Why is This Happening to Me??

I’ve been up since 3:30am so excuse me in advance for any discombobulated thoughts or wording.

The night was normal energy-wise, but I had received a message that my progress would be accelerated. No big deal. I had heard that before and so knew (kinda) what to expect.

Lucid Dream: Someone’s Been Cleaning Up

After a night of dreamless sleep, I suddenly became aware of my dream, semi-lucid. I was with someone and we were discussing my life, though what specifically is lost to me now. What I do remember is flying along a road I use to drive every day to school when I was in high school. I have everything about that road memorized I drove it so frequently. However, as we flew I noticed the road looked like someone had scraped the top of the asphalt off. Also, on the right in a field I knew well (I use to fish at the pond there) I saw enormous trash bags piled one on top of the other. These trash bags were the size of buildings! I remember saying, “Looks like someone’s been cleaning up”.

Lucid Dream: Meeting My Teacher

Then the scene shifted and I was very much more aware. I was going to school and had missed some classes so had to talk to my teacher. I remember meeting him, an average-looking man with black hair and somewhat darker skin than mine. He was older than me, probably late 40s – early 50s.

As we walked together toward the classroom, we walked on top of set dinner tables, which was odd. I remember our discussion was about him and his travels. He was telling me about India and the food. We specifically talked about Curcurma and I saw this roundish, cantaloupe looking fruit but I knew it was not cantaloupe. It was orange like the inside of the cantaloupe, though.

The class initially felt like P.E. class but then he explained I would miss the current assignment which was a lab of some sort with vials and glass tubes. I remember seeing the image in my head, like he put it there as a thought form.

He kept looking at me very strangely and I noticed this but ignored it because I am use to being stared at by men. Yet at the same time I liked him. He was very nice.

We began to talk more about me and I ended up having an in-depth conversation with him about my life – my education, my family, how I felt, etc. As we talked he would pace around in front of me and I was laying on a bed on my stomach with my head resting on my hands very relaxed. He told me about his current issues, but all I remember now is he complained about his lower back hurting him. He seemed really tired – tired of life and tired in general. I felt similarly and understood.

While we talked I began to feel a strange familiarity about this man and began to like him more and more. When he would walk closer to me (he paced a lot) I would feel this strong connection but it was bearable and he seemed to notice it, too, and would back off. I remember telling him about starting a family and my three children. He said to me in reply, “So you had three children in seven-and-a-half years?” I said, “Yeah” and then I realized how crazy it sounded and smiled. I also remember telling him that I got my Master’s degree but didn’t want to use it. He just listened and I felt he genuinely wanted to know about me. It was nice to be heard.

Then he was suddenly right next to me on the bed on my right. He took my right arm and wrapped it around his waist. Only then did I realize he had no shirt on because I could feel his bare skin. He said to me, “Put your arms around me and love me until the day you die”. When he said this (even now it is affecting me) I was overwhelmed by the most magnificent feeling in my heart center and I wrapped my arms around him as if I would never let him go. The love coming into my heart – the pure connectedness, the sensuousness, the electricity, the wholeness – surged into my heart and expanded outward. It felt like a huge bubble. Then it expanded down into my lower chakras. At the same time it expanded upward into my upper chakras.

It was pure, magnificent bliss beyond anything I have yet to experience. I felt like I was dying and being born at the same time.

Why is This Happening to Me??

Unfortunately, the intensity of the encounter woke me up and I immediately sat up and began to cry. The tears were slow and just came out of my eyes like a faucet. I both wanted to go back to him and to run away at the same time. It made no sense. It makes no sense.

I spent the majority of the morning in confusion. This encounter has me turned in all directions, not knowing what to do. I had to get up and smoke a cigarette. Yeah. It was that intense an experience and my mind was all over the place as was my heart. It was like my entire being was screaming at me, “Make a change!” WTF!?

I kept asking (still am asking), “Why is this happening to me??!” There are so many emotions and thoughts raging even now. I don’t understand. I can’t even fathom the enormity of this. It is beyond my ability to comprehend. How can I feel/BE/share such LOVE?? And what is even more crazy is that I know that love is ME! It makes me want to cuss every cuss word I know (and I have/am) and I don’t even fully comprehend why this is. Why does something so beautiful, so perfectly right, terrify me so much?





22 thoughts on “Why is This Happening to Me??

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Trust your own reactions… of pulling away and out of the dream… TRUST yourself and do not over think it.

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    • Dayna says:

      I pulled out only because I became fully conscious. Otherwise I would have gladly stayed. This was beyond beautiful. There are no words. It was complete Unity. I desperately want to go back.

      The fear is from the implications it has in my life. That is all. I would do this over again a hundred times infinity. It was THAT amazingly spectacular.

      I was telling him as I awoke, “I will love you always.”

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  2. teleile says:

    I know what you mean. On a scale of 1 to 10, I know it’s an 11 when I have to actually get up and smoke a cigarette.

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  3. Pi says:

    Maybe it was your twin flame.

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  4. kittyasmith says:

    Might it be more of a representation of the energy you possess, not a relationship? i.e. everyone wants what you have and try to have it (own it) for themselves. You are capable of this deep love energy and it does not seem to be with any one spirit/soul. It exudes from you and as others notice they want to connect with it.

    Example from recent posts… The dream with the soul who felt like a brother figure & kissing passionately, wasn’t there a female a couple of weeks ago? I think I remember even Stephen expressing a desire to bond with you…. I would check, but I have no time to reread posts right now.

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  5. Durinda says:

    When you are moving in to Unity Consciousness you feel this Love. It is not connected to a specific person, place or thing necessarily, but your connection to God/Source/Universe. Love on a deeper level then what we are use to experiencing.

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  6. truthcodex says:

    Wow, definitely some integration going on! I’ve also had similar experiences in dream-states, though I haven’t posted them. We’re combining in all sorts of ways. Time to stitch ourselves back together… we’re about done with this whole separation stint. 🙂

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  7. teleile says:

    Nor did I, before I met mine!
    We’ve got soul families/groups – but *within* that group, is one soul which is you, in another body. You have to meet your other half, in the physical flesh, at a certain point in your ascension process. People often think soulmates are a twin. No, it’s unmistakeable. Soulmates are the ones we love and marry and get on with, they’re like warming lanterns. The twin soul is like a nuclear flash! The energetic phenomena around the meeting are intense, and you will be told, anyway.
    And you don’t meet them to have a relationship (you would stop growing), but as a necessary part of becoming your complete true Self. So it’s not a ‘happy ever after’ romance scenario. One, or both, will be in circumstances which mean the twin souls can’t be together. (Eg, like you, married with 3 children you’re responsible for). If the people try to force a relationship anyhow, then they’ll be separated in some other way, eg by serious illness.
    Why meet, then? It’s because through letting go of the attachment to your twin, that your ego will die. It is not easy! (Letting go of attachments to your partner and children is like chickenfeed in comparison. This is the Ph,D in releasing attachments). 🙂 But everyone at some point goes through this stage, it’s a spiritual law.

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  8. Dayna says:

    That sucks. lol


  9. teleile says:

    It does, but it’s worth it. And apparently you are a faster learner than most, as you’ll ‘get ‘er done’ in 2 years. 🙂
    What it is; you know those materialistic, ego-driven banker types, who would laugh in your face if you said anything about the soul? In some lifetime, when they’re ready, they move from materialism to living in their soul. It usually takes a crisis, which to the outer world looks horrific – a life-threatening illness, the death of a child, bankruptcy. But meet them a few years later, and they’re saying, ‘I’m glad I had to change. I’m so happy now! We keep chickens. I’ve taken up painting.’ 🙂 They’re now living from their soul.

    The same thing happens when your spirit team judge you ready to move further – you die to your soul. Like the earlier ‘death’, it can look messy and horrifying, but at the end of it, you’re no longer living from your soul, which is still quite emotional, attached and interested in itself; you’re now living from your spirit Self.
    In theory, it might be possible to go through that without being impelled through an inner crisis. But, and I know this sounds awful, most people only give up desiring anything when they’re at rock bottom.
    The twin-soul interaction is so stupendous, that if you can’t be with that other half, you don’t want anything else. You kind of die while still alive; you let go all attachments and wishes. So it’s brutal, but it works; it wipes out all egoism.

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  10. herongrace says:

    I think he could be an Avatar similar to your Yeshua combination who is pure Love and helping in your initiation. Disciples of such beings also describe such Bliss, “Ananda” given to them my close proximity to these Higher Beings.

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  11. teleile says:

    That’s very true! ‘Ananda.’ The higher beings radiate it around them. It’s as if the very air or substance that they live in is *made* of joy and love. As Dayna says, not a narrow, personal, circumscribed love. I once read: “He who loves truly loves everyone, loves All.”

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