Rest = Illness?

It’s going on day three and the chest cold continues. I am reminded of something my Team told me in January. I did not take their warning seriously. I guess I should have.

There will be limited periods of relief which may physically manifest in illness, melancholy, confusion, listlessness, lethargy and other ailments. Provide yourself with what you need when you need it.

“Limited periods of relief which may physically manifest in illness“?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Since this message was received I have been sick twice. Both times I was “prepared” by my Team by hearing, “You are resting now”. Then….wham!…I was hit with illness. The first time was a nasty stomach flu. I have had the stomach flu before but this time my entire body hurt, I had a fever and was forced to rest for 24 hours because I just couldn’t do anything but lay down. Thankfully it just lasted 24hrs.

I guess this time I need more “rest” because this chest cold is killer. Yesterday my entire body hurt, I had hot flashes with sweating, my stomach hurt (what??), I had strange pains in various random areas (wrist, shoulder, leg), I had stabbing pain in my left eye, I was dizzy/light headed, fatigued, etc. What chest cold does all that?

Today the cold has moved to my head and my throat hurts. Yay. When I awoke both my eyes felt like they were raw, but no headache, which is normally the cause for my eyes hurting. Thankfully I have no fever, no body chills or aches and feel well enough to do my normal workout.

Oh, didn’t you know working out when sick cures you? LOL <—-This is why my Team calls illness rest – because it takes a whole hell of a lot to make me rest. I have to be slammed really hard by – yep – the stomach flu or something similar to slow down, stop and rest. You would think I’d have gotten the message by now. Nope. I don’t plan on changing anytime soon, either.

Their suggestion to me is to trade my heavy weight lifting routine for yoga, Pilates, body weight exercises, light circuit training (is there such a thing?), walks in the park, etc. In fact, I had a very strong urge to cancel my gym membership. What???? I was warned that my heavy workout routine will “exhaust my resources”. With this, they pointed out that I have not been eating as much. This is true. My appetite is gone. I have to force feed myself and many foods don’t appeal to me anymore. For example, peanut butter. My all-time favorite snack. Now it tastes just wrong and the honey I eat with it does, too. 😦 I turn down sweets as well and if I do eat them I don’t eat much because they taste too sweet. And I don’t want to eat as much, it is like my stomach shrank.

I almost followed their suggestions last week. The urge to cancel my gym membership was extremely strong. I have only been going to the gym one day a week instead of four. So I have at least toned it down. Instead, I workout at home but apparently I still do too much. I can’t believe they expect me to tone it down so much. 😦

I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. When will I ever learn?




10 thoughts on “Rest = Illness?

  1. litebeing says:

    I have the opposite problem, too little exercise and too big an appetite. Wish my guidance was more direct like you, Karin, and many others. My guidance is more indirect or unexpected, not consistent. Or I just don’t recognize it. I would listen about taking it easy. Little food or sleep and too much exertion is not healthy for body or spirit.

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    • Dayna says:

      I know. I need to listen, but I hate inactivity. I am restless and need to move, exert myself. If I don’t, my mind goes into overdrive and I think too much. Thinking too much = depression for me.

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  2. rios2995 says:

    Hi Dayna, I had the chest cold for 3 weeks last month, to include throat and head, teary eyes, pain everywhere…not fun…

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  3. I hope you soon feel better… Sending healing thoughts your way xx

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  4. I just got through a “forced resting period” myself where my whole family was sick. I’m guessing you’re just as stubborn as I am. Hope you get feeling better soon! I am hoping after that, I am more prepared for the incoming flexing of energies. 😉 We can only hope right? Hehe

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  5. kittyasmith says:

    I am not I’ll so much, but I have hives! I had them on the back of my arms, now they are on my legs around my knees. I know I just have yo ride this out.

    I have noticed that food tastes strange, too. I am mostly eating Cuties oranges and salads. I barely eat all day and am quite fine with it. occasionally, though I get hit with an unusual very strong hunger. It is very uncomfortable if not dealt with immediately.

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