to start over. The women treated me like the new girl and ushered me around with them. I remained silent and felt very sad – dead inside – the whole time. I felt as if I was in shock from a traumatic event, but there was no memory of any event, just this empty sadness.

The women all left and I stayed in the store, alone. They had turned all the lights out but I didn’t care. I saw a door to the back so decided to investigate. When I entered the room I found it to be a bedroom with three bunkbeds (nostalgia). They were all squeezed together in the small space leaving very little room for anything else. I looked at them and wondered which bed was mine. I couldn’t remember.

Then I noticed another room adjacent to the bedroom and hidden behind a thick, dark curtain. I could see through the space between the curtain and the wall. There was a small girl (inner child) with Down’s Syndrome (developmental delay) playing. She looked at me and acted fearful and I realized I had caught her doing something she should not. She pretended to go to sleep and that is when I noticed there was tiny beds amongst the bigger bunk beds. 

I went back outside into the main store area. This is when I realized that the “store” was actually a school for young children and the women were teachers who lived in the back room when the school was closed. I thought the whole idea was a good one but did not get excited about it.

I was hungry so went to a table where some food items were and filled a cup with yogurt (doing what’s good for me). This is when the other women came back. One noticed I was eating. I asked if she wanted some. She looked at my cup and asked, “Did you put sugar in it? We don’t eat sugar (something bad for me) here. It’s bad for you.” I looked at my cup knowing I had put something sweet in it. I said to her, “Yes. Who eats yogurt plain? It’s not good.” The woman didn’t reply but I continued and said, “I didn’t put sugar in it, just a sugar substitute.” She replied to that saying something about helping find the right substitute but I was already upset, caught up in the thought that I was messing things up, breaking rules and not fitting in. I remember looking into the cup of yogurt thinking how it was all just too much to try and keep up with all the rules and do what everyone wants me to do. 

Feeling overwhelmed and sad, I turned around to leave but the dream shifts and I find myself sitting in front of a woman. She began to ask me questions about why I felt the way I did. “Why are you so sad,” she asked. I began to tell her about an event in my life that had left me changed – damaged. I told her, “It/he destroyed me.” As I told her more of the details of it, the sadness grew larger and larger until I began to sob, tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Counseling Continues

The dream scene faded and I somehow ended up in the in-between talking to this woman, though I never saw her. I could hear her feminine voice, though, and feel her encouragement. She said, “Tell me about it”. I told her my story and how it made me feel. She asked about another, similar event. I explained that it/he wasn’t the same and could never come close to the first. What hurt so much was that I felt I had finally found what I had been looking for. It was like a missing piece of myself was finally found. And then, it was taken away; withheld from me, and I was left feeling as if that piece could never be recovered and would remain that way for the rest of my life. Because of it, I had lost all hope of ever really finding happiness and love in my life. I would be left only with the hollow, human version of that love, which would never, ever compare. And I would be left to live the rest of my life with a part of me missing, unable to retrieve it.

As a result, I’ve stopped trying. Given up. I am just waiting for this life to run its course.

In the end, I woke up, leaving the in-between, but the discussion continued. My eyes were overflowing with tears, the kind that just well up and leak out all over my face. The ultimate realization I had was that I had lost all trust in myself – in my HS, my guidance, my Knowing. What I felt so strongly, what I had Known in my heart to be true, turned out to be a lie. How can I ever trust what I feel again? How do I know that what I feel is even mine? What if I am being deceived and everything in this lifetime that I feel, hear, think, do is a lie?  

There aren’t many things in this life that hit me hard like that experience. That ring so true that my entire Being lights up inside and out. That scream to me, “THIS IS IT!” To feel I had finally found what I had come into this life for only to have it turn out to be what it did, how can I ever recover from that? Why would I be led into a trap like that? Why would my guidance want me to experience such loss? It felt like I was finally Home, then I was left with…..nothing. The only explanation has to be that I somehow misinterpreted it all. I must have screwed up. If that is the case, then how can I know that what I feel and how I interpret it is even accurate?  

I don’t think there is anyway to recover what I have lost. I am just…..broken. And my only comfort comes in the thought that one day I will actually get to go Home and I know that when I get there, that piece of me that I found and then lost, will be there, too.

Back to the Song Message

I had never heard of the band Tame Impala or the song, so I Googled it. Turns out the entire album theme is “letting go”. The song is about going with the flow and not resisting the “currents of change” which are “unstoppable forces”. Ha! The song is about personal transition and/or transformation.

When I was reading over many of my dreams, signs, syncs and messages of the past few months, it does point to some kind of event or transformation up and coming. I can’t ignore it but at the same time I want to shrug it off. Why hope that something amazing is coming only to end up like I have in the past – disappointed, discouraged or, worse, decimated.

Here is the 9 minute version of the song and the one that played while I was on my walk:

Human Design Profile-Type Matches

Although I haven’t been posting much these days about Human Design, my research continues. My focus has been on relationships between the profile types lately. After looking into the profile types of the people closest to me, I had questions:

Are there certain profile types that I get along better with? Why?

Which profile types are best suited as romantic partners for my type?

I had a good idea which profile types I got along with based upon what I’d experienced. My hypothesis was that I get along best with any person whose profile contains a 2nd line or a 6th line – or both. Why? Well, at least half of my family are 2nd lines and so I have a lifetime of personal experience with other 2nd lines.

Examples: My mother is a Manifesting Generator, 2/4, Hermit-Opportunist. Of me and my two sisters, my mom and I have always had a special connection. We just “click”. My older sister, a 1/4 Generator, and my younger sister, a 1/3 Generator, have always had a slight disconnect with her compared to me. Similarly, my relationships with my sisters has always been strained. My older sister tried to get me to be more social and was/is highly judgmental of me. My younger sister hasn’t spoken to me in 12 years (her choice, not mine) and cut ties with all family almost completely.

My other hypothesis is that I get along least with those whose profiles contain a 1. Again, this is based upon my personal experiences and the information I have gathered thus far.

Examples: As I mentioned above, both my sisters are conscious 1st lines. You can never tell a 1st line how things are. They won’t take your word for it and my experiences, as a Projector, were not good when I tried to give them “advice” without them inviting me. BTW, they RARELY invited me. No surprise there because they already know everything (sarcasm). Similarly, I recently met another 1st line, this one subconscious, and the amount of research and digging this person did all.the.time was a bit too much. As a 6/2, I don’t need to research, I have a strong inner Knowing and rarely do much, if any, research into things. I learn through my intuition and experiences. And, well, Hermits, we just Know. The last thing I want to do is discuss all the details and info the 1st line dug up. It just hurts, like physically, to endure that kind of torture. lol And too often, what ends up happening with me and any 1st line, conscious or unconscious, is an inability to really connect. I usually just back off and give them the time and space they need to figure things out for themselves but I am not likely to hang around to hear their great epiphanies in the end because I am thinking, “duh”. LOL Since my daughter is a 1/3 I get LOTS of practice dealing with such things. Thankfully, she has always recognized me as someone who Knows and uses me as a part of her extensive library of information. Smart girl!

Turns out, my findings indicate that my Knowing about the profiles I get along with is spot-on (no surprise). Here is a list of all the profiles and their best matches, romantically and otherwise (I bolded my profile type):

1/3: Ideal match is with 1/3 and 4/6. Also compatible with 3/5, 3/6, 5/1, and 6/3.

1/4: Ideal match is with 1/4. Also compatible with 2/4, 4/1, and 4/6.

2/4: Ideal match is with 2/4 and 5/1. Also compatible with 2/5, 4/6, 5/2, and 6/2.

2/5: Ideal match is with 2/5. Also compatible with 5/2, 2/4, and 5/1.

3/5: Ideal match is with 3/5 and 6/2. Also compatible with 3/6, 5/1, 5/2, and 6/3.

3/6: Ideal match is with 3/6 and 6/3. Also compatible with 1/3 and 3/5.

4/6: Ideal match is with 4/6 and 1/3. Also compatible with 1/4, 2/4, 4/1, and 6/2.

4/1: Ideal match is with 4/1 and 1/4. Also compatible with 4/6.

5/1: Ideal match is with 5/1 and 2/4. Also compatible with 1/3, 2/5, and 3/5.

5/2: Ideal match is with 5/2 and 2/5. Also compatible with 2/4 and 3/5.

6/2: Ideal match is with 6/2 and 3/5. Also compatible with 2/4, 4/6, and 6/3.

6/3: Ideal match is with 6/3 and 3/6. Also compatible with 1/3, and 3/5, and 6/2.

My Connections

Prior to finding this information, I had a long list of the people in my lives and their profile and energy types. Here is the list. Make sure to compare it to my compatible profiles so you get an idea of who I got or get along with in my life.

Mom – MG, 2/4
Sister – G, 1/4
Sister – G, 1/3
Brother – G, 2/4
Daughter – MG, 1/3
Son – G, 2/4
Son – G, 2/4
Husband – MG, 5/3*
Ex-Husband – MG, 6/2*
Cousin – G, 2/4
Best friend – Projector, 6/3
Friend’s husband – MG, 1/3
Child 1 – Projector, 1/3
Child 2 – G, 2/4
Friend – Projector, 2/4
Friend – Projector, 2/4
Friend/connection – MG, 5/1
Friend/connection #2 – G, 3/5

MG = Manifesting Generator
G = Generator
* = Recent discovery, did not know profile type until just two weeks ago

In my adulthood, my best friends, and friends in general, tend to be other Projectors. I assume in my early years that my best friend was a generating type but I can’t be sure. My best guess is she was a 3/5. She most definitely was not a hermit! She might have been a 4/6, but I’ve never met one (that I know of) in order to compare their energy. Edit: I did a chart using the data I have for her and she is either a 3/5 Projector or a 3/5 Generator. Based upon my track record with friends and how she was in school and is currently, I’m betting on Projector. But I was right about the 3/5!!

It is also typical for me to attract MG’s in the romantic sense, which I hear is common for Projectors. The energy dynamics between a Projector and MG is quite intense. Imagine the MG energy, which is the highest generative energy out there and them meeting a Projector who takes that already intense energy and amplifies it. You get a crazy intense amount of energy! Sadly, in my experience, that intensity typically dies out over time, as was/is proved by my two marriages to MG’s. Why? Because Projectors are not meant to be generators and we end up burning out and eventually want to get away from the MG’s over abundance of energy. We just can’t tolerate it long-term. We aren’t built for that.

The significant other MG’s in my life never understood my need for rest and solitude and would continue to pursue me beyond my capable limits. My ex-husband thought I didn’t love him and was constantly pressuring me to give more than I had to give. However, as a fellow 6/2, he understood the need for solitude, maybe even more than I did. He was happiest in nature, far away from people, and ended up isolating me way more than I could handle. He was very easy-going, generally optimistic, and a lover of life. My current husband, though well-meaning, comes across as overly needy of my attention. Of course, we have three generating-types as children, so everyone I am around daily feels to be taking my energy. I have little, if anything, left for my husband by day’s end. I often feel trapped in my own house because I can’t get far enough away to recover from all the energy my aura is processing all.the.time.

As a Projector, it is said by the creator of HD, that we become “super slaves” to the other types in our lives, especially generating types. It is our nature to need the other types in order to generate or manifest. We just can’t do it without them. So, we end up trapped in a cycle, give and take, revved up and then sucked dry to the point of exhaustion. Not only are we somewhat addicted to energy we receive from generators, but they are, too, and as generators, whose authority says wait to respond, when they get that opportunity to respond to our energy, well, they do. And do, and do, and….LOL

A surprise to me about my profile matches is that I get along well with someone who has a 3rd line. It soon became apparent, though, why that is. All 6th lines go through three phases of experiencing. The first phase, up until around the first Saturn Return, they experience life as a 3rd line, only without the tough outer skin other, real 3rd lines have. We experiment like 3rd lines, have stuff happen to us that is not very pleasant, and end up beaten and bruised emotionally in the end. 3rd lines learn through experimentation. If at first they don’t succeed, well, they do it again a different way! We 6th lines gain valuable experience from our early years, though. Because of this common experience, we get along with 3rd lines. We can relate well to them, and they to us.

Like the above list indicates, my favorite matches have been those with profiles on my list. Based upon love interest, I will have to say my favorite is the 3/5 profile type. Though I enjoyed the fun-loving ways of my 6/2 ex-husband, I have to say that other 6/2’s just don’t attract me like the 3/5. I think it is the mysterious and magnetic 5 that draws me in. They are quite alluring and well, that mysterious component, it keeps me guessing. I love a good mystery and am happiest with someone who can keep me on my toes. My 6/2 ex struggled to do that for me. I think we were just too similar and both needed the other to keep things interesting, but we couldn’t. We were also in that first phase of the 6th line, so technically the relationship was doomed before it started. My current husband is very, very good at keeping things….interesting, even though sometimes in a very negative way.

I believe the 5th line will always draw me in. I find them fascinating and beautiful. There is an attraction I can’t explain. In my experience, my tendency is to fully submit to them, give my all, and the crazy part is I have no clue why! The founder of HD says that my profile has to be “called out” in a specific way. The Other who is calling out the 6/2 has to find that weak spot, a vulnerability that even the 6/2 doesn’t know exists. It is that spot, that when touched upon, lights up the 6/2 and causes them to venture out of their happy, safe place. Otherwise, we just stay in our happy place and ignore the call. And for me, it has been true with all the 5th lines I have been with. They are magical.

Then there is the 1st line as I mentioned previously. I can get along with them, but the relationship is often strained. I grew up with two and have a daughter who is one, so I know! But then, consider the 5/1 and how confusing they appear to me. First, they are magical, mysterious and alluring (5th line) but at the same time frustrate me with their constant, analytical and investigative aspect. Ha! It could be a love-hate relationship, that’s for sure! So far, though, I can’t say I’ve been lucky (or cursed) enough to have had a romantic relationship with one. Maybe? If only I knew all the profile types of my past relationships!

Charts to Compare

Below are the charts of my ex-husband, current husband and me. The similarities are striking! Not only do they have mostly open centers, but many of the same channels! When combined with my chart, there would be similar dynamics at play.

Ex-Husband – Aries, born 4/4/1975

TYPE: Manifesting Generator
STRATEGY: To Respond
NOT-SELF THEME: Frustration
PROFILE: 6 / 2
DEFINITION: Single Definition
INCARNATION CROSS: Left Angle Cross of Endeavor (21/48 | 54/53)

Current husband – Gemini, born 5/23/76

Chart BodyGrpah

TYPE: Manifesting Generator
STRATEGY: To Respond
NOT-SELF THEME: Frustration
PROFILE: 3 / 5
DEFINITION: Single Definition
INCARNATION CROSS: Right Angle Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix (20/34 | 55/59)

My chart – Leo, 8/4/76

Chart BodyGrpah
  • TYPE: Projector
  • STRATEGY: Wait for the Invitation
  • NOT-SELF THEME: Bitterness
  • INNER AUTHORITY: Self Projected
  • PROFILE: 6 / 2
  • DEFINITION: Single Definition
  • INCARNATION CROSS: Left Angle Cross of Refinement (33/19 | 2/1)

When I saw how similar my husband and ex-husband’s charts are, I knew it was not coincidence. It always felt to me like I was continuing a lessons unfinished when I married my current husband. Similar issues arose in our marriage that had existed in my previous one. Both have only one more defined center than I do. Both share at least one defined center with me. My ex shares a defined throat, and my current husband shares a defined throat and G-center. So, technically, the only conditioning I would have with them would come from the defined centers they have.

There is something about the energy of someone who has mostly undefined centers that I think attracts me. They are more fluid and changeable than someone with mostly defined centers. I struggle more with someone who is extremely fixed in their ways (mostly defined). It isn’t that I don’t get along with them, but that I find their set ways difficult to navigate. I end up being the one to give in and change because I am so changeable. My mom is this way. She only has one open center. One! I use to get so frustrated with her because she so stuck/set in her ways. A creature of habit, that is for sure! It is so hard to get her to do something new and outside of her normal routine. Similarly, another person I know (online) is the same. She is unable to see past her fixed tendencies and change. You can get out your crowbar but she still won’t budge.

I just prefer mutable people, I guess. Nothing against the fixed, so please don’t take offense. I have my fixations, too, (my not-self) so I get you.

Dream Meeting: Maxim

My sleep continues to be less than ideal. I wake frequently and only get about 6 good hours a night. My days are busy and I find that, although I have content to blog about, I don’t have the time I would like to focus on writing. I usually jot down something in my private journal and leave it there, hoping to have time later to write about it. But I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t write it right then, I probably never will.

This month of March has not turned out to be as interesting as I’d hoped. With all the signs and syncs leading up to now, I’d thought for sure some kind of meeting or encounter would’ve happened. My guess is I interpreted it all wrong because nothing – nada – has happened. I still don’t get why the Universe would send me those tarot cards but I guess the cards were relaying info about the past or present and NOT the future. That’s okay. I’m use to the same-ol-same, day in and out. I’m good at keeping busy. I’ve got a good life. I’m just a tad bit…..bored.

Ah, the story of my life! My guides are probably going, “Oh no! Dayna’s bored again!” My poor guides. lol If anything they threw those signs and syncs my way to keep me guessing and wondering. There’s nothing better at keeping someone occupied than a good mystery to solve….or wait for in my case. That carrot on the stick scenario gets me every time. Why do I keep falling for it? Oh yeah, I’m bored.

I will give you another cool story which, BTW, also ties into my dream this morning.

A little more than a week ago (March 17) my husband lost his AirPod Pros again. Yes, again. Ugh! I was furious with him and on his case a little more than I like to admit. I can get kinda fixated on stuff especially when I’m….bored. lol Anyway, I decided one night to just let it go again because my main upset was that it seemed like he didn’t care. So I figured, why should I?

That night I had a dream. Pay attention here. In the dream I was given a small, brown box. When I opened it, inside were the missing AirPods. Not long after I saw a small balloon that said, “Happy Birthday”. In amongst this was a short dream where I was receiving lots of emails to the point that it was too much and I felt overwhelmed. When I woke I decided to tell my husband that I had accepted that the AirPods were gone.

The dream came to pass the next day. I was overwhelmed most of the morning. My schedule was off because of an a/c maintenance man visiting. I also was getting emails like crazy – asking for readings and dream interpretations. Somehow, though, I managed despite being in a sour mood. Later in the day, as I was preparing dinner, I went to the garage to toss something in the trash. I turned and saw the minivan and thought, “I need to check for the AirPods.” So, I opened the side door and immediately noticed a tiny, white object in between the seats. I had found them! 

Not long after I went for a walk with Monty. On the walk I spotted a tiny balloon that said, “Happy Birthday.” I knew it was from the dream. Even after that when my husband was watching The Simpson’s I noticed that they kids in the episode were tossing water balloons at the bully. They said, “Happy Birthday.” 

So the syncs continue and good things keep happening, I’m just being a grump because life’s not…..exciting enough? Well, just not the kind of excitement I like. I can hear my guides saying, “Persnickety.” Guess so.

What kind of excitement do I like? The spiritual kind, of course! If it’s spiritual, bring it on! Thankfully, I got a pretty cool dream so I’ll be good for another day or so.

Dream Meeting with Maxim

I entered into an auditorium where many people were gathering. At the booth where we were to register, a man was instructing everyone on what to do. I remember that he sent the group down the hall for an orientation or something similar. When I arrived and was asked to follow the group I chose not to. It didn’t feel like something I wanted to do or that I needed for that matter. Instead, I walked to the back of the auditorium, considering my options. I was undecided – do I do my own thing and hope no one notices or do I go along with the group and suffer that misery (I hate groups)?

Eventually, I noticed that everyone walking around had on a name tag (recognition) but I didn’t. For some reason it felt like I needed one and I knew the only way to get one was to go where the group (need others to be known) went. So, I decided to go find the group and hopefully get my name tag (recognition).

As I walked in the direction of the group I ran into other groups. Many were of children who had with them teachers. I noticed a hallway and looked down it, hoping to get an idea of which room my group had gone in. The hallway was long and had many doors, all of them closed (feeling shut out). The hallway was littered with trash but the walls and floors were very white and otherwise clean. It just looked like the kids had been messy with art paper and no one had cleaned it up yet. Realizing it was too late to rejoin my group, I turned back and headed back to the corner where I had been observing everyone.

I discovered the section where I had lingered before was a separate room with a large viewing window (my cave, safe space, hermitage). It reminded me of those rooms in churches where the nursing mothers or mom’s with screaming babies would go to still participate in church services without creating a distraction. I was able to see the auditorium and all the people clearly but remain separate from the group – just like I like it.

In my little space was a man. He was sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paper. I somehow knew he was there to help me.  He had been looking through my emails in order to get the answers to questions on a paper he was filling out. When I arrived he smiled and said, “Happy birthday (from my other dream).” Then he began to read to me what he had written. It was a description of my character in this lifetime. I can’t recall what he said but I remember key pieces. He described me as selective of who I chose to spend time with but the way he articulated it made me sound like someone with much wisdom and experience. He said I paved my own path and cared little for what others thought of me. 

The way he described me took all those things which I find faulty within myself, things others have criticized, and presented them as my special gift to humanity. It was like I was hearing about an important leader in history, one that made significant contributions to humanity and so was honored, recognized and remembered for it.

My initial response was, “You see me!” I felt his recognition and was relieved to be acknowledged. Then I said, “You got all that from reading my emails?” He laughed and said, “Yes.” I said, “Wow.” I paused, considered what I had heard and said, “I really like myself.” He said, “I do, too.” 

By this time I was standing face to face with him. He was short and stalky. His face had smile lines that indicated he was a kind, generous individual with a gentle, loving demeanor. He was completely bald and had a scholarly quality to him. I knew he was a professor at the university I attended. He introduced himself to me. He said his name was “Maxim”. There was a last name but I can’t remember it and I only remember his name because I repeated it.

I asked him, “Why are you helping me?” He said, “Because you helped me.” I thought on this and couldn’t recall ever helping him. I said, “I don’t remember helping you.” He indicated that I had and that he was indebted to me, thus his appearance in my life now. I figured I must have helped him in some other life.

Still in awe of how well he had described my character in this lifetime, I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to be like him, to be able to “read” a person as well as he had me and help them see themselves as a gift to the world. He indicated that he heard me, so I must have spoken this aloud. He turned and looked toward the room we were in and asked, “How can you help?” It seemed like he was asking how I could help from within the confines of the space I was in. I thought for a moment and then said excitedly, “You can bring them to me. I have a Master’s in Counseling. Maybe I could counsel people?” He said matter-of-factly, “You mean you have two Master’s degrees.” I said, “No…but I have two degrees in the same field – education.” He looked at me in such a way that I second guessed my response. I wondered, “Does he mean Master’s degree like I think? Or does he mean some other kind of Master?”

Maxim smiled and motioned to what was happening outside my window. I looked and saw a group of people gathered in celebration of certain honored individuals. He told me that I was one of the honorary ones and had been “chosen”. Then he said, “If you look, you will see yourself.” It felt like he wanted me to look at an old photograph but was motioning to the scene outside the viewing window of the room where a group of people were on stage. I looked and in front of me were old photographs of what appeared to be a group of scholarly individuals wearing robes all standing together. It reminded me of an old photograph from a yearbook. As I scanned the faces I spotted a woman who I knew was me, though she appeared differently than I do in this life.

Maxim returned to the subject of my situation, specifically my being in the room observing the group but not wanting to be a part of it. He stated, “You stop, you see, you leave.” I’m not sure these were his exact words but I saw a visual in my mind of his words. I would meet someone, stop if I felt called to, interact with and/or observe them a while, and then leave. It was not a judgment of my actions, quite to the contrary, it was a recognition of my specific gifts. After hearing this and seeing the meaning behind it, it felt like he was specifically commenting on my relationships with others in this lifetime. I wondered, “Does that mean it is time to leave?” 

Message: Build What You Want

It was at this point I woke up but Maxim remained close and continued to communicate with me. He said, “Build what you want [in life]”. Along with this I felt nudged to really feel into what it was I wanted to experience in this life. My immediate response was to go to that feeling of Divine Oneness and the call that I recently had but refused. He asked me why I did not answer the call and I said, “I’m afraid of what will happen to my life.” I like my room with a view. I like the life I have created thus far. Though Maxim wasn’t pushing me to go outside my “room” I felt nudged and knew, at some point, I would venture out again, but only if the invitation was good enough. It would have to be better than what I already have, something irresistible, that’s for sure. 

Eventually, I ended up falling back to sleep and dreaming another dream. I won’t go into that dream but when I woke my thoughts were on my HD profile and being a 6/2 self-projected Projector. A recent video I had watched by Ra Ura Hu, the creator of Human Design, on Projectors came to mind. 

He said Projectors are “on the ascendency”. He also mentioned how Projectors study to become masters at what they do. I wondered about this and my dream came to mind. Does this “study” mean actual school? If so, then I studied teaching and counseling – helping others, especially children. But what of my other “studies”, those of the spiritual kind? I have had so much hands-on training in that area – almost 20 years. In considering all the things I’ve studied in this life, the one that brings the most joy is the spiritual. I wondered which studies I will use when I “come down from the roof” to be the Role Model I am here to be? Perhaps that is what Maxim was referring to when he said I had two Master’s degrees – one a very physical one and the other spiritual. I wondered aloud to my guidance, “What do I do?” I knew, though, that I am not meant to know. I am meant to answer a call and then and only then will I Know what it is I am to do.

Then I was reminded of a recent dream where I was in a closet and a Bulgarian man was trying to get me to leave and explore outside. When I looked up the name Maxim I discovered it is Bulgarian. Could Maxim have been the man in that dream who was bugging me to leave my closet? Probably. If you haven’t read that dream, you should. It is pretty awesome!

Kundalini, The Shadow Self and Almandine

Happy Spring Equinox! It has been one hell of a week! The energy put me into a pretty sour mood, especially in the mornings. My sleep was awful and I had a tendency to focus on the negatives, especially relating to planet Earth. I am thankful for the energies that came in with the Equinox.

After about a week of sleep issues, I finally slept well last night. Turns out there was a solar flare most of yesterday and through the night. Along with good sleep I had Kundalini dreams all night long. Where one left off, another began. All the dreams involved a man I am familiar with as well as a guide.

Dream: Profess[or] Love[r]

The start of this dream is hazy but as lucidity increased, so does my memory.

What I recall most is that I was in correspondence with a man I recognized and know from this lifetime. Some time had passed between our last email/letter and this was my main concern as I had not intended it. I remember feeling as if I was on a college campus and knowing this man was a professor. I don’t know if he was my teacher or if it was just his job, or both. 

We talked a bit but there was distance between us that was too far to actually have a conversation. My feeling of this communication was that it was meant to represent communication over time and space – communication between our higher aspects. 

Then we were together in a room that felt, again, like it was located at a college or university. The space was dimly lit and colored with various brown tones. It felt like a study or an office but also similar to a small dorm room.

When we finally met up the feeling I had was of relief and reunion. I don’t remember if he spoke to me. I do recall that I had apologized for letting so much time pass and the delay it caused. When we got close our combined energy was intoxicating, rising and falling in waves of ecstasy, climbing higher and higher. The closer we got, the more intense our combined energy. My immediate reaction was to surrender completely to it.

Eventually my friend disengaged saying he had to be somewhere. We went our separate ways. He went one way and I went in the opposite direction. Eventually, though, we ended up back together, both of us unable to find our rooms. We stood in front of a room. The number near the entrance was #3 but the room was not the right room. As the dream began to fade out the last thing I remember was that he said to me that we must be in a different time (I think I remember the term “time warp”) so the room was not the one we remembered. 

As I woke the Kundalini energy was very strong. I am not sure how the intensity of it didn’t wake me during the dream! I lay in bed relishing it. It was intensely strong in my root and heart chakras but prior to it settling there it had circulated completely from root to crown. Sadly, I only barely recall the full cycling of the energy. I believe it was purposefully muted and for that I am grateful because when I have been fully conscious of it in the past the intensity of it has been scary.

A guide was close by. He asked me, “How do you feel?” I said, “I want to go back.” There was some discussion here. He reminded me to take it slowly and said, “We are helping you.” 

Dream: Little Fires Everywhere

Somehow I returned to sleep and entered into another dream. I was sitting on a sofa in my grandparent’s underground home. The TV was in front of me but I was not watching it because the man from my previous dream was sitting on my left about four feet away from me on the opposite end of the sofa. It felt like we just hanging out and watching TV. I was almost fully lucid but not enough to take control of the dream. I don’t think I would have taken control if I could have, though. 

I could see him quite clearly and knew who he was. We were talking, but sadly I have no clue about what. All I remember was that his energy was very difficult to resist. It was calling to me in a very seductive way. My guide was close by and I was talking to him in my mind about the energy and how difficult it was for me to endure as I sat there. 

What I recall here is the Kundalini rushing through me. It erupted violently from my root and shot all the way up to my crown. Then it would settled some only to repeat with even more intensity. With each wave I gripped the sofa so hard that had it been a real sofa I surely would have destroyed the arm rest. Interestingly, I never felt like I was going to die from the energy. I surrendered completely to it. I couldn’t help but surrender. It was compulsory and there was nothing – nothing at all – I could do but allow it. 

While the energy was taking me over I could hear and communicate with my friend telepathically. All I remember saying to him was, “I love you.” But something about this profession of love felt as compulsory as the energy itself. So, I questioned it. Do I love him? Is it my love I am feeling? Or is it memory of some other time and love? 

My friend just sat next to me seemingly completely at ease with our combined energy. I tried to stay there with him. I wanted to stay there, but I couldn’t, not without embracing him fully. For some reason I resisted the urge to go to him, though. My resistance resulted in much discomfort. 

Eventually I told him, “I can’t take it anymore. It’s just too much.” Not long after I said this my friend disappeared completely. 

I decided I would walk to my mom’s house. I went outside and walked up the road. I noticed there were small piles of burning brush dotting the land. I concluded that someone must be clearing the land, something we often have to do in the country. Part way up the road I encountered a mulching machine that was turned on. A large branch was stuck in it and the mulcher was making a horrid noise. Worried it would explode, I turned the machine off. The “off” switch was very vivid in my mind.

As I continued to walk up the road I was suddenly not alone. A man was walking with me on my right. I knew he was my guide. He was tall and had blonde hair. His energy was familiar. I remember we were discussing what was happening to me – the Kundalini, the man, the process. He was asking me what I thought of the man, of our energy and our path. I only remember saying that I wanted to experience more of the energy. It was all I wanted, actually. The internal Call I felt was strong. There was/is no doubt in my mind I am suppose to follow it.

The last thing I remember saying to my guide is, “There are little fires everywhere.” It was just an observation and had no emotion attached to it. My guide acknowledged my statement as if to say, “Yes, there are.”

The Shadow Self

I came out of the dream and entered the in-between where I could still feel the residual energy. My guide was close and I remember him reminding me that the process cannot be rushed. Through our conversation I was asked to inspect my fear response to the intense energy I experienced in the dream and also at other times. The resulting understanding was that it represented my Shadow, or a hidden aspect often associated with something not very good, or “bad”. When my energy combines with my friend’s it brings attention to the Shadow somehow and so my response is fear and I withdraw. More than likely the reality is that this Shadow aspect is not as imposing as it seems. It is just deeply hidden.

Then, very distinctly, I heard the word, “Almandine”. 

Then I was reminded that destruction was coming. Destruction of what? I am not sure but I have been warned of this before, last October. 

I woke repeating the word “Almandine” and not knowing what it meant. I thought at first it was a sauce for cooking but soon learned it is a crystal. Usually when I am given the name of a crystal it is a way to suggest I add it to my collection.


My fear reaction to the intense energy of the Kundalini is familiar to me. Early on in my experiences with the Kundalini I responded with great fear. It presented itself slowly during dreamtime, always pursuing me, and each time I completely freaked out. When it would present itself I felt a compulsion to go to it, to surrender to it. I felt completely unable to control myself. This feeling of lack of control and the unknown it represented was what sent me running the other way. It felt horribly “evil” while at the same time the energy was intoxicatingly beautiful and pure. The contradiction was confusing. How can something be so beautiful yet so ugly at the same time? It was a paradox. 

Eventually, I surrendered in dreamtime. I gave up after being pursued for what seemed like forever. I realized I could not outrun the Kundalini and so let it devour me. It was magnificent in the end. The most amazing experience I have ever had in this body. 

Now, when I feel the Kundalini, my response is the same. After years of surrender it makes no sense. Why, after all this time, am I again afraid of the Kundalini? And why is this particular person the instigator? Is it karmic? Or is it something else? I feel fear, but it is irrational. It is the fear of death, of becoming nothing. Ah, yes, “destruction”, now that word makes sense. To be born anew, the old must die. 

Yet, didn’t I already experienced death from this process? How many times does one have to “die”, I wonder? lol

Dream Symbolism

In the first dream I am at a college/university which represents a life lesson or lessons. My friend is seen as a teacher or guide, so it could be that I see him this way or it could be that he is merely helping me with this life lesson. The search for the room is interesting and I am not sure what the “time warp” part means. Whatever the meaning, we end up parting ways only to come full circle to the same place. The feeling in the dream is that no matter what our individual paths, the destination is the same for us both.

The symbolism of the last dream is fitting. The underground house represents the subconscious or what is hidden. My grandparents actually do have a house that is under the ground and I spent much of you youth visiting there. It is also attached to my family’s land and my mother’s home. So, for me, being in the space indicates a sense of home, so also Home. It is comfortable and safe. Watching the TV is likely an indicator of becoming the observer.

The clearing of the land is the work of the Kundalini. It clears blockages; a cleansing fire. The little fires everywhere are areas that are being cleansed or have already been cleansed. They are contained and small, but they are burning. Fire = the Kundalini. 

The mulch machine is an interesting symbol. My best guess is that it is my attempt to turn off the process out of fear that I will explode or be destroyed. Still, though, the fires burn. 

Note: Prior to bed I had two syncs that forewarned me of what was to come during the night. First, I had done a voice search of a certain item for my food journal. I had said “Burger” but the word that appeared was nothing at all close to it. It was, instead, my dream friend’s name, clear as day. I paused, took a screen shot in case I was seeing things, and then edited my search to the correct word.

About an hour later I was watching a video and there was the name again. So clear. And next to it another name that was related. WTF? I took another screen shot, told my guides to knock it off and went to bed. LOL

Come Back to the Sea

The solar flares have subsided and so I slept much better last night. Sadly, there were three earthquakes in and around New Zealand yesterday and a volcano in Sicily has been erupting for some time. It is not unusual for geomagnetic activity to spur such events. If solar flares can effect Earth changes in such a way, think what it can do to the human body and energy system.

I am told/Know that these changes are “effectual”. It is all part of the Plan.

Though I had no exciting experiences during dreamtime, I did awake with my guidance very close. At first I was in a dream conversation with a woman who was fascinated by my Kundalini experiences. She was asking me to describe my experiences. How did you feel? What was it like? How did it change you? I remember answering her with as much detail as I could but finding it difficult to describe with words. With each of my answers, lucidity increased, until I awakened to find a guide very close. 

Recognizing this guide’s energy, I knew he had been the woman in my dream and wanted to continue our conversation outside of the dreamstate. With him prompting me, I continued to review my past experiences. It took no time at all to Return to them all and when I was done I was left wanting them to repeat and for the experience to never end. I remember asking, “I don’t want to go back to normal afterward.” It felt like I had failed when I said this. Why would I go through so much, experience Oneness and Expansion, only to fall back down and seemingly lose it all?

This guide told me, “You don’t have to.” 

Then he did what I have not experienced in quite a while. Something about him being present, or maybe my acknowledgment of him, created the perfect recipe for Knowing. And so as his communication came through I often found myself completing his sentences and eventually speaking as if I were him. 

What I recall now of our conversation was that to maintain such a state (meaning not coming back “down” after a Kundalini rising) is that conscious change much occur. He/I continued to state that I Knew what change was needed but had been stalling out of fear and inability to confront the entire picture. There is not need for shame over such things. It is part of being human.

Each thread of color, though seemingly insignificant, infuses a dull tapestry with vibrant color until eventually the entire tapestry is transformed. 

One word stands out: Integration.

Integration means taking the “thread” of every transformative experience and sewing it into physical reality. Each thread changes the texture and color of the human experience. Each thread of color, though seemingly insignificant, infuses a dull tapestry with vibrant color until eventually the entire tapestry is transformed. 

This, he said, is how change occurs. It is not necessary for me to do anything as it is already and has been in process this entire time. Eventually, the vibrant colors of my tapestry will be so much that change will take place in such a way as to reveal a new image. When this happens, the old and new will become as one. 

I, of course, could feel what these changes were but I couldn’t and still cannot determine the specifics of the change. How they will come about remains a mystery. Yet a part of me has been feeling particularly sorrowful about the state of the world for some time – my whole life, really. In my daily life I see around me evidence of a dying planet and, with it, a dying people. It is not physical decay but something altogether more devastating. And the human me cannot confront it and so pushes it out of her mind. 

On my daily walks I cannot ignore the utter disregard for this planet displayed all around me. Trash littering the creek. Syringes dotting the sidewalks. Condoms. Plan B boxes. Beer bottles. Face masks. I feel sadness and want to help but I know that just picking up the trash won’t make a dent in the problem.  

For example, I own a section of the creek and have picked up trash only to have the next heavy rain fill the creek back up with even more trash than before it was cleaned. My husband even arranged a community-wide clean up of the creek. He approached the city for help and they provided a free trash container. Only three people showed from our entire subdivision to help clean up. The rest used the dumpster/container to dump their old furniture and garbage. They thought only of themselves and their homes, not of the creek or the bigger problem we were trying to solve. 

I feel overwhelmed. I am just one person, one person against a formidable opponent. It feels like me against the world. 

This morning I told my guide, “There is no hope for this world. Let it die.” 

The word “integration” came to mind again, this time with the chorus from a song, one I have been drawn to over the last few days. 

I spent so long looking for a way
I could be a part of another home
I tried so hard blocking out the waves
But my ocean heart never let it go

This people, my people
Sea people can not really leave
This people, my people
Sea people come back to the sea
Come back to the sea

There is something about the song that calls to me. It brings with it a haunted feeling. The melody and words bring an echo of something familiar. I am not particularly drawn to the sea, though. I feel the song reminds me of myself and how I have spent my entire life looking for Home. And I Knew that the message was I have always been Home. 

The change coming scares me but I know that when it does come, I will be ready. 


I tried to return to sleep and must have fallen into the in-between briefly because I was brought out of my reverie quickly by a vision. 

I saw a book  in front of me as if laying on my seated thighs. It’s pages large and smooth and so large they stretched from one thigh to the next. Someone (me?) was turning the pages slowly. I saw the images of men I have known pass before my eyes, but I didn’t recognize them except to acknowledge them as part of my “story”. It was clear that I was viewing a photo album, especially when I flipped the pages to the last image. The image I saw was of a bearded man. Various images were situated in a collage on the page. All of them were of this man. He had dark hair that went to his shoulders. His beard was also long, and he had a streak of gray on the right. 

When I saw the picture I felt that I was being shown another person in my story and so the shock of it was what brought me out of my reverie. The shock in part came from the fact that I just saw a man who resembled the photos yesterday while I was on a run. He was walking his dog and waved at me. I remember he turned and stared before he waved and smiled. I glanced his way and waved back. I’d never seen him before. 

Now I don’t  necessarily believe that the vision is showing me my future. It is more likely that a memory of yesterday surfaced and there is no particular reason or rhyme to it. It was very vivid, though, so I had to at least document it. 

OBE: Go Back

I continue to have difficulty getting to sleep. Flare activity was high most of the day yesterday, so that is a likely contributor.

I woke around 5am and couldn’t return to sleep until about 6am. I fell into a short dream where I was observing a woman picking up a prescription. Something about the dream brought on lucidity and I shifted OOB.

I had a string of OBE’s after that with each OBE becoming more and more clear as I progressed. My bedroom also changed with each exit. My bed moved from one side of the room to the other with the window remaining in the center.

My vision was off or limited in the first few OBEs and my energy felt shifty and unbalanced. When I would try and leave my bed I felt heavy with blankets or clothing and had to convince myself that I was free of it in order to move away. My vision was off and on. When I could see, it was brief and everything was dark and covered with shadows. In those OBES my attempts to leave my house was unsuccessful. I would reach the front door to my house and return to my body before I could exit. I could make it down the stairs to the front entry but that is it. In one instance my entire front living area was filled with gym equipment and I had to maneuver around it to get to the door.

With each return to my body my lucidity would increase. Eventually, I realized leaving my house via the front was pointless. For some reason that exit was blocked. So, I decided to try my bedroom window. This proved successful and with my first attempt I was able to exit despite several layers of window screens barring my path. The window itself would open and a screen would appear. I would push it aside and another would take its place and then another until finally I decided to mentally remove all barriers. I can’t recall my exact thought but it was something like, “The window is open.”

This is when my OBEs began to become more solid and the experience more realistic. I was able to raise my vibration by singing and sang throughout the rest of my experiences. I can’t recall what I was singing but the few bits and pieces I caught indicated I was encouraging and guiding myself.

My first ventures out my window were short but a pattern emerged after a few successful excursions beyond the limits of my constructed house reality. The seasons changed but the place I visited appeared to remain the same. I am not sure where exactly I was but it was a city, one that was very familiar. In fact, in the few OBEs I’ve had over the course of the last year, this was the city I ended up in whenever I was able to leave my house.

The area near the city resembles a lazy, New England suburb and the city itself feels well established. It had a very downtown feel to it but a downtown that has been updated and modernized. There are lamp posts positioned all along the roads similar to what lines the San Antonio River Walk. Some of the streets are paved with bricks and the sidewalks also have this feature but only at junctures and intersections. The shops are quaint, many with awnings and apartments above. The overall feeling is of a small town but it is anything but that.

With each exit through my window the season changed. Sometimes it was dark and other times it was light outside. Sometimes there was foliage on the trees and other times they were bare.

At one point, I was able to venture far enough away to enter the city itself. I felt myself being pulled upward but I experienced it as if I was learning to control my astral body. It felt very much like I was flying an aircraft, making slight adjustments here and there to remain steady.

Ahead of me I saw lights strung around an outdoor dining area surrounded by thigh-high, red brick walls. The tables were full of people enjoying their meals. When I saw it I immediately wanted to investigate. My main goal was to interact with the people. Maybe I could talk to someone and find out where I was?

I spotted a table. Three people were seated and having dinner. I quickly flew in, landed and approached them only to have one of the men at the table give me a disapproving look. His energy said, “Get out of here. We don’t want you here.” I remember thinking I must have broken a rule. Maybe I wasn’t suppose to be flying? Regardless, the energy of my concern sent me straight back to my body where I quickly recovered and went OOB again.

By this time going OOB felt no different than being awake in the physical. My last exit was so clear and crisp that I had to remind myself I was in the astral.

OBE: Go Back

I flew out my bedroom window and into the tree tops. There were branches in my way, so I pushed them aside. The air was crisp and below me I could see there was snow on the ground. It was still dark out but the area was well illuminated by the city lights.

I flew along without having to fight a pull upwards. It seemed I had mastered flying my astral vehicle. I didn’t notice this, however, as I was reminding myself that I was asleep and OOB. I remember thinking, “Someone pinch me”, because everything was so spectacularly real! I couldn’t believe I had succeeded and was back exploring the astral! I hadn’t had this much lucidity and clarity in so, so long!

I flew through the city. What I recall most is the crispness of the scene. How the darkness was perfectly balanced with the sparkling, city lights. The buildings appeared solid and I could make out the tiniest of details. I took it all in and couldn’t wait to explore.

Suddenly, I heard a masculine voice call out to me from my left. He said, “[Go] back”. I stopped and turned toward the voice in surprise and saw a man floating next to me. He was facing the direction from which I just flew and I knew instantly he was not a dream character but an actual, astral traveler like me. I could see his entire body from head to toe floating there. He had blonde hair and a square jaw like a football player. He was wearing light colored blue jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. He looked to be between the ages of 16-24, likely college aged or close.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. I was so surprised to see and hear him so clearly that I froze on the spot and adrenaline poured through me. I tried to stop my reaction because I knew it would pull me back into my body, but I couldn’t control it. I remember thinking, “What did he say? What is he doing here? Who is he?” and more. Not only did I not expect him to be there but seeing him there, floating mid-air, is not something I recall ever seeing while OOB. Why I never have, I don’t know, but seeing him there like that shocked me. The amount of adrenaline I felt is similar to what I’ve felt after narrowly avoiding a car accident. I suspect my reaction was in part due to the fact that everything felt so real and I momentarily believed I was in my physical body walking rather than flying. So seeing him mid-air was unexpected.

When I came back to my body I was worried the man I saw knew where I lived. lol That is how disoriented I was. I quickly recovered but couldn’t return to sleep. It was 6:30am, so I had only been OOB for 30 minutes. It felt like hours!


Though the above OBEs are not near as cool as some of my previous ones, I feel like major progress was made. I broke through a self-imposed barrier, one that has been firmly in place for quite a while. That barrier appears in my OBEs as blocked exits. I am not able to get outside and if I do, I usually can’t venture far.

I also recognized that the feeling of being pulled upward, which feels to be controlled by something or someone else, is totally and completely under my control. What is odd is, how I did I get into such a position to believe that to begin with? In my early OBEs I never believed someone else to be controlling where I went, not really. And if I did the control was mutual. I always knew that “other” was me, my HS. Yet here I was learning to fly my astral body all over again. Something I learned to do way back in 2004!

And then, seeing a fellow astral traveler like that and it being the first time I recall such a thing (full-body and in flight), well that is just bizarre! Sure, I’ve seen other travelers but they always felt to be my own creations; part of my constructed reality. This guy was most definitely not! How do I know? I don’t know. I just instantly knew. And the reason he surprised me so much, besides that he was floating there like that, was I assumed the reality I found myself in was one of my constructed ones. How then could someone else be there? Unless….I invited him.

Then, there is what the man said to me. Was he asking me to “go back” to my house? Or just back in the other direction? Or back to my body? I wish I had not reacted like I had. I wish I could’ve talked to him, found out who he was, where we were, etc. Sigh.

On a positive, when I came back to my body it was seamless. No heart flutters or pounding heart. No irregular energy or jagged vibrations. It was an easy, comfortable, settling into my body and return to physical reality.

Dream Message: You’re Afraid to Eat

Sleep has been delayed these last couple of nights but when I do finally sleep I sleep well. I believe the energetic shifts I’ve been experiencing lately are related to geomagnetic activity. Solar activity has been high and my sleep cycle and “symptoms” coincide with these events. I was actually warned in advance of these solar flares, I just did not mention them until now.

Yesterday’s activity:

That’s a HUGE flare! Another storm is anticipated today.

This morning I had a very telling dream that has left me feeling contemplative.

Dream: You’re Afraid to Eat

This dream began in my bedroom at my mom’s house. I was sleeping with the bed facing toward the wall. There was a ton of noise to my left and the door burst open. Tiny, pink pieces of fluff were floating around and falling on me. I recognized them as insulation (insulating myself) from the attic. I told the person opening the door to go away. I said, “I want to sleep!” I was grumpy from being awakened. The man told me they were doing work on the a/c and that I would just have to deal with it. 

Somehow I knew that my mom was the cause of all the ruckus. She had remarried a Mexican man who now was fixing up her house. He had his guys there helping. An entire backstory came into my memory and I knew my new step-dad was related to someone I once dated. I said aloud to someone, “This is crazy! My mom is married to my ex-boyfriend’s older brother!” The idea of it was preposterous. Sure, my ex was older than me but I don’t recall him even having an older brother and if he did he would be much to young for my mom!

Then I was sitting on my bed sorting through a pile of typed pages. There were three piles each well over 200 pages. Someone was talking to me about the book I’d written, asking if it was complete. I remember saying, “The book writes itself so I won’t know when it’s done until it tells me.” 

Suddenly curious about my book, I put the book in order, taking the three individual stacks (three lives within a life) and piling them up on top of each other so that the first chapter was on top. Each section was bound up as if a separate book and I knew somehow that the entire book was composed of other books, like “Parts”, because the book itself was extremely long. I counted three parts. This seemed significant but I was mostly focused on putting them in order. Note: Up until this point in my life I feel I have lived two lives, each distinct and unique. This goes along with HD in that I’m a 6 line and 6’s have three distinct phases of life – the first is the testing phase, the second is the observing phase (on the roof) and the third is the action phase (becoming the Role Model).

I read the first sentence and immediately discovered grammatical errors. I knew a thorough edit was in store. The first sentence began with four names – two boys and two girls – and indicated an action. Other than that I can’t recall what it said. I do remember the names were wrong – misspelled and one written twice – and I was thinking of changing them when the edit just wrote itself on the paper. I didn’t have a pencil or pen so was shocked to see my thoughts created the changes. In awe, I exclaimed, “Look! Did you see that! I changed it”, to someone with me that I never saw or heard reply.

The dream shifted here and I was suddenly in my mom’s back yard standing on the steps leading down from the house. It was unfamiliar and looked nothing like real time. First, the porch was missing. Second, the back yard was in a subdivision and quite small with a large privacy fence. 

The entire yard was flooded with waist high water (emotion). I walked out in it, looking around and a bit in shock.  I did not get wet. To my right was where the large inground pool should’ve been, but all I saw was pond water. To my left was where I focused. The grass was visible under the water’s surface as were small, fat, bug-eyed, black goldfish (vulnerability, dream fulfillment). As I watched the fish, they took shape and moved about happily. It was strange and I remember talking to my mom who was standing behind me and asking her about the fish and water. 

I said to her, “You have a pond in your yard. It’s only waist high and there are fish in it.” Her response was something about how she knew and was okay with it, even happy to have it the way it was. She explained that her septic wasn’t working properly and her husband was in the process of fixing it.

I remember her asking me, “Didn’t you always want a pond by your house?” I said, “Yeah, but mine was not part of the pool like this. Isn’t it causing problems with the pool system?” My mom said, “No. It’s actually helping the pool.” This didn’t make sense but I accepted her answer. I then described how my pond would look, indicating a small peninsula of land would separate the two bodies of water and that the pond would be right over the septic drainage area. 

As I described this to her, my mom walked out next to me and we were both standing on that peninsula. This is when I noticed my mom’s hair was replaced with very tall, green clover (transition stage of life) with purple flowers (prosperity). I said, “What happened to your hair!?” She looked like a chia pet! I don’t recall what her answer was, just the visual of her having nothing but clover as hair. She was also much younger than she is in real life, approximately mid-forties instead of 70’s (seeing myself in my mom). 

I continued to look at the pond with the black fish. There were some fish in it that had sharp, knife-like nosed. These fish were trying, unsuccessfully, to eat the other ones (worry). I mentioned this to my mom and she said, “Yeah, there’s only two of them and they don’t harm the others, they’re too small.” I remember the fish resembled small ducks at this point but my attention waivered as if I went deep into thought.

The dream shifted and the pond was mostly dried up. I wandered over by the steps of the house. The grass was extremely green and there were items lined up on the sidewalk. A man called to me from the road, surprising me. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I just need the skimmer.” I didn’t know what he was talking about but then realized he was there to repair the pool pump. I grabbed the skimmer and handed it to him. He was standing behind some tall bushes so I didn’t get a good look at him.

This is when I noticed a limo (power in life, wealth, abundance) parked on the road by the house. The middle section was opened up revealing the inside. I could see a man lounging inside all by himself. He was familiar. I knew him. He stared out of the vehicle at me. 

My mom was suddenly next to me and we were talking about the man. I told her his name and said he was famous. His fame came from writing a book. She didn’t recognize him so I showed her a newspaper or magazine cover with his picture on it. He was a bit younger sporting a mustache. I said, “Here’s a picture. I think he was 53 when it was taken.” For some reason this age felt very young to me. 

There is a gap here in my memory. It is again as if I went into thought. I remember seeing a small, black object vacuuming up the area where the pond had been and walking up to it to inspect it. I also recall a man approaching me. He was bald. He told me the man in the limo was waiting for me. I could see the image of the limo in my mind. The entire side of the limo was open as if the doors were removed. The man sat lounging casually on the bench-like seating staring at me. His gaze spoke volumes. 

I believe I woke briefly here but can’t remember. 

The next thing I recall is meeting with the bald man. We were going to dinner. He was very nice but I was confused and wondering what was going on. I had no memory of this man or how I got to be with him. It was like I had no history. I was completely blank. 

The man told me, “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you”, and escorted me to dinner. We entered into a large stadium and sat down at a large, round, dinner table. It was illuminated while the rest of the stadium was in the shadows. The set-up was very nice as if we were in a high-end restaurant. 

The man seemed very at ease as the food arrived. He began to eat but how he ate was very disturbing. He took entire pieces of food, uncut and some very large, and rather than put them into his mouth, he placed them into his throat. His throat opened up so large that his entire fist could fit inside. I watched him swallow an entire dinner roll this way. 

When he saw my reaction he said, “You’ll get use to it.” Then he ate something else. As I watched, I thought, “He must have a tracheotomy.” But that explanation made no sense.

The man smiled. I studied his features for a bit. He was completely bald with barely any wrinkles. He reminded me of Mr. Clean. I felt very odd sitting across from him – stunned and very confused.

The man said to me, “You’re afraid to eat.” When he said this I saw that a huge plate of food was next to me on a silver platter. 

I woke up. The last thing on my mind was, “Was that a question or….?”

A song was going through my head when I woke: “When you’re ready come and get it….” 


When I woke I knew what the dream was about, at least some of it anyway. The symbolism is quite bizarre, though. 

A guide was present and felt to be all around me and very close. My mind went to the man in the dream who was waiting in the limo. I knew the man and knew that he remained close but just out of sight, waiting and observing. Touching on his energy even briefly caused a reaction in me. I wanted to immerse myself completely in it. 

The message about the food was an explanation about the way I felt and reacted to the man in the limo. The man represents the next step on my journey and I am afraid to take it. 

As I was thinking through the dream and messages it contained I heard another message. I don’t recall the exact words but an image remains along with a summary. One word that was very distinct was, “Twin”. The vision was of the word “twin” between two large masses. I think the masses represented the energy of two people. The message was that once one is engaged in the twin energy, the process must be followed through to completion. 

The message brought me fully out of my reverie and I said, “But that can’t be true. What if one person withdraws?” I didn’t receive an answer. 

Mr. Clean

The bald man in my dream was familiar but only when I wrote out my dream did I recognize him: Mr. Clean. He appeared in this dream – a Kundalini dream.

I had to re-read that dream account before I understood why he was appearing in my dreams again. The six month mark is here. It is March. And I’ve been getting 25 days for a while now. When I first got that message I counted 25 days and got the date of March 11. That date is fast approaching but I can’t be certain that it is even significant. All I know is that I’ve been warned of something happening in March for quite a while now.

The entire dream is quite significant I think. It describes the merging of masculine and feminine. It also describes a familiar feeling. The feeling is one of both utter destruction and Divine perfection.

In the Universal dream I saw pillars crashing in one upon other. Total destruction. The image brought about a deep-seated fear intermixed with a longing I cannot describe except to say that it feels to be all-encompassing. A desire beyond desires. Every cell of my Being calls out for it. But my current dream indicates I am afraid of it. This is true for the destruction is terrifying. At my core I know but continue to deny that this destruction is necessary. So I stall. And he waits. And he wants me to know, “I won’t harm you.” He says it twice in this dream.

What can I say? I’m a coward. And it is really starting to piss me off.

I suspect, in the end, I will succumb to the Call despite my fear. I’m getting too annoyed not to.