Dreams and Upset

A night filled with dreams, many of which had me waking up upset or angry.

Dream: Lost on a Cruise Ship

I entered a cruise ship with a group and was assigned my room. I don’t recall ever going inside, though. Instead, I walked the halls with a portly young man talking about my grandmother and how I can communicate with her even though she is dead. Specifically, I told him about how she visited me in a dream and my mother and I made her a chocolate cake and reminisced about how much I use to love cooking with her. I continued to tell him all kinds of things about my life and spiritual experiences. I held nothing back. He listened, at first very interested and then becoming quieter and quieter. When I was finished telling him everything (and I mean everything) about myself he made an excuse that he had to be somewhere and got away from me quickly. When I tried to follow him, he literally ran away and I received a feeling from him of, “Get away from me! You’re nuts!” I felt completely destroyed by his reaction. Never had I shared everything about myself so openly and honestly. What I said was genuine and came from my heart. I trusted him wholeheartedly and he rejected me outright and with such fear and rejection that I was left feeling obliterated and spiritually desiccated.

Then I went looking for my room. I thought I was in room #112 so went toward the front. I saw the maitre D of the hotel go into the room I thought was mine. Something felt wrong so I walked past and decided to go to the front desk because I had no key. I stood there with two blonde girls, sisters, and requested a new key. The man at the desk asked if the girls were mine, I said no. I was given a new key and saw my room number was 68.

I went looking for my room and went through hallway after hallway unable to find it. I found rooms 67 and 69 but my room was missing. I went up an open elevator with others as I looked. The operator of the elevator had a negative energy. Strangely I shifted into him while I was also myself. He pushed a button and let out a swarm of zombies. I remember being relieved and allowed myself to be overcome by them, relishing the dead feeling over the awful rejection I had previously experienced.


To be on a cruise represents an emotional journey. In this case, it has to do with coping with feelings of rejection. Being locked out of my room indicates I am feeling unable to shift into a new state of mind or personal identity. The numbers of the room indicate what I am rejecting and/or searching for. I never find my new room, instead being swept up in negativity and allowing myself to succumb to the zombies and feeling “dead”. The feeling from this dream is that I made a decision to never open myself up to another because it is too painful. In the dream, at the moment the man rejected me I remember thinking, “I knew this would happen. That’s why I never reveal my True Self to anyone.” My choice is to remain closed off and dead rather than feel the pain that results.

Dream: Toy Ark

I walked to a school and interacted with others who I knew. There was a woman struggling with a boy who would not come into the school. She asked for my help and I obliged. I spoke to the boy and he seemed to trust me. He had a small toy with him that fit in the palm of his hand. I saw that it was Noah’s Ark and had tiny animals in white that fit into slots in the toy. I commented on it and how well he put it together. The dream gets fuzzy here but the next thing I recall is holding the boy close to me while covered with a blanket. I felt motherly and recognized he needed to feel loved and secure. I gave that to him willingly. A woman came to retrieve him and I nudged him, making his little toy fall and pieces dislodge. I picked it up, apologizing and placing the pieces back. I saw the deck of the ark and a tiny, white angel figure was in the middle. The figure began to move on its own, walking across the deck.


This dream intrigues me. The boy I think is an aspect of me. An ark is symbolic of Wholeness and the preservation and protection of something valuable. I end up holding the boy close and recognizing his need for love, protection and security. I cradle him close to me and feel a connection to him. Then I see the ark, the tiny angel walking across it, which could indicate Divine assistance toward Wholeness.

gac-fruitDream: Possum and Fruit

I was inside my old childhood home. My friend David was there sitting at a desk. It was dark and difficult to see. Strangely, the room shifted into a room with screened windows. I don’t recall what I said to David but he left and I was sitting at the computer searching for something, a video I think. I found a DVD was in the drive and there were two files on it, both of them videos I had made where I discussed my OBEs and answered questions. It was not what I was looking for so I gave up.

Something moved below me and I saw a small, adolescent opossum. It was fuzzy and gray and appeared like a pet. I saw it crawl up on the face of a child, the boy from the previous dream, and seem to sniff around. I shooed it away and it ran and hid under a bush. I worried about how it had gotten inside and found a rip in the window screen of an open window. I went to close the window and saw both an opossum and a large dog trying to get in. I closed the window.

Then I went outside to check the bush near the window, suspecting it was the opossum’s den. I found my friend had stashed fruits there. One was a very large, rotting mango and the other fruits were spiky and unfamiliar. I picked up a spiky fruit and it was ripe. It was orange with some yellowing sections. I remember wanting to eat it, but I kept it instead, and asked someone if they wanted it. Then the opossum ran out from under the bush.


I’m not sure what the first part represents. Perhaps I am discussing my spiritual experiences and teaching others about OBEs? The opossum looks like a pet. Funny enough, I keep seeing them in my back yard at night lately. Opossum brings the message that something is not what it seems and to inspect it further. My shutting the window indicates I feel abandoned. The torn screen indicates my optimism has been destroyed. The mango represents sexuality and/or lust. It is rotten so I leave it. Rotten fruit indicates a missed opportunity and/or a premature ending to a relationship. The other fruit is one I did not recognize but it looks something like the image above. Fruit in general represents growth, abundance and financial gain. Since it has spikes on it, maybe these things could be uncomfortable for me? I’m not sure but I give it away.

Dream: Parking Lot Robbery

I was driving by a parking lot and saw something suspicious. I went to investigate and realized the parking area was being robbed. I drove over a barricade and stopped near the kiosk to call for help. Inside, I grabbed a radio handle and called into it, “911”. They responded and I told them the parking lot was being robbed. Then I heard voices approaching so hid beneath the counter. They could hear the radio dispatcher replying so came into the small building and found me hiding there. They were just kids and I confronted them, asking them to stop what they were doing. The kids held up guns, but they were green, see-through water guns. I remember thinking they were idiots to use guns like that. Just as I took the guns from them, a young girl came up holding a gun that looked real but then held it out to me. I took the gun and realized it, too, was a water gun. The dispatcher was saying something over the radio about the parking lot being “community” and “donation only”. Then a male voice responded, “That’s why it is a perfect target.” The three kids stood there with me and some of their team were yelling at them to get out and running past toward the exit. That is when I both heard and saw the sirens of an emergency vehicle approaching.


Parking lots indicate I need to slow down. Robbery suggests an identity crisis or that I am suffering from a major loss. 911 indicates that I am seeking help. It can also indicate that I need immediate assistance with the crisis I find myself in. There is also the angel number meaning but I feel it is more the dream symbol meaning. The “robbers” end up shooting water guns. Water guns indicate I am having difficulty expressing my true feelings. The sirens represent a warning and act to focus attention on the problem at hand.



7 thoughts on “Dreams and Upset

  1. herongrace says:

    That’s a coincidence! Yesterday morning I went to the local markets and bought 3 spiky fruit trees called soursop. I have only seen photos of the fruit but they are pale greenish white I think. I have been buying 2 or 3 trees a fortnight to plant out when it is cooler. Protecting them from possums has to be considered!
    The leaves are supposed to have anti carcinogenic properties.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      I’m not sure what fruit it was in my dream but reminded me of a sweet gum tree ball but bigger and orange-yellow.

      Wanted to tell you, I am reading Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying With Pan. 😉


      • herongrace says:

        Brilliant! I love all his books. His experiences with maintaining and travelling using his light body are fascinating.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dayna says:

        So far I am enjoying learning along with him about love and attachment. His journeys remind me of my own except that I have not done them while awake yet. I am thinking it is something I can do, though probably when my kids are a lot older and I have more alone and uninterrupted time like he has.


      • herongrace says:

        Yes there is a similarity between his learning stream and yours. He is a star person.
        Through his journeying he is able to explain many teachings quite vividly and clearly.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. MollyB111 says:

    Haha, well… I, too, had a Noah’s ark dream. I awoke thinking, we’ve arrived in the promised land and all are playing nice. And… a dream that ended in a parking lot robbery – except knives. I like the water guns better 🙂 ❤ ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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