OBE: Fireflies

I had many other OBEs this morning but most of them are long forgotten now. I recall the last one very vividly, though.

OBE: Fireflies

I returned to my body from an OBE and felt the vibrations that indicated I could exit. I stood up out of my body and found myself in my mother’s living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching television and my middle son was standing by the front door. I had an OBE before this one in which he had been present as well. In both he appeared about four years older than he is now.

The room was dark and the energy low so I asked my son if he wanted to come outside with me. He agreed and I went through the door.

Outside it was dark but the energy was lighter and the air was brisk. I saw millions of stars in the sky and felt full of energy and very happy to be there and OOB. I turned and saw tiny, yellow lights flickering all around me. I exclaimed, “Look at all the fireflies!”

I lifted into the air and spun around, watching the fireflies flickering and soon they were like a swirling light all around me. While I twirled I saw one light that looked exactly like a lit light bulb. I wonder now if it is symbolic of an idea of some sort. I have no memory of any idea, though.

My son was close by but not really interacting with me. I suspect he was either asleep or I was creating him, though I didn’t really care at the time. He is frequently in my OBEs.

I asked for it to be daylight and saw out of the corner of my eye a bright light begin to illuminate the entire peripheral of my vision. I kept trying to look at it but whenever I did, the light would move and remain just out of my direct vision. I remember at one point that I knew I had to let go and allow myself to be enveloped by this light. When I did, I felt my astral body pulled toward it. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the light envelop me. It felt like feathers or a warm blanket of energy. It was wonderful. I could see the illumination of the golden light through my closed eyelids.


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