Stepping Up…for Real This Time

These requests come from within only every once in a while. I’ve felt them a few times but I can’t say I have answered the Call the way I should. I feel that I have fallen short each time, never quite fully devoted to what I signed up for.

My dreams are indicating it is time to shift from healing self to healing humanity; from individualized healing to universal/collective healing. Messages and syncs line up with this message as well. Time to grow. Time to expand.

Of course, healing self is healing humanity, but this is at the micro level really. We can only spend so much time on the self. Eventually we have to step beyond the ME to the US.

The messages come through in my dreams as me being encouraged to renovate another house, one that is not mine (as in my own self/path) but one that is shared – a communal  living situation (Earth/Humanity/the Collective). I am resistant, however, citing all sorts of reasons, primarily my children, for why I have been absent from the community for so long. It is my Home after all, but I stay away, clinging to my lingering attachments and responsibilities. The message that assisting the collective is also assisting my family seems to go completely over my head. I am hesitant and overly concerned about losing that which I have created in this lifetime.

But mostly there is a sense of the unknown and the typical fear that goes with it. The growth ahead is magnificent beyond compare. There is freedom written all over it. But do I really want that kind of freedom? At what cost?

The word “maturity” has been an almost constant for me as well. Anytime I seek to explain the transformation I recently went through – my own personal “event” –  the word “mature” comes to mind as a descriptor. My guidance doesn’t tell me this….I KNOW it. Yet what does it even mean? That I was a baby and now I’m “all grown up?”

The symbolism was present prior to the “event” – a bird being kicked out of the nest, forced to use it’s wings to fly; the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, wings still wet and unable yet to fly, patiently waiting for the right moment to take flight. These symbols stating unequivocally that at some point I would have to fly and no one was going to help me – no one could.  I have within me the means, the instinct (intuition) to fly, I just need to Remember it.

For days now I have awakened to a song. Only recently did I take the time to really inspect the lyrics to find out what it was telling me.

At first I thought the song was describing a relationship dilemma. Then, I thought perhaps it was about my Higher Self asking me to not ignore my relationship with mySelf. But now, I realize the message is much more than that. It goes beyond me, myself and I. It asks me to embrace the greater connection, the connection with ALL that IS; thus embracing my connection as being One with humanity, with the collective, with everyone and everything.

Only this morning did I contact the fear that is linked to my resistance. The fear is that I will be devoured by the connection to Source, to cease to exist as Me somehow. Ego is still there, clinging to the last remnants of what makes me, me. Separation, individuality, is familiar and comfortable. Safe.

There is also the fear of what it means to embrace the feeling. It is ginormous. It is compelling in its magnitude. To accept it means I no longer live in a bubble, inside my little me world, ignoring the We world.

My dreams also indicate that I am listening. The hesitation will not be long-lasting. I know what awaits me. I’ve been there. Jumped in head first. I only hesitate because I am aware of my very human tendencies that seek pleasure over pain. My fear stems from worry that I will fall prey to those tendencies again and be unable to control myself. My past experiences say, “Don’t go there. Remember what happened?”

My heart says this will be different. How? I’m unsure but I touched on the difference for only a moment this morning before my human alarms went off, pulling me out of the dreamstate in a panicked frenzy of, “Oh no you don’t!” lol The Kundalini stirring in ways unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time. But the peace, the utter bliss of connection very obvious. The message clear, “Trust. Love. Acceptance. Warmth” and most of all “Peace.”

How I can go from full acceptance to resistance almost over night is beyond me but I know it is purposeful. I need to observe this part of myself right now. I need to see the remaining resistance so that I can Love and accept it, pull it close and hug it away. But most of all, I need to accept that this Universal Love is real and goes beyond just one connection or two. It is ALL connection and we don’t just reserve it for a special few. Until I can embrace this reality, I cannot fulfill my mission. Humanity is shifting and I must shift with it. One day we will all feel connected to each other like I am now feeling connected to a mere few.

To give you an idea of what I mean, I will share a vision I received a couple of weeks ago. I was considering my past “addiction” to cigarettes and realized it was not the nicotine that kept me smoking but the consideration that in some messed up way smoking equated to feeling a connection to others; a belonging that I didn’t feel otherwise. Because when I smoked it was in social situations, when I felt accepted and part of a group even if only for a moment.

I was able to see also how all those who smoked with me felt like me. Separate. Alone. Seeking but unable to find. How similar we all are, I thought.

Then I was shown how this looked from a Higher perspective. I saw millions of pupa-looking cocoons each representing humans. Each pupa was surrounded in a shell separating them from the others. They were right next to each other but never could sense the other because their protective shells kept them apart.

Then a “wave” came over them and their shells burst open at the tops. Suddenly, everyone of them could sense the other. Their separation ended. Each could feel and sense the other as if they were them. They became as One but also separate. This, I was told, is what is happening to humanity. It is beyond telepathy. It is Oneness.

It’s the start of us, waking up, come on
Are you ready? I’ll be ready
I don’t want control, I want to let go
Are you ready? I’ll be ready
Cause now it’s time to let them know
We are ready



Repressed Issues Resurface for Resolution

Another dream to recount, this time a lucid to almost OBE. 🙂

The dream took place in two bedrooms and a bathroom attached to a college/university. The bedrooms and bathroom seemed to be living quarters or a house. Symbolically, I find this significant as houses/bedrooms represent the Self and the private self respectively. Therefore, the dream indicates the classroom or lesson is taking place within the Self and private self. 🙂

For most of the dream I was struggling to stay awake. I felt extremely sleepy and kept stopping to snooze in various places. I also recall putting something over my eyes, like a sleep mask or my hand, almost as if I was shielding myself from the light. There was no light, however, as the entire dream took place in low light.

Anyway, within the bedroom I was laying on a large, white bed and struggling to wake up. I knew it was time for my “class” and I needed to prepare or I would be late again. Someone was with me, a male colleague/partner, encouraging me to wake up and being very supportive. What is strange is that the bedroom was within an office that was also a classroom. It felt like my space as well as the space of my male colleague – as if we shared this bedroom/office/classroom.

There is much lost conversation here as I kept losing and gaining lucidity. The tired feeling is most prominent. I felt really heavy with sleep and though I felt the urge to get up and get going I was unable to follow through for very long.

What I recall next is the discussion about my next class – 2nd period (9am) – and remembering it was my math class, the one from previous dreams that I am having to retake because I kept skipping class. I knew I couldn’t miss another class yet kept telling myself I could miss just one day and make it up. I remembering rationalizing with, “I can get the assignment from a classmate. I’m sure it isn’t much.” In my mind I saw the assignment as one page of problems but my memory of them is odd. They didn’t look like math problems but instead like code of some sort. What I remember most is what reminds me of a letter “Q” but it wasn’t from our alphabet.

The thought of missing my math class motivated me enough to get me moving. I went outside into the hallway to head to my math class. My lucidity was strong enough that I recognized I was dreaming and immediately took flight up and over the heads of all the people in the hall. Down below me I could see children of various ages intermixed with adults. Some looked up at me in awe while others were oblivious to me. It was a thrill to know I could be seen and I communicated with those who could see me. One little boy was staring and an adult woman looked but then pretended I wasn’t there. I said to her, “I know you can see me!” LOL My thoughts at the time were that these individuals were like me and could “see” what others could not.

Somehow I ended up back in a bedroom/office/classroom but not the one I started out in. There was an entire backstory but I can’t remember it now. When I went into this room I realized it wasn’t mine and backed out, noting that no one was there. I commented to my male colleague who was still with me that the teacher who occupied it was not like me. His students were allowed to mess up the room and leave it that way. I said I would not allow my students to do that. I remember staring at a student chair (the chairs were in rows like an auditorium setting) that had the stuffing picked out of it thinking I would never allow that. The feeling here was that where others saw disorder and chaos this “teacher” saw great potential and creativity.

I was directed to a tiny camera located in a black satchel on the floor. A video camera (reflection on past) was poking out. It was mentioned that the female agent it belonged to had defected but the camera was left on. The video footage could be of anything.

Somehow I ended up back in my bedroom/office/classroom and the video was discussed. The occupant of the other bedroom/office/classroom was on the video. For some reason I thought of him as homosexual. The video showed him having sex with my mother-in-law (unresolved issue). I reacted with disgust and it was abhorrent to me that anyone would have sexual relationship with her. lol

I opted to go to the bathroom (cleansing and renewal) at this time to finally get ready for my day. While inside I heard keys jingling and worried someone was about to come in but it was a man going into one of the bedroom/office/classrooms. Relieved, I stayed in the bathroom and attempted to put on my contacts (new vision) and wash (cleanse) my face (perception of self) but once again I got really tired to the point of falling asleep.

Again I found myself inside my bedroom/office/classroom. My colleague was with me and I was having a discussion with him while putting my hair up in a ponytail (casual and carefree attitude). My hair was thick making it difficult to get it put up. When I finally succeeded I had somehow woven a large braid (determination) into my hair.

A man entered the bedroom/office/classroom at this time and my colleague departed. The man was the man from the other bedroom/office/classroom, the one who I thought of as homosexual (union of aspects of self). He came up behind me and began to touch me, wrapping his arms around me and fondling my breasts. His intentions were clear. My reaction was neutral, though, with a hint of playful curiosity. There is memory that my colleague/partner and I had discussed allowing such play and so I did not feel any guilt whatsoever. I allowed the man to touch me but ignored him otherwise, continuing to get ready. My memory of the man is shifty but I recall seeing him as very effeminate. His skin was soft like mine and his demeanor very flowing and graceful.


When I woke from this dream I felt extremely groggy, like I had been drugged. I knew, though, that I had been OOB and also knew the dream was an attempt to get me to “see” something I am, for some reason, resistant to.

It is obvious to me that the two bedrooms are two different individuals. One is me and the other is “homosexual”. Homosexuality symbolizes union with aspects of self, typically of the masculine and feminine. So this individual is Whole and balanced. The bathroom is, of course, cleansing and renewal, and is located between the two bedroom/office/classrooms. The combination of bedroom with office and classroom suggests there exists within me (bedroom) great potential (office) for learning (classroom).

Based upon some recent, personal life events I suspect that I am being asked to confront lingering sexual beliefs and issues. Since the “event” in February I seem to have “plunged” into (as if diving head first into water) Ego-related tendencies and beliefs that need resolution. These are being brought to my attention in various ways. I have suddenly shifted from being comfortable with sex/passion to rejecting it to the point of numbness. This is a repeat of a previous time in my life and, thus, is reviving related issues. In the past, my body just did not respond to sex in a normal way and now this is recurring. It is like an internal connection had been cut. Sex is viewed as intrusive and degrading, the male gender as possessive and hungry. The tendency is avoidance and abstinence which it is not leading to resolution.


Additionally, two of the “new” chakras that I am now aware of are becoming more and more obvious. The “well of dreams” or “zeal point” chakra at the base of my neck has been painfully obvious since last Saturday. Mostly I hurt right at the base of my skull and there is no physical reason for it. The other chakra, located at the small of my back along my spine is also very active, but thankfully not in a painful way. It just feels like a ball of swirling, warm energy. When the warm energy is present the chakra at the base of my neck becomes warm as well, as if the two are communicating with each other, and the pain is relieved.

There is also a point just below my crown at the back of my head that is buzzing with energy. In fact, it is doing so right now. At times my entire head feels alive with energy that shifts from one area to another as if syncing. Back of head, side of head, third-eye, and then back again.

The pain I am feeling in the zeal chakra is likely a result of clearing of the lingering sexual issues and beliefs that need resolution. These issues do not feel to be mine anymore as I feel a disconnect from them for the most part. However, the more I delve into them, the more I begin to “own” them.

There is no fear of this clearing process and my dreams suggest I am seeking more awareness of these lingering issues in order to resolve them. I just wish the pain at the base of my skull would cease. It is unpleasant but bearable. I have never had pain in this area until this year. Thankfully, it is not restrictive nor does it give me a headache or any other issues.


Dreams and Cosmic Crossroad

I’ve not been documenting many dreams lately because: 1. I am not remembering them and 2. I’ve not felt the urge/need when I do remember them. Since last weekend, however, my dreams have revved up and are becoming somewhat insightful/prophetic, at least for me. Add the continued increase in synchronicity and there is no ignoring the messages.

Dream: I’m Going to Marry Him

I recall walking outside near a road near my childhood home. There was a whole section of dream about “special” individuals who had spiritual gifts. I was one of them and so was another woman. We were staying together to learn how to use our gifts.

The main part I remember is when I was outside and saw a man with a shovel (insight, understanding of new Self) digging up a section of the land. I was helping I think. We uncovered a wide, white sidewalk (steady progress/direction in life) that stretched the length of the property. I remember seeing the man and recognizing him. He looked like the Hindu man from an early Kundalini dream where we attended a Hindu engagement ceremony. When I saw the man I was not physically attracted to him at all. He was older with deeply etched wrinkles on his face. As I watched him and contemplated my feelings toward him I reminded myself that looks were unimportant and feeling is what mattered. I did have a connection to him, an attraction, and as I watched him I remember saying, “I’m going to marry him.”

The dream ended with me looking at the white sidewalk and noting how very long it was. I saw another sidewalk parallel to it on my left that was only halfway uncovered. There was information being passed on at this time but I don’t remember it now.

Dream: Avoiding a Procedure

In this dream I was heading to a place that felt “good” over all. I was walking along the road to it and encountered a stop or intersection. There was a couple (relationship) in a truck (work) with two large dogs (protection). The dogs were romping around and I happily interacted with them feeling carefree and happy.

There was an old man (masculine aspect) on the side of the road wearing a backpack (decisions/responsibilities). His hair was white with streaks of gray and he was probably in his 60’s. The couple and I spoke to him. He said he had come to visit and never left and that was back in 1967. He mentioned he was from Virginia. I said something like, “It’s cold there this time of year, so it’s good you’re here.”

The couple left the truck and I sat inside with their full grown mentally retarded son (aspect that is feeling left out) who was tracing letters on a paper with a round object. He was doing well and I complimented him on it. The son sometimes looked full grown and other times like a boy. I remember singing a song, I think it was, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” The boy and I sang it for a while, laughing as we tried to remember the correct words.

Eventually, I was inside a “hospital” (healing) setting where others were also. Again, we were spiritually gifted and there to help better understand the process. It felt like we were “test subjects” and I remember it being an honor. There were beds and televisions arranged along the walls in a clinic-type setting. Everyone was nice and it was pleasant overall.

There was a dream within a dream type situation where I was in the hospital but there was a fence (barrier, feeling fenced in) along the side and beyond the fence was a dark (unknown) forest (subconscious). I peeked through and saw lights which illuminated a military (emotional repression) truck (work). In this part of the dream I was trying to escape (avoidance) for some reason. A man was with me helping me and asking me to pay attention to the lights (clarity, guidance, illumination). The lights would flash like fireworks and during this part of the dream I became very lucid, but it didn’t last.

Then I was coming back to the facility but when I got inside I found my family had all left me behind (feeling left out). In this case, family was my mom and sisters. I called my brother on the phone and asked him where they all were. He said they had all been released. I said, “Good, then I can come home. What happened?” He paused and told me, “I don’t know what I can tell you. I had to sign lots of confidentiality paperwork.” This concerned me. I kept saying, “I’m coming home.”

As I was leaving a nurse (need to take time to heal) stopped me and said, “You need to stop taking your vitamin A.” I said, “Sure. Okay. No problem. That’s easy.” Then she said, “The E, too.” She seemed really intense though and I felt more of a need to leave then ever.

When I got to the last door another nurse stopped me. She had in her hand what looked like a large turkey baster. She was putting on gloves and said, “One more thing before you go….” I took one look at her and knew where she intended to put the thing. I said, “I don’t think so” and began to try and find the fastest route out of there.

Two other nurses came and began to corner me. One was saying, “Don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Several times they had me and I got away, each time someone was saying something to me about how it was not that bad and I was making it out to be worse than it was. There were even “family members” telling me I had to do it and there was no avoiding it. All I could think of was how they wanted to stick that huge object where the sun don’t shine and that didn’t seem like fun to me. It seemed like they were going to give me an enima with it.

I managed to get out and sprinted past the truck from earlier in the dream and into a parking area where I saw a police car (seeking assistance). Thinking I could get help, I jumped inside the car. The police officer looked like a deer in headlights and didn’t move to help or anything. He shrunk up against the side of the car letting my pursuers get past him. I grabbed a tiny pistol (feeling defensive) the officer had in the car and aimed it at the nurses warning them I would shoot if I had to. At this point I was feeling that if they got me I was a goner. In my mind I was set against going with them at all costs but not sure why. It seemed like it was life or death for some reason.

I climbed out the other side of the car but the nurses had caught up to me, all of them dressed in their white lab coats which made them look sinister for some reason. I aimed the pistol and shot but all that came out was a tiny, “pffft” and a small cloud of smoke. The gun was worthless! My pursuers got hold of me, one on each arm and the other grabbed my legs.  They dragged me back to the facility. The dream ended there.

When I woke up I was startled and wondering why I was so resistant in the dream. It felt like an ET-type dream where I was going to get some adjustments done. Usually I am very friendly and amicable about such situations.

Not long after I woke, I remember hearing a conversation in the in-between but can’t recall it now except for me saying “Only four” as in a number of spots.


Though the above dreams may not seem like much they come after several Kundalini and Kundalini-related dreams that I have not documented in this blog. To summarize, the Kundalini has been showing up in my dreams in a very obvious way. The first time it was welcomed but in the others I purposefully avoided it even after some prodding by dream characters. I’m not sure why I am avoidant, either. I thought I got past that long ago? Perhaps I just don’t want to go down that road again? Likely as that does not appeal to me. If someone were to offer me the powerfully attractive, blissgasm of the Kundalini right now I would say, “Nah. I’m good.” LOL

The first dream above is reminiscent of dreams I had prior to some major Kundalini episodes back in 2015-2016. The man was the exact same man. Who he is, I have no clue. Maybe just a representation of my masculine Self. He is plain looking with dark hair and medium skin tone and has a very Indian look about him. I suspect his reappearance has to do with yet another “clearing” by my friend the Kundalini.

My guess on the second dream is that I am witnessing the last remnants of my Ego trying desperately to hold onto what she can but not putting up much of a fight (thus the tiny, impotent pistol).


One more thing I meant to mention. Last Friday/Saturday we came to a “cosmic crossroads” so to speak – well some of us did, anyway. I received a heads up prior to Friday in a dream and later was shown a wall sliding across my line of sight,  representing an impenetrable wall sealing the path behind me. I was told, “When one door closes, another opens.” That same day I ran into a blog post mentioning the 21st as a “point of no return” and then the next day another post citing the astrological significance of last weekend leading to us recognizing  life’s “dead ends” and taking a new path forward.




I know I have not written much on my personal spiritual journey for a long while, other than to post an OBE or two. Spiritual experiences continue, but are unclear initially and need much processing. Plus, I am observing the impermanence of experience and waiting for information to process – to solidify – before I share it. This goes against the grain of my previous personality, I know. Rest assured, the part of me that wishes to blurt out everything I experience is still here but has learned to stand down and allow the process to unfold. There is much wisdom to be found in patient observation. Patient – also a word that I would normally not use to describe myself. 🙂

This morning when I woke I had clarity where there has been none for quite a few weeks. Mercury retrograde threw me into the mind more than the norm and, thus, made it difficult for me to feel through situations as they arose. Thankfully, the incidents during retrograde were mostly minor in nature – a broken Smart TV and stove burner ignition – along with other materially-oriented irritations and annoyances. Anything material/physical was really pushing my buttons during the retrograde. Thankfully, it is over now.

I have been receiving messages for some time now about “the Event” everyone has been talking about. Honestly, I have not read anything online about it and other than my own, personal “event”, have not sought out any information. Regardless, my guidance has been nudging me toward understanding and provided some insight.


This morning a discussion was on-going but I only got a glimpse of the end of it. I was reminded of a friend of my sister’s who I also knew. His name was Wesley and he was a wild, free-spirit young man who had many inner demons he was avoiding confronting. He avoided them by taking drugs of all kinds and drinking alcohol. It was obvious he was an alcoholic and very self-destructive. It was as if he was out to kill himself via drugs/alcohol. In the time I knew him I witnessed his behavior and even one time passed on a message to him from his father who had died when he was younger. He was so overwhelmed by my message that he began to ask me how I knew and proclaimed my gift must be made up, composed of guesses that just happened to be truth. It deeply affected him, I could tell. Later that night he snorted cocaine and was wilder than ever.

I remember my sister telling me several years later of a horrible accident. Wesley had been on an island vacation partying as was his style. He was up on the fourth floor of the hotel, sitting on the railing and suddenly fell backward and over the rails. He ended up landing on a fence below, breaking his back and nearly dying. He ended up a quadriplegic, unable to move anything but his head.

Afterward, he fell into a deep depression. His girlfriend at the time ended up sticking by his side, dedicated to him to the point of marrying him post-accident. The last I heard he had regained use of his arms and was happily married and doing well despite his disability.

In remembering this man’s story I thought that he had been forced to confront his demons via life events. He was drunk and high when he fell and broke his back. The accident forced him to awaken to that which he was trying so desperately not to see. He followed the path of sobriety later and as a result the path of healing. I do not know how he is today but I feel that he is much wiser and more appreciative of life now.

A message I received from my guidance related to Wesley’s story was that sometimes, when we refuse to wake up to something, we have to force ourselves to awaken so that we see what it is that we need to see. In these instances a traumatic life event often is the “force” that awakens us.

My guidance and I discussed the trauma happening worldwide to wake up portions of the population. This goes hand-in-hand with a feeling I have been having about the collective. It seems that in order for collective humanity to wake up, something traumatic must occur. I sensed that there would be more trauma worldwide in the coming years last night. I remember thinking, “Apocalypse?” I heard back, “Not that bad but things will get worse.”

For a very long while I have had a Knowing that part of humanity will ascend and part will not. It seems that this ascension is coming to a “T”. The more force/pressure there is, the more people will react. It is just part of the process and a necessary one.

Other experiences I’ve had indicate that some will “see” the process as it occurs and be aware of the split timelines as they occur, while others will not.


Our discussion then turned to my past experiences related to and a result of December 2015 – the ever-dreaded “twin flame”-type experience. Now, on the other side of such an experience, I have so much more perspective. I am able to see very clearly the true nature of such connections and the lessons they provide. The energy dynamics are especially obvious. Not only is there an unhealthy, obsessive need to connect and be with the other person but the imbalance created in the energy body in and of itself is phenomenal! It is a completely illogical process meant to thrust a person directly into full-awareness and confrontation of their inner demons. It is, in essence, a “traumatic” experience. 😉

I sensed through it all “this is not good for me” yet at the same time I knew it could teach me something and I chose to submit fully to the experience rather than resist it. This decision, as it turns out, was the right one.

Ultimately, the experience taught me about extremes and how to choose the middle path of balance. Duality is all about extremes and the best way to navigate through it is to seek the middle road – the path of balancing those extreme energies – or as my guidance says, “Follow the 8 winds”. In the end, the only way to recover from the “twin flame” experience was to surrender fully to it.

I think what most people don’t get, because I didn’t get it, is the act of surrender and what it truly consists of. It is not “giving up” or “giving in”. The very act of giving up implies that you “lose” something, that you are “wrong” or made a “mistake”. This consideration in and of itself will prevent full surrender from ever occurring. Surrender doesn’t mean you lose or fail. Surrender means you are seeking to be one with the experience. When you can do this, you have entered into- merged with – full acceptance.

The tendency is to approach surrender from the mind – to mentally “surrender” via affirmations or decisions to surrender or let go. This doesn’t work. True surrender doesn’t occur via the mind. Mental constructs only serve to build up resistance. Construct = construction = build up. We need to tear down, de-construct. It is all via feeling, via our energy, that progress is made. The mind is just an afterthought and distraction.

I cannot put into words what complete surrender is other than what I wrote above. It just IS and until you experience it for yourself you will not fully grock it. The feeling of it, when it occurs, is peaceful and flowing. There is absolutely no resistance. The energy body becomes relaxed and fully open and receptive. It is a full energetic body experience. There is no rigidity to the experience whatsoever. You would be completely happy existing within that state for eternity, even when it is something that your human self would reject completely. Because as Spirit, all states of existence are equal.

Get it?

Only when you fully embrace it will you be freed of it.

This is why traumatic experiences are often the ones that have the most lasting effects upon us while in the physical body. We resist so intensely things we see as “bad” that we must be thrust directly into them against our will to finally recognize their “badness” is not so bad. And if we really allow the experience then the “bad” definition vanishes and it just IS.

The same goes for the “good”, sought-after experiences. We recognize the experience just IS, do not attach and cling, and can experience it in the moment without worrying about the loss of it being replaced by the “bad”. We realize that within the realm of Time, nothing lasts but that everything is also everlasting. We are guaranteed the experience again – good or bad.

It is being “present” but as a Beingness…….it is a presence we take on – an energy we embody and carry with us. This is brought to us by our Higher Selves during the ascension process. The more of our HS we take in, the more we Be-come and the easier it is to remain balanced between the extremes of this dualistic reality/experience. We bring into Time the memory and Being-ness of timelessness.

It is the only way to ascend. There is no other path but right through the middle.

In regards to worldwide ascension, all of the above applies. Everyone will have to, at one point or another, learn the lesson of surrender. Whether they need one or many “traumatic” experiences is up to the individual. Some will be resistant and stay on repeat until either they complete and ascend or they complete in other ways (remain in the 3D loop to try again in another life).

The analogy of the funnel can be used to describe the process. We have been traveling down the funnel for a while now as is part of the evolutionary path of this planet. As we enter the narrowest part of the funnel and transfer through to the other side, the pummeling intensifies. Thus, “traumatic” events intensify in both quantity and quality. This will not only be noticed in individual experiences but also worldwide. The moment of the “event” is when the narrowest portion of the funnel is surpassed and the other side is reached.

Much love to you all on your journey through the funnel. Think of it as a waterslide. Throw your hands up over your head, scream at the top of your lungs, and take the plunge.



Lucid to OBE and OBE

I’ve not been focused on my dreamtime of late but this morning was blessed with 2 experiences I wish to document.

Lucid to OBE: Map and $10

The dream seemed to suddenly “begin” the moment I gained lucidity. I cannot remember much before except flashes of images and a few strange interactions. The moment of lucidity came as we – my family and I – approached a house in the city. The unknown city was very large, with buildings that reached toward the sky, their tops lost in the clouds.

The house itself was quaint with apparent renovations (new perspective needed) to the side entry. Two sets of different double doors had been sealed (opportunity missed/denied). I remember wondering why they would do such a thing. A house needed more than one entry/exit and they had left only the front entry.

Once inside I saw a very modern house and commented on how impressed I was at its open layout. There was a dark haired woman inside who thanked me. She had an older woman – her mother – with her.

We had come to the house because my husband wanted to meet the lady that lived there. She ushered us in the the kitchen and showed us a wall covered in magnets. The magnets (the bond of personal relationships) were all decorated with various feathers (warmth, comfort) of many sizes and shapes. I remember thinking, “He came here to look at feather magnets?” I remember having an internal discussion about the futility of feather magnets and being a tad jealous that this woman seemed to be able to make a living selling them. How was that even possible?

Bored, I looked around the house and at the layout. The livingroom and dining area were open to one another but extended into another section where the kitchen was located. There were three rooms I could see from where I was standing but one bedroom (personal self, private self) was open to the kitchen (inner transformation), which I thought was a major design flaw. In my mind I imagined how I would correct the flaw, putting a wall (block) between the kitchen and bedroom.

I wandered to another window and noticed I could see rooftops (barrier between two states of consciousness) for miles. I thought it a sad sight. Who wants rooftops as their window view?

I noticed the mother of the lady who owned the house was laying on the sofa trying to sleep. She asked me to get her medicine and the lady of the house said she would handle it but scolded me for waking up her mother.

As my husband, my mom and the woman continued to talk I grew bored and wandered to the living room window to look outside. There I saw a three-car pile-up in the busy street outside (something is holding me back). Upon closer inspection I realized it was just two cars. One, a white truck (spiritual work), had a small, red (root chakra, passion, sexuality) trailer (carrying a burden) attached to the end and a woman (me?) was curled up inside it. I watched as the cars slowly drove away stuck together end-to-end.


Somehow I had transported outside to the road and soon realized I was floating. I saw a one-way street filled with cars at rush hour. I was face-to-face with an older model white Cadillac (success). I saw one open lane and flew up and threw it going the opposite direction of the cars.

I then became thoughtful of my circumstances. I remember thinking, “I left my body somewhere. Where is my body?” Rather than get caught up in worry over it, though, I realized my body was likely safe and secure and that I needn’t bother looking for it. I figured I would find it at some point. I decided I could get a better view of my location if I were higher up. So, I floated up slowly to gain perspective of my situation.

As I lifted up I felt a surge of child-like joy. The city I was in was massive and seemed to have no end. It was night and the sky was extremely cloudy.

I flew along for a short while and encountered a piece of paper folded tightly. It seemed to be a note to me. I unfolded it, still hovering mid-air, and looked inside. There seemed to be a portion of ripped paper. Inspecting it, I realized it was a map of the city. Something was written on it and I focused to read it. I did read it but can’t remember the message now. Since it had been ripped there was only a small, rectangular portion so I could not decipher the map itself (still looking for myself).

Behind the map was a larger folded object. It was velvety feeling and when I unfolded it, it turned out to be an oversized 10 (closure, great gains, strength) dollar bill (success). I could see it with perfect detail and marveled at the velvety (emotion) feel of it. I knew it was for me, a message of some kind, and tucked it into my left pants pocket along with the map.

My lucidity shifted me back to my sleeping body for a moment but I returned to the scene promptly.

Celtic Tree of Life White Vinyl Window Sticker Decal Car Wall Irish | eBayOBE: Wegman’s

I was hovering over the city and saw the small white car my family and I had arrived it driving away from me. A thought crossed my mind that my family was leaving me behind and I needed to follow them. They were going so fast and I seemed to far away. I remembered that all I had to do was focus my thoughts on the car and I would instantly be there. Happy that it was so easy and effortless I opted to just go with the flow.

I lifted up and flew over the city for a while. I began to sing a song but can’t remember the melody or words now. The feeling of child-like joy is the main memory I have of this time. Below me I could see the city streets and buildings. I seemed to be pulled upward as if by a large magnet but there was no fear of being pulled into space even though the intensity of the pull was increasing.

The speed increased as well and I moved so fast the city was a blur beneath me. The sky was still cloudy and dark but my vision was good. Below me a shape began to take form. It looked like a giant, metal tree composed of loops and shapes. It was a Celtic Tree of Life! It was massive and I laughed with glee as I grabbed hold of one of the metal branch loops marveling at its beauty. I remember knowing it was part of a sign for a store called Wegman’s. I repeated the name and flew over the top of the massive metal tree looking at the store below me noting a an illuminated sign of the same name.

I remember checking my left pant’s pocket for the map and velvet $10 bill as I flew. It seemed as if I was reveling in knowing I still had it.

I continued to fly for a bit after that, still singing. At some point, though, the energy of my physical body called me back to it so I gave in and settled back into my sleeping body.


These are the first OBEs/lucid dreams I’ve had in a very long time. I have been requesting them for weeks without success. These continue to indicate a more relax, go-with-the-flow state, one where I embrace the experience and do not attempt to take control of the OBE and/or dream.

The main part of these experiences that is a surprise to me is that I saw the Wegman’s sign. I had no idea what Wegman’s was until I looked it up this morning and saw it was a grocery store chain. I’m not sure of the significance of it, either, nor why the sign for it would be the Celtic Tree of Life. But based on my feelings in both experiences I would say whatever the significance and message, I was/am pleased.


Sthira Sukham Asanam

As the theme of impermanence continues to be brought up for my inspection I am beginning to recognize pieces of a far greater message coming through. That message is more of a feeling than something that can be put into words. So, I will let the message speak to you itself, as it has been speaking to me.

I am going to post a song and an article. Listen to the song while you read the article. Listen and read until you understand. If you do not feel called to read or listen, that is fine, too.




Article: Sthira Sukham Asanam – Finding That Sweet Spot


Sthira Sukham Asanam
Sthira Sukham Asanam

Far away in a distant past
In another time
All the words you’ve ever spoken
Live in me now

These feelings blow around me
Feel that I could fall
Blinded by the light of yesterday

But on this path, I can see
What lies behind the mystery
Each step I take, a passing dream

Lord you live in me
As the unchanging

In light I hear a calling
Of what was and what one will be
And the cry of two souls yearning
To know their worth

I don’t walk this path alone
Everything is changing
Beneath the stillness of the sky
I take your hand

On this path, I can see
What hides behind the mystery
Each step I take, a passing dream

Lord you live in me
As the unchanging

Sthira Sukham Asanam
Sthira Sukham Asanam

On this path, I can see
This red road
Beneath our feet


While the dance of creation
Changes around me
In the halls of eternity
I shall remain safe

Sthira Sukham Asanam
Sthira Sukham Asanam
Sthira Sukham Asanam – Lord you live in me
Sthira Sukham Asanam – As the unchanging
Sthira Sukham Asanam – In this dream
Sthira Sukham Asanam


More on Impermanence

I came across an article today and wanted to share it with you all. It is called Lessons from a Wildfire.

The article further explores impermanence, something I continue to be drawn to and reminded of as I follow my life path.

Impermanence goes very well with another Buddhist teaching – the 8 Worldly Winds. Ever since I my guidance advised me to “follow the 8 winds” I have been repeatedly taken back to the 8 Worldly Winds. If you are not familiar with the 8 winds in Buddhism, here is a short description.

Rather than go into a personal story about the above teachings in my own life experience, I will leave these articles for you to peruse and apply to your own life as needed and/or desired.

Much love to you all. ❤




Spring is in full bloom here in Central Texas. Bluebonnets line the highways and backroads and people flock to take pictures of their loved ones amidst a sea of deep blue and white petals.

As a child growing up I remember this time of year fondly, especially the carpeted mosaics created out of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. It takes my breath away every.single.year.

Yesterday I took my son exploring to show him some of the many variations of flowers we have in our neighborhood. We picked flowers, took photos and enjoyed exploring our own backyard. We discovered many familiar flowers like the Buttercup (which I think is really called Evening Primrose) and Prairie Verbena, but also many I had never seen before like the Scarlet Pimpernel and White Bindweed. There are still some I don’t know the names of but it doesn’t matter. Their beauty made an impact on us both.


Elek smelling a Buttercup. When I was a child we use to purposefully smell these to get pollen all over our noses. 🙂 

evening primrose

I have always called these “Buttercups”.

prairie verbena

Prairie Verbena

purple unknown

No idea what this one is but it is pretty!

scarlet pimpernel

Scarlet Pimpernel – I have never seen these before! Very delicate, beautifully colored flowers. My new fav! 

violet unknown

No idea what these are either. They grow in clusters close to the ground.

white bindweed

I believe this is White Bindweed. Looks like a Morning Glory to me, though.

No Bluebonnets in our neighborhood but you have likely seen pictures galore so no need to remind you of just how beautiful they are. They are the Texas state flower.


This morning I received a newsletter from the Emerging Science Foundation. I would like to share with you the message it contained. It goes splendidly with me and my son’s flower adventures yesterday:

We find ourselves in a powerful and transformative time of year – an interim period between two seasons. The spring equinox was a few weeks ago, but the ground of the northern hemisphere is still remembering the winter and just beginning to wake up to the promise of the warmer months.

This transitory phase is celebrated by spiritual traditions the world over, a living symbol of rebirth and the circle of life.

In honor of spring, I’d like to explore a concept that lives at the very heart of the seasons as well as the wisdom traditions of both shamanism and Buddhism.


Sitting on the threshold of winter and summer, cold and warm, dark and light, it’s hard not to be in awe of the ever-changing nature of this reality we find ourselves in.

“Real flowers are much more beautiful than plastic ones, in part because of their impermanence. We appreciate the seasons, the autumn and the spring, because they are a process of change. In this way, impermanence is beauty.” – Chögyam Trungpa

The longer I live in this body named Nick, the more I realize just how closely the laws and cycles of our personal world match those of the outer world around us. Nothing in our lives will stay the same, and that fact can bring both comfort and challenge.

If you’re hosting a disagreeable guest in your house who is disrupting your daily routine, the notion of impermanence comes as a relief – “Thank God he or she is only going to be here for a few more days!”

But, remember those last few days of summer vacation growing up? You couldn’t quite squeeze them for all they were worth because of the looming back-to-school doldrums. “Please don’t let this end!!!”

“Somehow, in the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we lose our sense of the sacredness of life. We tend to forget that we are part of the natural scheme of things.” – Pema Chodron

When we open ourselves to the possibility that the quest for permanence in a constantly changing world is futile, something shifts within us. We see our former end goal of “happily ever after” for what it truly is – a shimmering mirage on the horizon that is always just outside our grasp.

Once the cosmic jig is up, our lives become less about establishing and defending and more about allowing, flowing, and sensing. Like a tango dancer on a moonlit terrace in Buenos Aires, we learn to love the changes, keeping our minds clear so that we can react in the blink of an eye to any dip or surge in tempo.

Change is guaranteed.

Surrendering to this fact is an essential part of the path. By doing so, we arise from the ashes of who we once were, stronger of heart and able to hold space with compassion in any situation.

When we’re experiencing pain, the suffering can be heightened by the fear that the pain will never stop. When we’re experiencing pleasure, the pleasure can be thwarted by the sad truth that nothing lasts forever.

The wise know not to grab or shun either of these, but instead learn to nurture space between their spirit and anything the world outside brings to their doorstep. By not pulling toward or pushing away, we are able to give full presence to every change that happens in our life – the good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂

Here’s to the essence of spring and finding harmony in an ever-changing world.

Stay curious,
Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

Light Code Oracle Video Reading Demonstration

Sharing here for those of you who do not follow my main website. I post all my Light Code Oracle updates at


Hello everyone! Recently I have been experimenting with video tarot readings with excellent results. So, yesterday I opted to do a demo video reading using the Light Code Oracle deck. I did this for several reasons:

1. I had questions about the energy I have been sensing and the acceleration phase of ascension we have been experiencing since the beginning of this year.
2. It had been a while since I did a video update on the Light Code Oracle deck.
3. To provide an example of how the Light Code Oracle functions in a traditional tarot layout.
4. To provide an example of what one can expect from a video tarot reading (short-version).

Below is the video. It is fairly short because I was interrupted at the end by my children. A typical video reading will not end as abruptly. I usually draw 1-3 additional cards at the end…

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