954: A Call to Action- Message from Horace

As I awoke in the early hours of the morning, I saw and simultaneously heard a voice say, “954”.

Before I had time to consider it and while still a bit out of my element with surprise, the message continued:

There will be no delay. Everything is on schedule and as it should be. In a day’s time you will experience the first wave. Expect to feel it in your head, heart and arms. It will not be pleasant but it will not be painful. Do not be afraid.

A time arises in this planet’s evolution where things must come to order to be preserved. It is through this time of preservation that we who are Called come to assist in this transformation. All will not be lost, though it may seem as such. IN order to understand it more fully, you must come into Yourself. This will preserve what you have worked for and allow you to align with the changing energies of the planet. The “shift” will assist you and others to assume your role in this transformation.

As this tumultuous time approaches, and it will be one of great upheaval and disruption as seen in the world already in the strife that is evident in your news, the energy will peak in such a way that those who are ready will completely align and be attuned to the Earth as never before. Those who are ill prepared may choose to disembark and return at a later date while others may continue to attempt to adjust and will be guided onto their rightful paths by others who have already shifted.

In the coming months more such energy events will occur and so be prepared to attune more and more with your Self. You asked what this attunement will mean for you and others. In simplest terms it means that you will know your Self; that you will understand your purpose without doubt or trepidation and that you will fulfill this purpose without delay. It is such that you will find yourself “rising” within yourself and living within a zone different from those around you. This zone, or other “dimension” as it has been called, places you within reach of many such aspects of yourSelf that have not previously been within your reach. It also allows you access to multitudinous forms of communication and “enlightenment”, though this term is often misused and misunderstood.

He went on to present to me a personal message:

For you, personally, you will be assisted by three whom you trust and have worked with before at this current level of your transformation. As in all such cases they will be replaced by others assigned to the next specific task and it is not so much important that you know who they are as it is that you trust them wholeheartedly.

I am your representative during the current shift and will be available to you at your request to assist you in better understanding what is transpiring. I act as the conduit between you and the Many.

Note: Horace first made himself known to me in September of 2011 and acted then as a guide during a major opening of my heart chakra. Prior to receiving this message I awakened from a dream in which I was aware that I had received a lightening bolt of energy through my solar plexus. I slept through it and was grateful for I perceived that it was not a particularly pleasant energy sensation.

Edit: I changed the title because while I was cleaning house (one of the best grounding activities) this rest of the title came to me. This title is appropriate for angel number 954.