About Dayna

Welcome to my spiritual journey!

I was born to a Christian family and raised singing hymnals and listening to classical music. The middle daughter of three daughters, I spent most of my time left alone to wander the neighborhood and explore nature. My favorite things to do were to swim, get dirty, climb trees, play with frogs and crawdads, and sing.

I always had a vivid imagination and was in my own special world most of the time. I was told that I played with an imaginary friend when I was 2-3 years old, but I do not remember this. My mother told me that she and my older sister use to make fun of me and then one day my imaginary friend was gone. I also recall seeing vivid images in my mind whenever a story was told and being told how to handle things in my life by a voiceless voice, which I now know to be my Companion. I never really thought anything of this help or my visions but over time, after being told time and again that it was all my imagination, the visions and voice disappeared.

I graduated the first of my high school class and went off to college not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I met my first husband around this time and we were married during my second year in college. I graduated two years later with a degree in education and the social sciences while living in Montana. Afterward, we moved even farther north to Alaska and I suffered greatly from this experience. The isolation, darkness and loneliness caused me to have a near mental breakdown. It was during this time in my life that the voice returned and told me, “Get out now!” as I woke from my sleep. I did not hesitate to listen to it and left a week later never to return.

I returned home and found a job not long after. The next Spring I met a coworker who introduced me to Sylvia Browne books and I borrowed one to read. There was a meditation in one that I did on a whim. I was surprised by an intense emotional and spiritual experience in which my deceased father communicated with me. I became obsessed with what occurred and continued to meditate in search of similar experiences. That is when I met my Companion and my entire life changed. I suddenly had spiritual abilities I never knew I had. I also had intense spiritual experiences and knowingness that often scared me. I quit my job, unable to focus upon it anymore and finding my abilities conflicting with my responsibilities.

For four years after that I struggled with my new abilities and perception of the world. I went through a dark night of the soul, had kundalini energy fluctuations, learned Reiki, met many others similar to myself and learned many hard lessons along the way. Ultimately, I decided to give up on using my spiritual gifts and returned back to my mundane world activities. When I did this, I was soon united with my current husband and we began our family immediately.

Currently I have three children and work part-time from home so that I can spend more time with them. I received my Master’s degree in counseling during the short reprieve between baby 2 and 3, but the seven years since I gave up my spiritual practices left me feeling empty inside despite all the joys and events that occurred in those 7 years. It has only been recently that I have reconnected with my guides and Companion and my journey has picked up where I left it back in 2007. I have been experiencing kundalini energy and am told I am undergoing a “merging” process with my Companion. This is also known as “ascension” and it seems that the entire world is now going through it with me. I am grateful that now I do not feel so alone in my journey as back in 2003 the word ascension was not so well known.

I do not know where my journey is going but I have been encouraged to keep writing my experiences so that others who are on a similar journey do not feel alone. There is nothing worse than going through a spiritual awakening all alone. Even if one has strong connections to their guides the journey is very demanding and emotionally and mentally destructive. To have support and know that others are experiencing similar changes may be all that keeps someone from going over the edge.

Photo credit: Oil painting of me and my daughter, 2008, by my husband

16 thoughts on “About Dayna

  1. doriandean says:

    Hi! We nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award because of your inspirational posts. We enjoy reading and following you. πŸ™‚


    XO, Dorian and her Mama

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Wow. Thank you! I will definitely follow up on this. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

      • doriandean says:

        No rush and no worries! πŸ™‚ Take care.


      • Tammy9thdimench says:

        I just found your page.. Wow, what an amazing translator of light you are!!!!!
        I’ve been in the same astral dimension space for ages, as if it is an actual town, island world place with a roller coaster and boardwalks and a mall ect. Before I go to sleep I start having visions of this town, feeling like I’m being called there, or already starting to transition to me there.
        I have met beings in this town and they are smaller and move fast like real fast.
        Anyway your blog is great!! And I hope I can connect to u in the astral!! I’m in Australia by the way…
        Also I had meetings with tall white beings with 4 dark eyes. πŸ™‚
        Yay love x

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      • Dayna says:

        Thanks so much, Tammy. Maybe we will meet up in astral – or may have already. πŸ˜‰


  2. Great to meet a fellow blogger who is also in tune with the spirit world.

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  3. daynaspirit says:

    Likewise! Thank you so much for dropping by.

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  4. The journey is a little testing to say the least. But the outcome is such a beautiful place. And much joy, peace and an appreciation of everything is made because of the journey to get there.
    If we were just given something it has no meaning because nothing is gained by that interaction. This way we learn so many things within us, those emotional connections that create the love that is the balance in what we are.
    Enjoy the journey. Mark

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  5. daynaspirit says:

    Thank you, Mark. I agree. The journey has been a wild one and I look forward to more adventures. πŸ™‚


  6. Gia says:

    Dayna – glad I “found you again” – somehow the link from your gravatar (when you posted on my blog) led me to a site of yours that’s basically empty. Just wanted to inform you. May not be what you intended. Perhaps you need to “re”-link it?
    Glad I had some time this morning to read more of your posts and see many similarites of how we experience the “Spirit world”, the Metaphysical. I’ve been searching for people who know what I am talking about because they’ve had the same “weird things” going on….people aside from my husband, that is.
    Here is one! Yay. Glad I found you

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      Sorry about that Gia but I have been editing that site so it seems empty right now. I will get around to putting the content up in time.

      I would love to hear some of your experiences sometime. Send me an email or friend me on FB and we can chat sometime. πŸ™‚


  7. What a wonderful journey… and being imaginative will take us all everywhere. Barbara x

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  8. litebeing says:

    came by to see the art. Really trippy, I loooooooooove it! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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