Thinking with the Heart

This post is mostly for me so I don’t forget yet again my experiences prior to and during sleep.

The Dr

Yesterday the guide who I call “The Dr” came to visit and told me it was time to clear the toxins from my system so that I will be ready for the next step. He explained how the toxins pull my energy to Earth and create blockages which in turn slow my vibration. He said it is very important that I keep my vibration high so as to not suffer the residual effects of the next shift in energy which is approaching soon. The shift will occur regardless of whether I heed his advice or not.

Nightly Shifts

For the past few nights I have been experiencing something strange prior to sleep. I always settle down to meditate prior to sleep and lately I have not had much in the way of energy sensations, heart or third-eye pulling. It will be hard to explain because when I try to remember what occurred my mind tries to blank out on me and I feel distant. It’s like I can’t get my mind to focus or do what it is suppose to! It is driving me nuts.

Last night, though, when this shift, for lack of a better word, occurred I suddenly remembered the last few nights all at once and thought, “I need to remember this!” Then, as I tried to remember, the memory began to recede. It makes no sense!

What I remember happening is that I would one minute be laying in bed with a clear mind focusing on my heart and the next I would feel a strange energy come into me from all around. It felt like being swallowed up in energy except it was gentle energy, not scary at all and almost like being picked up and swaddled in a mother’s arms. As soon as this energy swept me up I was in another place and talking with someone in-depth. I have no idea what we were talking about now but I was most definitely somewhere else and feeling very different from myself.

Of course, when I realized what happened I dropped this other personality or Self and was back in my current awareness wondering what had happened while simultaneously knowing this was not an isolated event. I had been doing it for some time!

What is totally exasperating about all of this is that every time I would recognize what was happening I would feel intensely drowsy and begin to lose the memory while also drifting off to sleep. Sometimes the energy sensations would resume but I have very little memory of this so am not sure.

I suspect I am shifting into one of my multidimensional selves but I can’t really be sure because of the memory loss.

Thinking with the Heart

In these brief impaired memory moments I am noticing another strange development. When I am in my heart space I am receiving full communications that I fully understand yet cannot put into words. If I try to put it into words the communication via my heart suddenly stops and my mind is empty. For example, my Companion sent me a full communication the yesterday quite unexpectedly. It was via my heart center and I felt an overwhelming love and giggled as a result. I had full understanding of what he had told me but was unable to process it via my mind. It was like I was being the communication. There was no possible way my mind could interpret it. All I recall of the interaction was that I responded to my Companion like I might respond to a new lover. Quite surprising!

When the shifts occur at night, this same type of situation arises which is why I believe my mind seems to “erase”. My habit is to immediately try to interpret my experiences via the mind. This cuts off the heart connection, thus blocking the “memory” of what occurred.

I am at a loss at to how to deal with this shift in perception. I seem unable to do much about it. In fact, I believe I am being schooled in how to use my heart as my primary processor of information. How curious! And I am not able to really get a grip on how this works. I am starting to, though, but I wonder, if we use only our heart to communicate, what then of the mind? What happens to language?

As I just asked that question I thought about light language and also how when I have these communications via the heart I want to move my entire body, kind of like swaying or dancing.

I am also reminded of something that happened the other night while I was in my “other Self”. I received instructions on how to communicate via tones. It was like the tones I heard in my ears but with separation, similar to Morse Code but this is not a good description. I even spent some time trying to figure out how to duplicate what I heard and believe I could if I had the right equipment. I remember thinking this was something I was suppose to do but then completely forgot about it. No surprise there! lol




8 thoughts on “Thinking with the Heart

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Perhaps you wrote this thinking no one would really benefit, you just wanted to remember… but it has been very good for me. I have been listening to Light Language recordings and this has shifted my mind into a new and very peaceful realm.

    I think I am experiencing a version of what you describe. I know I am connecting and receiving messages, but to alleviate frustration, I have had to stop trying to think about it and understand. Stopped trying to remember.

    Instead, I feel the interaction. What you wrote here now tells me I did the right thing. I will now begin to concentrate MORE on how I FEEL than what I am able to remember or inderstand. It seems more appropriate, because we tend to interpret what we learn. If we are to bring. cohesive message to the world, we all need to be on the same page without (ego) interpretation. Feelings are more universally understood. This is Step 1

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  2. teleile says:

    Dayna, I’ve been having EXACTLY the same thing! It’s very discombobulating, and has thrown me for a loop.
    I’m familiar with the light language, but until now, have been able to *think* about my experiences, write them down in a notebook, talk about them. I now seem to be having to completely let go of language, mind ‘thinking’. There are long, detailed communications, but it’s as if none of them go via the brain, or use language. Incredibly frustrating, as I’m used to being able to think about things and communicate using words.
    It feels as weird as learning to master an utterly unknown, foreign skill. Be interesting to see if it becomes ‘normal’! Right now I feel like a helpless, uncomprehending 3 year old being given painting lessons. 🙂

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