Lucid to OBE: Great Blizzard

I was awakened at 3am by crying children. My youngest was screaming and my middle son was upset. My husband was cleaning up puke. My middle son had gotten sick and vomited all over the place. Looks like my stomach bug is continuing its progression through the family.

After tending to my youngest for about an hour, I returned to sleep. I knew I would go OOB.

Lucid to OBE: Great Blizzard

I became aware of dreaming while in a scene that resembled a hallway. I was talking to a woman who was leaving her husband, a much older man than she. She was upset and he was calling for her from inside their bedroom.

I went inside to talk to her husband. He was laying in a huge waterbed and asking for her. I told him she would not come and then commented on his huge waterbed. He was a gross old man in some respects and got sexual with me. I remember he grabbed me and pulled me toward his crotch. He was naked and his penis exposed. I got completely grossed out and pulled away.

Then I was in the main hallway again and had full lucidity. The minute I realized I was dreaming, I began to receive a barrage of images. They appeared not in my mind but right in front of me as if they were playing out. I saw image after image of newscasts discussing a “great blizzard” that was hitting the U.S. from the south as far as Texas all the way north to New York and the Great Lakes region. I remember hearing the newscasts as well. People were stranded and dying. There was no power. The roads were impassible. There was destruction from flooding. There were calls for help but no one could answer or it was delayed.

The images just kept coming and I pleaded to my guide, “I don’t wanna see anymore” and I began to pull myself out of the projection. I was stopped. I felt him pull my energy back. “You need to see this.” I began to cry from the intensity of the scenes. The last one that I saw was from Texas. The snow was sparse but there had been an ice storm. I knew it was North Texas – Dallas or somewhere close to there. I saw a huge semi-truck on its side and heard, “multiple fatalities”.

Finally the scenes stopped and I saw my guide standing in front of me, clear as day. My upset was gone immediately and I said to him, “I know you!” He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes you do.” Then he walked around me and I kept staring at him. He was so perfectly clear and real and I wondered if I would go back to my body as I was so aware that I felt completely awake.

I asked him, “Where do I know you from? What is your name?” He said, “You know me from Heaven. My name is Jeb, Jeb Christianson.” I began laughing while saying, “Heaven??” Then I wondered about his name and he sent back an entire address, but all I recall now is “Burnet Road”. I figured he was joking around with me. I recognized him from a previous OBE and he had been playful then, so it made sense.

Then he was outright yelling. His voice was so loud it startled me and I thought for sure it would push me back into my body. Yet I remained. He yelled, “Do you think just because I show you scenes of disaster that it means it’s the end of the world!?? I never said it was the end of the world!!” This caught me so off guard that if I had been in my body I would have stopped breathing. Why was he yelling at me? He sent back, “Because you aren’t listening!!!!!” Woah.

I woke up with a start and felt him still close. “Why were you yelling at me?” He said back, “You don’t listen. This [life] is your best chance!” With that I understood that he was referring to getting things done – progressing spiritually – meeting my goals.

To say the least I felt very repentant but not entirely sure why. I have never had a guide yell at me like that and he continued to act serious afterward. I also find it curious how he was able to prevent me from going back to my body. I literally felt him pull my energy and keep it OOB. I didn’t know they could do that!



12 thoughts on “Lucid to OBE: Great Blizzard

  1. truthcodex says:

    Wow… that’s intense. :O

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  2. Laura Moore says:

    I don’t like that a “guide” yelled at you. I’m sure this reveals how un-evolved I am somehow but… can you explain your thoughts on this?

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    • Dayna says:

      You are not ‘un-evolved’. I have no idea what to think of it but I am not taking it too seriously. I deserved it. I have been very negative lately and grumbling about having to stay in this life. He was likely just trying to get me to shake off that attitude.

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  3. Karin says:

    The yelling is interesting, when one has been taught that spirit guides are always so loving and gentle in energy, then one would not expect to be yelled at. But I had that, too. And I have read a story of a spiritual healer, Horst Krohne, in German, who reports at least one similar incident of getting angry shouts by his guide.

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    • Dayna says:

      That is good to know, Karin! Here I was thinking, “Maybe this was not a guide and I made this up?” But then I had sensed him for a couple of days and even had his name pop into my head several times. In this OBE he was yelling but I didn’t feel he was angry. I also recognized him from another OBE I had where I found him hiding behind my kitchen cabinet. This is the one –

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      • Karin says:

        This is amazing that you had seen him before. The other encounter where he pokes you in the eye, ugh! I don’t travel OOB, and I find it stunning that there are sense perceptions like pain when someone pokes you in the eye. I always thought once out of body we would not have to deal with pain anymore. But when I think of it, I had a dream where I met my dead grandmother, and it was really vivid. I clearly recall the feeling of kissing her cheeks. That is a sensory perception as well. So, it makes sense that there is pain, too.

        One more description of a yelling guide came to my mind. It is the NDE of Nathan Wheeler. He had procrastinated sharing his experiences of hearing the inner voice for 6 years or so. Then he had an NDE and got cited in heaven and got yelled at that he has to go back and share.

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      • Dayna says:

        Yeah you have all senses when OOB and they are heightened. I see my guides often in astral and the in-between.

        The NDE reminds me – I was told to mention everything in this blog. Hmmm

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  4. truthcodex says:

    I just had a thought: In the previous post you were a guide to a human that you could not get through to. This contact with your guide now seems very synchronous to that… Perhaps you were shown both of these so you can further trust in your guidance and mission.

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  5. Jurgen says:

    Sometimes shock tactics are employed to break deep rooted pattern. I remember some treatment by my guide bordered on bullying and outright ridicule. I knew that he was addressing my ego identification and self importance then at the beginning of my journey. If you read Carlos Castaneda you will find many instances of perceived cruelty. The process of unfolding is not designed to feel comfy, but is serious business.

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  6. Dayna says:

    Thanks Jurgen. It’s good to know the tactic exists. Usually my guides are very playful and at the worst unemotional, never yelling and super serious. Going to have to figure out what pattern he was addressing.


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