OBE: Haunted

After yesterday’s low blood pressure episode I was wiped out. I went to bed early and had crazy, vivid dreams. I don’t remember most of them but there is a continuing theme over the past week. I recognize people from my past randomly as dream characters. This always peaks my interest and brings more lucidity.

Lucid Dream: Reception

The first thing I recall is sitting in a cafeteria-type setting, maybe in a school cafeteria, and listening to someone talk. Awareness hit me suddenly and I felt out of place. I reached up and pulled off sunglasses I was wearing. Not sure how I knew that I was wearing them but I remember wondering why I was wearing them inside. I turned and saw a familiar face sitting across from me. He was also wearing sunglasses and seemed to be staring at me. I stared back, wondering if he was really staring at me. I didn’t acknowledge him but instead chose to consciously blend into the crowd, becoming “invisible” to them and hopefully him, too.

Then I was going to a reception with my mom and grandmother (deceased). I walked through a narrow hallway and past lots of older people into a large, open room. Then I went outside, again hoping to retreat from a social setting I didn’t feel comfortable in. Outside a little boy approached me, wide-eyed and excited to see me. He had dark hair and eyes and his skin was a bit darker than mine. He spoke in a thick, Indian accent but I could understand him and immediately liked him. We were seemingly joined at the hip from then on, him chatting away about getting a whole day to himself to do what he wanted, his sister acting as “chauffeur”. His sister, who he called Fatimah, was driving him around in a tiny, black sports car. She said he would not get to drive on his own until he was 18.

The reception was ending so we went inside. My mom and grandmother were leaving yet they still had not opened presents or had cake. I asked if they wanted to stay for cake, they ignored me. My young friend invited me to eat with him and we shared a pie but it looked like pumpkin pie. Not sure where the cake went. Again we seemed inseparable.

When it was time to leave he went with his sister and I was ushered into a large, four door truck. There were women packed inside and I was asked to get in. One woman I recognized from my past. The women were all obese and they wanted me to squeeze into the driver’s seat. I never got in, feeling for sure I would be squished.

Cafeteria – one or more issues are “eating” me up inside.
Sunglasses – poor perception of some issue.
Reception – be more receptive to some situation
Pie – reward for hard work. Since it is pumpkin then it could related to female sexuality or a situation where time is running out. 

OBE: Haunted

I felt myself return to my body and shift positions. Then I got out of bed and walked into the hallway. At this point I was wondering if I was really awake it was so realistic. I heard water running and stopped where the bedroom usually is and opened the door to a bathroom with a gigantic walk-in shower. The shower was going full force and I yelled at my husband, “Were you taking a shower? Why did you leave the water on!?” He called back, “No.” I was irritated at him and walked under the shower to turn it off. I felt water hit my clothing and the top of my bed and grew more irritated. I didn’t want to get wet! I remember feeling this odd feeling at the time, like someone else was in our house. Was it haunted?

Once I turned it off, I looked at myself in the mirror. The reflection I saw was not the me in this life. Instead I looked like a petite Asian woman. I smiled at the reflection, noting the upward slant of my eyes, my near non-existent eyebrows and the roundness of my face. She was pretty but plain. I wanted to stay and inspect myself further but then thought, “I don’t care what I look like!” I turned and left the mirror behind.

I went downstairs and found my living area not as it is in real life. It was dark and I knew my husband was sitting in a sofa chair in front of the television. I saw the back of the chair and decided I would jump/fly over it. Yet when I tried I could not lift myself up off the ground. I felt grounded. After a couple of attempts I gave up and climbed over the top. He opened his arms to me and said, “Give me a kiss.” I obliged him but when he kissed me I suddenly could not breathe and not in a good way. I felt suffocated and wanted nothing more than for the kiss to be over with. I told him I couldn’t breathe but he kept kissing me. His mere presence made me feel as if my airways were constricted. I took a few labored breaths and finally the kiss was done. I got up and felt myself return to my body briefly. I noted that I was not breathing heavily or congested.

Immediately I returned to the scene and found myself still sitting on the sofa but staring off into space. My husband was talking about something but I didn’t hear him. He asked me, “Dayna, did you hear what I said?” But I was zoned out, focusing on a sound I heard coming from upstairs. It sounded like footsteps and I knew the “ghost” had grabbed my purse. Then I heard something fall down the stairs. I looked and saw my cell phone had been thrown down. I knew it was purposeful. Whoever was in my house wanted me to see it.

I returned to my body very gently, recognizing the symbolism behind the cell phone. Communicate. Confront something I’ve been avoiding. Sigh. Again? lol




2 thoughts on “OBE: Haunted

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