Lucid Dream: Irish Blacksmith

This lucid dream occurred immediately after the OBE about the blizzard. I believe I was being shown a past life with my guide, Jeb.

Lucid to OBE: Irish Blacksmith

Not long after my OBE, I fell into the in-between and a lucid dream state.

My husband and I had just traveled a long distance by carriage to his new place of employment. We entered an establishment which was to be his new place of employment. When we entered I was immediately taken by the immaculate condition of the place. The dark wood floors were almost shiny they were so clean and the space was very open and neat. It was not what I had expected at all.

The owner, my husband’s new boss, greeted me first. We embraced, which I feel was a tradition and he kissed me on either side of the face very gently. I withdrew and stood back to allow my husband his proper space. There was a feeling that my place was always in the background and I would only speak when spoken to. I happily took on this role. There was absolutely no resentment.

I recall how very short the owner, an Irish blacksmith, was. He was about my height, which I suppose meant he was approximately 5’5″ or less in height. He was very brawny and muscular and clean shaven. His eyes sparkled. I was not attracted to him but watched him with respect. He was a great man and my husband was lucky to have been chosen to work with him.

I remember him asking me about our long journey. I responded that it had been well but I was tired. I remember speaking very softly. How different I was compared to this life!

I knew the year was in the early 1800’s, but I am not sure when exactly. I am also not sure if we were in the U.S. or Ireland.

I woke soon after quite amazed at how clear the life memory was.


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