Dream: Catching Lampreys

This morning was the solar eclipse. Two days before was Maha Shivaratri or “The Great Night of Shiva”, a Hindu festival celebrating the consciousness field of Lord Shiva. The 25th was Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of Bliss assisting humanity in overcoming their karmic ignorance to transcend into a state of supreme bliss by awakening to one’s true self. Shiva is known as the “Transformer” and the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Last night a portal opened and a veil lifted allowing for a night of spiritual sovereignty and illumination.

For me, personally, I did not experience anything significant last night except for a few dreams and some minor Kundalini. The night before, however, was most transformative as I had a substantial Kundalini rising event that brought clarity and bliss. My experiences coincided with the Maha Shavaratri (24th) and Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of Bliss (the 25th). I feel like Shiva and I danced together and he gave me a glimpse into my Self. I am truly honored to have been allowed such an experience.

Though I slept deeply, I still had some significant dreams accompanied by Kundalini energy up and down my mid-section. At one point it felt as if my entire torso was three times its normal size and filled with a buzzing, warm and comforting energy. My root chakra was also very active throughout the night.

Dream: Catching Lampreys

I was on a large boat with a group. Most of the group were elementary aged children and it felt to be a field trip of some sort. A teacher brought up a bucket full of lampreys but when I looked into the bucket I saw many colorful lobsters. They were all colors – blue, red, green, yellow – and seemed almost fake in appearance and did not move as if dead. I touched them, fascinated, and watched as they were placed into brown sacks. I remember wondering why they called them lampreys because what I saw was lobsters. That was when I saw an actual lamprey. It was being held up and I said, “Wait I want to take a picture.” I had with me a large, underwater camera. I tried to focus on the lamprey but could not get the focus to work. When I looked at the lamprey all I could see were rows and rows of sharp teeth. I was not afraid, however, just fascinated.

As we came ashore a young girl about the age of 10 took my hand and said, “Come with me!” She was really excited and wanted my help with something. She took me into a room and asked me to help her with her computer. I sat down and began to investigate the computer issue. The screen was playing some kind of soap opera. The girl crawled under the desk at my feet. I felt odd when she did that, sensing a sexual aura around her and not understanding why someone so young would be exuding such an energy toward me. I continued to fiddle with the computer feeling uncomfortable as the girl moved about under the desk where I couldn’t see her. I kept feeling like she would reach up and begin touching me in a sexual way and I sat frozen there wondering how to react. The girl never touched me but I felt my root chakra flare up and begin to expand up, up, up, filling my second, third and fourth chakras with a warm, buzzing and comforting feeling.

Then the girl crawled out from under the desk, stretching herself cat-like on the table next to me. Her pants were half off, one leg out and one leg in, and she had matured into a young woman. Her blonde hair was long and flowed to her waist and she was quite beautiful. I asked her, “How old are you?” She replied, “16”. I remember looking at her, admiring her beauty and wondering how she could have grown so rapidly from a 10-year-old to a 16-year-old. I was extremely attracted to her, also, but it was not a sexual attraction. The whole time my entire torso was buzzing and I felt to be expanding outward with energy.

I woke up still experiencing the rapid energy expansion in my lower four chakras.

Still in the in-between I saw a golden energy man standing over me with his arms outstretched. I fell into his arms, resting my head on his shoulder. The energy hug I experienced was exceptionally comforting and safe.


My dream indicates I am exploring my subconscious and emotions (ship). I find strength and persistence in excess (lobsters) but do not believe it is real (dead/fake). I also find that someone is taking advantage of me or exploiting me (lamprey). I take a good look at them (photo) but cannot see them clearly (unfocused).

The girl that came to get me was an aspect of myself. She wanted my help with current life issues (computer) containing much drama (soap opera). Her maturity suggests that I am also maturing. The attraction to her is similar to the attraction and love I have been finding for myself and this body. The number 16 has been coming up in my dreams lately. It’s relates to home and family and its message is to trust my intuition.



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