Dreams: Making Progress

Lately I’ve had so many dreams that I lose track of them. Some come back to me days later, though, as if to show me something. This post will be mostly about dreams and their messages over the course of this past full moon.

Dream: 15 Floors Down

I was in a huge building. It wasn’t a home or a business. I’m not sure what it was, but it was massive with high ceilings and a very modern appearance. I was in a restroom. Single toilet, single sink but with space enough for three or four people. The floor was tiled and it was quite clean looking with a monochromatic color scheme. I saw water squirting out of the lower portion of the toilet. I bent down and turned off the water. I dropped something but didn’t hear it hit the floor. When I looked for it, I saw a hole the size of a large floor tile. Looking down it I could see several floors down, and a visual of another bathroom, and another, and another.

I sent out a question as if making a phone call but it was all telepathic. I told maintenance that I had lost something (a key?) and believed it fell to the bottom floor. I asked, “How many floors are in this building?” He replied, “You are on the 12th floor. There are 15 floors total.” My interpretation of this was that the higher number floors were below me and the lower numbered ones above me. I needed to go deeper to retrieve what I lost.


The sense this dream gave me was that I am moving deeper and deeper within, clearing blockages and issue that no longer serve me. The “key” will be found when I reach the “bottom” floor, which is the very root of Self. These are heavily charged with emotion but they are clearing and progress is being made.

Dream: Inception

I was in a classroom that resembled an open field. There were walls but then there weren’t. It was like we were in a holographic space. It was very familiar to me and the colors green and blue prominent.

In front of me was my assignment. It was a list of terms and sentences all describing events in time. Some I recognized as historic events from Earth – wars in Europe mainly from long before the Americas were discovered. The terms and sentences were in a chart, each had a number assigned to it. My job was to place the events in order but what is odd is that I was selecting them randomly, as if I was deciding history rather than retelling it.

There were other students and again I thought, “I’ve already taken this class and graduated. I’ve done this before.” But instead of feeling resistance to repeating the class, I just accepted I was in it and mingled with the other students. I ended up helping out a female student. I figured I might as well use my experience to help others who were new to the experience of the class. The female student I assisted was very smart. I remember seeing in my mind a huge letter, “A”, indicating she was an A student. Yet she still needed my help.

Then I was placing the terms/sentences. My main focus was on the numbers, not so much the words. The numbers of interest were 7, 6 and 15 in that order. 15 had two places where it seemed to fit. It was one word – “Inception” I believe. I could not decide where to place it in the timeline.


I felt positive when I woke from this dream because I did not resist being in a class I had already completed. In fact, I assisted others with the class. The complete lack of resistance and acceptance of my role indicates I am finally accepting this life and my mission. I may have lived countless lives on this planet, feeling I long “graduated”, but I returned to help others in this physical reality classroom. There is also a recognition of my involvement in creating the history of this planet. The number 15 repeats and since it was in the dream above (and other ones as well) indicates a message. The inception word is also a clue. Inception is the start of something, it can also be instilling an idea into someone’s mind via the dreamstate. Both seem applicable and go along with the message of the number 15. I am beginning “anew”, writing history as I go.


Dream:  The Governor 

I was in my bedroom trying to get comfortable but my MIL had left way too many blankets on the bed and it was too hot. I tossed them, folded, on a bench at the foot of the bed. The lamp was malfunctioning and it broke. I just recall being tired and not being able to sleep.

Then family entered the room, all talking loudly. They brought in a man they called “governor”. He was old with a large, flabby stomach. We all sat in a line on the blankets I had taken off the bed. The man joined us and I remember someone farting loudly. I snickered because of the inappropriateness of it being we had a guest and all.

The man then told his story but it appeared as a movie and I went into the movie, experiencing it with him. We were under a highway overpass following a group of planes heading to war. The man was sharing a memory of his youth with me and he was the one in charge. He was on board a very large plane but it was more like a ship because it had a deck on top. It was massive but in comparison to the highway above, it seemed small. There were dozens of smaller planes all around. They looked like airplanes at first but upon further inspection their coloring – a greenish gray – and their propellers – looking like dragonfly wings –  caused them to look like insects. The propellers moved so rapidly you could not distinguish one from the other and they buzzed just like an insect.

Upon recalling this scene it is obvious that I was not in present time and maybe not even on this planet, though it sure looked a lot like Earth. There was greenery all around and the overpass was a brilliant white and so high up that it resembled a train track from below. The fleet of aircraft the man commanded was massive and moved swiftly and with ease.

I hovered face-to-face with him as he stood on the larger ship and noted how handsome he was. I thought him to be in his 20’s. He corrected me and said 30’s. He asked if I found him handsome. I laughed because in his old age he was not at all handsome.


The beginning of the dream was me recognizing my physical discomforts. When I woke I was hot and all my covers were off of me. I find the farting funny. Perhaps some humor to try and wake me up? Or maybe a sign to lighten up. 🙂 The feeling from this dream is that I was receiving instruction via a guide (the governor). He was familiar. I had seen him in a previous dream. The place I found myself in seemed to be in the future but then the feeling was also that it was the past. I am not sure exactly the meaning of what I saw. Was it to familiarize myself with this guide? Was he showing me his “past life”? Or was it to send the message that we all command our own lives/fates?



One thought on “Dreams: Making Progress

  1. MollyB111 says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ !
    and yup, "I am beginning “anew”, writing history as I go."
    I was recently told, done with past, don't make "predictions"/not psychic, LIVE/love/write the now that is actually quite new.

    I also had a dream that I fell asleep in a comforter and wrapped myself in it. I then dreamed within the dream. As I awoke and unrolled from the comforter, I was seeing all of my writing. I took it as writing brings me comfort… and I seem to easily get wrapped up in it and know I even do in my sleep state.

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