The Galactic StarBEing Awakening in a Human Body

Excerpts from an article written by Lisa Transcendence Brown. Full article here.

I found this article back in January. It kept coming up in my FB feed and was also posted in the Walk-in group. It came up again yesterday, so I re-read it.

This article is the best explanation I have found for the process I am going through. This is why I am being told by my Team that I am experiencing a walk-in and am finally AWAKE. I am reintegrating a part of myself, my Light, that broke off a very long time ago.

We are becoming WHOLE again.

A StarBEing holds codes and sequences beyond the human understanding and the physical body is a storage container, if you will. When a StarBeing is “forced” into living as a human by unconscious humans, their expanded consciousness is suppressed and “shut down”. This shutting down is what we call “going to sleep” or “the slumber”, also known as amnesia between the realms and veils. It stagnates the StarBEing and forces their DNA to distort itself and to separate off in order to survive here. This creates discord within the physical body vessel, physical pain, emotional pain and suppression that ultimately must be REVERSED back to purity and love again. The magnitude that one experiences this “force” through not understanding will determine the amount of distortions created, suffering and reversal necessary to re-program back to light again. Where an individual does not understand, they will do this to their self. This is why it’s so important to re-educate all according to the higher frequency realms of NEW Earth NOW…….

…..When one awakens, the body has been asleep. Some are walk-ins, some incarnated at birth and now we have “walk-throughs” and “pass-throughs” and many others coming through. Only the human needs to put this in a box to understand it. It doesn’t really matter, other than how one chooses to DO from this moment NOW…….

…..All are here to merge and unify to release the SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS that kept one unconscious and asleep. As these long awaited gamma rays continue to increase the bombardment of galactic light, intensity and distortions shall be magnified to make visible any old density programming and illusions still held within. The old matrix gridwork gone that kept all held together before, bizarre and extreme is the new way for one still holding onto the need/desire to remain unconscious.


One thought on “The Galactic StarBEing Awakening in a Human Body

  1. truthcodex says:

    I can see how this makes sense. The distortions being reversed is another way to say things are coming up to be released. Six one way, half-a-dozen another. It’s good to know the ultimate goal is to become whole! Makes the reversals/releasings something to look forward to. 🙂

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