Recent Symbols and Messages

For the first time in almost a week I am feeling better. This cold was a whammy but thankfully it is going away. Yesterday for most of the day I felt like I had taken a sleeping pill. So tired yet I couldn’t sleep even when I had the opportunity. Just a lethargy that wouldn’t let up. Emotionally I felt drained and depleted, too. It was difficult to stay centered but I managed it. Barely.

What is strange is that even though my guidance has been mostly quiet except for a few encouraging nudges, I received messages in the form of symbols that continued to show up. All messages pointing to the balancing of masculine and feminine and coming into Wholeness, indicating that despite the “rest” provided by my illness work was still being done.

The first symbol that has been recurring is the Yin-Yang symbol. First, I saw it quite unexpectedly in a piece of scrap paper I used to protect the counter from paint as I was painting my most recent painting. I just happened to glance down at one of the many structural drawings catching the fallen paint. There on the paper were several perfect Yin-Yang symbols. They are obviously used to represent something specific in the drawing but to me they said Yin-Yang. I stopped and time did that little pause it does when a message is being received. Here is the symbol amidst the drawing:


This was earlier in the week. This morning I happened to noticed the symbol on a tile in my bathroom. I have seen the tile countless times but never saw the symbol. Here is the tile. See if you can locate the symbol:

IMG_20170424_081732 (1).jpg

From where I was at, it popped out at me very obviously, but as you can see it is very difficult to see.

I outlined it in this pic so you can see it better:


This in and of itself is one of those messages that I usually would shrug off. It’s easy to see anything you want to see in the patterns of a tile if you want, right? However, I had just had a dream earlier in the morning that led me to believe it was more than just me trying to make more of what was there. In fact, the Yin-Yang symbol was the farthest thing from my mind. My dream didn’t even lead me to look for it. Rather, my dream was of snakes. Two snakes coiled around one another similar to the caduceus. When I saw the Yin-Yang pop out at me, again time seemed to slow down and when it did my dream memory resurfaced and I knew it was a message. My first thought was the Kundalini and then I put it together with the Yin-Yang symbol and recognized the balancing of the masculine and feminine into Wholeness. Only then did I remember the message from the scrap paper earlier in the week. Duh.

Wholeness. Union. The message was clear.

Another interesting message, er well messenger, came later in the week. I was home resting and trying to recover from my illness. My husband took the kids to the park. They are in the process of erecting a new playground and it was nearly finished so my kids wanted to explore. To my surprise, my husband came back and told me, “There is a cockatiel in the garage. We found it in the park.” I didn’t believe him and went to the garage to investigate. I opened the door slowly not sure what prank he might be playing on me. I found my daughter in there with a small bird. He hadn’t been joking! Turns out, the little guy was on the ground near the new playground and had easily been captured by my husband but not before it pecked him hard enough to draw blood.

Seeing the little bird was a joy which surprised me. I am not into birds. I’m not scared of them but I never desired to have one as a pet. I prefer them to be in the wild where they belong. I was reminded of my trip to Australia in 2005. My sister and I got to feed all sorts of wild parrots. I did it, but I was uncomfortable because some of them were very big. Cockatoos were very common there. In fact, I remember them being all over the place and making a lot of noise.

The little bird was friendly but did not want you to pet it or hold it. It was happy to perch on my husband’s shoulder. He was also starving and very thirsty. It was obvious he had been out on his own long enough to seek out people to try and find food and shelter. We let him stay the night in our garage and the next day my daughter went around to try and find his owner without success. So we bought him a cage and he now lives in her room. His name is Dylan.


My youngest has it out for Dylan, though. He throws things at him and harasses him while he’s in his cage. This has made him very wary of all of us now. Plus, he is very territorial of his cage. When we showed him his cage he flew across the room to it and made all kinds of happy noise. Now we struggle to get him out of it. I think he missed his home and is scared to leave it now. The poor little guy.

Regardless, it looks like he is here to stay. I will talk to him in Light Language here and there and find he responds to me, though he doesn’t want to come to me. That is fine with me. I would rather not be pecked. lol

It was only today that I decided to see if cockatiels carry any kind of specific message. Turns out they do. Though the link I found was for cockatoos, cockatiels carry the same message – communication, socialization, mating for life, the art of survival. Additionally, it represents:

Spirit. Rain Magic. Travel. Joy. Crying with Joy. Emotional Freedom. Spiritual Freedom. Finding Spiritual Truths. Your Inner Fire. Creativity. The Muse. Inner Beauty. Inner and Outer Wealth. Preserving What You Care For. Drumming.

~ Source

It was a good thing we rescued this little bird when we did. That night a cold front came through and it got really chilly and windy. The little guy would have had a difficult time staying warm in 40 degree weather.


While I was sick I received Knowing that my illness was purposeful. It was a forced down time to prepare me for what is coming next. Sometimes, when you are like me, you have to be made to stop and rest. While I was sick I went from motivated, optimistic, and positive to lethargic, unmotivated and at times irritable. I spent more time laying down than normal to the point that my husband began to nag me about it (which didn’t result in good things lol).

I discovered old, stale emotions coming to the surface during this time. They were not intense but there nonetheless. I had to keep my eye on my thoughts because these old emotions brought about thought patterns that would cycle through and if I didn’t catch them in time I would end up in an old, familiar place. Thankfully I was able to keep myself from falling into the old cycles and patterns but several times I did have to ask myself, “Is this making me feel good or bad?” If it was not making me feel good, I stopped thinking it and moved on. And you know what? It worked even though I felt like crap. lol

All of this is in preparation for the next section of that Equinox portal I brought up earlier in April. This section is quite long, spanning through the end of this month, but I am told the next one is soon, early May. I don’t have the exact date yet but thinking May 4-5th or around there.

Interestingly, my entire family almost went on a trip to Seattle to visit his cousin. We would have left on the 4th and returned on the 9th. We opted out because of the cost of flying five people there (over $2000) plus I was wary of taking my youngest. I had hoped to go so I could visit a friend there but it was not meant to be. Additionally, a friend of mine is having a Galactic Shaman training on May 5th in Tennessee. Out of the blue I had the idea to go and almost got my husband to say yes but then later knew it was not a good idea. Just after realizing this my husband got nasty about me going, so my intuition was right. It’s okay. The message was likely not that I needed to go on either trip but about the timing of it.


Last Day

Today was my last day at work and a busy one. As soon as I got to work I had to go outside for crossing guard duty. It was a beautiful, clear, brisk morning and all the kindergartners were dressed up as fairy tale characters. I saw more Elsa’s and Cinderellas than I could count. lol As I stood there waiting for children to gather on the curb I saw a lone, white bird fly low across the sky. It was a stork of all things. Quite unusual!

When I was done with duty my morning was full with several students requesting to see me and a couple of guidance lessons in kindergarten, first and fourth grade. They had announced my last day that morning and so everyone was saying goodbye and wishing me well. I got more hugs than I can count, some from students I had never really interacted with.

I received a beautiful drawing from one of my sweet second graders. She was shy and withdrawn when we first met, resisting hugs and keeping her distance. Since then she has blossomed and hugs have been a normal greeting from her. I got at least six from her today, one in which she didn’t want to let go. Such a sweetheart.


Drawing left on my desk today. 

Another student, a little second grader whose mom has stage four cancer, requested to see me again today even though I saw him just two days ago. Not the hugging kind and preferring more distance than most, I could feel he just felt better in my presence, as I did in his. When I thought about how I was leaving him when he most needs me I felt sad and teared up. I feel like I am “abandoning” these kids.

Yet when I left work for the last time today, I felt my time there was complete. I felt no sorrow at leaving. My only concern was for all the time that was about to be mine and what I would fill it with. I knew immediately that I needed no distractions for the inner work I am about to do and I shuddered at the thought of it. This job served its purpose and now it is time to move on.

While on the drive home I began to feel a familiar heaviness in my heart, a distinctive signal that some purging was coming. Sure enough by the time I drove into my garage there were tears in my eyes and a feeling of not being able to handle this anymore. “This” being whatever is happening and has been happening to me.

Then, after dinner tonight, my husband showed me a picture he and my youngest drew together of the number 218. My youngest can’t count well yet and when he does he counts “2….1….8”. lol He repeats it no matter how many times you ask. So they colored it for me. My daughter added her part as well which caught my “eye”. I had to include it here for you all.


My daughter says hers is an “eye”. The interesting thing is that one of my long-time clients just asked me about a vision she keeps seeing in meditation. The vision? That of a blue eye looking at her. Prior to that, I heard that a sign of Kundalini awakening is receiving vivid visions of eyes. Funny, the one eye I remember seeing was that of an ET. I painted it. Remember? lol


As for 218, well it equals 11 of course! lol Here is the angel number meaning in case you are curious.

And don’t think I forgot about the stork. Nope. Storks are all about rebirth and renewal. A good sign? I hope so.

Emotionally, I am better now, until whatever is happening hits me again and I feel like I am dying from the inside-out. Yay for transformation and “inner work”…NOT.

2017: Newborn Butterfly Stage

Today has been a beautiful day. I spent most of it at my Mom’s house in the country. I took a long walk with my daughter down a dirt path into the woods. While we walked, she stopped and exclaimed, “Mom! Look! A butterfly!” I looked at it and was instantly sad because it appeared to have a broken wing. I told her to leave it alone because the last one I found like that died and I hated seeing such a beautiful creature die. She refused to leave it, though, saying, “I want to take it and show Nana!” As she picked it up, it attempted to fly out of her hand but fell to the ground. I thought, “Great sign for the new year….”

She kept the little butterfly in her hand through the rest of the walk mentioning how it kept fluttering in her hands. I didn’t think much about it, trying to avoid thinking of it as a bad sign.

When we got to my Mom’s house she immediately showed them. She wanted me to take a picture, so I got up real close to take a shot. When I got close, though, I realized the butterfly was not wounded at all. In fact, it was newly born! It’s bottom wings were still wrinkled. No wonder it couldn’t fly!

This is the picture I took. If you look at the bottom wings, you will see they are still wrinkled. This butterfly was not very old. My daughter thought it was a Monarch but it’s top wings were speckled and almost completely orange so I knew it wasn’t. Turns out it’s a Monarch look-a-like called a Queen Butterfly.


Newborn Queen butterfly

After taking the picture I told my daughter to put the butterfly outside in a safe place so it’s wings could finish drying. She didn’t want to and kept letting it crawl around on her. It was very active. Finally, she did take it outside and put it near a small bush. Thankfully it was in the 70’s today. Here’s hoping it was able to finally take flight.


2017 is a 1 year numerologically speaking. We end 2016, a 9 year, completing a cycle and now a new cycle begins. The butterfly sign today confirms this. I am blown away by the perfection of this sign for 2017. Not only has my guidance given me ample messages regarding the transformative stage I we have been in all of 2016, but they have also hinted that soon it will be time to test our wings and only when we have risen up in flight will we see with new eyes.

For many of us, we will feel unsteady this year as we get our bearings in our new Light bodies. There may be confusion, indecision, life upheaval and pitfalls as we test our newly formed wings and try to fly. Imagine what that newborn butterfly must have been feeling when it found itself on the middle of the road and couldn’t fly away to safety. I think many of us will feel like that butterfly – inexperienced, exposed, nervous, maybe even a bit frightened.

For most of 2017 we will be getting our bearings; learning to use our new “equipment”. What that means exactly will likely be different for everyone. I already feel unsteady as 2016 comes to an end. There is a nervousness but also a curiosity. I also don’t feel quite like myself and am questioning myself and my intentions. I feel somewhat like my  soul compass has been re-calibrated.

We will not be alone, however. Part of this new birth is finding our new families and migrating toward them. No, this will not all happen in 2017. It takes sometimes up to 2-3 hours for a newborn butterfly’s wings to be ready for flight. Similarly, we will need time to adjust and prepare. So think of 2017 as that preparation period. We will need lots of patience for we will know we are changed but will be held back by circumstance (wings still wet). For those of you like me (impatient to get going!) this feeling of being held back, of having to wait after we’ve waited for so long to get here, will test our limits. Patience – my favorite word – is what I am hearing now. Sigh.



Visitations of the Insect Kind

Yesterday I got visited by another swallowtail. This time a Giant Swallowtail. Prior to and during my trip to Tennessee I had several visits by butterflies. I guess then it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are still visiting me. 🙂

Not long after I encountered a very large moth. Here is a picture of him:


Then today, while outside with my children enjoying the brisk, Fall weather here in Texas, I got visited by a dragonfly. He actually landed on me multiple times and was content to just sit on my arm despite me moving around and getting very close to him. He was a brilliant blue. I didn’t have my phone so no picture, but he looked something like this:


The messages of these three visitors are not dissimilar. The moth was seen during the day resting on the side of the house. I nearly didn’t see him at all since he blended in so perfectly with his surroundings. Therefore, I suspect his particular message to me was to blend in. The moth reminds us to”use our environment to our advantage, blend in when necessary, adjust and adapt when the situation requires it.”

The dragonfly has visited me before. His message is to pay attention to what we think, especially those thoughts which arise via meditation and the dreamstate. He reminds us to be mindful of our thoughts for they produce our reality. This has been a near constant message from my guidance since my return from Tennessee. Keep the mind chatter to a minimum. Don’t think about “what-if’s” but instead focus on what is in your heart and your Knowingness.

The butterfly is, as always, all about transformation. Whenever I see the butterfly, I am reminded of something my guidance told me recently:

Like with all transformation, the transformed often do not notice how they have changed until they are well outside the parameters of the completed metamorphosis. Does the caterpillar know it is changing into a butterfly whilst it is inside the cocoon? When does it know that it has transcended the limits of its cumbersome body? Is it when it opens its wings for the first time? Is it when it takes its first flight? Or is it when it is up above its Earthly home looking down on what once seemed to be the insurmountable obstacle of its existence? 



Hundreds of Butterflies

The 9.9.9 portal energies are kicking in with extreme ferocity. I was hit with major heart chakra energy mid-afternoon along with a major outpouring and realizations that hit me all at once. I happened to be driving to the gym at the time. Why do these things happen to me while I am driving? Probably because it is one of the only times I am alone.

I made it to the gym and struggled through as intense a workout as I could muster. Despite squats, lunges, presses, etc at the heaviest I could bear, my heart continued to blast and my eyes continued to water. Usually extreme physical fatigue shifts me out of my heart for a brief reprieve, but it wasn’t happening yesterday.

On my way home I was back to struggling when I began to notice hundreds of tiny, orange and yellow butterflies flying across the road. At first I thought, “No way those are butterflies!” but then at a stop light I saw them up close and personal. They were no more than an inch long and fluttering about in groups. It looked like they had just emerged from their cocoons in mass. They were spectacular!

I thought, “This is a sign. I need to pay attention.” And I did, but it was not enough to make me feel better. I know butterfly = transformation. I am about DONE with transforming now. How about you? lol

As I drove the final few miles home I was met by more and more of these tiny, beautiful creatures. I even began to worry I would hit them and tried to slow down to give them safe passage across the road. Unfortunately, there were casualties. There were just too many of them. Hundreds!

I had forgotten all about the butterfly message this morning when I went outside to ground and settle the crazy energy I am feeling. I went over to the side of the yard and there in front of me were two of the same tiny butterflies I encountered yesterday. Just two of them and they were circling and dancing around each other right in front of me. They were unafraid and came within a few inches of me doing their dance. Spectacular.

What is interesting is that right before going outside I was reminded by my guidance to “pay attention to the signs we send you.” Gotcha.

I believe the species of butterfly I am seeing is called the Painted Lady.

Rather than go into detail about the message of the butterfly, I will link my favorite go-to site for symbolism – What’s Your Sign.




This morning I went outside and sat for a while. I noticed movement below me. I looked down and saw a tiny snail crawling along a blade of grass. I knew it was a message to me: slow down, give yourself time to change and adapt.

The message of the snail is far beyond slowing down. The shell represents the spiral and expansion, thought and evolution. The snail itself represents taking one’s time to reach one’s goals, adapting to changes and growing with change. The spiral in other culture’s symbolizes the moon and the phases of the moon. It is also the snail’s only means of defense. Additionally, it is the snail’s home. It is at home wherever it is.

The message to me seems to be to work with what I have now and to take things slowly and allow everything to unfold in its own time.

Two Recent Signs

The universe has been sending me some pretty obvious messages lately that I wanted to share.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay has visited me before back in January, but recently he is showing himself again. The first time was quite unexpected and unusual. I cannot recall just when this happened (a couple of weeks ago maybe?) but on a walk with my youngest one afternoon I came upon three baby blue jays hopping about on the sidewalk. They were too young to fly yet, so likely they had prematurely falling from their nest. They had enough feathers and ability to fly short distances but would have been an easy catch if I had wanted to do that. Instead, my son and I stopped and watched the three babies bounce about and chirp to their parents in the trees above.

I had never seen a baby Blue Jay before. In fact, I have not seen many jays in my lifetime, at least not this close up. When I lived a hour north of my location now blue jays were very, very rare. Here near the city they are more common, this year especially.

In addition to the close encounter with the baby jays I have a pair of blue jay parents dive bombing my bird feeder. I purposefully bought a finch feeder with very tiny perches to keep the larger birds away. I prefer feeding the pretty songbirds like Cardinals. Anyway, the jay is very smart and has figured out how to get to the seed despite being way to big for the feeder. I have been watching as they grab some sunflower seed, take it to a nearby tree to eat and then return for more. The somehow manage to get the seed by balancing on the lower perches sideways, wings flapping. They also have babies that look like adults who they share their winnings with.


As if the Blue Jays weren’t enough of a hint, the universe decided to give me a more obvious message. Yesterday afternoon I kept feeling something on the inside of my pants that created a slightly annoying itch. I brushed my leg several times and the last time I noticed something was stuck to my leg. I pulled it off and it was this:


Though the image is very large here, this is a tiny sticker maybe half and inch square. It is likely an inspection sticker from my pants. When I saw it I laughed out loud. The universe couldn’t have been anymore obvious!

When looking up the angel number of 11 I usually go to the Joanne Sacred Scribes website. This time, however, that explanation did not feel right. So I went to this site instead. I like how it immediately states that the number 1, which is doubled in 11, indicates a new chapter or fresh start. Two ones together, 11, symbolize a doorway. New opportunities await.

The message hit me hard while I was doing yoga. This is not unusual, something about yoga intensifies the connection I have with my Team. Usually my crown or third-eye will light up. I was hit very hard with a realization that something profound was approaching. I remember the realization made me hold my breath because the consideration of “it” made me a bit nervous. It was primarily a feeling so I can’t say what exactly “it” is. Regardless, the message of 11 was reinforced.