Dream: Blue Kachina

I’m super tired. Happy still, but tired. My sleep is interrupted lately with weird dreams. You saw them – dustpan nightmares? burning deserts? And those are just the ones I took time to write about. I’ve had strange messages in my dreams, some with repeating themes. One of those messages was, “You will meet your protector.” Ah, okay. I have a protector? Hmmm  A theme that keeps coming up is dying. Not only did I have that weird “memory” where another me was going to kill me, but then in an OBE I was being pulled up into the sky basically full-on ready to join my family in Spirit. No escapism. No upset. No regret. Just pure, joyful love at the reunion ahead. Again…huh?

And I’ve had two more hypoglycemic episodes at the gym. One on Sunday and then one yesterday. Same stuff. High heartbeat, dizzy, zoning out, feeling like passing out, etc. On Sunday I caught it before it got really bad but then as I drove home I nearly passed out (scary stuff!) and ended up detouring to a shopping area. I ended up walking around Kohl’s eating a candy bar to get my blood sugar back up. Then, like before, after I felt normal again, my stomach got really upset, like in knots – a make you double over in pain kinda upset. Yesterday I took food with me on the drive there and then had some in the car just in case I might need it. I did very little compared to my normal and STILL I ended up with a high heartbeat, the shakes and began to zone out. I left early (again) and ate my extra snack in the car. No issues driving home. No stomach upset. No dizzies or near pass out. Maybe I am getting better? Or maybe I just got lucky.

On top of the hypoglycemic episodes I have been super tired for the last three days. This tiredness makes me want to just go to bed right then and there. My eyes cross and everything.

Yes I’m eating. Yes it’s good, wholesome food. Maybe ascension related? Could be.

Thankfully, last night I was finally able to sleep well (thanks to half a Benadryl) but still had some crazy vivid dreams. I wanted to share one in particular.

Dream: Blue Kachina 

I was taken into a large waiting room. There were two sections. The one at the back of the room was the largest. People appeared to be sitting and meditating or praying, eyes closed and focused with intent on the group at the front. The front group was much smaller, maybe two rows total. They were seated and waiting.

The man who ushered me in made me feel uncomfortable. He told me to go sit up front and to “think about what I had done.” I questioned him, “What did I do?” He said, “You know.”

Up front I was given a booklet that appeared to be associated with a religious organization. All I recall was that it was blue. I was told to consider how I would answer the questions I would be asked. I still didn’t know what they were talking about. The feeling was that it was some kind of confessional.

I took a seat next to a little boy who was talking aloud to himself. He said, “I know what I’m going to say. I’m gay.” I looked at him and at first thought he was a girl but then saw he was a boy with long hair. I smiled at him and he was friendly to me, restating what he had just said to himself. I sent him love, knowing his confession would be difficult for him.

I still didn’t know why I was there. A woman stopped by and asked me, “Do you know what you will say?” I said, “I don’t.” She said, “Consider what you have done.” I again said, “What did I do?” She said, “You got kicked out of the (religious) organization.” I said, “I did not!” What is he talking about? I wondered. She motioned to the booklet I was holding and began talking about this blue star that was located just behind Earth. I saw it in my mind. It was small, like our moon, but a very soft shade of blue. She told me that it meant I must go through a purification process and she indicated that everyone in the room (in the back rows) was there to support those of us who were going through the process (front rows). She called the blue star “the Kachina” and said I must pray to the Kachina. There was other stuff, something about aliens/ETs but my thoughts get in the way here and I forget exactly what she said. There is briefly memory of Beings, tall and slender without any features, coming from the blue star. But I was thinking Yeah, yeah. You all are nuts. I need to get out of here. The feeling was that this group was a cult and they were trying to confuse me into submitting to them. That was not something I was interested in. I could care less if they “kicked me out” or disapproved of my actions.


When I awoke, the main memory of this dream was the blue star. I had totally forgotten the name it was given but in retelling the dream to my husband it just came out of my mouth. I knew the name Kachina but I couldn’t place. Turns out it is a Hopi legend. The star is a symbol of purification.

My feeling from the dream is that I am being asked to confess or come clean which is in line with the prophecy. However, the feeling is that it is individual, not all of mankind.



One thought on “Dream: Blue Kachina

  1. […] sure what. I figured it must have something to do with the Blue Kachina Hopi legend. I remembered I dreamed of it before, back in February of this year. Why was it coming up […]


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