The Great Migration

I am in a resting phase. Many of us are. We had some intense upgrades in December that lasted into early January. Some are still feeling the energy and upgrades, though it’s mostly residuals now.

I am being reminded of a post I wrote not long ago telling of these brief breaks. For me, this break started around the 24th and I am told I have a couple more days of this and to rest and enjoy the down time.

Based upon my dream communications recently, it appears that I will be glimpsing pieces of my purpose very soon. This is likely happening with others, too. Some are preparing to make a “fresh start” or embark on a new journey in life. There may be movement quite suddenly or this movement may come about much more slowly. This is all dependent upon the contracts and agreements you’ve made.

So far, I have witnessed myself shifting out of the student role in my dreams and into a teaching role. It is like I am suddenly acutely aware of knowing that part of my purpose is to prepare those much younger than myself for what is coming. In my dreams this manifests as me realizing that I am a good 20 years older than my classmates and becoming friends with my professors and moving out of the classroom into the “real world”, a world in which I am showing the way for others.

The Great Migration

In my dream last night I was taking a test that was completely open-ended. There were no questions, no prompts. I was given two blank pieces of paper to write my “story” on. This was the test. I did not hesitate to start writing paragraph after paragraph describing what happened (or will happen) in the U.S. during what I referred to as, “The Great Migration”.

I wrote of mainly the animal populations migrating – birds and squirrels mainly. But when I awoke I knew this was not what it seemed. The migration is much bigger than birds or animals. It is a movement of people and I have had memory of such an occurrence before. It was given to me as a warning, as a sign of upcoming major events.

I find it interesting that I specifically thought of birds and squirrels. Birds are free and live in the sky. Birds go where they are “called”, often in groups or flocks. They do not carry a load or stash things for later. They travel between the Earth and the sky (Spirit). Squirrels are known to stash things away for the winter. They stash nuts and seeds which ultimately grow into plants and trees. In this they provide a vital service to the Earth. When I think of the symbolism involved here, I can’t help but think of the ground crew (squirrels) and those in Spirit (birds) working harmoniously together to assist Earth in her ascension.

There is a great migration coming. It may have already started for all I know.



4 thoughts on “The Great Migration

  1. Carolyn Thompson says:


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  2. Durinda says:

    I love when we seem to sync up. I too feel I AM in a resting stage. Have not really heard any information from my guides and usually when I close my eyes and focus on my third eye, scenes will come into focus. But last night all I got was a blurry like snow covered “screen”. All appears quiet around me but at the same time I sense that things are just the opposite. I keep feeling like my focus right now should be my twin and I. He has returned and the two times we have been in each others physical presence the energy feels amplified. His energy, my energy, creating the third Source energy. Creation is big right now! I was just recently talking to a friend about feeling like I AM moving into a “role” of teacher (wayshower) as she is one as well (even though she is not quite ready to hear that lol). It all feels pretty exciting!

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    • Dayna says:

      Wow. Very synced up! I feel like my focus right now is on my babies and just “being”. 🙂

      Cool about your Twin being back around. That’s gotta make things interesting. 😉


  3. Durinda says:

    Birds are a big theme right now for me too. It is interesting. It’s always fun to see how much he and I have progressed in this process.

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