Dream: My Heaven – No Entry

Interesting night of dreams.

Lucid Dream: Chest on Fire

I suddenly became lucid. I was standing in a suburban neighborhood in a cul-de-sac. There was a car on my left as I approached some people standing on the side of the road outside a house. Everyone of the people in the group were African American and I recognized that I was different from them but didn’t care. My main focus was finding my “daughter”. I remember thinking, “Do I even remember what she looks like?”

Not long after that thought I saw her and rushed up to her, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her tightly. I told her how much I loved her and called her my daughter. I asked her how she was doing as I pulled away and saw her looking to her left and behind her. I turned and saw another young woman, probably about 14 years old approaching. When I saw her I knew she was my daughter, too, and that she was very sad. I opened my arms to her, inviting her into a hug. She fell into my arms and I told her how much I loved her, how beautiful she was and not to be sad.

When I pulled away I looked at this young woman and marveled at her beauty. Her hair had been relaxed and straightened and was pulled up tight at the top of her head, cascading down around her in a neat little shoulder-length bob. Her skin was flawless and glowing but her eyes told another story.

I motioned to the woman sitting in the car to my left and told the young lady, “Never forget how much you are love. She loves you.” It felt like the woman in the car was the mother. I touched the mother figure and was surprised to find her very, very pregnant.

I hugged the young woman again and told her, “It won’t last forever. Just feel the love. Just feel it right here (putting my hand on her chest). You are always loved.” I believe she was crying but can’t remember seeing any tears. What I do recall is that I could feel all her sadness and pain. I took it on as my own and began to cry with her.

My hand was still on her chest but I could also feel the pressure of it on my own chest, right between my breasts. The pressure was focused and distinct to the point that it almost hurt. I began to physically feel an intense heat there. It got hotter and hotter to the point that I felt I would not be able to bear the heat much longer.

The heat and pressure spread over my entire body and eventually woke me up. I could still feel it lingering as I rubbed the tears from my eyes. I have never felt heat like that before. It was so real, so physically hot, that I was certain my bed had caught on fire.

Dream: Surgery

This dream was very long. It took place mostly in a hospital. I was to get cosmetic surgery on my stomach area and had checked in. I was awaiting surgery, first in my room, and then in an operating room.

There were several “interns” tending to my needs and talking to me about my up-coming procedure. One was familiar, a tall, blonde male of slender build. There was discussion about what to expect from my surgery. They gave the surgery a name but I don’t recall the name now. Instead I remember seeing in my mind what would happen. They would take a flap of skin from my abdomen, double it over on top of itself to make my entire mid-section more firm and tight.

While I was waiting, my sister stopped by. She was an intern at the hospital, too, and was surprised to see me there. She gave me more information on the surgery and then left, wishing me luck. I remember knowing my sister in this life was nowhere near being as smart as this sister and marveled at how different she was in the dream.

I ended up staying the night and being taken back to wait for surgery the next day. The same group surrounded me and I asked if I could make a change to my surgery and get breast implants. They said it shouldn’t be an issue but I still seemed to wait for a long time. I remember wandering to an area with a very old computer and rotary phone. I realized it had long been abandoned by the staff and looked through the files, curious at the time capsule I had found.

When the doctor arrived I was placed on the operating table and left awake as the surgery took place. It took no time at all and I remember being left naked on the table for a long while, my new body looking like Barbie it was so perfect.

Eventually the blonde male came and took me from the operating room. I knew he wasn’t meant to because he sneaked me out. He seemed romantically interested in me but I didn’t mind.

He took me to the cafeteria to get some food and ordered us cookies. We were each given two cookies and then there was a third cookie also. I remember asking him, “Two cookies?” He nodded “yes”. I took mine and began to eat them. So did he.

Then we were in the shower together, both of us naked. I recall seeing his nakedness and noticing his arousal but not caring because I felt safe with him and knew he was a gentleman. This is where the dream ended.

As I woke I was hearing someone (the man from the dream perhaps?) asking me, “Do you know how beautiful you are?” There was a conversation that followed but I was too tired to remember it. Mostly I remember that he was trying to tell me that no matter how old my physical body gets, I will always be beautiful. I also think he told me that he was there to help me.

Prior to falling asleep I had asked again to be shown my Heaven, or where I would go when I died. This time I think my question was answered.

Dream: My Heaven – No Entry

I found myself in a beautiful garden, beautiful beyond any place I have seen on Earth. There was a crystal blue, shimmering stream running down the center. It shined like it had diamonds or crystals in it. On either side of the stream was vivid green grass dotted with flowers of all kinds. People dressed in white and with glowing skin were walking about, mostly in pairs, some holding hands, others arm in arm. Groups of people were sitting among the flowers and others under the massive oak trees that had shimmering fruits hanging from their branches. Beyond the trees were rolling hills that went as far as the eye could see.

In the center, crossing over the crystal stream, was a golden bridge. In the middle of the bridge stood a man who, to me, felt like “God”, but I knew this concept is incorrect but the closest approximation my mind could come up with. I watched as he met those who had arrived into the garden in the middle of the bridge. He spoke with them, telling them what their path would be while they were there, and then granting them access.

I saw a young blonde woman dressed in white walk up to the man on the bridge. The gatekeeper, as I will call him, barred her way into the garden. In that moment I shifted perspectives and became that woman.

The tall, gorgeous blonde man was fantastic in appearance. His skin shimmered as if covered in diamonds. His eyes were a vivid blue and his hair, straight and blonde, flowed down to his mid-back. He wore all white and was a good two feet taller than me, making him at least 7 feet tall. When he spoke to me my inclination was not to question anything he said but accept it fully and comply.

I wish I could recall word-for-word what he said but I became extremely lucid at his words. They echoed in my mind as I tried to capture them and their meaning. I do remember he said that my purpose was back on Earth, assisting my “family”.

When I heard him tell me, “Your purpose is not here” (meaning I could not come into the garden), I initially accepted it without question and turned to leave. Then I began to wonder to myself, “What did he say?”  So I turned and with my mind asked him, “Say that again?” He repeated himself and his words were odd inside my mind, like musical but also booming and not of this Earth.

In this short period of time as I pondered what was happening the scene began to de-materialize and the garden slowly faded from view. The man, however, did not leave my mind/thoughts. Upset, I remember hearing that I was not meant to walk the path I once thought I was here to walk. Instead, my main purpose was to my family, which I interpreted to mean my husband, children, mother and siblings.


I believe the first dream was me visiting my daughters from another life or parallel lifetime. It felt like I crossed over, into this other dimension, with the purpose to check on them. The empathic connection I had was amazing as was the heat I felt in my chest that spread to my entire body. I’m not sure exactly what to make of the whole experience, though.

The second dream about a surgery is probably a result of my recent considerations about getting some cosmetic procedures done to correct some physical imperfections that are the result of growing older. Mostly these ideas are coming out of sheer boredom and wanting something interesting to do with my time but they also arise from a sense that my youth is slowly fading away. The message in the end was that I am beautiful no matter what. The dream could also be symbolic of healing, specifically to my mid-section where my second and third chakras are located.

The final dream seems to be a direct message to me that I am not yet meant to go to my Heaven. My firm belief is that Heaven is whatever we want it to be, so on some level I see Heaven as a magical garden. I must also think that there is someone acting as a kind of gatekeeper. This probably stems from my Christian background where people are said to stand at “the gates of Heaven” and from there are either granted entry or not based upon their good deeds on Earth. The appearance of the gatekeeper in my dream reminds me of my many dream encounters with Andromedans. They are usually very fair skinned and appear similarly to the gatekeeper man. It seems that my dream Heaven is not based upon “good deeds”, though. Instead, entry is granted when a person’s mission on Earth is complete. I am told in no uncertain terms that my mission is not yet complete.

As for my purpose being to assist my family, my guess is that it not just my biological family members I am assisting.





Dream: Race Car Romance

It’s been a busy weekend and I continue to be pretty tired in the evenings with little dream recall. Last night I was especially tired because I went on a 4+ mile run-walk with my husband before dinner. So, by bedtime my eyes were very droopy and I fell asleep quickly.

Prior to bed I asked my guidance to allow me to see “heaven”. I asked to be shown where I will go when I die. Mostly, I was just curious. If I was shown the afterlife that awaits me (I believe everyone has their own “heaven”) I don’t remember it. What I remember instead is a strange dream.

Dream: Race Car Romance

The dream began with me being in my bedroom from when I was in middle school. Instead of it looking like a normal bedroom it was filled with deep water and I was swimming in it, occasionally diving deep into its depths. I believe I was not in my human form but am unsure what form I took. It felt like I was a car but then I saw myself as human but then also fish-like (mermaid maybe). Sometimes I would dive too deep into this water and someone would have to rescue me and pull me up to the surface before I drowned.

I was pulled up time and time again until the last time I finally paid attention to what was going on. Around me was a crowd of onlookers in a circle around me and my savior, a man who I felt I recognized but couldn’t place. His face shifted from a color, like a blue color, to a human face with dark hair and eyes. He seemed short or child-like, as did I, and I remember thinking in that moment that I finally recognized him. I knew I would fall for him as many victims fall for those that save them. As I had this thought I was looking at this man and feeling that, “Uh oh” feeling deep within me as if I knew he represented something significant and would bring into my life swift change more powerful than I had known before.

The dream shifted and the water was gone. I was standing on solid ground in my bedroom looking at a white bookshelf. On the top of the shelf was a stack of paper. I was taking pieces sheet by sheet looking for a blank one to draw on but each sheet had on it drawings of cars. Some had color on them, like a child had colored them, but as I pulled more out the drawings had less and less color until they were without color altogether. All the drawings were of race cars with rocket-like pipes coming out the sides and other alterations that made them look like rockets or spaceships with four tires. They were obviously built for speed.

As I looked through the drawings I recognized some were telling a story. I said to someone, “Oh, it’s a love story.” And I remember seeing two cartoon-like cars interacting as the pages flipped quickly and moved like a movie.

Then I was selecting a shirt to wear with the help of another girl. The shirt I selected had a race car on it also and was vividly colored. I mostly remember the color blue but there were streaks of yellow and white as well. It reminded me of something a super hero would wear. What is interesting is the shirt had two pieces. The back piece went over the shoulders like a cape and flowed down my back to my waist. The front piece snapped around the neck and covered my chest only. I remember the girl helping me put on the front piece, snapping it snugly into place around my neck. It felt tight but not restrictive.

Then I was told it was time to go and I got into a line to board a bus. It felt like I was in school and I remember seeing many people around me all going to their individual destinations. The bus I was boarding seemed more like a train or tram. It was sleek and aerodynamic as if it could go very, very fast.


When I woke from the dream the presence of a guide was in front of me. I heard, “It’s time to go.” I didn’t know what he meant but it felt important. I thought, “Time to go Home?” He said, “No.” But my first thought was that I was about to die. I started worrying about my doctor appointment on Friday and thought I might get a phone call indicating something is wrong with my blood work. This concern quickly passed, though.

My guess, based on the dream, is that my guide is referring to something else, something fast and maybe life changing. A race car can indicate moving in the “fast lane” or fast movement. It can also represent a race of some sort and arriving at a destination fast. A car in a dream usually represents an individual’s life path or the path they travel with others. It is dependent upon the type of car. A race car is not a family car, so this is likely a symbol of my personal path.

In my dream I seem to shift between being a car and being something else, something more human and fish-like. I dive into the water (subconscious) and have to be rescued. I am rescued by the same man many times and finally recognize him. When I see him I feel that I will fall in love with him while also recognizing his role in my life. The feeling I get is significant and comes with a type of nervousness that I have felt in life before, where I want to run away out of fear but also stay out of fascination and desire to know what will happen next.

When I see him there is a crowd of people standing all around us. They stand back and form a circle similar to what happens when a person is rescued from near death in real life.

The strange race car clothing seems to indicate that I will take on a new persona. Clothing is how we present ourselves to the world. The clothing snaps around my throat in the front. This could symbolize my voice. It is not constricted.

As I board the bus/train I feel to be going to school but am also in a school so perhaps it is symbolic of a specific lesson I am about to learn that is related to a life lesson that is on-going. The bus/train looks like it will go fast so maybe a very fast-paced lesson.

This song was going through my head as I woke:

“I can be your hero baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away….”

When I went for my morning walk today I saw the sun through the thick clouds. It looked like the moon but I know the moon is not full right now and so this confirmed it was the sun. I was reminded of a dream/OBE I had long ago where I saw the sun and the moon in the sky, side by side slowly moving closer together. I knew this symbolized the masculine (sun) and the feminine (moon) coming closer and closer together until they merged. I looked at the sun-moon in the sky and said to myself, “The sun is the moon is the sun”.

Dream: Struck by Lightning

Not a whole lot to report here. Lost of mundane things mostly. Today I had a well woman physical, which I haven’t had since 2014 (can you tell I hate them? lol). I told my doctor about my heart speed-up scare and she confirmed that it was likely low blood sugar. 🙂 I also had a full blood panel done because I haven’t had blood work since 2016. The results won’t come in until next week. Next, I have to schedule a mammogram because I am now “over 40” (in other words old).

Another interesting event was that I had my DNA analyzed through 23 and Me. The results came in this week. I am 64.2% British and Irish, 19.1% French and German, 2.4% Scandinavian and Broadly Northwestern European is the rest. I thought I had more German but it seems not. lol I also discovered someone I’ve known for around a decade is my 4th cousin! Sadly, all I discovered were many distant relatives. No close relatives from either side of the family show up. Health-wise I am not a carrier of any of the 44 genes for specific diseases and issues they tested for. The only thing of any significance that came up is that I have a slightly higher risk of having Celiac disease and age related macular degeneration. Weird!

I have completed 40 days+ of the Wahe Guru mantra meditation and have not noticed anything life changing. I do relax easier in the evenings but that is about it. I got the idea the other night to begin a visualization meditation at night instead of the mantra meditation I have been doing. So I have been trying to visualize what I want but it is hard because I seem not to be able to “see” physical things I want really well. That is probably because physical things are not very interesting to me. I mostly just want enough money to never have to worry about survival needs again. Mostly I just want to feel a certain way and I can visualize how I want to feel much better. So I have been trying to focus on the heart connected feeling or just a general openness in my heart. I also focus on feeling joy and fulfillment.

Visions of Note

In the past few weeks I have had some interesting visions and messages come through.

I had a vision that was very clear upon waking one morning, probably about two weeks ago now. In the vision I saw the painting in my room that is called “Integration”. I was going into the painting on a bicycle. It was so real that I thought I was actually sitting up in bed experiencing it but when I blinked I was in bed lying on my side. I was probably dreaming or in the in-between.

A message from myself that was interesting came around the same time. I caught myself talking to someone about someone who I recognized as me in another body. I said, “Oh that is my 6th body. I don’t control it”. All I remember after that is that the “body” of this other me was yellow.

Then in one day I had two syncs. The first came when I woke up with a song in my head. Minutes after waking I had to jump in the car to take my daughter to the bus stop because it was raining and the same song and line was playing! This was the song and the part that kept going over in my head was “She said I don’t look like me no more no more. I said I’m just tired, she said you’re just tired”:

Later that same day, I was reading a blog and the poster mentioned she got interrupted because her doorbell rang. The instant I read “doorbell” my own doorbell rang! LOL

Dream: Struck by Lightning 

I woke from a dream sometime around 3am. In the dream I was watching a small house via a screen. It almost looked like it was a piece of art, framed, but the picture was moving like a TV. The house had dark, nearly black smoke billowing out of the top. The billows were rounded and went high into the sky. I had a camera in my hand and began to take photos of it and as I did this I seemed to enter the picture with the house.

Then I was lying on the ground dressed in a white leotard, legs spread in a V shape. A bolt of lightning came down and hit me in my root chakra. I remember it did not hurt nor did it feel odd at all. I told someone who was with me, “I’m okay. I feel fine.”

This scene woke me up and I felt my entire body covered in a heaviness and subtle vibrations. I felt very drowsy but my mind was alert. A conversation had been on-going between myself and a guide who I could feel near me as if he were standing in front of me. This guide and I had been talking about what I wanted in life and I told him, “To be out of this body” and I was saying, “I don’t care how it happens – in a body bag, in OBEs, taken Home via spacecraft or whatever.” My guide was saying, “I don’t think that is what you really want. I think you want….connection.”

The more aware I became of the conversation the more it began to fade, our words disappearing, replaced only by the heaviness in my body and a feeling almost like passing out except I was already “out”.

When I regained control is when I heard the word “connection” and with hearing it I felt a pull within as if I were being called to embrace the familiar feeling of surrender followed by ecstasy that comes with the K. I resisted and told my guide, “It is not good for me. It upsets my life.”

I told my guidance that I prefer the security of my current relationship even if that means I have no deep connection(s) in my life. The idea of leaving behind my security to search for a connected relationship (whether with myself or another) does not appeal to me.

My mind wandered back to the idea that I may do better in a relationship with a woman and the more I thought about it, the more it appealed to me. My guidance seemed to indicate this would not happen. I wondered why not but did not ask because the answer seemed to be that it was not part of the plan.

I ended up in a dream where I was in school, purposefully breaking the rules by choosing to be with a woman. I found great joy in this and was giddy like a child as I danced up and down a line of students while watching the expression of a “teacher” as I kissed the woman. I remember my hair being pinned up and me taking it down as I danced. The other woman was also doing this.

There was a whole section of the dream where I was talking to others in my class about returning to my 30’s. One guy was holding a newborn in his hands and I said, “I had all my babies in my 30’s.” I remember saying, “If I could be any age again it would be in the decade of my 30’s.”

As the dream drew to an end, I remember hearing the song Unchained Melody and singing along – “Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me. I’ll be coming home, wait for me…”

When I woke I felt that the dream was about feeling free to be myself. I often feel confined in this world and unable to be who I really am because of all the rules and expectations placed upon me by society – Be nice to this person, don’t say anything they don’t want to hear, etc. I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders each time I have to interact with other people because of these rules. Sometimes that weight gets so heavy that I break down into tears from the exhaustion of it.

I began to think of what I said about being in my 30’s again. As I pondered it I realized I would go back to age 30 exactly and make different choices. I would not build my house on my Mom’s land. Instead I would have stayed at my job at the time. I would have opted out of a family entirely. This all came as a result of thinking how I trapped myself by falling for the idea that having a family would somehow fulfill me. In fact, I see this whole world and life in a human body as a trap. I remember thinking, “If I could go back, I would go back to the time before my birth and opt out then. My mom would have miscarried and I would have been saved from this existence.”

I sometimes feel guilty for bringing my children into this world. Now they, too, are trapped by it. 😦

Lightning Dream Symbol

I have had K dreams where I am hit by lightning before so I suspect this symbol indicates the K energy will be fired up by some kind of catalyst. I find it strange, though, that I feel nothing when it strikes. Instead I sit there and say, “I’m okay. I feel fine.” I think the truth is that I am not okay. And no, I don’t feel “fine”. Perhaps my guide is right and being out of this body is not my goal but rather finding Divine Connection while in this body.

The smoldering house is likely symbolic of my life and how the energy is still burning, but slowly, creating a black smoke out the top of the house (my life/body). Maybe the black smoke symbolizes a blackness within me – the empty pit of nothingness that resides there. Or maybe it is just what remains of what could be smothered out over and over again by my refusal to let the flames ignite again. Or maybe it is some kind of signal fire? I wonder if anyone can see it?

I recognize that the K causes me to feel a need to make changes because that is its purpose. But I do not want to change and feel the energy of the desire brought by the Kundalini is not something to be sought after. It doesn’t last but it makes one think it will. It is deceptive and intoxicating. To reach for it will only result in suffering – not only self-suffering but also the suffering of those I love. I may be unhappy now, mostly from boredom and disconnect, but at least I am not suffering. I am secure and have many blessings. That has to be worth something.

Kundalini Dream: Tempest

As the new year approaches the energy seems to be shifting. Yesterday the energy was especially strange. I felt a bit unsettled and family issues were at the forefront of my mind. Specifically, I wanted something unjust to be fixed. I kept feeling like I needed to take action but when I tried, things kept messing up – information I spent an hour typing wouldn’t save and other info vanished completely. It seemed as if the Universe was telling me, “Not yet”. So I found another way to channel the energy I was feeling – exercise. Once finished the feeling to take action was gone and replaced with a more balanced, calm energy.

I had lots of dreams last night, but a main one stands out.

Kundalini Dream: Tempest

The dream is hard to remember now but there are distinct elements of Kundalini energy present throughout.

In one scene I am standing on what appears to be a concrete dock sloping into the ocean. With me is a man and others but their appearances are hard to recall. The man walks into the ocean and I feel he is calling me to join him. He goes into the water up to his chest and I see he is okay so I follow. When I enter the water I notice there are dolphins swimming in it. I am overjoyed to see them and reach out and let my hand slide over the slick skin of one as it swims by. Many dolphins swim around and around me, playing and surfacing to smile at me. The dream scene fades out.

Then I am in a room with other women. I can’t recall what we are discussing now but I talk with one woman in particular who I have an affinity with. She is black and I find her very beautiful. Actually, all the women in the room are black and beautiful.

A group of people come into the room. They hold a large celebratory sign and have on masks. Many are children. They have with them presents in red bags with white paper covered in red and pink hearts. I say, “It’s like Valentine’s Day!” The children pass out the gifts to several women in the group I am with. The women are lounging and sitting together, relaxed and smiling. I feel that the gifts are coming from their men who are away. It feels like they are in the military or “fighting a war” but the war is not a typical war with guns and death. Instead the war feels internal though also for the whole of the world.

A gift is presented to me. I read the tag and the name says, “Dayana”. I say, “This isn’t isn’t my name. It’s not for me.” I read the rest of the information on the label to see if there is any information that is familiar. I see “Firefly” and tell the person holding the bag out to me, “It may be mine. ‘Firefly’ belongs to me.” The others in the room nod in agreement then one woman says, “Take it then. It is yours!”

Inside the bag underneath thick red paper is a tiny black box. I do not open it, though.

There is discussion about the men in our lives. I remember thinking of my ex-husband but this is probably because we are talking about the “war” our men are fighting.

Then I leave and go with my friend to her home. Inside are more women but one in particular is a well known author. She is sitting on the floor in front of a table, her legs off to her side. She smiles at me when I enter. There are others there with her. They invite me to sit down. Again, all the woman are black and very beautiful.

I recall talking to a man about his concerns about making enough money to support his family. I tell him a whole story about how much me and my husband have earned through the years. Specifically I tell him he can support a whole family on just $29K a year. He has misgivings about his ability as a provider but is reassured by my story. What is interesting is there is no man in the room with me and the woman and as I tell my story an entire scene of my story plays out as if a movie.

The women in the circle seem to be a kind of support group. They are discussing books. The woman author hands me a book and asks me if I have ever read it. I say that I have seen it but didn’t think it was right for me so never read it. I take the book and it has a title that is either, “Temptation” or “Tempest”.

Then I find myself looking at the pages of a book. I read a long sentence about how a man, a kind of doctor, helps a woman activate 22 meridians and chakras, starting in the root and moving up. I see him insert something into the root of an energy body and watch as the chakras activate. The energy is not intense but instead very flowing and smooth. I believe the aura I am observing is my own and the energy in the chakras mine also.

The woman author mentions to me that despite the “fat” of the physical body, the energy is able to move and progress upward. I see a visual of the insides of a physical body. Layers of yellow fatty tissue are visible. The energy moves through it and the fat seems to shrink, the yellow slowly dissolving away.

The women are discussing their unique experiences in life. I zone out, thinking of my own life when someone gives me a message related to time. I am told that I don’t need to do anything, that time will come to me – move through me. I am told to “wait” several times. I see a vision of a person standing still on a white platform that seems never to end. A time reel of pictures moves through the person. I understand that the idea that an individual moves through time is false – time moves through the individual.

I begin to think about my experiences with the Divine and how I felt to be One with everything. I hesitantly ask the group if any of them have ever experienced the Divine like I have. I describe my experiences as best as I can and they show interest and acceptance. My description causes me to relive some of the experiences I’ve had and I am near tears. I say to them, “It is so wonderful to be able to talk to you all about my experiences!” One woman asks me how I handle such profound experiences and I tell her, “I usually cry afterward.”

The other women nod as if they understand and can relate. My friend in particular seems to get it and comes closer to me. She hugs me and rests her head on my chest. I begin to slowly caress her black skin, finding her extremely beautiful. She moves closer and then positions her head in my lap. I gently touch her hair and marvel at how beautiful she is. There is a connection between us, one of great love and appreciation.


I slowly wake because I feel the K energy swirling through mostly my lower chakras. I linger, going in and out of the in-between. The song from Titanic goes through my head, “Once more, you open the door….” and “You’re here in my heart and my heart will go on and on”.

I fall into the in-between.

I remember being led into a tunnel or a path. In front of me is a white door with a golden door knob. I move toward it and it opens. Beyond it the path continues but is feathered in light. I can feel the K energy pushing upward and building at my solar plexus. It forms a line of golden energy just below my ribs. This energy increases my awareness and I see the door and know that going through it will move the energy upward. I try to shift back into the in-between but my awareness is too much. I am upset when I recognize this because I know I have interrupted a potentially beautiful experience, one where the energy moves into my heart space.

The song continues to play through my head as if to remind me that all is not lost – “My heart will go on and on….”


The symbolism behind my dreams feels positive. Dolphins symbolize spiritual guidance, freedom, and happiness. I am in the water, which is emotion, invited in by the the masculine energy. This introduction feels to be an invitation where I am guided into the water (my emotions) and shown that it is safe and I am protected.

The symbolism of Valentine’s Day is love, connection and partnership. Though my name is wrong I notice the street name of my childhood home “firefly”. Fireflies symbolize illumination and hope but also one’s “homeland”. It is interesting that in my dream the street name was of my childhood home here. I am given a gift, one of love as represented by Valentine’s Day, but I do not open it.

The book title is curious. I am not certain of the title but it is either (or both) temptation or tempest. It causes me to think that the content, which I read and shows the rising of energy through 22 chakras and meridians, could be indicating that I will experience a rush of energy upward. Perhaps this energy will also represent a kind of temptation, which makes sense when one considers the energy of the Kundalini.

The women in the dream are all very dark skinned. I find them extremely beautiful, but this is also true in my waking life. I am very attracted to very dark skinned women of African descent. I had a very spiritual lifetime in the early 20th Century where I was an African-American woman and had very close ties to the women in my life. Perhaps I was creating the women in this dream to look this way because it gives me comfort and puts me at ease?

This dream continues a dream theme, one where I have women inviting me to experience the K energy. It feels like I need to further explore my feminine side to assist in the rising of the energy.

The vision of time received in this dream has left me considering how we as spiritual Beings enter the time stream of the physical. It appeared to me that we “descend” and then allow time to flow through us in order to experience it. I was then told I did not need to “do” anything but that time would come to me and through time I would experience. This message coincides with what I was shown yesterday when I tried so hard to take action but could not.

This dream and the other dreams and premonitions I have been given bring hope that 2020 will most definitely be a year of clarity.

Dream: Horse Attack

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season. For those of you who are struggling, for whatever reason, I understand. May you have the strength to endure whatever comes your way. Remember, “This too shall pass.”

For me, Christmas went smoothly. We have one more family gathering today and then we can rest and return to our regularly scheduled program. 😉

As 2020 approaches there is much contemplating the previous year and what is to come. New Year’s resolutions may or may not be made. I am generally not one to use the New Year for such things. Re-evaluation occurs at regular intervals for me and so January 1st generally comes and goes without much notice. My hope, though, is that 2020 brings much needed clarity for not only myself but all of the world.

My visit to my Mom’s this Christmas made it hard to ignore the continued struggles of my sister and her family. As has been the theme for them since 2011 (and earlier for my sister), they came to my Mom’s broke and struggling to make ends meet. Their electricity and water had been turned off the previous week and my Mom helped get the electric turned back on but the water bill was still unpaid. Their landlords left at the beginning of the month on vacation and obviously had not paid the bills, causing both to be shut off. The past due balance indicated they may have done this purposefully to force my sister and her husband to pay them what they owed them. My sister and her husband have a habit of not paying rent and utilities until they outlive their stays and get evicted, so it is no surprise to us this is happening to them.

Yesterday I went back to my Mom’s to give her the cookies I had forgotten to take. My nephew was there, dropped off Christmas night by his parents without asking my Mom ahead of time. I overheard a conversation my cousin (and BIL) was having that indicated they were headed to a party that evening. My poor nephew was so disappointed that I had not brought his two cousins, my boys, that he broke down into tears and said, “I just want someone to play with.” Both my mom and I continue to worry about him. My Mom will take my nephew in all the time to try to help. He often cries about returning home. He does not like his father who is emotionally abusive and just plain mean to him.

It is not a surprise that I had a dream about my sister last night.

Dream: Horse Attack

The dream began with me talking with my sister and cousin about an idea to start a business. I was giving them advice about registering it as a DBA and encouraging them to not give up on their dream. An old acquaintance was there, someone who died many years ago. I remember him saying, “We will help you when you got successful enough to become an LLC.”

Then I was with my sister driving down dark roads in a city. We had to stop because a group of acrobats (complexity) was in the road doing back bends (pun on bending over backwards for someone). I patiently waited until they finished, watching them in their leotards gracefully bend in ways I never could.

Afterwards we traveled to a shop my sister wanted to visit. It was one that carried special foods that were way more expensive than a regular grocery store. My sister had in her hand a bag of organic oats (need for comfort) to buy. I suggested she not buy it there because of her lack of money (she is a big spender) and so she put the bag down. I remember the owners watching and being very nice despite us not buying anything.

I remember picking up a long, soft blanket (protection) while there and there was also some small animal. It may have been a dog but I can’t recall. My sister took it with her.

What I do remember is that after we left I ended up outside in the mountains (spiritual journey) with some other people. I became somewhat lucid and opted to step back to see where I was. I saw a beautiful mountain peak and a cabin (need for seclusion) with tall, dark windows (something unknown). Behind me was a field with knotted oak trees near the edges. In the field were many long-haired horses (strength, power, freedom) that resembled prehistoric horses – shorter with larger heads and fatter feet. I called them by a specific name but can’t remember it now.

I climbed a barbed wire fence (overcome limits of relationship) and sat on the ground watching the horses graze. I began to take photos and noticed a large flock of birds (freedom from limitation) taking flight. The scene was beautiful! The birds flew behind the majestic horses and the sky was brilliant behind them, dotted with white fluffy clouds and a brilliant blue. The birds seemed almost to be protecting the horses or lifting them up.

As I sat there enjoying myself, the horses became curious and slowly approached me. There was a small horse that I petted and it seemed like it had been the small animal we had seen at the shop and my sister had taken with her. I realized the stallion (masculine energy, passion) of the herd was angry we had messed with the foal and wanted to get me out of there. As I stood up and prepared to leave I came face to face with his angry face. He snorted and stomped his feet and I turned and quickly stepped over the fence to safety on the other side.

I told the rest of the people there to hide because I knew the stallion would not stop at that. We began to look in a parking lot full of trucks for a safe place to hide. I climbed inside the back of a truck (hard work) with a cage (protection) and began to lock myself inside. The stallion had gathered all his herd together and broken down the fence. The entire herd was stampeding (mob mentality, lack of control over others) toward the parked cars, knocking some over. I saw a large Greyhound bus (following the crowd) topple over and the people inside upside down calmly looking through the windows at me.

I waited inside, huddled down, hoping the stallion didn’t catch my scent.

This is where the dream ended.


Typically my dreams with horses are positive but this dream seems not to be. It feels like a frustration dream focusing on my failure to get my sister to change her ways. The dream them morphs into my frustration with society as a whole not seeming to want to change for the better. The people in the bus are not even afraid when they are turned upside down. Instead they just stare at me as if I am suppose to do something but all I do is cower in the back of the truck. Perhaps I am afraid I can’t help, or feel unable to help?

It reminds me of parenthood and how we have to step back and let our children learn, even if it means they fall time and time again. Though my sister is not my child, in many ways she feels like a child to me, behaving like a teenager would despite being four years older than me. Seeking out only pleasure and hiding from anything painful or uncomfortable, she is blind to the truth. This behavior is backing her deeper into a corner. Eventually her only escape will be to fight back by doing something. Hopefully it is not something destructive but her patterns suggest it will be.

As her sister all I can do is wait, “behind my cage of protection”, and hope that she learns her lessons to the point that she can free herself from a repetitive cycle of self-destruction. I want to help her but the help she wants only perpetuates her cycle. Like a good friend reminded me recently, “They have to want help“. Very true.

Premonitions and OBE

After a day of furniture shopping for our sons’ new bunk bed in which we ended up buying much more (lol), I fell asleep quite quickly. Unfortunately, I woke around 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was regretting a certain piece of furniture and worrying over some others. Typical buyer’s regret. lol

I was also annoyed by a completely clogged nose, well only one side. There is nothing more annoying IMO!

By around 5am, still unable to sleep, I gave up and opted to meditate while sitting in bed. As I meditated, though, I became more and more sleepy until eventually I turned off the light and fell asleep.

The last thing I remember is a song going through my head:

“Don’t worry, ’bout a thing. Every little thing’s gonna be alright.:

Visions of 2020

I didn’t fall straight to sleep. Instead I lingered in the in-between where I was talking to a man about things to come. I don’t remember asking to know this but, funny enough I remember wondering about what 2020 will bring a couple of days ago.

It all began as a vision. It was so clear that it pulled me out of my reverie. In the vision, I saw my step-father in a hospital bed with oxygen and other cords attached. He looked okay – not at death’s door or anything – but he was most definitely wearing a hospital gown and in a hospital bed. I knew immediately that this was a premonition. I also knew it didn’t necessarily mean he would die.

I remember discussing a scenario where my family moved in with my mom. I suspect I was looking farther ahead to when she would be a widow, living alone in her big house. I came out of this min-dream or vision thinking, “She would never agree to move.”

Then I recall a vision of a black man who was a tad gray and unfamiliar. My cousin, who recently split with her long-term and much younger boyfriend, was dating this older man and moving back to L.A. I remember being surprised because she has always talked about living in the country in her little home until the day she died. Perhaps love changes her mind? She currently lives in a double wide mobile home on family land. The home is in horrible disrepair from years of her letting pets and animals live inside with her and also not being very cleanly.

There was a scenario where my husband was asked to renovate the home and I remember tying it into the idea of moving in with my mom. I thought of our family living in the mobile home while we renovated it. It is literally a walk away from my Mom’s house.

Suddenly, I shifted into what was very obviously a lucid dream. I walked to my cousin’s house, which had been abandoned by her. Inside everything was as she left it. The first thing I saw was a fish aquarium with tons of tiny fish that looked like cats. The fish were hungry and gathering at the front. I got out some food and fed them while talking to someone about how odd it was for my cousin to just leave them and her other animals behind.

In the corner of the room was a bed. Tired, I lay down on it to sleep. When I looked up at the ceiling, though, I saw two visuals of the wall/ceiling. One was the dream scene, another was my own bedroom. I knew instinctively that this was an invitation to go OOB. I think, though, that whoever I was talking to indicated this telepathically, also.


Without hesitation, I decided to leave my body, though sleep tempted me to fall into oblivion.

OOB now, I was still talking to a man who seemed to be with me. For some reason I see him as a young black man and assume he is my cousin’s ex-boyfriend.

I fly out of the house and outside. The sensation of flying is wonderful and I hover near the barn intent on investigating my grandparent’s property while OOB which I do not recall doing often, if ever. My vision is full-on but everything is blurry and shifty.

Suddenly I am pulled upward toward the sky. I remember telling someone, “I don’t want to go up” while at the same time surrendering to the pull because I know that to fight it will likely pull me back into my body. I end up pausing over the tops of the trees.

Someone is with me and we go into a space full of people. It appears to be a party. There are people crowded in brightly lit, golden hued room but I  hear no music and they are not dancing or moving about like people in a party do. They do seem to be conversing with one another, though. I try to focus in on their faces to see if I know any of them but their faces blur the minute I try to focus. I speak to a few but get no responses. It is like they are asleep or not really there. Despite all this, I am very excited and feel like a child, curious and wide-eyed.

There is a distinct shift and I know I return to my body but I do not wake up or shift back OOB. I assume I fall victim to my exhaustion so some lucidity is lost.

Lucid Dream: Ship of Darkness and Giant Turtle Guide

The next thing I remember is being high up in the trees with others watching a scene below that is hard to recall now. I believe there are people below me swimming in clear water. The people are children and a child is with me, to my left. The entire scene is reminiscent of a fantasy book illustration. It has a very dreamy quality, brilliant colors and sparkly air that is alive with lights.

A woman to my right is instructing me to do something but I don’t remember what she tells me to do now. What I recall next is that the woman has a serpent-like, white body that moves toward me. I am drawn to her and feel that she is inviting me to join or merge with her. The energy is intoxicating and I remember hearing a female voice inviting me to come to her, telling me not to resist. I have a consideration that I am being tempted to do something “bad” but I don’t care and immediately toss the idea knowing it is not bad and fear is clouding my judgment.

I surrender to her and she wraps her tail around me, igniting my lower chakras in pleasure. I remember feeling drawn to stay with her forever but say, “I don’t want this. I want….”. What I want is a feeling that cannot be described in words.

Then I am standing with the woman at what appears to be the entry into another world. We are on the deck of a huge, black ship. The ship surges into a dark space with dark water. Inside, the ship doesn’t go far because it encounters a wall of round, black rocks. It turns back and then enters the blackness again and again, each time stopped by rocks.

I say to the woman, “There are only rocks here.” I am looking for an opening and there is a feeling that just beyond the rocks lies what I am seeking. I believe I am seeking a reunion with Self, or that is what it feel like anyway.

On the third trip into the dark waters I turn to the boat toward the rocks and get off. There is a small child with me who walks ahead of me. I only see the child’t feet, though, and at times the feet of the child shift to my own feet wearing black boots. We/I walk across volcanic-like rocks in the water. The child’s foot touches the water and a snapping turtle head pops up. Then I am watching a turtles attempt to bite my booted foot. Thrilled, I yell, “Look! A turtle! He is trying to bite my foot!”

On the other side of the rocks and water I turn back and see the turtle has grown so large that it fills up the water and towers above me. I grab onto his shell, fascinated and overjoyed to be holding onto him. I can see and feel the shell. It is very real!

The turtle disappears and someone (the turtle maybe?) hands me a penny that is the size of a basketball. I am told to kiss the penny eight times, breathing in with one kiss and out with the other. I do this, knowing that I am setting an intention for all things to work in my favor. It is my “lucky penny”. I remember breathing in deeply and kissing the penny, flipping it over, breathing out and kissing it again. The penny looks very dark like the rest of the place, as if it has been sitting at the bottom of the dark water for ages.


When I wake up I know that my dream is showing me my future and giving me advice on how to handle what is to come. The darkness is the unknown. The black ship is the unknown, subconscious and perhaps unpleasant emotion. I enter it three times, each time encountering a dead-end filled with black boulders which are obstacles to progress. I do not give up and on the third try stop the boat and climb over the rocks across dark, deep water where I encounter a turtle. Turtles are wisdom and patience and this turtle feels like a guide. I am given an over-sized penny and told to kiss it eight times a certain way. Pennies are good luck and it feels that if I handle it correctly luck will be mine.

What is it I am looking for in this dark place? Well, prior to going there I am pulled into the snake woman where the Kundalini temps me. I do not resist but when asked to remain in the bliss I resist, recognizing it is not what I want. Specifically what I don’t want is the very sexually intense experience that tends to trap individuals in the lower chakras. I am shown that to find what I seek I must delve into “dark waters”. The ship keeps me afloat, though, which indicates I will not drown in the unknown but sail above it. Ultimately, I find a path through the darkness and a guide in the turtle. The penny can be luck as well as new beginnings.



Dream Theme: 12

I’ve been slowly recovering from my most recent illness. I have a lingering cough along with mild fatigue that is most noticeable when I try and do any form of exercise. Every day I feel a tad bit better, though, which is good!

Not long ago I had a strange sensation that hit me when shopping. This was over the Thanksgiving break and I had hoped to get some Christmas shopping done, only I was feeling really tired and kinda out of it. While shopping I suddenly had this strange sensation that began in my right groin area and then spread out along the top of my thigh. It felt like I had wet myself – warm and wet. I looked down and nothing was there. I touched it to make sure it wasn’t wet – it wasn’t. It went away quickly so I forgot about it but it returned later on and then one more time after that.

That evening my right ankle started hurting for no reason. I thought it must be sciatica so I did some stretching but it only exacerbated the problem causing the pain to increase.

The ankle pain and the weird, warm, wet sensation are likely related. I am thinking it is nerve related. The wet warm feeling was so real! It really did feel like I wet myself! Each time it happened I thought I must be losing my mind. lol Thankfully the feeling has not returned and the ankle pain is gone, too.

Dream Theme: 12

For the past week I’ve been having random dreams, most of which I barely recall. When I do remember a dream, though, it usually has the number 12 in it. At first I didn’t think much of it until I had another dream with the number in it this morning. Afterward, on the way to work, I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if the number 12 has anything to do with the 12-12-12 gateway coming up? Hmmm, I bet it does…” As I looked up with this thought fresh in my mind I saw the car in front of me.


It caught my attention and so I quickly snapped a photo to remind myself that when the Universe answers it does so in very obvious and synchronistic ways!

Now on to the dreams….

Dream, November 30th – Surrogate to Twins 

I had a long dream about being pregnant (new potential waiting to be born) with twins. I was not showing but reporting to the hospital to be induced. I knew that my twins – a boy and girl – would be going to two different families, adopted out, and I was a surrogate (giving of self for others). For some reason an old friend was there with me. I remember talking to him about the upcoming delivery as I waited for the doctor who never came. Turns out I was not meant to arrive until later, on the 12th. I also remember my hospital room number being 12.

My friend told me about how he got his heart broken and how difficult it has been for him to let anyone in ever since. In the dream I was like “Oh that makes so much sense” but now it is hard to recall exactly why I thought this. When he told me his story I saw it play out as if watching his memory unfold.

When it was time to leave, my friend helped me carry the things I had packed. I had in my hand folded clothing (projection of self, how one see’s self) in stacks. There was too much for one person to carry.

Then I was crossing over the hill toward my mom’s house. I was trying to pick veggies as I did but ended up needing help. My hands were holding a cord that was strung over the top of the road and I was hanging from it as I crossed. Someone helped me pull asparagus (erotic desires fulfilled) which I was intent on getting. The asparagus was much bigger than it should be, though.

Dream: Return to Haunted House

In this dream I was inside a house watching a young boy get an erection and have sex with a girl. I remember being shocked and saying, “He’s too young to do that!” Someone (me I think) informed me that he was 12 years old, so not too young.

As the dream progressed I realized I was the 12 year old boy’s twin (duality, two parts of whole) sister and he had been having sex with me. Very odd!

Throughout the dream there was a back story about my dog (protection, fidelity) being very ill. I was watching him, waiting for him to die, when I realized he may only need a drink of water. So I offered him some water and he drank it and slowly began to revive. I was surprised at how stupid I had been to not realize he was just really dehydrated.

Then I was talking to a man, my father I think, about returning to a house that was haunted to investigate and see if I could communicate with the ghost there. I went and watched from the outside for a while, then went inside. Others were with me and I recall going down into a lower level (subconscious) that was adjacent to a pool (cleansing, rejuvenation) that was outside. I went to use the bathroom (cleansing, seeking relief) and it was all set up so that someone could use the bathroom when swimming. I remember using the bathroom and then going to a table in the middle of the basement where a chocolate cake (pleasure) was being cut. I spoke to an older man about how he was selling pieces of cake on Amazon and how he hired a chef to cut the cake and mail out the pieces. I thought this seemed off but accepted it.

Then everyone was gone and I was outside the haunted house looking at it. It was getting dark and I was feeling a bit afraid so I sat in a chair across from an old abandoned mechanic shop. I began to sing in Light Language and as I did it was as if time reversed and the house was like new again as was the shop. I saw a young woman come out of the house ranting and raving. I walked up to her still singing in LL and she responded to me, looking at me and smiling. We got into good communication then and I recognized her as a friend. Not sure what we talked about now but it felt like I was freeing a trapped Spirit, probably a part of myself. 🙂

Lucid dream: Broken Motorcycle

In this dream I was inside my house watching a child who was about 6 years old. Her parents were going to pick her up in the morning. I asked her when her bedtime was and she said, 6:30pm. She was only suppose to stay for 3 hours and I remember thinking it must be they thought two hours before bed and one in the morning. I asked her which bed she wanted to sleep in and she said my daughter’s.

There was a whole sequence about the girl waking up and wanting to play with my kids and then her parents picking her up. I opted to go to work early and found myself driving along a familiar road at 6:30am. This is when I became lucid in the dream.

Realizing it was too early I got the idea to pick up something for breakfast. I drove into a parking lot (delay) that was dimly lit and full of cars. I looked for a parking place and saw some shady young people, thugs, who began to follow me around. So I opted to just leave but the button that turned on my motorcycle (need for escape and adventure) would not turn it on. I began to fiddle with it and it broke off in my hand. The thugs were close and asking me what was wrong. I said the starter was broken but I pedaled it like a bike (taking a journey alone, independence) and left the area.

Then I was walking along a stone sidewalk next to some water. It reminded me of Venice. I saw some young people sitting on a pier and began to talk to them. I decided to take off all my clothes (projection of self) and jump in the water but with every layer it seemed there was another under it. I did get into the water and went up to a guy and his girlfriend. I kissed the guy and the girlfriend looked shocked. I laughed and left, reassuring her.

I kept walking and saw another couple up near a stone bridge. I went up to them and they were huddled together doing something. Curious, I asked them what they were doing and both had small stringed instruments and were playing music. I said it looked cool, turned around and saw a man watching. I went up to him and kissed him. He kissed me back, laughing.

Then I noticed a woman up on the bridge. I went up to her and recognized her. She was quite thin with dark hair and bright red lipstick on. She was upset and I hugged and kissed her, pulling her close to me trying to comfort her. I remember trying to take off my clothes again but never succeeding for the same reasons as before.

Then I was walking through a library (wisdom). I remember knowing I was looking for someone, someone who I resonated with. I saw lots of normal looking people and began to search their faces in hopes of finding someone who I had a connection with. Unfortunately I found none. Someone spoke to me asking me if maybe I should have been a man. It seemed like I was being given a choice to change genders. I laughed and said, “No way! I love the female body!” I remember thinking that the male body was generally unattractive and I would never want to give up the beautiful body I had in exchange for a masculine body.


I find it interesting that both dreams that involve the number 12 also involve twins. My best guess is that the message about the 12th has to do with another aspect of myself or maybe becoming “whole” again. The sense I have about the number 12 is that it is merely a heads up of something to come. I am happy to wait and see what that something is.

The final dream was very lucid and I seemed to be on a mission to find someone who I felt a connection with. At first I was just kissing random people but eventually I remember deciding that I would have to be observant and patient to find what I was looking for. Perhaps that in itself was the message and lesson of the experience?

Finally, I did not mention there was another dream in between these three. In it I was released from prison. There was much symbolism in the dream but the main message seemed to be that I was soon to be “freed” from a trap/prison of some sort.

In the past I have had dreams of being in prison so it was refreshing to finally have a dream where I was being released from one!