OBEs and Blended Sight

What a crazy, eventful evening last night and this morning! Wow. So much insight, so much clarity and understanding. I could write an entire book on what transpired at 3am. Who knows, maybe I will one day? But for this post, this is what happened after I returned to sleep at 4:30am (yeah I was up a while after the 3am waking).

Dream: No Excuses

I entered into a wintry scene. Outside with several others, I was instructed to lay in the center of a dirt road covered in snow in between the tire grooves that were free of snow. The person talking to me told me I could stay there until the truck came or I could get out of the way. Either way I would be fine. I knew if I stayed the truck would just go over the top of me without touching me, yet every time I heard a noise, I sat up to look and made sure it wasn’t the truck. I saw several cars driving toward me, all swerved and ended up going to a stop sign to my right. I saw a dark minivan almost slide through an intersection. All of it was just like watching a movie. Very vivid and real yet I was still not very lucid.

Then I was walking to the top of a clearing on a hill in the mountains. The snow had cleared and my group was discussing the man who was suppose to help that morning. He had arrived late and quite drunk. I listened and watched the man stumbling about and acting quite full of himself, not a concern for his lateness or a single ounce of responsibility to his actions. The man approached a wood ladder. He was meant to climb it. Where it led, I don’t know, but his job was important, like to act as a watchman. My group could not figure out what to do about the man and were going to just let him do his job while drunk. This was not acceptable to me and I went up to the man and confronted him. I said something like, “Do you think you can come here drunk and do a good job? What were you thinking?” He replied, “What do you know? I am just fine, maybe a little late but fine.” He said other rude remarks but I told him off royally and put him in his place, telling him we (the group) would not allow him to destroy what we were creating. The last thing I said to him was, “You have no excuse for your behavior.” I walked away and members of my group stared open mouthed at me. I told them, “Sorry but someone had to say it like it is. You guys weren’t going to do it.” LOL

astral-projection-erik-janssonOBE After OBE

After walking away from the dream I ended up floating over my body having a conversation with my kids, laughing and having a grand time of it. I remember looping something plastic around my finger and feeling it. I knew I was OOB and just floating over my physical body but stayed where I was because I was so aware and content. My guidance seemed to want me to stay there, too.

Eventually, though, I had to go OOB. It was just too tempting not to. From this point I left my body more times than I can count. I believe it was 9-10 times but I really don’t know. Most were short excursions that ended soon after leaving my body, but I did have at least four where I was able to explore for a while.

In a few OBEs, I found my husband curled up in our bed but he’s not home in reality (away on business). He was wrapped in a green blanket and said something that made no sense. I told him, “What? You must be dreaming!” lol He replied, “Yeah, I am.” lol One time I tried to snuggle close but as soon as I got to him the OBE ended. In another one, I touched him and he disappeared leaving me with only the green blanket. In yet another one, he and my youngest followed me, presenting me with a small, brown dog no larger than a bunny in size. It yapped at me and growled but was nice when confronted, shaking all over like it was afraid. I saw the dog more than once. Chihuahua maybe?

In another OBE I opened my eyes to find myself in a long, dark hallway. I knew instantly it was the hallway of a college dorm and I flew quickly down seeking out my dorm room. Inside I found some college girls sitting on the twin beds playing with toys. I spoke to them, flying above their heads trying to get a reaction out of them. They greeted me warmly and we conversed, though about what I can’t remember. What is odd here is that I never stayed in a dorm like this one. It was only recognizable from the dreamstate. I have had several dreams/experiences of being in this dorm room!

OBE: Blended Sight

The most significant OBE of the morning was one that really is quite amazing to me. It started out normally. I left my body, flew downstairs and toward the front door. I felt like I would not be allowed outside and the door would be locked. I said to myself, “The door is not locked” but it was locked when I tried it. I turned and saw a large, white mattress standing on its side blocking my vision of my living room. Behind it there was movement and there was an ominous feeling which I ignored. It was dark so I waited to see who was behind the mattress. I heard the dog barking (same little brown dog) and saw a man I couldn’t see for the dark behind it. Not bothered that I couldn’t see the man, I materialized a toy dog and placed it on the floor in front of the tiny, barking dog. The toy barked back and the little dog grew quiet. lol That’s when I saw what appeared to be a red folder just floating in the middle of my vision. I wondered, “What is that? Why is a red folder here?” I wondered about it but decided I wanted to explore more.

I took a run at the door, figuring I would just go through it and I did! Right outside into the front yard! Flying high up into the trees, branches kept hitting me in the face and I could make out the stars in the night sky. Yet for some odd reason, through the branches of the tree I saw the darn red folder again! WTF? I tried to not let it distract me but it kept appearing in my line of sight. A single red rectangle that resembled a folder.

I remember saying, “Clarity now!” and waiting for my vision to clarify but the red folder remained along with the leaves and night sky. Still floating, I decided to ignore it and continued on but felt myself pulled back into my body. Yet the folder remained until I woke up. That is when I realized my physical eyes were wide open. And what were they looking at? A small, red painting my kids had made for me. It is on the wall across from the bed and in the dark it looks just like….you guessed it! A red folder! LOL

I have never in my life experienced this kind of phenomena. To see both with physical eyes and astral eyes and have the two visuals blend into one?! Ha! Too cool! I will just call it “blended sight” as I have no other word for it. And it didn’t just happen this one time, this was just the time I noticed it. Prior to this, I had other OBEs, short ones, where when I came back into my body my physical eyes were wide open.


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  1. MollyB111 says:

    You are kicking ass… haha, no work and right back to work! Enjoy! ❤

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