Message from the High Council: Witnessing the Birth of the New Hue-manity

We are all small children. We don’t know as much as we think we do. Yet, we go around as if we know everything, happy in our little bubble.

Now that bubble is bursting. At least for me anyway.

There is so much I don’t know. So much Forgotten.

It is clear to me now that much restructuring must be done. I have just begun and the path is a long one. The more I discover the more open I become. I feel like a flower bud ready to burst open with the first rays of the morning sun. It is as if I have never been awake; as if I was just born.

budIt is very much like I have been a toddler all this life. So self-centered and self-absorbed. The world revolved around me. I saw only from my own perspective and what little I did see from the perspective of another was always evaluated based upon what I wanted or did not want. I manipulated the data to suit me. It made my world safe.

Now is time to expand past that self-absorbed viewpoint; to move into multiple viewpoints simultaneously. This can only be done with restructuring. Limiting beliefs must be tossed out to make way for new ways of thinking. New beliefs will be formed, this is inevitable for it is the design structure of the human mind to create beliefs based upon experience. New experiences will inevitably shape new beliefs and new beliefs will eventually be replaced by newer ones as experience is expanded past previous limitations.

I am told these new beliefs and experiences are the building blocks of the new Hue-manity. I was told to write “Hue” because the color will be different, it will be bright, and it will be Known/seen. But there is so much more to the word. It is a statement; a crying out with joy as we Remember more and more and walk into the Light from a Darkness we Forgot existed.

It is with great joy in my heart that I embrace this new beginning. Tears well up in my eyes to think of the Hope returning. I do not understand yet I do. It is an overwhelming Beauty that I feel. An indescribable Pain being replaced by sudden vision of what Will Be. It is as if I have been in a tiny prison for an eternity – so long that I had begun to believe that prison was all there was or ever could be. To finally be set free is beyond anything I have ever imagined and I am told, “This is just the beginning”.


Your walls are breaking down. You are finally Seeing past that which you have built around you. There is so much more We will show you. So much more that you can Be and be a part of. The world is changing, evolving, as you are. That which occurs within you will also in others and in the Earth itself. You and many like you will bear witness to the New Hue-manity.

Lucid to OBE: Sometimes You Want Cereal

After noting a friend’s success at using B-Complex to induce a lucid dream, I decided to try taking it right before bed.

I use to take B-Complex every night before bed but it began to interrupt my sleep, so I stopped. No surprise, it interrupted my sleep! I woke every 2 hours, each time looking at the clock and swearing I had slept an entire night. Upon my last waking at 4am I pleaded with my guides. “Please let me at least get something out of this. At least a lucid dream?”

Wish granted.

Becoming Lucid: Old Flame in my Bed!

I became aware of a man in my bed. I turned and saw it was an ex-boyfriend!

Brief Explanation – This relationship had been like no other. There was an awesome chemistry – a chemistry that turned me into some kind of sex-crazed idiot (not joking!). in 2003 I had asked my guide to send him. I wanted to experience such a chemistry. Did I ever get it! I also experienced for the first and only time in my life the worse jealousy ever! I wish it on no one!


Noting who was in my bed, I slid out and looked at him. He looked as I remembered and I remembered A LOT! I did not touch him. Instead I was conversing with my guide. I knew a part of me was observing and that this was a rendering of my subconscious. I remember saying, “I wish I felt like that again!”

A woman I did not know came into the room and began to play with his male part. I got furious and yelled at her saying, “This is the only time I get to see him! You get him all the time! Get out!”. She left.

I then conversed some more with my guide who I didn’t see but knew was there. I remember wearing a belt and taking it and all my clothes off. I talked as I went outside the bedroom, which was my old room at my Mom’s house. There was a staircase going up. I walked up it but it suddenly collapsed upon itself and I slid down to the bottom. There was another staircase coming down and it was chained off – unsafe. I remember hearing from my guide that I could not go up until it was repaired. Looking back on it, I understand. It would have led me to higher levels and I was not yet ready to go there.

I went into my Mom’s bathroom and noted it was misshapen. The room stretched and moved with me in it. I felt like I was tripping! The golden color of the bathroom and the misplacement of the furniture began to bring on lucidity. I began looking for a ponytail holder and the drawers were too clean and organized. Then I knew: I was dreaming!

OBE: Can’t Breathe!

Feeling my body, I exited quickly and found myself in a dark, enclosed space. I suddenly felt I could not breathe and noticed that I was enclosed inside a fabric bag of some sort. I could see a tiny, pinprick of white light through a corner of it – a buttonhole! The claustrophobia was so real! I squelched the panic and told myself it was my fear doing this. I did not want this experience!

OBE: Sometimes You Want Cereal

Immediately the room disappeared and I was in my body feeling vibrations. I exited in one fluid motion and found myself in a dark room full of shadows. To my left there was a golden light and as I looked I saw it was coming from an entire wall of windows. They were shuttered but still the light shown through. I knew I needed to go out there!

I pushed through one of the shuttered windows and went outside. I found myself in my mother’s front yard looking out on many cars parked along the road. I remember thinking, “It’s not bright enough out here!” It was twilight, so there was light but it was muted.

As if to continue the lucid dream, I thought, “There’s a party. That makes sense. He liked parties”. I began to search for his vehicle. I saw an old, white 1970 Ford pickup. Inside was sitting a middle-aged man with a salt-and-pepper beard. I knew him!

I went up to the pickup and felt my middle son lagging behind me. When I saw the man he got out of the truck. He was beautiful despite being “older”. He reminded me of someone but I could not place him.

I asked him and my son, “Do you want to fly?” I reached out and grabbed both their hand’s. As we lifted up, I turned to the man and hugged him tightly. Then I thought, “What’s his name?” I heard an answer in my mind, “Robert”. I had asked my question aloud – “What’s your name?” – when I thought it and the man responded, “Robert” right after I heard it in my mind.

Happy that I had met Robert (my guide), we soared up into the sky. As I felt us rise, my vision blacked out but I was talking to Robert. I wondered, “Why was I dreaming about my ex? Why don’t I want to be with my husband?”

I then saw in my mind an image of a bowl of oatmeal. I stirred it with a spoon but did not want to eat it. Robert said to me, “Sometimes, when all you’ve had is oatmeal, you want cereal”. LOL (Still laughing about this comment).

OBE: It’s Your Birthday!

I felt the subtle vibrations of my body and willed myself back. This time I found myself standing in front of the hallway bathroom looking at my ex. The door was open and he didn’t have a shirt on. I walked up to him and realized I was holding a bowl of cereal (ha!). He turned and his face was covered in white powder. I handed him the bowl of cereal and he took it.

Then we went into the kitchen. There was a Simpson’s toy contraption on the table and I found out he had gotten it for me. I kept watching him and thinking that he had come to see me after all these years. I wished he would stay but felt nothing for him – no love, no desire, nothing. It is foggy now but I recall recognizing his selfishness and that I didn’t like that about him.

Then my Mom presented me with a sequined, silver and black, sleeveless jacket. I oo’d and aw’ed when I saw it and I heard my ex say, “Isn’t that kind of cheap?” I remember then that he would never allow me to appear “slutty”. He was very worried about appearances yet he wanted a slut as his girlfriend. I was not like that and never would have been happy with him. He would have sought to control me in every way.

My Mom mentioned it was my birthday and this confused me. “It’s not my birthday”, I said. She said, “Isn’t it?” I recall being a bit confused here and trying to decide which birthday was my birthday. She asked me, “When is your birthday? I forgot”. I said, “July 3rd” but I knew in “reality” my birthday was a whole month later.

It was then suggested that we go fishing. Me, my ex, and my two oldest children flew out the back window to a large lake. We landed on its banks and I saw the white bones of some kind of animal. It had died there. I saw also that I could see right to the bottom of the dark waters. I cautioned all of them, “Be still, the fish will see you!”

As my ex fished, my children began to ride their bikes over the water. I thought, “He’s never going to catch anything if the lake is that shallow”.


This experience was interesting. It was like I was watching my dream as the observer. The lucid dream was interesting. The bathroom warping like that was the coolest! I felt like I was looking into one of those carnival mirrors but actually IN it!

The realizations I had were included in the account. I was contemplating an issue I have been having – feeling more like my husband’s friend than his lover. I actually am happy the way it is – it is comfortable. Yet in the dream I am exploring another part of me, one that wants more and wants to create that in my life. I looked back on an old relationship and recognized it was not what I wanted – how it could have been. I even think that I returned to an alternate life, one in which I made different choices.

The last part about the lake is the perfect description of my relationship with my ex. It is dead. He was too shallow for me.

I also can’t stop laughing about Robert’s comment! I also won’t forget his face. So handsome and familiar.

I want to add that meeting up with him allowed me to compare how Robert feels to how E’Fonin feels. They are VERY different. Robert communicates to me from the right. His communication is subtle and comfortable. E’Fonin communicates from all around – it is as if he surrounds me completely. And he feels HUGE and magnificent, like I am being visited by God or an Angel. His presence seems announced in such a way that I am instantly attentive. He cannot be ignored as easily as Robert. And the energy that comes with E’Fonin is beautiful. I want to melt into my bed. They are SO different!

Spiritual Demographer

While communicating with E’Fonin in the early hours of the morning, I fell into the in-between state several times.

Business and Spiritual Demographer

Upon waking I had thoughts about my business return to me. This time, however, they were recognizing a synchronicity that had occurred but been missed.

A few days ago I got the idea that I needed to begin researching my next product. I put it off because I have yet to see my current product take off in the way I wanted. Then the idea came again the next day but I again put it off.

Then, yesterday, while talking to my husband on Bluetooth on his way home from the airport, he suggested that I go ahead and begin looking for a new product to launch. His exact word were, “Looks like its time to launch another product”. One of his passengers just happened to also be selling on Amazon and agreed.

These memories all came together quite obviously and I acknowledged the message. This is when I fell into the in-between and I responded to a comment made by E’Fonin about balancing the spiritual and the physical and performing the roles I have in each. I responded, “I am a spiritual demographer and a…” This brought me to full awareness. What the heck is a spiritual demographer?

Another Memory

I had another memory. I was putting codes into two objects. What is interesting about this is that the objects reminded me of something I had seen in a recent dream. They were some kind of device, long and cylindrical and metallic silver in color. These devices were to be use for good but could also be misused for bad, so it was very important to “code” them correctly. I remember seeing the codes etched in the metal and touching one of the devices. I believe their function had to do with light. They are held cradled against one’s side similar to how one would hold a very large, heavy gun. Then a light beam would seem to come out of them. The light is yellow and translucent and sparkly when it comes out. It is directed upward for some reason. Or maybe it is receiving light? Hmmm.


After being asleep for about an hour, I awoke very suddenly as I caught part of myself preparing to leave my body. When I awoke, I remembered that this had been happening for quite some time now. I also remembered that I had been learning how to send parts of myself out – like on missions or something.

The reason I awoke this time is that I recognized the way the process works. An image forms in from of my eyes, similar to an OBE exit into a scene. But the image is static and 3D. It just floats in front of me. This is a “trigger” for part of me to go into the image and thus away from the me in my body.

From what I remembered, this occurs almost instantly upon me entering a light sleep state (trance). Sometimes more than one piece leaves in this way.

When I remembered these things, E’Fonin commented that I had been doing extremely well in this lesson and was almost ready for implementation. What it is used for I’m not sure. I am eager to resume OBEs, so hopefully that is what will happen when it is implemented.

Message from E’Fonin

Early this morning at 2:30ish I awakened suddenly from a deep sleep. I no longer remember the dream I was having so I suppose it is not important. However, I began to receive communication from E’Fonin immediately upon waking. Since the message was coming in strong, I actually got up and wrote it down.

Message from E’Fonin

We have awakened you to pass on valuable information and explanation pertaining to the processes you must go through.

You have eaten red meat. This is not ideal. The energetic makeup of animals is out of alignment with your own and so ingestion their meat should be avoided in order to maintain balance. It is ideal for you to consume only fruit and vegetables at this time because the animals of your time are not properly raised and their meat not properly prepared. In the past instructions were given on how to raise and prepare the meat of animals, but this information was lost over thousands of years. Your Bible is the closest record of these preparations. The “sacrifices” mentioned therein are remnants of a purification system for the cleansing of the energies of animals for safe consumption. Animals were allowed then to roam freely and only the youngest, most pure were selected for consumption. Thus, you must cleanse yourself of the energetic contaminants left behind by your recent meat consumption. As you do so, we will continue to adjust and align your energies. This must be done frequently.

It is of greatest importance that you do not consume the meat of any creature with eyes that face forward (predator). One example of this is swine. The energy of such a predatory animal is so out of balance with your own energy as to require extensive manipulation and purification in order to restore balance.

In this communication I saw visuals in my mind’s eyes that communicated much more than the words alone. I saw in my mind an image of a pig very clearly depicting the position of the eyes. In this I felt a heaviness and a lethargy. I was asked if noticed this change in my energy and I replied that I did and it became very clear to me how my own energy had changed in the two days since I began to eat more meats (chicken, beef, lamb). I also recalled the warning feeling I received at lunch yesterday when I had a Greek Gyro. I ignored it but later saw that a Falafel version had been available had I just requested it. I was most embarrassed, however, by my ingestion of two hot dogs the day before. I knew it was wrong but ignored it purposefully, justifying it by thinking, “A little won’t hurt me”.

I also saw images of a small lamb being sacrificed when E’Fonin was discussing the Bible. There was also the word, “Kosher” that came to mind. It occurred to me that the only close approximation to the proper preparation of meat was still practiced by the Jewish people. Interesting.

I asked about fish and was immediately shown the contaminant their meat contained. Apparently every biological organism on the planet is contaminated by a very heavy, sluggish energy (this includes us). Plants and grains appear to have been spared because of their reliance on the Sun for their “food” or energy. Also very interesting.

So it is back to eating only fruits and vegetables. I struggle with this because I have three children who crave meat. My consideration of this was met with the image of an egg. So eggs it is.

Dream: Bruised Throat

When I went to bed last night I was exhausted so it is no wonder I fell asleep during my nightly meditation. However, I awoke suddenly at 10:30pm. When I looked at the clock I thought, “That’s wrong. The kids must have messed with it”. I got up out of bed and checked the hallway clock. It said it was 10:32.

Confused, I lay back down wondering why I felt I had been asleep for hours and hours. It was then I had a memory – one of those memories like I’ve been having where I will suddenly have complete Knowing about what I am remembering only to have it disappear as soon as I remember it.

The memory was of yet another piece of me returning from somewhere else. It was quick and had actually woken me up prior to 10:30 but I forgot it so quickly that I fell back to sleep. I did, however, make a note of it to remember later – and I did!

Now there are only fragments of the memory but I had remembered an entire journey – a journey this other piece of me had made. The strongest part of this memory is the recognition of the other piece of me and the accepting of it back into the whole. It felt like this other part of me had been out and about running “errands”, what those are I have no clue.

Dream: Bruised Throat

This dream became very lucid towards the end. In it I was working at a school in the role of counselor. I had been talking to a co-worker from the job I just left as we stood in the cafeteria. A group of young boys was referred to me and I talked to them as a group. However, I noticed one boy was very guarded and so asked him to stay and dismissed the other two.

I asked him, “Do you know what a school counselor does?” He shook his head, “No”.

I then told him, “You have nothing to be frightened of. I won’t tell your parents – your mom, dad, grandparents or anyone – what you tell me unless you are going to harm yourself of another. You are safe with me”.

This relaxed him quite a bit and we talked for a while. Then he left and I talked to the teacher, telling her how when I work with students one-on-one I don’t plan like I do when I teach a class. She then noticed something and asked me, “What happened?” She pointed to my neck. I became very self-conscious and said, “Nothing. Nothing happened. Why?” She said, “It looks like you were hurt, that’s all”.

I then went to look for a bathroom to check my neck. I walked down a hallway and saw open doors leading into suites. Was I in a hotel? All the rooms were occupied and were all on the left side. However, on the right side was one room where no one stayed. I walked in as a man was walking out. I asked him, “Does no one stay here?” He said, “No”, and left.

I went into the bathroom intending to use it but the toilet was full of urine and there was wet toilet paper on the seat. I saw it and thought I would just clean it before I used it. But then I turned and inspected my neck in the mirror. Sure enough, there were bruises on either side of my windpipe. It looked like I had been choked.

Dream: College

This is when the dream turns more lucid. I was walking and walking and then stopped in a covered outside area. I lay down on the cement floor and looked up. I could see the stars. As I lay there I began thinking of the college I use to attend. In my mind I was seeing the logo of UNT (University of North Texas). I did not attend that college and this confused me, though I did not remember this in the dream. I kept rearranging the letters – UTN was the most common.

I then thought of a girl I went to high school with and remembered that she attended this college (in reality she did not nor did I). I knew I had come in my sophomore year but she had been there all four years. I remembered meeting her and she was so happy (or appeared to be).

I then got very upset and yelled out to someone, “I hate her! I hate her!”. I was thinking how she is making tons of money and progressing faster than me. It wasn’t fair to me because she was not deserving.

I awoke very upset and thinking of my business (which is not doing as well as I hoped). I kept thinking of this girl and how she as likely making tons of money and still thriving in this material world.

She had everything I had wanted in high school. I wanted to be popular like her but I could not handle being “fake” and I just did not do well with large groups of friends. Yet I had wanted what she had. It was so conflicting and this conflict returned fully in my memory.

I cursed the part of me that pushed away the very thing that I wanted (or thought I did). It was like this part of me was trying to protect me from the pitfalls of popularity. Like I was trying to experience what it is like to be alone and the opposite of popular. It causes great conflict and upset in me.

Instant Comfort and Lessons Realized

I felt no guide, no help, and it upset me more. Then, suddenly after probably 30 minutes of upset, there suddenly washed over me a calm. It came from my mind and caught my attention instantly. My thoughts stopped and the upset vanished. I then heard, “It is through failure that we learn the most”. I then felt the familiar warm energy begin to wash over me, but it was only in my limbs and head.

My concerns about my business had been the last thoughts I had and this was the message I received. There also was a recognition that my real job here had nothing to do with the “other lessons”. These were karmic debt being paid. There was an understanding that my struggle with feeling accepted – this inner conflict I have lived with – is to learn the lesson of humility and to avoid the very things that a part of me wants so badly. The desire to be “popular”, to have the “power” that someone in that position has is a karmic repayment. Yuck. Somewhere alone the way I had misused this “power”.

Message: Starseed Activation Commences

After the strange, very vivid dream of seeing a UFO, I awoke suddenly feeling the presence of a guide. I was immediately flooded with memories. When/where these memories came from I don’t know, but they were real and came at me like flashes. With each memory was a millisecond of full-knowingness that vanished as soon as my conscious mind began to inspect it.


A complete scene came to me very quickly. In it, I was with someone else who I could not see. We were ascending a golden pyramid-like structure. Or maybe it wasn’t actual gold in color, but the light was. The top of the pyramid was missing and this was where we were going.

There was a ball of golden light. When I saw it I had another flash of holding a ball of pulsating energy in my hand. This energy came from me and I was concentrating it into a ball and holding it, controlling it, utilizing it.


When these memories faded, I was left feeling very strange. The presence of a guide was hard to ignore. It is funny how they get my attention. It is like they become part of my consciousness; like they are me. Yet prior to this I do not have this same sense. It just suddenly IS.

I acknowledged him and as soon as I did he said, “You have been hiding”.

I didn’t understand. Hiding from what? What does it mean?

The message came as both visuals and thoughts. I saw a little girl kneeling down and watching from a hiding place. I heard, “Your fear holds you back”. I then felt a strange sensation in my throat, similar to the one I had in my dream. It felt like energy was stuck there. Fear was stuck there.

I could not stop the memories of my dreams from taking over my thoughts. I was reminded to control my thoughts – they interrupt communication. I settled in my heart space.

When I did this, I was told that the Starseed activation was commencing – the activation I was told about many months ago. This sparked the memory of the code I was given. I could even see the numbers.

Then I heard again, “You have been hiding”. I asked from what and was told I was hiding from my true Self; that I have been caught up in life of the physical form I have taken.

I did feel the resistance then. I have been struggling with the idea of Starseeds and other worldly Beings despite the experiences and memories I have had. It is strange to me and there is a part of me that thinks it is too good to be true while another part is completely distrustful of all of it. I convince myself that I am creating all of this; that it is all in my mind. This makes me feel “safe”. Yet the messages and experiences continue.


From the movie The Dark Crystal.

I managed to fall into the in-between at this time but was shaken awake by a vivid image of the guide I was communicating with. I saw a very pale face with an oblong head. What scared me, though, was that I saw more than just the head. I saw the body and it was very thin and spindly, very out of proportion to the head. The arms especially were thin and there were long, bony fingers. It reminds me of the movie The Dark Crystal and the UrSkeks – the mixed race at the end. I also thought of an insect when I saw the thin arms and hands, yet he did not look like one.

When I came to full awareness I asked if I was seeing him, my guide. He answered yes and I received a name – E’Fonin (Ee-Fawn-In). The name is longer but that is the part I could understand. I asked if this was his name and he said, “We do not use names here. We recognize one another by feel”. I received information then about energy signatures, which is the only way I can describe it. It is like an energy thumbprint we all have. Like our aura, but not. The aura is more body-related. There is a different “aura” when we are not in a physical body.

I asked where he was from. I immediately thought Sirius, but this was incorrect. I was shown our moon and directed beyond its current position in our sky. This did not help me, though, since I am unfamiliar with the stars and locations of constellations. I believe it is beyond Ursa Major.

Video Blog

I wish I could remember everything I was told, but unfortunately I cannot. This is common when I receive communication in the early morning hours.

One thing I do remember was that I heard that it is time now for me to explore creating a vlog. This comes at a time when I am doing videos for my product with my daughter and exploring YouTube.

In the past I avoided videos because of my work. But now I do not work. I stay at home with my kids. So my main worry about putting up public videos is no longer present.

I wondered what I would talk about. I was told that I would not know what information would come through, but that it would. I also was told that I would know when to do it. I then wondered why I had not attempted to video myself back in May when all the amazing energy and channeling occurred? I suspect it is just this type of energy that will prompt a video to be made.

So what do you think? It is time to record videos?

Dream: Close Encounter

I had a very active night of dreams last night. One very long one I will recount because it relates to a message I received upon waking.

Dream: Close Encounter

This dream has many layers, so I will break it into its pieces so that it flows better.


I was standing inside a large auditorium. It was dark except for where I was focused. Instructions were being given by someone. I followed them.

I tapped the air in front of me and a holographic screen appeared. I was to put in a code in a certain sequence. I remember inputting the code into boxes. I wrote the numbers with my fingers on the screen. I remember the sequence was something like: 12479172179. I remember mostly knowing I had it out of sequence and being told by someone to put the one before the seven. I vividly saw the numbers as I squished the 1 before the 7 (the code above is the correct sequence).

The code was of the utmost importance. It was to reveal information that I needed to have to pass the exam. I copied and pasted the code I had just put in by putting the palm of my hand toward the screen and then closing it in a fist. Then I took it to another area to my right. I pushed my hand toward the empty air and a screen appeared. It was as if I flung the number sequence into the screen. When I did this, the screen accepted the code and pages of information appeared. I remember reading it closely. It was formatted like a website, with boxes of information. I recall two distinct boxes. They took up the entire main part of the screen. One box was a rose color and the other was white. The rose color was on the left. I also recall that the rest of the boxes were gold in color.

Wedding Gifts

Then I was inside a building. I think it was a school because that it how it felt and appeared. I walked down a long hallway toward a room and entered. I met up with a man there and remember that we discussed blindness. I have a faint recognition here that I was blind or had some kind of disability, though I do not recall that specifically.

People began to approach me talking about wedding gifts. I remember feeling irritated and rejecting the idea of marriage. I had a memory from this lifetime that I think got confused with the dream. In that memory I relived a conflict with myself that I had when I was suppose to marry a friend. I could not resolve the conflict in life, and was reminded of that. That conflict was between the spiritual side of myself and the side focused on mundane, “normal” life.


I turned around and the classroom vanished. In front of me were sitting several individuals. They were at a rectangular table. On one end of the table was a cornucopia of fruits and vegetable. Then I noticed that two of the individuals were eating vegetables. The one I noticed first, a man, was eating a red bell pepper. The other one was eating a raw zucchini squash.

I said to them, “It will be so great to have a garden again! We will have more zucchini’s than you can eat. This time I won’t be the only one tending it!”. I was truly excited, too.

inverted rectangular pyramid

Drawing of the UFO viewed from underneath. It was very long. Imagine this shape as completely silver in color without any seams or indications of openings. Very smooth and shiny, like a bar of silver.

Close Encounter

Then I was standing beside a very large wheat field. The wheat was long dried up and dead. It spread out for as far as I could see. I walked and talked at the same time, discussing how the field would be plowed and the dead wheat replaced with fresh, new seedlings. I was very excited at the idea.

In my giddiness, I looked up into the sky. To my surprise, I saw a very, very large space craft gliding silently across the sky. What is odd is it did not leave a shadow!

The craft had to be miles long and it was rectangular in shape. The bottom of it came down in a triangular shape that was cut off, kind of like a pyramid without a tip. It was silver in color and reminded me of a silver bar. It had no windows or openings that I could see.

I yelled out, “Do you see it? Do you see it? Someone get their phone!”

A person came out with a cell phone to take a picture of the craft while I continued to stare at it in awe. I had a strange feeling in my throat – the feeling of fear rising up and getting stuck there. It was like I had a knot in my throat. Yet I do not remember feeling scared, more like surprised and wondering what would happen next. The fear was the fear of the unknown, or perhaps the knowing but not wanting to know.

As the craft moved along, I saw what looked like colorful bubbles floating alongside it. Upon closer inspection I recognized them to be blimps and hot air balloons. I remember wondering why they would be following this craft. Was this our government’s way of getting close without being detected? Or were they just curious individuals getting a closer look?

The last part of the dream was that the person taking the video and pictures of the craft had their phone confiscated by the government. They put the contents into a news release along with other “phony” UFO sightings. I remember that the only footage they released of the craft appeared more like a shadow than the real thing.

A Voice and a Lesson

This has been an interesting day. It has really been pretty boring and mundane all in all…….except that I have had communication from my Team or someone from my Team most of the day. Along with this communication has come learning and information that was unexpected.

Lesson: Management of Thought

The day seems to have been an entire lesson on the workings of the human mind, or at least my human mind anyway.

It all began when a little voice interrupted my doubtful or negative thoughts. I recall the exact moment when I first recognized I was being spoken to. I had considered just selling all of my sewing kits and then throwing in the towel. “It’s too much work” was the last thing I thought.

The voice said, “Follow it through. Remember your intention (memory triggered) and go there. Persistence. Be the moment”.

Silence followed as I absorbed what I was told and recalled the image in my mind from the exact moment when I had the idea to start my business. This “image” was important. I needed to continually refer to that memory and then let it be the last thing I think about, tossing out all doubts and disappointments.

There was more. I was told to push past the pitfalls. Nothing is accomplished without a little elbow grease. Greatness is achieved not by those who know all but by those who seek to know what they do not.

I was reminded of Abraham Lincoln specifically. Try, try, try again. Build upon the knowledge you gain. Push past the failures. Ride over the bumps.

Throughout the day, I kept wanting to go back to the dismal thinking, the “woe-is-me” attitude. I honestly don’t know why I kept doing this. I was told it was because I thought it was what I was suppose to do. Interesting.

This continued on and off all day. The more it happened, the less I fell into the depressing, defeatist views and the more I focused on the moment.

When I noticed my mind was clearing, I heard the voice again. “Imagine complete clarity”. He let it settle in. It was hard to imagine but I think I got the gist of it. He continued saying, “That is how you will be”.

Now that I have time to reflect on today, I recognize that I was being taught about how my mind works and how to control it. I was being shown how to manifest by focusing back on my original intent rather than allowing myself to go off the path into doubt and fear. In the moments when I was being spoken to, I felt as both the experiencer and the observer at the same time. Very similar to some of my OBEs.

The Voice

There was always a feeling that accompanied this voice. The feeling was similar to how a student feels when their teacher is asking them questions in front of the class or teaching them something one-on-one. But it was not a feeling of subservience or of being any less than the teacher. It was more of a reverence; an understanding that I was hearing wisdom and needed to absorb as much of it as I could.

When I asked who the voice was, I got a very complicated name that I have lost now. It was definitely not a name I have ever heard in this life. What is funny is that as soon as I heard it I said, “Oh yeah. I’ll never get that one”. I knew it was pointless to even try to remember it. So I didn’t.

Regardless of who this voice belongs to, I know he is male and I know that he is one of my mentors. The sense I got was that he has come ahead of something else – as if he is preparing me for something that is to come. The closest thing to the feeling I got with him around me was from this past May. I have been asking for that to return. Perhaps something like it is coming?

And he is still here, though currently much more silent. His arrival was preceded by strong crown chakra this morning. This is also similar to how things began in May.

New Awareness – Embracing Multiple Me’s

Last night I once again did the pyramid visualization meditation before bed. This time, however, the pyramid began to spin very quickly to the right. I did not intend this, just saw it happening. It then slowed and I began to drift into the in-between.

New Awareness

I don’t know what I did in the in-between. It is like I have amnesia. I recall pictures and conversations occurring, similar to a light dream state, but that is all. What I do remember is suddenly opening my eyes and coming back to full awareness. When I did this I felt energy come in from both my left and my right. What is crazy about this is that I recognized the energy as me. In fact, I recognized it as distinct pieces of me coming in from somewhere outside of me.

At first I was nervous about it because the energy was so intense. When it returned to me it felt like it added something to me; like I grew larger because of it, but not in a bad way. The thought crossed my mind that I had just taken on another Spirit; that Spirit was piggybacking on me. Yet there was a calmness that remained with me and those thoughts just dissolved as if they were “nothing of note”.

It was then that I Remembered, or maybe I was told and it seemed like a memory, that I had been practicing in previous nights over the last week or so how to control my energy, or “essence” may be a better word. It is complex and something far above my human comprehension, but it is something my heart understands. In fact, when I Remembered these “sessions” I felt assured that whatever I just experienced was not to be feared but to be embraced. I was re-learning an important skill that had been lost.

The feeling of being “broken up” and then reconstituted was the beginning stages of these lessons. Now instead of feeling hundreds of pieces I feel only a few. What is most interesting is that in these few I recognized them to all be me. It was like I could transfer into any of them and have a different perspective, similar to the OBE where I met myself and did exactly that.

Visions and Dreams

In my sleep and in-between states after that I received messages, some not so good by the looks of them.


In one in-between flash of a vision, I was presented with a long list. The top of the list had the title, “Recruits”. As I read it, I woke fully from my reverie and was a bit startled. I had an instant memory of the messages I had received about there being spiritual soldiers sent to Earth to help. Was this that list of soldiers?

Burning Earth

I awoke from a disturbing semi-lucid dream. I clearly recall being embraced in silken-looking, translucent white wings or petals. They wrapped around me and I called them by a name which I cannot remember now. They were not connected to a person, but appeared to be part of a system of transport into space. In fact, I was floating in space and looking down at Earth. Except Earth was not its normal beautiful green and blue with swirls of white. No. This Earth appeared to be molten lava, a swirling mass of red and black. It was horrifying yet I was not horrified.

Rescue Capsule

I had a detailed dream in which I was a teacher with students. The students had discovered a room and gone into it without permission. I found them and went inside this room. Yet when I went inside, the room was not a room at all but a tall, cone-shaped capsule with stairs that spiraled upward. The student had gone up the stairs and I had to get them down. I explained that this capsule was only for use in emergencies. It was meant to evacuate and not a playground. I was very serious but the students were not.

I remember the capsule very clearly. It was made of a silver metal and there was paneling, some of which contained controls and buttons. I remember when I looked up the stairs that it was not time to go “up”, yet that going up those stairs meant freedom, or at least something better than what was down below.

butterflySo Many Questions

My third-eye continues to blaze, though not all day now. It seems to come on suddenly without warning, and then tones down.

There is also ear ringing that comes on suddenly as well. Last night I had ear ringing and distinctly felt the presence of Spirit to my left. She knelt down and put her hand on my left arm and asked, “Do you see me?” I told her, “No. I’m sorry. I can only feel you”. I did not try to continue the conversation for I was about to meditate and did not want the distraction.

All these strange changes and energy experiences have left me with so many questions. I don’t understand what is happening and I want to know. I ask questions in meditation and then I have the strange visions and dreams. I was told that I needed to be able to transfer 50% of myself into something, what it is I am not sure. I saw it, but forgot most of it as I became startled by it. However, this transfer of Self is why I am practicing the manipulation of my essence (can’t really adequately describe it).

I am surprised I have not convinced myself that I am crazy with all this going on. I am actually fascinated, especially by the experience I had last night of being three me’s all at once. It felt so natural and normal – yet it wasn’t, at least not to this part of me.

A Conversation with Robert

Yesterday, I kept thinking all day that I need to sit down and open up communication with my guide, but I couldn’t. My kids interrupt too much and I could not get my mind to settle. I’m thinking non-stop about my business and what I need to do. And when I’m not thinking about that, I am tending to my children’s needs and what I need to do for them.

Yet I knew that there needed to be a still time; a quiet time to Receive. I tried. Honestly I did, but when I did there was always an interruption. 😦

I knew that the information I was to receive was about the New human form. The human of the future. My curiosity was peaked.

When I read The Convoluted Universe Book 1 last night, it just so happened that the chapter I was reading was about this New human. It said the New human would not be physical like we are now, but we would have form and shape and be somewhat solid. Interesting.

A Conversation with Robert

Last night and this morning I was closely tended to by a guide I am not familiar with, at least not consciously. When I felt him last night, there came with him wave upon wave of loving energy. It came up from the base of my spine and then spread out with such a loving warmth that I could not ignore him or it.

When I awoke, he was there and very close. I could see him fairly clearly, especially his smile. And he radiated a feeling that made me smile. I cannot help but smile and almost giggle from his energy. It’s my favorite part about him.

He gave me a name – Robert – and I could not, still cannot, remember him no matter how hard I try. We talked for quite a while about the things that have been going on. He reminded me that everything I had been reading in the Convoluted Universe had already been given to me. I recognized this as true. This includes but is not limited to the information I have been given about “the end of times”, DNA alterations, merging with the Higher Self, ascension, the Shift, and even the ETs.

All of these things were written in the book but came after I had already received information. It is as if the book was meant to be confirmation of what I had received.

Yet it is still hard to believe and so I asked many questions of Robert. Who is he? Are the ETs real? Will there really be a New human, a New Earth, and a “rapture”?

His explanation of who he is makes sense. He said he is a part of me sent to assist me. He is me yet he is not. My Higher Self sent him to assist. He is my Remembering so to speak.

When I asked if the ETs are real, I hear they are but they aren’t. The not-realness has to do with them not being a part of this physical universe. Their realness is consciousness. Their involvement is via consciousness, via the part of us that is not physical. This is the best I can describe what I was given. I was asked in return, “Does it really matter who they are?”

And I replied, “No, it doesn’t”. And the subject was dropped.

When I asked about the New humans, I was told this is an evolutionary process. The information in the book I am reading is where we are headed, but it will take time and the process is much slower than the book relates. All matter of the physical universe is changing, evolving. This is the way it was meant to be. It was created to evolve.

The “rapture” is not as it is written in the Bible. It is not to occur at the physical level. It is a purely spiritual process, one that is individual.

The experiences I have brought back with me from my time OOB and in-between are symbolic representations of what has actually occurred. To see what truly occurred would be incomprehensible to the human mind. It must be surpassed to truly Know. Because of this, it is best to focus on the feeling of the experience rather than the symbolism.

We discussed at length my struggles in this life, specifically that it seems time goes by so slowly and it takes so long to get what I want. I wondered why it took me so long to get to this level of awareness, why did it take so many lives?

And with that last question I quickly reviewed my last three lives and saw very clearly that I was incorrect in thinking that I just now became aware. I have had the awareness, this connection with my Higher Self, much longer than just this life. It has always been there. And I saw it. I remembered it. I remember feeling the homesickness in my life in Mississippi as a black woman. I remember this awareness in my life in the Midwest when I was molested and emotionally abused by my father.

I remember this awareness in the very beginning of this life and I saw just how very different from my family I am. I was born into a family that is not mine in Spirit. I was born with awareness, with a deep connection to my Higher Self, to the All. They were not. No wonder I felt so different from them.

It made me sad but at the same time it humbled me. There is so much I do not know consciously, yet I can feel so much of what I know if I just tune in.

Robert continued to remind me of my progress. His smile and the feeling of joy that he brings is so lovely. I am grateful to have been given his assistance.