Lucid to OBE: I’m Here to….

I had a brief lucid dream turned OBE prior to the blizzard OBE.

Lucid to OBE: I’m Here to….

I was inside a nice, Victorian Era home with a woman. She had dark hair and was wearing a flamingo dress. She began to dance and invited me to participate. I took her hand and we swirled around, dancing together and I remember voluntarily letting down all barriers towards her. One barrier was that I was a woman and so was she and it felt as if we were partners. I had been resistant to that and thought, “I don’t care if we are both women.” This was very freeing and added to the joy I felt while dancing with her.

While dancing I became fully lucid. When this happened I shifted scenes immediately and was outside bent over on my hands and knees staring at pavement. I could see my hands clearly and was looking down at them in fascination, knowing I was OOB and fully aware. I remember saying aloud, “I am here to ……..” I want to say “experience” but I know that is not the right word. The word eludes me now. It is an “e” word, though. I will let you know if I remember it.

As I looked at my hand, I saw there was a tiny pebble in the center of it. I was fascinated by it and knew what I was experiencing was very important. I had to remember this. The last time I saw a pebble was in this experience in 2013.

I felt a presence behind me and turned to see who it was. An old man came and sat down against the building I was near. He looked at me and smiled. He shifted from being old to being young. It was like he was two images in one – the younger version and the older version superimposed. He said to me, “I’m in group, too.” I began to stand up and ask him, “What group?” but my connection to astral lessened and I was pulled back into my body. The last thing I was thinking about was the “group” he was referring to. Was he is my soul group? Or are we in some kind of group therapy? That latter makes me laugh a bit. I probably am in therapy! lol

Edit: Today at the gym an older gentleman spoke to me at the beginning of my workout and then said goodbye to me as I was leaving. When I saw him on the way out it reminded me of this OBE. He looked exactly like the old man! 

I remembered the word. It is Explore. I am here to explore. 🙂


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