Hover Car

I am getting a bit tired of not being tired. 🙂 Again I awoke at 6am when I could have slept another two hours! It is funny how just a year ago I was struggling with horrible insomnia and begging to just be able to sleep through the night and now I am not tired, not caring if I sleep and waking up after a full 7-8 hours wide awake. Perhaps it is the ascension process or maybe the result of letting go of negative life patterns and habits that were causing me stress. Likely a bit of both.


I was able to return to sleep briefly this morning and as a result I had a very interesting dream. I want to share some of it and my thoughts because it feels significant to me.

In the dream I was with my ex-husband but he shifted between my ex and my current husband. One minute it would be my ex I was talking to and the next it would be my current husband. I spoke to them as if they were the same person, though, which is confusing but did not confuse me at all in the dream.

In my mind, the main person I was interacting with and speaking to was my ex. I remember discussing with him and another male figure our relationship and how he was my “best friend”. I thought about how well we communicated and how simple our relationship was. My ex was not the brightest but he was very loving, thoughtful and sensitive – much more sensitive than I was. He cared about how I felt and if I was sad, depressed or otherwise he went to great lengths to try to make me happy. Our conversations were simple and fun loving – no serious stuff usually. We talked about practical things, usually music, nature, hunting, fishing, camping, the outdoors and my husband’s crazy, exciting job. I listened better back then, I think.

Anyway, in the dream, I was flying in a hover car with my ex husband and I remember seeing the color silver. We moved swiftly and I could see the destination in front of us. Now, when I try to remember where we were going, I can’t and the destination in my memory is merely a horizon painted with pastel colors in an arc surrounding a final point of white light. The feeling was of loneliness and hope mixed with a bit of regret. It is hard to describe.


When I awoke, I immediately wondered if my ex is someone much closer to me on the Other Side than I previously thought. The feelings I brought back from the dream were that we were very close and the memories that flooded into my mind of our time together as husband and wife were acutely different than the memories I am currently creating in my present relationship. The differences between the two relationships stood out stark in comparison to one another – black and white in so many ways.

I began to regret that I had met my ex when I did. I lived in so much fear and was so young. I did not know who I was and struggled to define myself, caught up in what I thought I was suppose to be and do based upon what others in my life wanted. I was not yet to the point where I firmly understood what I wanted and where I wanted to go in life. Unfortunately for my ex, I began to see these things and make decisions about what I wanted and it did not go along with our relationship. We grew apart, but I can fully take the blame for it.

I was able to “see” that my ex and I were best friends above all else. We could talk about anything and we understood each other. Even when we split, there was no animosity or anger. We knew it was a necessary evil. We knew it was time to move on. It hurt him more than me, but I think that was his lesson. And now that I have matured and can fully understand, there is a sadness for all that could have been had I not been the person I was back then. He chose to be the way he was this life, as I did, and I have a feeling in future lives we may choose to be close again but maybe not as distant physically.

This is not to say that my ex is more significant to me than my current husband – that is not true at all. I did not have the connection to him that I had the instant I met my current husband. I often wonder about that “love at first sight” reaction I had when I looked in his eyes. Is that simply a trigger implanted there by myself to get me to take a significant path in my life? Or is it “real” and connected to a bond that between us that spans many lives? I have read  (Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives) that triggers are rehearsed by us prior to life and many times they are linked to the eyes so that when we meet someone who we have agreed to learn significant lessons with we “trigger” something inside ourselves. Usually it is a feeling or a knowingness. For me, the instant I saw my husband’s eyes I thought, “He is my angel”. I had also been warned by my guides that I would “meet someone” that day.

Beyond Illusion

Last night I sensed, finally, that the energy is calming down. Whatever has been going on energetically has been wreaking havoc on my emotional state and I am glad it is settling down. My guide continues to tell me, “It will pass” and, though I am tired of hearing such messages time and again, I know he is right. I just have to get through these hills of intensely turbulent energy in order to reach a valley and rest.


As I recognized that the calm was finally returning, I let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, I wondered to myself, “What is going on?” As is typical of my guide, I got a response.

He showed me what appeared to be the energy of the Earth. It was jagged and looked a lot like lightening bolts of varying shades of color. The main colors I saw were red, green and blue but there were other colors like white and yellow that were less distinct.

Then I saw a vision of the level right above Earth blending and blurring with that of the Earth plane. I could see Spirit descending into the Earth plane and also some on the Earth place ascending to the level of Spirit. It was as if the two were experiencing an exchange, but neither stayed on the other side but was planted firmly in their world.

It reminded me of the vision I got years ago of myself standing in between two distinct worlds but not quite in one or the other. I stood in a mist that was gray and white and moving. On one side was Earth; our physical reality. On the other side was what I assumed was “heaven” or the “other side”. Now that I am older and understand more about the different planes that surround Earth, I know that the plane right above that of Earth is the astral plane.

After seeing these visions, which occurred in mere seconds, I understood without knowing exactly what it meant. I also knew that with this energy change I once again would leave my body more frequently. In fact, I suspected I would do so the next morning.


I could not fall asleep until close to midnight. That has been my pattern this month and it really has not been bothering me. In fact, I have not wanted to go to sleep. I don’t know why but I suspect it is because I do not want to confront something that will be happening in my sleep. Most likely healing which means confronting not so nice aspects of myself.

When I finally fell asleep I had dreams of fishing intermixed with dreams of sexual frustration. I won’t go into detail but in a nutshell the dreams were symbolic of my waking life. Ultimately, these dreams woke me up and I knew right away that I was working on my second chakra, trying to clear whatever was holding it so tightly closed. I knew that my feelings of overwhelm with my family was ultimately the perpetrator.

I fell back to sleep, dreaming that I visited my daughter at school where she was tutoring another child. I spoke with her teacher because my daughter was struggling to get her student to work and was doing his work for him. The teacher explained that was the way the program worked – everyone teaches someone else. I then lost my daughter as I tried to relay the message that part of her problem was she could not see well and might need glasses.

I left the room and then the school, watching the students pass by and noticing they were high school students. I sort of felt transported back to my middle school years because I was aware that I was walking outside of the very school I attended then. The students were very vivid and real as was the parking lot and the entire scene as I walked outside. Then, I suddenly thought, “How did I get here?”, but I did not remember. Then I thought to myself, “This is a dream!”

Upon realizing I was dreaming I became overjoyed and the scene brightened. I immediately dropped the pack of juice boxes I was carrying and launched myself up into the air. The day was bright and the sky blue and dotted with fluffy clouds. I soared upward very fast and thought to myself, “Uh oh, not so high!” Then I leveled out and looked down at a group of students. A young man was looking up and pointing at me. This occurred at the same time as a memory of a book I was reading where the author had recounted her own OBE and how she had to be careful of flying so as to not upset the other travelers. I recognized I was creating this very scene below me and allowed it to occur.

I reached down and took the hand of the young man as I said to him, “Come fly with me!” I pulled him up and he went soaring above me. I said to him, “Not so high!” as if to warn him not to go into outer space. I then let him carrying me along below him and I enjoyed the free feeling for a bit.

My thoughts got the better of me as I remembered, all at once, what I had been planning to do as soon as I got OBE. I began to request things all at once. “I want to be with the One” and “I want to Know” were among the requests. They all came out at once and then I began to sing them loudly and with great hope. I wanted to be reunited with the Source, to go beyond the illusion of life and the illusions I seemed so attached to.

As I sang I felt pulled upward again and the scene blacked out. I kept singing but instantly knew I would not go anywhere. I was pulled back into my body and gradually settled back in.

Beyond Illusion

The experience I had this morning did not seem very significant at first but now that I look back upon it, I feel it showed that I am opening up again to the adventure of creating while OOB. It is also promising to me that I did not find myself in the dark.

I have been reading a book called Doing Time on Earth: Unmasking the Hidden Mind Directing Our Lives. So far I have been fascinated by the book and it is one of the reasons I go to bed so late. There was one part of the book where the author discusses how she had a lucid dream in which she was trapped inside a cage made up of her own responsibilities. She saw how she was trapped inside this cage but was able to break free and rise above to experience peace and calm. She then returned to it and all the illusions of her life, recognizing each of them as restraining her in this life.

Reading the author’s experience made me think about my cage and how to break free. This is why I asked what I did while OOB. I likely went about it wrong and I am still trying to figure how to go about it, but I think I will get there eventually. I likely am not quite ready to get beyond my own illusions. Illusions can become comfortable and safe.


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the power of the Divine located in each and every individual soul who incarnates into the physical.   Each of us possesses this Divine power within us, though most of us go through our lives without ever tapping into the limitlessness of our own Divinity.  Through our own Kundalini energy, we can experience pure Love, greater Knowledge, and increased intuition and connection to the universe.

Kundalini energy remains dormant for the most part.  Lying in wait until it is unleashed by a trigger or specific stimulus.  As I said earlier, not everyone will experience a release and rise of their Kundalini energy, but those who do are destined to do so in order to achieve a spiritual consciousness unique to their own spiritual journey.  The Soul chooses a specific event, time, place, emotional state, etc.  When the exact moment occurs and Kundalini begins to rise, the individual cannot ever return to their previous state.

The release of Kundalini energy can be triggered by meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, Reiki, healing and other spiritual exercises. When the Kundalini energy rises through the chakras, it can cause major change which can be problematic.

Kundalini Awakening

A Kundalini awakening is the rise of the Kundalini energy up through the seven major chakras starting with the root chakra.  This “awakening” may happen spontaneously to some while others may work years to unlock the power of their own Divinity on their own.  If you have begun to explore your own Spirituality,  then you need to be aware of Kundalini energy and the effects of  it.

Spontaneous awakening of Kundalini can be caused by many things.  Near death experiences, traumatic experiences, pain, deep sorrow, healing, intensive meditation and physical or mental illness can all bring about a Kundalini awakening.

Though the Kundalini awakening is considered a great prize by many seeking spiritual enlightenment, the process of Kundalini rising can cause many problems and setbacks for the individual.  When the dormant or potential aspect of the Kundalini arises, it means the transformation of individual consciousness into fully expanded Consciousness of the Divine. That process of transformation and purification is marked by both ecstasy and sublime experiences of the Divine, as well as by “dark nights” of the soul.  Kundalini awakening can create experiences that mimic psychiatric and somatic disorders such as schizophrenia, manic depression, and psychosis. Whether you are purposeful in awakening your Kundalini energy or not, the experience will change your life.

Typical Symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening

  • Burning hot or ice cold energy/sensations moving up the spine.
  • A feeling of air bubbles or snake movement up through the body.
  • Pains in varying locations throughout the body.
  • Tingling in the genital area, spine, or head.
  • Stiffness in the neck.
  • Pressure within the head (can be described as dull pain or heavy sensation).
  • Intense energy in legs and other parts of the body.
  • Fast pulse and increased metabolism.
  • Sensitivity to sound, light, smell, and people.
  • Orgasm sensations in different places in the body, or total body orgasms.
  • Mystical/religious experiences, revelations, and/or spiritual revelations.
  • Increase in psychic abilities.
  • Problems finding emotional balance (depression, mood swings, confusion, mania).
  • Anxiety or anxiety attacks, due to lack of understanding of what is going on.
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness.
  • Loss of concentration and memory.
  • Purposeful isolation because of confusion and lack of understanding.

Kundalini Meditation

If you feel you are ready to initiate a Kundalini awakening for yourself, then there is a simple process you can follow.  Before you decide to start this process, however, please remember that awakening your Kundalini energy will change you and you will never be able to return to the state you were in prior to the experience.  A Kundalini awakening will bring out all your long hidden issues from this life and from previous lives, it will awaken your Divine nature which may include the onset of psychic abilities you have yet to know of, it will be confusing and most likely lead you through a transformational process which many call “the dark night of the soul”.  Consider where you are in life, where you wish to be in life in your future, and whether you feel a “call” from inside you that says, “Yes I am ready”.  For those of you unsure as to whether you are ready, I recommend consulting someone who has been through a Kundalini awakening.  Discuss their experience and research all you can on the subject before making a decision.

When I say that initiating a Kundalini awakening within yourself is simple, I mean it.  All you have to do is follow some simple steps:

  1. While in a meditative state, let it be known to your guides and to the universe your intention.  State that you wish to awaken the Divine within yourself.
  1. Focus on your root chakra and imagine it flowing in a clockwise direction.
  1. Continue to state your intention. As you do so, increase the rotational frequency of your root chakra slowly until it is speeding too fast for you to follow it any longer.
  1. Firmly state your intention once more and end your meditation.

Once you have done this, you should not have to ask again.  Meditating regularly and practicing spiritual exercises that increase concentration and help you explore your own spirituality will help the process.  A Kundalini awakening is a process that can last years.  Make sure that you have a good support system while you are going through the process.  You will need the compassion and understanding of close friends and family to help you through the most intense parts of your transformation.

Go through the first technique step-by-step until you drift off into sleep.  Do not be concerned if you do not instantly project.  It took me over a month of doing these exercises before I finally consciously astral projected.

Meditation: Remembering Your Dreams

Meditation with Purpose – Remembering Dreams

I have had people asking me about how to remember their dreams and have more restful sleep.  Because of this, I have decided to include another meditation for remembering dreams in this newsletter.

The following is a meditation technique that can be used to help you remember your dreams. The meditation can also be used to help you sleep.

Before you meditate to remember your dreams, make sure you are not waking to any kind of loud noise or alarm clock.  If this means you can only meditate on nights when you do not have to wake early for work, then that is okay.

Prepare for bed as usual.  Wear clothing that is comfortable and nonrestrictive. Lay in bed with your head propped up on a pillow or two with your legs stretched out straight in front of you.  Pull the covers up over you as if you were going to sleep. Fold your hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Let your body relax.  Starting with your feet, relax your body until you reach the top of your head.  Take deep breathes in and out as you do so and allow your mind to release all the stresses and thoughts from your day.

Visualize yourself standing in a dark room. It is completely dark. There is no light anywhere but you feel safe and calm.  There is a door in front of you.  You can barely make out the edges of the door but you can clearly see the doorknob.

You hear someone say to you, “This is the door to your subconscious. Anytime you want to remember your dreams all you have to do is open this door.”

The door swings open slowly and a brilliant white light floods through the small opening.  The door does not open all the way but just a few inches allowing you to only the see the brilliant white light and nothing else. It feels inviting and warm like the pillow your head is resting against. You feel your body relaxing all the more and you want badly to fall asleep.

You hear a voice reminding you to open the door.  “Open the door”. It repeats over and over again. “Open the door”.  “Open the door”. 

You reach out and open the door.  You see nothing but feel a powerful urge to fall asleep. You give into that urge.

This meditation is meant to help you fall asleep and help you to recover your dreams through visualization. To recover your dreams (if you do not remember them or only remember parts), simply meditate and visualize the door in front of you.  Slowly open the door and allow the dreams to reenter your consciousness.  Make sure that when you decide to remember your dreams that you are in a quiet place where your meditation will not be interrupted.

Astral Projection Techniques

Astral projection is a normal and naturally occurring event that occurs approximately three to five times a week if the person is experiencing at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.  In astral projection, a person’s spiritual body leaves their physical body and enters the astral planes as well as other world planes. During this time, a person’s conscious mind is typically asleep and dreaming while their spiritual consciousness is communicating, traveling, learning, and participating in numerous activities on the Other Side.

Through my experience in astral, I have learned that the astral realms have the potential to provide us with knowledge of not only the Other Side, but also of ourselves, our bodies, our purpose in the physical, and our connections with those in Spirit as well as those who are physically with us.  The healing provided by astral travel is numerous and includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical and emotional rest
  • Release of tension
  • Healing of body systems and organs
  • Spiritual rejuvenation
  • Soul planning
  • Family reunions on the Other Side
  • Spirit Guide communication
  • Auric clearing and cleansing
  • Chakra balancing and “tuning”
  • Spiritual insight
  • Reminders of life lessons/goals

Since we all astral project, we subconsciously already know how to leave our physical bodies during sleep.  However, to consciously astral project can be complicated and sometimes even scary to those who do not know much about astral projection.

Astral Travel: What to Expect

If you have never astral traveled and/or know little about it, the following is information that will be useful to you, especially if you decide to try the techniques in this document.

Astral Travel/Projection occurs when the ethereal body separates from the rest of the spiritual body.  The ethereal body is sometimes also called the emotional body but in essence it is the part of our Soul that resides in our subconscious.

During this disconnection, the conscious mind is typically asleep and already dreaming.

Those who remember their astral travels usually remember them as very vivid dreams.  Typical astral projection dreams include flying, superhuman abilities and strength, alien/unearthly environments, intense physical sensations and/or emotional reactions, and more.

There are a few, however, who will spontaneously astral project AND consciously remember the experience as REAL.  For those who have done this, the following symptoms were likely to have been present:

  • Loud “whoosh” sound in the ears (sounds like wind blowing in your ears)
  • Tingling sensations up and down the spine
  • Body twitches and spontaneous movement of limbs
  • Fluttering of eyes under eyelids which can sometimes lead into Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
  • Pounding heart; increased heart rate
  • Loud popping noise
  • Sound of Velcro or zipper
  • Other noises that may range from talking, to static noise, or banging (do not focus on them!)
  • Flashes of imagery in the mind (early stages of REM)
  • Bright white light or other colors behind eye lids
  • Feeling of lightness or “flying”
  • Numbness or paralysis in limbs This occurs only after reaching an astral state where the astral body has not left physical body – to end this state simply focus on moving a single toe or finger.

The symptoms listed above are also symptoms of what hypnotherapists call the “trance state”.  Without going into detail, the trance state occurs when the body enters into a very deep state of relaxation.  All of the symptoms are very normal and should not be feared.

If you do find yourself fearful of one or more of these symptoms then ask your guides to prevent you from consciously going into astral.  Just because you do not enter the astral state while conscious does not mean that you cannot become conscious once you have already left your physical body.  In fact, almost all of my astral travel experiences have occurred after I fell asleep because I found the symptoms I experienced to be overly distracting and scary.

The following is an astral projection technique that I have used in the past with success.  I created this technique by using the following resources as well as information provided to me by my Companion, Steven:

Astral Dynamics:  A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experience, by Robert Bruce

The Secret of the Soul, by William Buhlman

Astral Projection Exercise

Technique #1

Go to bed at your regular bed time.  Do not drink alcohol, take sleeping pills, or do any other kind of recreational drug prior to going to sleep.  I advise that you try this exercise when you do not have to wake up at a designated time for work or other activities due to a schedule or daily routine.

Lay on your back in your bed.  Feel free to pull the bed covers up over your body – do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable.  Prop your head up on a pillow being sure to support your neck.  Rest your hands in your lap or over your belly. Close your eyes.

Take several deep, long, slow breaths.  Counting to four between each inhale and exhale can help if your mind wanders.

Once you feel relaxed, focus on your body.  One by one, tense and relax the muscles of your body starting with your feet and moving up through your legs, torso, chest, back, shoulders, and face.

Begin with your feet – tense your feet for five seconds….then release and relax for five seconds.  Tense your feet again for five seconds…..then release for five seconds.

Now move to your legs and follow the same procedure.

Move to your abdomen and torso and follow the same procedure.

And so on and so forth until you have tensed and relaxed all of the muscles of your body.

It typically takes about five minutes to effectively tense and relax your body.  Take more time if needed.

Now mentally state your intention. The statement should be something like: “Tonight I would like to astral travel and remember the experience.  I trust my guides and angels to watch over and protect me.

Now that your intention has been clearly stated you can relax and let yourself drift off into sleep. Try to stay on your back for as long as you can; however, if you move to your side, it is okay.  Trust that your guides and angels will direct you as needed and that you will remember what you are meant to remember.

Astral Projection Exercise

Technique #2

Some people have difficulty with astral travel when they are overly exhausted or on a tight schedule.  Sometimes, changing the technique can help instigate an astral experience.

The following astral technique can be used at any time and is especially effective for those who hope to bring on spontaneous astral projection.

Go to bed at your regular bed time.  Set your alarm clock so that it goes off about four hours before your normal waking time.

When your alarm clock goes off in the middle of the night, turn it off and set it to go off at your normal waking time.  Take a few deep breaths (in case your heart is still pounding from the alarm).  Do not get up unless you truly have to (a restroom break is acceptable).  Lay on your back with your head supported with a pillow.  Make sure you are comfortable. Then you can 1. do Technique #1 or 2.  you can simply state you intention (see technique #1) and go to sleep from there. I usually just do option #2 because when I wake in the middle of the night I do not need to relax and tense my  body – I am already very relaxed. Typically I just state my intention and go to sleep from there. Usually I enter into astral with no problem.

Developing Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to sense the realm outside our five human senses or extras sensory perception (ESP). The term, Clairvoyance, comes from French “clear vision” and is sometimes known as the “sixth sense”. The Clairvoyant will be able to perceive objects, persons, thoughts and events, past and present, to gain information into those instances.

In developing your clairvoyant ability, it is important to stay away from negative emotion and thoughts. It will be very difficult to continue any emotional and spiritual growth if there is no true emotional belief about the possibilities ahead. It is sometimes a good idea to keep spirituality and beliefs about developing clairvoyance to yourself unless other people are receptive to these ideas, as many people still disregard developing clairvoyance as a waste of time.

It is essential to develop self-trust. There are some guidelines to follow when first beginning to trust you new clairvoyant abilities. The first guideline is to heal your emotional issues. As you work through your emotional issues you will develop a desire to help others. You must also become emotionally and spiritually balanced so that the messages you receive are clear and not distorted by your own thoughts . Know that once images and messages are received they will increase as your adeptness improves in using the techniques. You must make the effort to explore each message that is given. As they are proven accurate, your trust in your clairvoyant abilities increase proportionately.

Meditation and yoga can help your developing clairvoyance. Yoga teaches the body to relax and stretch beyond what it is normally capable of. Meditation teaches us to quiet our very noisy mind and stretch beyond what we are normally capable of. It is as important to relax the body as it is to quiet the mind. Try to still your mind through meditation so that you are able to receive the messages that you are being given. Our innate clairvoyant abilities are always delivering messages to us, but they usually become lost in the chaos of our own minds.

If you are interested in developing clairvoyance then you should begin learning how to relax your body and quiet your mind. Developing clairvoyance can take many years to master, while for others, developing clairvoyance is a quick and easy process. Practice yoga to physically relax and learn good breathing techniques. Practice meditation to eliminate stress and quiet your mind. You will begin to see the messages that have always been there much more clearly once you have developed an ability to meditate.

In the beginning you will want to start easy so that you will be able to feel the energy and focus that is necessary to tap into your ability. Start simple by practicing by yourself or with a friend and as you power grows you can start interfacing with the more complex scenarios. Before beginning any exercise you will need to clear you mind of all negativity and daily clutter. Remove the stresses and thoughts that my cloud your mind; when you are relaxed and clear headed you can try the psychic test listed below.

1. Try to predict the outcome of a football, baseball or basketball game (any sport will do). First, begin by just trying to focus and predict the winner of the game and later on you can try to see the final scores.

2. Work with a friend and a standard deck of cards, trying to guess the color, number or suite. You will be able to work your way up into predicting 2 of the two choices or even 3!

3. When you are driving in traffic, try to visualize the artist of the next song or even commercial on the radio. Once you’ve grown adept at determining the artist you can add the artist and song an so on.

4. Another place I found that makes for good practice is when going to a meeting try to pick the color of the shirt of a person that will be there. After a few successful predictions, start adding multiple people or the actual outfit they may be wearing.

5. Grab a friend with some a few dice and try to predict the number on one and working your way up to deriving the total. For an even harder task, try to determine the number rolled for each dice.

Above all else, remember that you can’t force the situation, it comes naturally to everyone and you just need to be patient. After a few trial runs you will begin to feel the energy, the focus and be able to understand what you need to do to tap into your “sixth sense”.





I recently perused some of my old channelings and found some meditations I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy!

For those of you who are working on increasing your psychic awareness, I have an exercise that may be of use to you. I have been given an urge to write about this exercise at the suggestion of my guide, Steven. Even if you feel secure in your psychic abilities, this exercise can help with healing and strengthening of your soul energy so that you can better utilize your energy in whatever work you do.

Psychic Growth and Perception Exercise

This is a meditation that will help you to better understand and utilize your psychic abilities. The point of this exercise is to 1. Get you in touch with your spiritual assistants. 2. Help you to differentiate between your conscious and subconscious mind. 3. Help you to differentiate between different sensations that run through the physical body during contact with your spiritual assistants. 4. Open your third eye and make use of it through practice and patience.

Sit up straight with your legs firmly planted on the floor and uncrossed (this time you need to sit up). Ask out loud for your spirit guides to assist you in this exercise for they are important assistants in this exercise. Close your eyes and breathe in and out very slow and deeply as you relax your body. With each breath out you will feel your body become more and more relaxed.

 When you feel relaxed and you feel less resistance in the muscles in your body, ask your guides, again out loud, to help you to clear your conscious mind of all thoughts. Say: “I ask all the assistants who are gathered around me in spirit to help me to clear my conscious mind of all thoughts.” After you say this, take a deep breathe in and consciously give your guides access to your thoughts. You can do this simply by stating in your mind “I grant my guides and assistants access to all my conscious thoughts”. In saying this simple statement, your conscious mind will be more willing to release some control to your guides.

Tell yourself over and over again, “I release myself from the control of my conscious mind and give my assistants in spirit access and control of my conscious mind.” In saying this, you subtly train your mind to accept messages from your guides and assistants with less and less interference, in other words, you give up some of your control.

Repeat the phrase as many times as you need to. The more you say it, the more confident you will be in the fact that the messages you receive from spirit are not influenced by your conscious mind. I recommend saying this phrase at least five to ten times in this session and five times a day throughout your regular day.

Continue to sit quietly after you have said the phrase. Have faith in the assistance you are being given and work with your guides to quiet your mind.

Now for the fun part – I want you to keep your eyes closed and look straight ahead, as if you are looking through your eyelids. Continue to keep your mind silent as you do this.

Keep looking straight through your eyelids and try to keep your eyes steady. Look to a point in the center of your line of sight. Focus on the point. You will see a vague form taking shape in the distance. This is the point of your focus.

Again, ask your guides to assist you in your belief of what you are seeing and ask them to help you to understand the images you see.

Continue to focus on the point. As you do this, listen and stay calm. Messages will begin to come into your conscious mind. You may see them, hear them, feel them, or sense them in some other way. If you feel that you are controlling these messages, again repeat, “I release myself from the control of my conscious mind and give my assistants in spirit access and control of my conscious mind.”

You may find yourself going into a type of “dream” state. This is exactly what you are looking for. If you become conscious of this state, you will come out of it and have to begin again to try and get back to this “dream” state. Don’t be discouraged. You will become more and more adept at this exercise until you will be able to stay in this state for extended amounts of time. This is what most psychics call a “semi trance state”. No matter what you call it, this state is one in which you will be most receptive to messages from your assistants.

 Remain in this “dream” state for as long as you can bear. Do not place a time limit on this exercise for it will be different for different people. This exercise will be very difficult for a group of people to do together. It is best to do this alone, in a comfortable and safe place.

Meditation and Healing


Our perception of reality directly affects how we experience our life.  Our values, beliefs, and expectations along with every experience we have in this life, creates our perception of reality. When a person is unhappy, they often look around them and blame their unhappiness on events or situations that they believe created their unhappiness. Very rarely will a person look inside for the source of discontent.

The following meditation will help you to look within in order to discover the expectations, value, and beliefs that are impacting your perception of life in negative ways.  For those of you who are struggling to find happiness or contentment in life, this exercise will be very beneficial.

Recognizing Core Values and Beliefs

 Prior to this meditation, you will need to make a list of what you believe your core values and beliefs are in this life.  This may not be easy for some, so here are some questions you may want to ask yourself that will reveal your core values and beliefs:

  1. What are the characteristics are of an “ideal” family?
  2. What are the characteristics of an “ideal” mate?
  3. How do I expect my friends to treat me?  How do I treat my friends?
  4. What are my expectations of myself in every area of my life – family, relationships, career?
  5. What issues make me the angriest? Why?

Once you feel you have a list of your values and beliefs, ask yourself this question for every value and belief you have listed: Is this value/belief helping or hindering my state of happiness?

For those values and beliefs you have written a “yes” next to, you will need to meditate on how to change or alter it so that you can improve your life.  Take each value/belief you wish to alter and meditate on them separately until you have covered them all.

The following meditation will help you work on each value/belief which is having a negative impact on your perception of reality.  This meditation will not result in instant change because personal values/beliefs are created over many years.  Thus, the following meditation serves to focus on the subconscious core of our values/beliefs. With continued meditation and patience, everyone can significantly alter their perception of reality.

Meditation – Altering Your Expectations

 Sit upright with your feet planted firmly on the floor.  Lay your hands, palms facing up, in your lap. 

 Close your eyes. Take a few slow, deep breaths, counting to four as you breathe in and out.  Take approximately ten deep breaths, or however many you need in order to feel relaxed.

 Focus on one of the values/beliefs you wish to alter.  Don’t think about how you will do this, just focus on the value/belief.  Say the following mantra in your head (you may alter it if it does not feel right to you):  “I will not longer allow value/belief to affect me negatively. I ask for insight on how to change it.”

 Repeat the mantra as many times as you feel you need to.  Typically a mantra is repeated ten or more times.

 Spend the rest of your meditation time quieting your mind and visualizing the core value/belief you wish to rid yourself of leaving your body through your feet. 

 End the meditation when you feel ready.

Meditation and Healing

Cleansing Your Physical Aura

What is physical aura?  Most books do not differentiate between the spiritual and physical aura, but we all do indeed have an aura associated with our physical bodies.  I call this aura the “physical aura” because when I see and sense it, it is located very close to the physical body and runs through each of our major organs and body systems.

The physical aura is the vehicle in which our body rests.  It is the energy that keeps our bodies functioning at their optimum level with or without us being aware.  All the systems of our body are interconnected and so is the energy of those systems.  In turn, the spiritual aura’s energy weaves in and out of the physical aura, affecting it in subtle ways.

Most of the emphasis in spiritual healing focuses on the spiritual aura and rarely is the energy of the physical aura purposefully manipulated.  This is because most healers recognize the interconnectivity of energy between the spiritual and physical auras.  Also, most healers are acting as channels of energy that comes from the Divine, from the Source.  This energy is directed by the Source and the healer acts only as a channel, moving their hands to appropriate areas of the body as directed by the Source.

This does not mean that the physical aura is totally ignored – the Source often directs energy to the physical aura to address specific problems – only that the spiritual aura is where the problems begin.

In order to keep our physical aura functioning at an optimum level, it is important to eat right, exercise, and listen to your body.  We can also manipulate the energy of our physical bodies.

The following meditation technique can help you learn to listen to your physical body and manipulate your physical aura.

Energy Recognition and Manipulation of the Physical Aura

Relax your body and mind to a point where your breathing rate has slowed to that of entering a peaceful sleep (approximately 5-10 minutes of meditation). 

Focus on how your body feels in this relaxed state. Take the energy that is surrounding your head and mentally push it down into your chest area.  Continue to push it down until you reach your hips and legs.  When you reach your feet, allow the energy to exit through your feet.  See the energy moving from your feet, out and around your physical body and back to your head.  Pull the energy in through the top of your head and again push the energy back to your feet.

Repeat this process until you feel so relaxed that you no longer feel your arms, legs, torso, etc.  Your body instead feels like a conduit of energy.  Focus on the energy and how it resonates.  It pulses with your heart, it moves with your blood, it blends with your body in such a way that you can almost hear it speaking to you.

This is the time when you can focus on areas of your body which have been giving you trouble.  “Talk” to each of the areas of your body that have been giving you trouble.

For example, if you have a sore back, “talk” to your back. Mentally telling the area affected to “heal” will help speed the process. Tell the energy of your body to move to the area and heal the physical symptoms causing you pain. The more you focus on the area, the more energy will pool there, helping to heal and relieve discomfort. 



There is a feeling that many spiritually minded people, psychics and mediums, tend to use that can be confusing to those who are new to understanding their spirituality.  The term is “centered” or “centeredness”.

It is hard to explain to those new to spirituality how “centered” feels but I will try and explain it the best I can.

To be centered means to have your mind clear of all worry and anxiety.  It means to have your energy centers aligned so that there is balance in your energy. These two things by themselves do not mean one is centered, though.  To be centered means to have a complete body, mind, and spirit balance.  To be centered means that your thoughts and your body and your spirit are in tune, allowing you to feel confident about decisions you make and things you feel.

If you are feeling anxious or have any pain in your body that is distracting you, you are NOT centered.  If you find that you have difficulty breathing around a room of people and your thoughts are full of worry then you are NOT centered.

You are centered when you find your mind is rested, relaxed, and not focused on any one thing.  The environment in your mind would be one of contentment for no specific reason other than being alive.  You are centered when your body is at rest, relaxed.  You are centered when your soul is speaking through you in sensations and images that speak not only to your mind but to your body.

It is my experience that many who say they are “centered” are many times not. They do not bring into balance the natural rhythm of their mind, body, and spirit.  It is the intention of this next meditation to help you to find your true centeredness.

Finding Your Center

It is important that you isolate yourself from all distraction for this meditation.  If you don’t feel comfortable for any reason or your thoughts are too out of control, immediately drop this meditation and wait until a later time and date to try again.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor.  Keep your head and neck supported so that there is no strain on either.  Rest your hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing and take big breaths in and out.  Feel the rise and fall of your chest and let your body fully relax with each breath out.  Become aware of the energy of your body as you breathe.  Let yourself relax further and further as you breathe in and out.

Focus on the center of your body, near your stomach.  Keep taking full, deep breaths.  As you breathe in, imagine each breath depositing a bright light in the center of your body.  With every breath that energy grows and expands outward.  You feel heavy with the energy that fills you.  Keep breathing and filling your body with the light until you feel your body full of light from your feet to the top of your head.  Breathe in and out and fill your body with light.

Feel your feet and imagine them growing heavier and heavier as the light and energy continues to flow into you.  Feel the bottoms of your feet extend into the ground beneath them.  Let the light fill the earth beneath your feet.

Allow the light to extend past the top of your head upward toward the sky.  Feel the connection between your feet and your head.  Let the energy flow evenly between the two.  Continue breathing deeply, letting the light flow into your body. 

Now mentally ask your guides and angels to assist you in finding your centeredness.  Say to them “I ask my guides and angels to help me connect to my soul.  I ask that they help me to keep my thoughts clear so that I may receive messages from them”. 

Continue breathing.  Let your eyes roll back as if you were falling asleep.  Keep your focus on your breathing, on your body, and allow the quiet of your body’s natural rhythm to help you contain your thoughts.  (allow yourself about five minutes to be quiet within)

Now ask your guides to help you with a problem you are having.  You may ask anything you want.  Do not mentally look for an answer.  Put your question out to them and then fall back into the rhythm of your body.

Open your eyes when you feel ready.  Take all the time you need to find your “center” and let it help you open your mind to possibilities that you may otherwise have ignored.

Continue until you have addressed all of the areas of concern.  Request that your guides help you to see physical problems before they become too serious. Ask that you become more aware of your body.

Conclude the meditation as you wish.  Some may continue to cleanse their spiritual aura, others may just fall asleep (which is perfectly okay).

Chakra Preparation

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chakras, or energy centers, of the human body, you should do some research on chakras.

In this exercise it is best that you lay down in a comfortable position either on the floor with a pillow propping your head up or on a comfortable surface such as a sofa or bed.

Relax your body starting with your feet and moving slowly up through the legs and hips.  Relax your abdomen, your lower and upper back, your shoulders and neck, and finally your head and face. 

When you are fully relaxed, allow yourself to flow with the energy in your body.  This typically results in a feeling of floating.  It feels to me many times like I am falling, though to some it feels like floating on a cloud.  Work with your body’s energy to achieve this feeling of floating or falling.  Do not resist the feeling, but instead go with it and let yourself continue to float or fall until you reach a level of equilibrium.  This equilibrium will feel different to each person who experiences it, but essentially it is a feeling of being at your final destination – a point where you no longer float higher or fall lower but instead your body’s energy remains balanced between the sensation of the physical and the spiritual.  When you have reached this point of equilibrium (it will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the individual), your body’s energy is stabilized and you may proceed to the chakra preparation.

At this point you will be manipulating the energy of your body.  Begin at the root chakra (located just below the pelvis region of the body, between the legs).  Imagine a circle of red light that pulsates and rotates clockwise.  If you get resistance, work at the rotation until you “feel” it rotating in the right direction.  Some people will feel a tugging sensation or a sick feeling with a chakra that is rotating in the wrong direction.  Resist the urge to force the chakra to move in the right direction, but instead will the energy of your body into the charka until it is cleared.  It will take about five minutes for a typical blocked chakra to clear.  Most will feel a tingling in the area when it clears or when the chakra is already rotating clockwise.

Continue up to the next chakra, using the color of orange (sacral, located at the belly button) this time, and repeat the process.  Then move to each subsequent chakra, using the colors yellow (solar plexus), green (heart), blue (throat), indigo (third eye), and violet (crown). 

When you have reached the crown chakra, or the top of the head, and have all chakras rotating clockwise, imagine a bright white string connecting each chakra starting with the root chakra all the way up to the crown.  When you have them all connected, see the string grow brighter and thicker until all you see is a bright white rod extending the length of your body.


Cleansing and Protection Exercise Using the Auric Field

First let’s cleanse the physical aura.

Focus on the bright white rod of light.  Slowly expand the white light from the center of the physical body to the edges of the physical body and vertically to the top of the head and the feet.  When you feel the white light covering all of your physical body, imagine the light pulsating from white, to pink, to green, to indigo, to white.  See the colors pulsating vertically from the crown to your feet in waves.  Slowly increase the speed of the color change until you no longer can distinguish the different colors from one another.  It will resemble a strobe light.

The cleansing of the physical aura is complete when the flashing of the light becomes so fast that it no longer looks as if it is flashing. 

To cleanse the spiritual aura, take the white light that is your physical aura and expand it outward about six feet in all directions. Expand the light as slowly or quickly as you feel is necessary.  Those of you who feel you carry a lot of excess negative energy in your aura, use this time to push the “gray” blobs of color (negative vibrations) outward as you expand the white sphere around you.  Your spiritual aura is considered cleansed when the white sphere is complete and the color white is vibrant and almost a pearled color (has a sheen on it that is almost iridescent) 

For protection from negative vibrations and negative spiritual energy, continue to imagine yourself enclosed in a white sphere that extends six feet in all directions. You can see outside of the sphere but you feel extremely safe and content inside of it, your equilibrium maintained.  If one were to look at you from a distance, you would look as if you were enclosed in a shiny, white bubble. 

Now say in your mind:  “Only my guides and angels are allowed inside this sphere of protection”.  Repeat the phrase as many times as you feel necessary.  Some of you may actually see or feel spirit in the vicinity of your sphere leaving to stand outside of it. 

This sphere of protection will stay up as long as you need it.  If you feel negative energy or vibrations affecting you, then reinforce the sphere by imagining it around you and repeating the phrase “Only my guides and angels are allowed inside this sphere of protections”.   

I Wish I Were a Man

I had hoped that all the changes I have made in my life lately would lead me to more well-being and overall happiness. At first it did, but lately I have been struggling.


I am feeling overwhelmed – again. The whole purpose of quitting my negative job and moving away from family and their dramas was to help ease the overwhelm I had been feeling. Unfortunately, even though I cut down my hours of work and have more time to spend with my children, I am still feeling overly burdened by all the responsibility my roles in life have given me. I try to prioritize so that I lighten that burden, but even dropping things I normally require of myself, I find that I am running myself ragged with the things I need to do. All along I have such intense resentment towards my husband because it seems he contributes so little to the long list of things that need to be done daily. He, of course, feels he is doing more than his share and also feels the burden of all that needs to be done.

I don’t honestly think there is a solution other than me letting things just completely go to pot or hiring a live-in nanny. The first is out of the question as I cannot stand to live in filth and disorder. To see the kitchen sink full of dishes bothers me and I end up doing them despite telling myself “Let them be”. I can’t stand our new wood floor being covered with slobber marks from our little one who crawls everywhere leaving a slobber trail behind him. I try to let it stay dirty as long as I can stand but ideally I would be cleaning it every day, sometimes more than once a day, just to keep it nice. I see every spot, every shoe or piece of clothing, every toy, every speck of dirt, every dusty shelf, every dirty dish, every drip mark on the floor, every smudge and fingerprint. Each out of place thing makes me feel uneasy and if not fixed and put in its rightful place bothers me until I end up an irritable, uneasy and very unhappy momma. And when I do finally give in and clean, my children or husband seem to immediately undo it right in front of my eyes. It becomes so exasperating that I see no point in bothering to make things nice when no one is helping me keep it that way and does not seem to even notice what I do.

The second solution is just too damn expensive. A live-in nanny would cost all of my income and more. Plus, I highly doubt just anyone would do and I can’t image they would keep my house in the shape I would like it to be – I can’t even do that! Then there is living with a stranger all the time. I think I would probably drive her out by week’s end, either that or I would leave.

I Hate Being a Woman

The obvious solution is just to let it go and live with that which I despise. My home is my pride and joy and to see it completely wrecked all the time makes me not even want to be in my home. In fact, I can’t even find one place that is not chaotic. I need a place that is not chaotic! The best I can do is shut off the lights and hide in my son’s bedroom. It is the only room in the house that is orderly enough for me to somewhat relax.

I feel that I am expected to be this perfect person, keeping it all together and looking good despite it. I swear I won’t be a woman again in my next life. I hate it. I hate the expectations that society places upon women. We are expected to be super human – working outside the home while also keeping everything in order inside the home. I am the primary childcare giver, the dinner-maker, the bill-payer, the keep-it-all-together superwoman. When the children cry, they look for me, not daddy. When they are hungry, they want mommy. Yet when mommy wants something for herself there is some kind of inborn mechanism in children that makes them instantly demand attention. On top of all this, daddy also wants all of mommy’s attention and then gets mad when mommy says “No” and runs to the other side of the house to hide, hoping for even the briefest moment of alone-time. Doesn’t he know how much of my day is spent providing for everyone else but myself? To expect I have even an ounce of anything left to give him is ridiculous! Yet he whines and acts similarly to the children. Is that inborn? Is that a typical man-thing?

On top of all this there is the way I look. I have no time to look good anymore. In fact, I chopped all my hair off last weekend because I was sick and tired of trying to straighten my thick, coarse, unruly hair. Now I can just put my hands through it but the reaction I get from my family? My daughter cried and my husband said, “You look good” with a look on his face that said the opposite. My own mother, when she saw my hair, looked at me and said, “You look like your sister”, which I immediately took as an insult and she knew I would. But now I have 10 more minutes of sleep in the morning. 10 more minutes of me time. I say it is worth it. Screw all those who think I don’t look good.

But I think the worst part of all this stress and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations is the toll it is taking on my skin. My face is breaking out again and every time I look at myself I think I look tired, unhappy and ugly. I am back on antibiotics to try and help with the acne issue but it doesn’t help the tired eyes or droopy-looking skin that seemingly appeared overnight. I am starting to wonder if I am going to have to be on antibiotics the rest of my life just to keep the stress acne at bay so that I can at least somewhat appear to be keeping it together.

And finally I have this major anxiety of becoming so overcome with all the things I have to do that I let myself go completely and turn into one of those women who has allowed herself to gain unsightly pounds and walks around like a zombie in Wal-Mart wearing no makeup, hair a mess and children crying and tugging at her clothes. I work out three days a week and eat a very clean diet just to make sure my body doesn’t go to pot. I get tons of compliments on how I look. “Wow! You have a seven-month old? You look fantastic!”, is a common reaction I get from other women. One would think this would make me feel better, but it doesn’t. If they only knew how much effort it took just to work out the three days a week I do work out in order to keep my body looking good. I sometimes wonder why I do it. What is the point? Oh yeah, that is what is expected of me – society wants me to be superwoman so I oblige. I wish I could revolt but I just can’t.

Like I said, I hate being a woman. Men have it so much better (or so it seems).


I am begging my guide to help me find a solution. I can’t seem to find one, though. The only solution that seems obvious is for me to pack up my bags and leave and be gone for a very long time. When I think of just letting things go or accepting one thing or the other as a solution it just doesn’t work. I try to accept it, but it isn’t fair and ultimately I end up angry or completely deflated and depressed. The letting go part doesn’t work either. The dishes don’t get done, the floor doesn’t get cleaned, the laundry doesn’t get done, nothing gets done, it just gets dirtier. One would think my husband would step up, but he doesn’t even seem to notice. Ultimately I end up having to wash dishes so we can eat or having to clean clothes so me and the children have something to wear. If I don’t pay the bills, well they don’t get paid. What then? Lose our home? Lose our car?

Just in case you are wondering how I find time to type in my blog – I have been working on this post for over an hour. I have been called away by mother duties at least 7 times. The normal call comes from my 3-year old who thinks he will die if he doesn’t get a sippy cup of juice or a snack that very instant. I dream of days when I don’t hear whiny cries the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep.

OBE Questionnaire

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University are conducting research on the content of Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) using an online survey until 9th November 2014 (23:50 GMT). If you have had one or more OBEs follow the link below to the project webpage where the survey can be accessed, thanks –

OBE Questionnaire

Below are links to a two part interview with Andrew Hodrien about the research project. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2


This morning, after waking from a dreamless sleep, I wanted desperately to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned for a while, telling my guides that I wanted to sleep more and really would like to go OOB. I got the feeling that going OOB would not happen, though, and it irritated me. I tried to reason with them, explaining that I needed a break from the everyday struggles and responsibilities of life. Ultimately, though, I knew that my requests were unlikely to be granted.


As I lay in between states, there suddenly appeared in front of my eyes a vivid image of my front yard. Standing in the driveway was a very large, brown horse. He was plain brown without any other colors or marks on him. He was beautiful standing there and very majestic. When I saw him I startled awake but the image stayed with me like a beloved photo.

I knew instantly that this was a message from my guide. I had seen a similar horse alongside a zebra in one of my recent OBEs. The horse in that experience was much smaller, though. The horse standing in my front yard was very majestic, standing proudly with a look in his eyes that said, “Come with me”.

When I was a small girl I loved horses. I use to draw them alongside their human companions. Usually I had mother horses with baby horses or mustangs running wild in the desert. I was also in love with My Little Pony and would play ponies with my older sister, imagining different scenarios or dressing them up in their pony attire. Just last weekend, in fact, my sister and I reminisced about our My Little Pony days as we sorted through boxes of the 50 or so ponies we had collected and then saved from childhood.

Now that I think of it, it is very likely that the horse is one of my animal totems. I long ago lost my love for horses and so have not really considered the horse as one of my totems but it could be that he was not needed during these times in my life. But now that he has returned I suspect he wants me to listen. The look in his eyes suggest that he is waiting for me to jump on his back and let him take me away and show me something, something new, alive and full of energy.

Life Energy

If you observe the horse, you will find that he has a wild and free energy all his own. In fact, as a totem, the horse represents life energy, physical strength, vitality, and one’s psychological or emotional ability to persevere in life. The horse represents one’s energy or drive to express and succeed through the authentic self. He can also be a reflection of how well one deals with primitive desires and urges. The horse also represents ones sexual drive and sexuality and how they view this in their life. If one dreams they are riding a horse this can symbolizes one’s drive towards sexuality. Finally, the horse represents freedom of expression; it relates to your ability to express yourself freely and assertively in inner and outer social environments and circles.

Horse’s Message to Me

After seeing the vivid image of horse standing and waiting for me in my front yard, I fell back to sleep. When I awoke I was very reluctant to get out of bed and sluggish from sleep. I felt as if I could sleep forever! Yet, I knew I had to get up and return to life as usual and this, overall, did not appeal to me.

Yet my mind continues to return to that image of horse. His eyes said so much in their stare. “Come with me” and “What are you waiting for” and even, “I dare you!” There was something in his gaze that made me hesitate; something that made me nervous. Was he dangerous? Was he friendly? Would he kick or bite me? I know that if I had been there in front of him physically that I would back off because of his large size and intimidating stance. And that makes me wonder, What is it about life that scares me? What is it that I am afraid of?

Perhaps he is symbolic of a desire to return to the way I felt about life when I was a child? I truly enjoyed life back then. I had a spirit of adventure and rarely spent time inside if I could help it. I had a vivid imagination and a strong connection to nature.

Or perhaps horse is trying to just get me to participate in life again. I admit, I have been struggling to accept and enjoy the way my life has turned out. There seems nothing of interest left; no adventure. I have done it all before a thousand times it seems and have nothing left but more of the same to look forward to. At least that is how it appears to me on most days. I just push the thoughts aside and continue on with life, but the empty feeling doesn’t ever go away. I cannot help but be overwhelmed with the things I have to do every day and it seems there is no room left for fun anymore.

I do want to accept horse’s invitation, but I don’t know how.