Requisite Breaks Limited and Brief

I have been receiving many messages over the last week, all of which came so quickly and intensely that it has taken me this long to sort them out. All originated from my contact with Fleet and thus with Sananda himself.

  • Requisite breaks will be limited and brief. Take your rest when you can get it. Intensity will increase as the energy fluctuations regulate.
  • No rest for the weary. Those of you who are on this crazy roller coaster with me, the energy will continue to intensify up and through June. There is some kind of disturbance in the energy field of Earth; the grid is experiencing upheavals in certain areas. I specifically see the Middle East and Asia as areas of intense conversion right now. Many Gridworkers are spending much of their nights anchoring and stabilizing the energy in their assigned zones while others are being reassigned and liberated.
  • There will be limited periods of relief which may physically manifest in illness, melancholy, confusion, listlessness, lethargy and other ailments. Provide yourself with what you need when you need it.
  • Unification is another topic that I hear frequently. Unification of masculine and feminine and the lighting of the Divine Spark within. This was initiated when beacons were lit in December. The First Wave was called forward into action and the second entered an initiation stage.
  • There is currently an acceleration towards one’s intended path and the movement toward a coalescing of familial/soul groups. Instructions have been given though not all have accessed it at the human consciousness level at this time. Those of us who have consciously received are being allowed time to process and acclimate to their new path. This is individual and should not be rushed.
  • The tumbling forward motion that is the catalyst for accelerating frequencies and movement onto assigned paths is requisitioned by Earth herself. One does not make progress without the other. The signs are available to you if you should look.
  • Followers will seek and find. It is your purpose to make yourself accessible to them but to not allow them to become dependent upon your assistance. They must stand in their own power.
  • Step into your power; into your Truth. Remembrance brings understanding and Purpose.

10 thoughts on “Requisite Breaks Limited and Brief

  1. truthcodex says:

    Yes, the acceleration is palpable. New events are happening every day. The U.S. stock market just had it’s worst opening week… ever. China’s economy is on the brink of collapse. Middle-east tensions are high, especially with Saudi Arabia and Iran. The whole of Europe is dealing with an unprecedented migrant crisis. This shift feels like it kicked into high gear late last year and shows no signs of slowing. Stay in your heart space. This year may look increasingly chaotic.

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  2. I am most definitely feeling heart energy & feeling fatigued and need rest.
    Thank you for update which renosates with me. Also, feel feelings that may not be my own & it is a collective consciousness kind of thing..

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  3. I find it interesting that you used the word Followers. On WordPress you ‘Follow’ a blog, and have ‘Followers.’ I’ve seen ‘Followers’ come and go. Where they comment for a while and then disappear altogether. I wonder, did I offend them? I will never know. One I think was upset by the Rune of Protection I put in my header (looks like a snowflake), or maybe the Rune keeps them away.

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  4. I just did a card reading for myself today, and got “Singer of Initiation” in my Faery deck. I have been challenged to really step out of my comfort zone and to stand my own ground in my own power. It has been wild! It has been raining constantly in my area, I feel its a great cleanse. I keep listening to Nature, she will always let us know if we must leave our location for our safety. I feel many big earth changes happening soon. Thanks for sharing your light in the public, I know it’s not easy.

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  5. Imre says:

    Hello Dayna and friends,

    This is my first posting on this blog.

    I admire the open-ness of all of you who post and participate in the conversations. The great thing I see is that anyone is free to say whatever they feel or think and they are not criticized or put down. I think this encourages people to communicate openly and causes them to acknowledge and validate their spiritual perceptions.

    This makes the participants above the “normal” who will only talk about sports or the weather and flinches away at the mention of high-level concepts like spirits.

    I am happy to write this post and communicate with you all.

    I met Dayna in 2007 and was at once struck by her presence of mind and ability to communicate. I met her at the Body-Mind-Spirit Expo in Austin Texas. This was a very diverse gathering of different people with all kinds of unique approaches. There were pet telepaths and tuning forks for the soul–just about everything you could think of. Dayna really stood out from the crowd. She was dressed very professionally and looked quite business-like. My first impression was that she was the proprietor of the event hall or something.

    After talking to her a little, I saw here someone who was un-afraid to communicate on a higher level and who had the courage to perceive the existence of spirits, past lives, aliens, and things that go “boomp” in the night. This is one of the things that attracted me to her.

    I have always felt that people should be able to relate to one another and have the ability to communicate about spirits, God, faith, life and higher meaning. Mankind always tries and struggles and often fails to relate to each other in this way. A lot of times we will have a crusade or series of wars in the attempt to communicate. After a while, we have so many losses in trying to communicate about it that we avoid the subject and stick to “safe” topics.

    I believe that great wisdom and understanding of life should enable one to grow closer to the rest of mankind, not separate oneself out. I believe that approaches which result in decreased communication with the rest life are going in the wrong direction. I believe we all have the ability to recognize truth. This is one of the highest abilities there is.

    It takes real courage to walk the path towards enlightenment, truth, and salvation. One of the requisites is the ability to “tell it as you see it” at each step along the way—not modify your perceptions to make them more socially acceptable. This is something that Dayna excels at. For the last 9 years I have been with her, she has always been extremely honest with me on everything that counts. This takes great courage. I am kind of in awe of her courage.

    In trying to move up to a higher existence, there is an ocean of data to look at. There are thousands of ideologies. It is very easy to get lost. The only thing that keeps us going is the belief or hope that there is unifying truth that binds it all together. Sometimes I give up and just want to lie on the couch watching TV or drink myself into ignorant release. Just like the rest of you, I have my successes and failures along the route.

    I am very lucky to have Dayna as my wife. She is an excellent mother and companion. Those of you who know her I’m sure know what I mean. In addition to her spiritual awareness, you may not know that she is a shrewd businesswoman, has very high standards of cleanliness in the house, her possessions are always kept in very good order, she manages finances extremely well—giving me the highest credit score I have ever had, she rigorously and unflinchingly keeps her body in top condition (no small feat!) and her honesty in our relationship is of such a high standard that it’s unheard of.

    I wish all of you success in your journey to enlightenment. I hope you all have the courage to see what you see and be true to yourself.

    Dayna, I hope you realize how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate having you as a wife. Without you, I would not have achieved so many of the things I am proud of today. We have created a family which gives me the greatest hope for the future. I know how lucky myself and our children are to have such a person as you. I hope that me and the kids will live up to the high standards you set.

    Your husband,

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  6. Cheers to you both and keep going! 🙂

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